A stylish shared room with space saving solutions

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A stylish shared room with space saving solutions



Designing a room can be difficult, especially one that is shared, as this requires twice the furniture and storage. To create a cohesive room, select bedding and furniture that is identical. Keeping the furniture layout symmetrical is a great way to maximize space.

Keep it Zen

Natural elements were brought in; a tree stump was added for artistic detail in place of a nightstand. Similarly, an indoor swing offered opportunity to bring the outdoors in. Adding natural wood in your decor can give warmth and texture. However, when incorporating wood, it is important to consider the type of wood and colour. Lastly, storage baskets offer a stylish solution to keep the room organized.

Add interest

To add unique personality to the space, a wall mural was designed and installed – this brings a playfulness to an otherwise boring wall. A wall mural is a digital photographic image with less symmetry and much larger repeats. Typically, it is used as an accent on one wall. The application for the mural is simple, it has an adhesive backing that peels and sticks to the wall.

Keep it light and airy

To elevate the space, panelling details were added, the colour palette is bright and airy making the room feel breathable. Window treatments were kept soft to keep the natural light flowing. And, for the final touches, a colourful rug and cheerful artwork were added to tie the entire space together.

Brenda Danso, a California native turned Toronto resident brings her educational background in mental health to her interior design practice. Her projects range from home staging and residential design to commercial design. brendadanso.com


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