Why does my air conditioner make loud noises?

Why does my air conditioner make loud noises?

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Why does my air conditioner make loud noises?


There is nothing better than cool air conditioning on a hot summer day. But what happens if the AC is making some weird noise? Will you be comfortable? If you are like most people, you will want to investigate and fix that noise. Alternatively, you can hire a professional from Air Makers, HVAC contractors in Toronto, to identify and fix the problem for you.

A little humming noise from the motor is very normal. This is more so if your system is older. However, if you start hearing strange noises, this could be a sign that your AC has a problem. Here are the most common noises and their causes.


Has your air conditioner started producing loud buzzing noises? If yes, it most likely has an electrical issue. Loud buzzing is often caused by problems in the contactors or relays. If this is the case, you need to switch off the AC immediately and contact a professional to fix the issue.


Loud humming noises from the air conditioner are caused by the fan. In most cases, all you need to do is clean the fans. If cleaning does not fix the issue, the hum may be an indication that one or more blades are bent. It may also be an indication that the components are worn out or the motor is failing.


Several things can cause banging noises, and all of them are bad. When an indoor blower is off-balance, you may hear a banging noise. Banging may also be because there are damaged or loose connecting rods, piston pins or crankshaft. Banging noises are never good. Call in a professional to get your AC fixed.


Clicking sounds come from the air conditioner’s electrical parts. The noise is common when starting up or shutting down the system. However, if you hear the noise continuously, it’s a problem. Continuous clicking means the AC controls are faulty or the thermostat needs to be replaced.


If you hear metallic clanking noise, this may be caused by an unbalanced outdoor fan or an indoor blower. A metallic clanking noise may also indicate there are loose or out-of-balance compressor parts. You need a professional for this to help determine if you need a new compressor.


The simplest reason for a rattling noise is an object such as a pebble or twig caught outside the AC unit. The noise may also be caused by the fan or other parts that are loosened. An issue with the electrical contact may also cause this noise.

Squealing High pitched squealing from the indoor unit is often caused by worn-out blower fan motor bearings or belt. If the noise is from the outdoor unit, the issue may be caused by a motor malfunction in the compressor or fan.


Do you notice a loud hissing sound after turning on the AC? The sound may last 10 to 15 minutes and then stop. This is caused by a high buildup of pressure in the compression. This is very dangerous. You need to switch off the AC immediately and call a professional to inspect and fix the problem.


When the AC starts to whistle, you need to clean or replace the air filter. Clogged filters are the main reason behind whistling noises and are common when the AC stops blowing cold air. This is a repair you can safely DIY.

If cleaning or replacing the filters doesn’t fix the problem, the HVAC ducts may be faulty. Your ductwork may have developed cracks and leaks, which are causing the air to whistle as it blows through. If the duct size is not compatible with the AC, you may also hear a whistling noise.


Do you hear a noise that sounds like gurgling liquid? If you do, the noise may be coming from the condensate gurgling as it goes through the drain line or from the refrigerant leak.

As you can see, noises from the AC can be caused by so many things. They are also an indication that your air conditioner needs urgent repairs. Finding an expert to help with the repairs will save you a lot of time and money. Air Makers, HVAC is here to help with all your AC repair and installation needs.


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