Tips and tricks to reinvent your home without renovating

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Tips and tricks to reinvent your home without renovating

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“There is no place like home” – and with that famous notion, it’s fair to say that we should feel our best and most comfortable at the place we reside. That’s one of the reasons we strive to make our homes look extravagant and welcoming, another is to make it feel cosy and lavish so that we could maximally indulge in its comfort. Well, those things automatically require some form of renovation, or do they? Nowadays, anybody can utterly reinvent their home without having to break down the walls or do some other major renovation. Here are some tips and tricks any homeowner can implement to revive their interior.

Spruce up the lighting

The easiest and simplest way to lavishly upgrade your home is to brighten up your indoors with some funky lights. If your home is dark, timid, and dull, it’s usually due to poor lighting. Hence, one of the nifty tricks is to strategically place dazzling tall floor lamps in Pantone colour of the year in empty corners, or replace dated ceiling lighting fixtures with cosmopolitan ones. Another lucrative and modern trick is to place copper or silver embellished lanterns to add graceful elements to your home.

Add artistic accents

Not many people know, but undoubtedly one of the most exquisite ways to spruce up your home without renovating is to add eclectic artwork. Art and decorations play a vital role in the renovation as they effectively open up and reinvent the ambient. Place different wall art, focus on nature-inspired elements and artistic pieces that totally transform the interior. Think boho and rustic, browse here and hang hand-crafted pieces that eloquently match your lifestyle and furnishings.

Revive the walls

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty and do some minor paintwork, you can still implement some of the following hacks to revive the walls and have a fantastic home makeover. A fabulous way to add elegance to your home without having to renovate is to wallpaper at least one wall. In this modern-day and age, you have numerous wallpaper sheet options with amazing patterns and designs that can nicely change the entire room, without having to paint and ruin the walls.


Replace dated cabinetry

Updating the whole kitchen or bathroom may be a rather expensive and tiresome job, but leaving old-fashioned cabinetry will make your home look even more rundown. With a small investment, you can replace the old-fashioned, dirty, and worn handle pull, door handles, and knobs. Opt for modern and fashionable options such as stainless steel, brushed nickel, or bronze to vamp up an utterly new kitchen or bathroom. The cabinet pulls and knobs will freshen up your home as they will make the interior look contemporary and fancy.

Rearrange the existing furniture

Completely replacing the furniture is another costly manoeuvre, and one quite unnecessary, as you can incorporate this trick and create a bombastic ambient. Move around the existing furniture, make sure that bulky sofas don’t lean directly on the walls. Create a more defined space by resorting to an open plan structure and maybe kick outdated chairs and rugs, and bring in a cutting-edge coffee table for instance.

Elevate the windows

Windows can be rather neglected when it comes to renovation. However, they play an immensely crucial role in reinventing the entire space and making the home look lush and chic without breaking the bank. Windows should be dressed up properly. Even if you don’t have an amazing sea or mountain view, by dressing up or updating the window treatments you can invite that sensation feeling in your home. Never leave the windows bare so decorate them with outstanding curtains or draperies, play with hues and feel free to experiment with colour schemes.

By studying this list neatly and thoroughly, you will be able to beneficially spruce up your ambient without having to resort to expensive and messy renovation. Renew your home by following the above-mentioned tips, and be prepared to have a flabbergasting interior.


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