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Window installation from hell… and other reno nightmares

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Window installation from hell… and other reno nightmares

We’re supposed to learn from our mistakes. But why go to the trouble of screwing up ourselves when there are some many hack “contractors” and DIYers out there to do the dirty work?!?

For our new back page contest, we’d like you to share some of the stuff you’ve seen on the job that made you scratch your head. The key element will be photographic evidence. After all, a picture tells 1,000 words.

Like the one on the left from our managing editor’s brother, Mark Britnell. Britnell, owner of Mark’s Windows & Doors in St. Catharines, Ont., was called in to help out after a customer was left with this “finished” window at his home. When he arrived, he noticed that most of the windows had been mis-measured and were protruding several inches outside of the openings. They also hadn’t been securely attached or even insulated. This particular one, the worst of the lot, had obviously been dropped prior to installation, cracking the frame.
Other WTF?!? moments may be more subtle, like this image taken by Advisory Board member Don Vloet, of Dun For You Contracting in Welland, Ont. If you’re going to build a nice front porch, maybe take a few minutes beforehand to plan out where the gas meter is going to go.

We look forward to seeing WTF you’ve spotted.


As always, we’ll select the best entry each issue and send the winner an amazing prize. This time around we have an incredible package: An eight-piece 20-volt combo kit from Craftsman (model CMCK800D2) that includes a drill/driver, oscillating tool, recip saw, two batteries, and more, worth $649.


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