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Deciphering design trends from design tastes

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Deciphering design trends from design tastes

With all the marketing material, colours and new products that are available, it can be daunting. And, as design professionals we need to decipher it all, and recommend colour stories and design that is both trend worthy and true to our clients’ tastes.


Incorporating both trends and taste into a design, inspires our creativity with the need to allow our clients’ individuality and unique style to come through. We are seeing more of this authenticity in current design, incorporating artful arrangements of statement pieces that are unique to the client.

As designers, we can benefit from the collaborative research of the Color Marketing Group, which indicates the direction that colour will be taking for up to three years in advance of it reaching the marketplace. By understanding the forces of social, political, economic and environmental influences that drive these colour trends, we can then use that to build colour palettes that have meaning and longevity.


We have a need to stay connected, and with the push and pull of technology, it, too, impacts colour trends. We are all so attached to our devices, and the instant connectivity that it provides. However, we are also looking for an escape from it, and a stronger connection to nature and simpler times.

Health and Green Living

A return to home gardening has become more prevalent with the continued focus on health and wellness, and what we’re putting into our bodies. Preparing, and sharing, meals has always been a highlight of social gatherings. Gardens are being designed to accentuate our outdoor living spaces, as well. Even pots on the balcony are being filled with a mix of ornamental and edible plants. Gardening isn’t limited to outdoors. Lush, living walls are a definite feature. By incorporating shelving and the appropriate lighting, we can grow herbs and vegetables inside our homes. And, the fresh palette of the garden is trend-worthy. Greens and yellows are being used as an undertone, by transitioning the steely grey of the past several years and warming it with hints of yellow. Deep, rich hues, or light, pastel colours, inject a message of growth and optimism.


A return to rusted, time-worn colours add richness and warmth, and a nod to the value of the past. Artisanal and home-made elements are making a comeback. By incorporating special mementos and heirloom items, clients are able to showcase these cherished items.

The new Terra Cotta serves as the perfect transition, and pairs seamlessly with the still-popular blush pinks, as well as fresher, lighter versions.


We are also seeing an emergence of natural materials, particularly wood mixed with polished and reflective surfaces. From rustic to refined, and casual to contemporary, wood adds a depth of texture.

Black has not gone out of style. The new, almost-black, is less harsh and grounds the environment, especially when paired with earth tones or pastels, and then dressed with satin gold to accentuate.

It’s important while offering a design reflecting current trends, that we tell the clients’ stories by creating unique spaces with the use of authentic pieces and colours that best reflect their personality.

JANICE FEDAK is a designer, trend researcher and speaker. She has a diverse background in Colour & Design and creates impactful and artistic residential, commercial and retail spaces.

She is the owner of Janice Fedak, Colour & Design in Toronto and shares her forecasts and inspiring insight through her training seminars, presentations and design consultations, across North America.



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