TREND WATCH: Electric Jungle

TREND WATCH: Electric Jungle

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TREND WATCH: Electric Jungle

by Silvana Longo

You may have noticed wild animals and tropical themes dominating in decor lately, but this isn’t just a regular jungle motif adding a tropical vibe to your interiors. This summer, the Electric Jungle trend has emerged with shapes and objects of the natural world represented in an unnatural way. Taken out of their usual context and recoloured, at times in an Andy Warhol-ish, neon kind of way, these primal elements electrify any decor with incredible patterns, bold colours and lots of neon lighting. Step into this jungle-in-stereo look and add a wild spark of Pop Art to a space, inside and out.

1 Nature Table, PLATTER, $58US;

2 Gold Carnaby Zebra STACKING DISH, $32US;

3 Valet Snake TRAY, $68US;

4 Cabana FRAME, $22US;

5 Colourful Palm Acrylic HIGHBALL, $10;

6 CANVAS Flamingo Toss CUSHION with Tripel, 16″ $17.99;

7 Embroidered Cockatoo LAMP SHADE, $148US;

8 Toucan Patterned Melamine PLATES, small $12.99, large $14.99;

9 Neon Pineapple TABLE LAMP, $69.50; Indigo Exclusive;

10 Jaguar PRINT, 8″x8″, $26;


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