Velux Creates A Skylight That Thinks For Itself

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Velux Creates A Skylight That Thinks For Itself

The Smart Skylight

What is a smart skylight? It’s not just a skylight that is remote or phone controlled, it’s not just a skylight that automatically closes when it rains. So, what is a smart skylight? A smart skylight is one that compares the outside environment to the indoor air quality and guides the user to create a healthier, more comfortable home. Now that’s smart skylight technology.

VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO is trusted world-wide to think for your client. The technology uses smart sensor-based control paired with a smartphone device to automatically adjust programmable skylights and blinds based on indoor air quality and external weather forecasts. Your client can track their home to better understand how their indoor environment makes them feel so that they can provide their family with a healthier, brighter home.

This a skylight that thinks for itself, trusted to think for you to create a healthier home environment. Backwards compatible with any solar or electric skylight manufactured after 2010.

Download your VELUX ACTIVE app for a smarter, healthier home.

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