Wallpaper is making a big comeback

Wallpaper is making a big comeback

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Wallpaper is making a big comeback

Every season brings has its fair share of home decor trends, but one such style that’s coming back for another turn around the sun causes fairly polarizing opinions: Wallpaper. Love it or hate it, this long time decorating treatment has come back to the mainstream thanks to really whimsical, on-trend prints to fabrics and inventive materials that makes the installation of wallpaper not only easier, but also removable. Installing wallpaper used to be a nightmare – all that scraping and steaming – but nowadays new technology has made it incredibly easy with adhesive formulas and even stick-and-peel fabrications that can strip off walls without that sticky residue.

Lara Skinner Mural Wallpaper. <a href="http://www.wallsauce.com" target="_blank">wallsauce.com</a>
Lara Skinner Mural Wallpaper. wallsauce.com

When choosing the right wallpaper for your own home, here are a few things to consider:

Consider the style of the room you’re decorating

What is your home style: Romantic, casual, contemporary or traditional? Decide that first, then go about choosing a wallpaper that suits that style. For example, if your look is romantic, go for delicate damasks or florals with lovely pastel colours. Beautiful! If you have a contemporary home, why not consider geometrics, metallic accents or large-scale patterns?

How do you plan on using the wallpaper?

This is obviously a critical decision: where will you install the wallpaper in your home? Remember that all styles don’t work in the same way, so if you want to cover an entire room, keep it simple. You don’t want to overwhelm a space with big patterns or large-scale designs. Stay classic with a stripe, or a muted pattern.

Also important, the choice of wallpaper should be compatible with your other furniture. You want to maintain a sense of harmony in the whole space, so remember your upholstery, furniture, curtains and other details and how they will marry with your wallpaper of choice.

Grasscloth Wallpaper
Grasscloth Wallpaper

How you will use wallpaper in the room

Next, figure out how you plan to use the wallpaper in the room. All styles don’t work in the same way. Here are the various options:

  • Cover all four walls: A classic, simple stripe design hung horizontally on all four walls gives a fresh contemporary look. Large-scale and simple designs will not overwhelm a room but add a trendy twist. My first choice is grass cloth – it has a very organic feel (it’s made from strands of actual grass woven together!). It gives texture and warmth, and you won’t get tired of it as you may with a patterned paper. My mother used it and I was always drawn to its natural beauty. Interestingly, I’m using it in my Arizona home in the TV room, as well as our master bedroom.
  • Feature wall: This is the opportunity to be dramatic! Go for a bold pattern here to help highlight an area of a room, like behind your bed, a couch or a powder room. A botanical print would work wonderfully here.
  • A ceiling: This isn’t for the faint of heart, but wow does it ever yield a result! Whether you want to mimic a Victorian-style tin ceiling look (which has been a big trend in home decor) or you want to add a unique element of surprise in a geometric print (which is a nice nod to midcentury-modern design) the ceiling is unexpected and a lot of fun.

Lisa Rogers is the exclusive interior designer for Dunpar Homes.

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