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Music to your ears and food for your soul

It’s never too late to learn how to play the piano. Studies have shown that an engaged lifestyle (like learning to play the piano) helps to prevent dementia, relieves stress and focuses the mind. Most importantly, it brings joy to the individual and a sense of accomplishment.

Yamaha is a trusted name when it comes to instruments, and has a large range for both the beginner and the advanced musician. When it comes to pianos, Yamaha carries an incredible line of acoustic pianos, as well as the world’s most advanced piano – the Disklavier. Players are thrilled with the technological marvels of the TransAcoustic and Silent Acoustic pianos, as well as Yamaha’s line of fine digital pianos.

Developmental research

Each year Yamaha spends $200 million on research and development. These financial resources are built into Yamaha’s culture so that they can offer quality craftsmanship, as well as innovative methods for creating new products – all of which are of value to their customers.

Recently introduced was Yamaha’s CLP-600 series of digital pianos. The Clavinova was named by TIME magazine in 2016 as one of the 50 Most Influential Tech Gadgets of All Time. Yamaha is currently the perennial leader in the digital piano category.

Technological advancements

The CLP-600 series comes in six different models – each with its own features and upgrades. For the first time, all CLP digital pianos models come fully loaded, and this series includes two exquisite grand pianos – the Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial. Each piano also features a set of binaural CFX samples, which make playing with headphones an immersive, and compelling, experience. If you want to practice by yourself and not be bothered, or not bother those around you, the silent feature of the headphones is the perfect solution.

A Bluetooth audio capability is another significant addition to the CLP-600 series of pianos. On CLP-645 models (and higher), users can stream music from a mobile device through the piano’s high-quality speakers – and play along at the same time. Pairing a CLP piano with a phone or tablet is effortless.

Educational applications

With all the enhancements of the new series, the impressive sound of binaural CFX samples also makes these instruments well-suited for labs and practice studios, where students play with headphones on.

“We’ve added several significant improvements that make these new models the most versatile and user-friendly CLP digital pianos we’ve ever offered,” says Dane Madsen, marketing manager, Digital Pianos, Yamaha Corporation. “Features, such as the GrandTouch Keyboard action on the top models, the stunning binaural samples and the convenient Bluetooth audio, all make the CLP-600 line appealing to families and individuals who are looking for an alternative to an upright acoustic piano.”

Tailored just for you

The Piano Room offers a dedicated environment in which fine details, such as lid position, touch response, resonance settings and venue can be adjusted, allowing the player to customize their piano-playing experience on the CLP-600 series.

While the sound is the most important aspect of the piano, Yamaha has also considered the aesthetics. Updated finishes and cabinet designs have been introduced to suit your personal decor preferences.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just a beginner or a virtuoso, the CLP-600 series of pianos comes in a wide range of models and price points – all with an authentic touch, and concert-quality sound.



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