The Mikey App is saving lives

The Mikey App is saving lives

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The Mikey App is saving lives

Kayley, a 17-year old Toronto high school student, recently saved the life of a man who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while walking down Yonge Street.

Kayley, a Mikey Hero
Kayley, a Mikey Hero

She signed up for the “Mikey Young At Heart App” over a year ago and saved a man’s life using the skills she learned through the app.

“Last summer I was walking downtown and I noticed people making a fuss. A man was lying on the ground and his face was blue so I knew something was wrong,” Kayley said. “I quickly knelt down beside him to perform CPR. I got to just over 30 chest compressions and then he started to breathe again.

“Nobody in the crowd knew how to perform CPR. But I knew because a year before I had downloaded the Mikey Young At Heart App. Going through the app’s videos and quizzes gave me the confidence I needed to act fast and without fear.

“I’m proud to have been given a Toronto Police Service Award for my efforts. But I believe that with the right training, anyone could and would do exactly the same.

Download the Mikey Young at Heart app today … and you just might save a life tomorrow!”

The Mikey Young at Heart App is giving a new generation of young Canadians the knowledge and confidence to step up and really make a difference in the world. All students who complete the app are awarded volunteer hours toward their secondary school graduation diploma.

“Earn your volunteer hours while you learn CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator) the Mikey way,” Kayley said.

The Mikey Network’s goal is to save more lives by training everyone on how to perform CPR and operate a Mikey AED (automatic external defibrillator).

The Mikey Network was named for Mike Salem, a partner in Heathwood Homes and Herity. In the summer of 2002, Mike was on a golf course in Muskoka when he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and passed away.

In 2003, Hugh Heron of Heathwood and Herity established The Mikey Network in memory of his dear friend. No one knows whether a defibrillator could have helped to save Mike’s life, but in his name, The Mickey Network places AEDs in as many public places as possible, so that other cardiac arrest victims may have a second chance.

Since then, 37 people have been saved by Mikey AEDs.



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