Transform your kitchen with Samsung Bespoke

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Transform your kitchen with Samsung Bespoke


For generations, Canadians have customized refrigerators by covering them in magnets and photos, the doors a kind of a blank canvas. Now, new Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators take that instinct to customize to the next level, turning the heart of the home into a showstopper.

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators offer a unique blend of personalized aesthetics with premium refrigeration. They feature interchangeable outside panels to reflect various personal styles, together with customizable and convertible compartments on the inside, helping create the ideal fridge for any space.

Available in 4-Door Flex and 1-Door Column models, Bespoke offers consumers the opportunity to create a tailored configuration that evolves with their design preferences. With multiple styles to choose from, the 4-Door Flex model features eight colours, including rose pink and navy; and three distinct finishes, glass, matte glass or steel, offering a combination of design options. In addition, the 1-Door Column model features six colours, including an exclusive beige option, with glass or matte glass finishes. Bespoke offers the option to mix-and-match multiple columns and swap them out later for a quick kitchen makeover.

While choosing from various colours and finishes may seem like all the fun, looking inside the new Bespoke lineup, there’s even more to discover and customize. The 4-Door Flex comes with a brand-new feature, the Beverage Centre. Hidden behind the door to maintain the refrigerator’s flat and sleek design, this new addition includes an Autofill Water Pitcher that is always full of fresh water. Plus, the Dual Auto Ice Maker helps cool any beverage with regular cubed or “nugget” ice with smaller, more chewable pieces that cool drinks even quicker.

The Bespoke also features an innovative Flex Zone, allowing users to change the bottom right section of the refrigerator depending on their needs. Consumers can choose between using it as a freezer or keeping it as a fridge and choosing from five pre-set temperatures to help keep food fresh and tasty.

Samsung Bespoke is more than a home appliance. It’s a refrigerator that is a statement piece, a product as aesthetically customizable as a piece of furniture, and as functional as any cutting-edge Samsung device. From its colourful panels to its flexible storage and dispenser options, the Samsung Bespoke line is a variable, show-stopping design for all kitchens and styles.

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