Three Properties Guaranteed to Wow Your Inner Foodie

Three Properties Guaranteed to Wow Your Inner Foodie

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Three Properties Guaranteed to Wow Your Inner Foodie

Canadians are flocking toward accommodations where the kitchen is the star of the show

by Erin Bonner

We all have our checklist when we’re looking for accommodations. Is there free wi-fi? How big is the bed? Is the location central? Will it look good on my Instagram feed?

But it seems there’s another key consideration Canadian globetrotters are looking at for booking their accommodations: kitchens.

A recent study from revealed Canadians are flocking toward accommodations where the kitchen is the star of the show. According to this research, over one third (34 per cent) of Canadian travellers consider a well-stocked, easy to navigate kitchen a crucial element in choosing a place to stay. This same 34 per cent say they would need to see the kitchen before they book accommodations.

More and more, travellers are choosing a place to stay that differs from the standard hotel choice, often electing for apartment rentals. This comes as no surprise, given the option to dine in. In fact, 46 per cent of Canadian travellers say a nice kitchen would influence them to dine in more often on their trip.

So, where can you find accommodations with kitchens sure to elevate your stay? These three unique properties from’s ‘Book the U.S.’ list are a great place to start. From modern, sleek, gourmet kitchens to quaint, rustic kitchenettes, there’s something for everyone on the list.

Borealis Basecamp – Alaska

The perfect arctic getaway, Borealis Basecamp embodies all the beauty of the Alaskan outdoors. This property is miles away from civilization, allowing guests to fully embrace the wonder of nature. With transparent ceilings and a full view of the night sky, it’s easy to drift off into sleep feeling like you’re in a fairytale. A quaint kitchenette decorated with wooden accents will be the star of your Instagram feed.

Hale Kamalani Villa – Hawaii

This four-bedroom home offers the height of luxury in a beautiful, natural Hawaiian setting. Guests have the freedom to eat when they want with a fully-equipped, modern kitchen. With Hawaiian food culture surrounding you and the opportunity to try your hand at mastering the cuisine, this is a prime spot for the modern foodie.

The Mushroom Houses – Michigan

Straight out of a storybook, The Mushroom Houses feature thatched roofs and specialized timber work. The four homes on this property are all “touched” by famous architect Earl Young, known for eccentric designs and his hobbit-style home. In the kitchen of the main house, guests will find full bar seating, an outdoor grill and gourmet appliances, enough to make any budding chef drool. Sure to inspire a culinary adventure, this property will leave you enchanted.

Whether you’re an amateur cook or a culinary master, there’s something for everyone in these picture-perfect properties. See where your inner chef takes you and try something new with kitchens worthy of any culinary star.


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