What you should do after moving into your new home

What you should do after moving into your new home

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What you should do after moving into your new home

So, you have found and bought your dream house. Now, it is time to move in and make this new residence your home. Before you do, there are a few things that you should handle first. Get these out of the way and you will be able to focus on setting up your home according to your personal taste and style. Here are the top things that you will need to get out of the way after moving into your new home:

Walk through the house

Before you set a date with the moving trucks, make sure to do one last walkthrough of your soon-to-be home. Be deliberate and check the outside and inside thoroughly. One benefit of doing this is that you get to discover where the fuse box, water valves, and other important elements are.

At the same time, a walkthrough will help you identify any repairs that need to be made or if there is a pest infestation. If any furniture has been left behind, there is a good chance you may have to remove bed bugs from your home. This is something you’re going to want to take care before you move in.

Deep clean the premises

It can be tricky to thoroughly clean your home once all your furniture and other belongings have been moved in. So, take this opportunity to thoroughly clean your new home from top to bottom. This includes the outside, floors, walls, ceilings, pantry cupboards and more.

If you have discovered any bugs or pest issues, a heat treatment may be in order. Or, you may want pest control to take a look. Either way, do this well before you plan to move in. Then, you can be certain that you are moving into a clean and safe place.

Handle important repairs

There is a good chance you may have to make at least one or two repairs in the house. It could also be that you simply want to change up certain elements of the place. Either way, now is the time to handle this.

Now, there is no need to tackle all the repairs right away. Instead, make a note of the ones that are most important or time-sensitive, and deal with these first. Once these are addressed, you can take your time with the other issues.

Change the locks and set up security

It is important to remember that you have no way of knowing just how many other people have keys to your new home. Therefore, one of the first things you need to do is to change the locks immediately. This way, you can feel a great deal safer.

On a similar note, now is a good time to also set up your security system as well. You can then arm it the moment that you move in. This will provide you with peace of mind from the very start.

These are all the things that you should do when moving into your new home. This can make the entire transition a great deal easier for you and your family.


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