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Travel: Off The Beaten Path

Hiking with DeNureTours

More and more travellers are discarding their lounge chairs in favour of their hiking boots. DeNureTours has combed two continents, and consulted with avid adventurists, historians, and horticulturalists to design hiking tours for those who like to get o the beaten path.

Local guides custom-tailor daily excursions based on the degree of difficulty that you prefer. After a satisfying day of hiking, you’ll be spoiled in the comfort of warm lodges, along with good food and drink, and lively conversation with new friends. Whether you’re after a pleasant walk in the woods, or a challenging summit ascent, the representatives at DeNureTours have put together incredible group experiences that are in tune with the stride of your spirit.


Not far from home, you can take in the salty air of the Atlantic and trek over ‘the rock’, where the crevices are as deep as the creases on the faces of fisherman. Icebergs scuttle past sea stacks and whales, and shipwrecks are buried in the deep blue water on Canada’s east coast. Explore the nooks and crannies of Newfoundland’s craggy coasts, Viking villages, boreal forests and unusual Tablelands. Home to salmon, trout and arctic char, you’ll also see landlocked  fjords and gulls that nest on the sides of billion-year old cliffs next to 2,000-foot-high waterfalls.

In Vermont, breathe in the fresh air and take in spectacular lookouts above a brilliant canopy of maples and pines in the Green Mountains. Follow paths that cut through wildflower fields in the spring, and woodlands that blaze orange in the fall. Explore peaceful, primeval gulches, and climb up narrow notches for breathtaking, panoramic views.


Overseas, DeNureTours helps you to explore the ancient lands of The Cotswolds, Cornwall, Scotland and Wales, where Celtic languages warm the air with history and myth. Areas of Natural Beauty (AONB) proffer thousands of miles of trails that rove along wild coastlines and sandy beaches, as well as through moors, and forests of rowan and hazel. You’ll pass honey-hued, thatched roof cottages, stroll through sleepy fishing villages and hike over wolds (rural hills) to subtropical gardens – some that were lost and only just found. Graceful farmlands and limestone hills lead to 1,000-year-old mills and abbey ruins. Follow ancient packhorse and coffin routes to underground caves and towering sandstone beacons. Bonny highland trails will take you down to lochs with castle ruins and legendary monsters, and past historic battlegrounds, as well as 4,000-yearold sacred cairns and stone circles.

A night walk under an international, dark-sky reserve makes the universe feel very close. The milky way spills over rocky silhouettes, and meteor showers reflect o black tarns (mountain lakes). From green glens and deep gorges, to the weightless air of magnifi cent glacial peaks, the extraordinary hikes by DeNureTours will leave you breathless.

Hiking tours for 2018 are filling up quickly, and more adventures are now being planned for 2019.


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