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Trend Watch: A Perfect PAIR

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Trend Watch: A Perfect PAIR

by Silvana Longo

We wrap up this tribute to the colour blue by pairing it with its best friend: White. Classic and crisp, elegance begins with a blue-and-white colour palette. Get inspired by our favourite decor pieces in this timeless colour combination.

1) Round STONEWARE JARS blue and white pattern with gold lid, large 7.25″ dia x 14.25″ h, $80; small 7.25″ dia x 10″ h, $55; 2) Blue & White Pattern PLATE—Ray, €12; 3) Blue & White Ceramic PLANTER, medium, $54.95; 4) Classic Stripe TOWELS, set of 4, bistro blue, $15.99; 5) Marble Collection CANDLE, $29 for small, $39 for large; 6) Mykonos Doris THROW PILLOW, $250US; 7) Garden Guest PITCHER, $58US;


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