Trend Watch: Simply Stripes

Trend Watch: Simply Stripes

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Trend Watch: Simply Stripes

by Silvana Longo

The simplicity of stripes; most likely, they are our introduction to graphics and remain a timeless pattern, as they never really go out of style. This season though, we are seeing a particular spike in these sophisticated bands in fashion and on the home front—from the smallest kitchen items and accessories to bigger design elements covering walls and floors— stripes make an instant statement in a space. Whether they are vertical, horizontal, circular, thick or thin lines, subdued pairings with white or vibrant multi-coloured ones, stripes are a forever, go-to graphic that can either add an air of tailored elegance or give a room a much-needed relaxed, playful vibe.

1 Ralph Lauren Cote D’Azur Striped 4-Piece DINNERWARE, $100;

2 Taylor Bone Inlay SIDE TABLE, $749;

3 Blue & White Stripe PITCHER, €35;

4 Striped Canvas STORAGE BIN, $24.99;

5 Kate Spade All in Good Taste 4-Piece Rainy Striped UTENSIL CROCK SET, $49.99;


7 Sur La Mer Red CUSHION, $175;

8 Striped Tamsin DINING CHAIR, $108US;


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