How to tell your house needs a renovation

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How to tell your house needs a renovation


Houses are never really finished, as many homeowners know. You could give yourself a full-time job just renovating your house and keeping up with its day-to-day repairs. From leaky faucets to roof shingles blowing off to the walls looking a little dull and boring, your to-do list never stops.

However, there’s not always a reason to plan something and work your tail off every single day. You are supposed to enjoy living in your house, too.

So, how can you tell your house does need a renovation? We compiled some tell-tale signs to help you out. After you pick up one of those Banff homes for sale, keep these pointers in mind so you can keep your house looking modern and neat.

You have space issues

Having a lot of free space – or not enough – each presents unique problems to homeowners. If your life circumstances have changed, and people have moved out of your house, such as children for college, then you may want to change up their abandoned rooms to be more suitable to you.

Conversely, if you find yourself low on space to store things or do anything, you should either downsize or think about adding on to your house to accommodate that change. You’re supposed to be comfortable in your home. Don’t let your space rule you.

You’ve got a leak

As a homeowner, it’s up to you to protect the integrity of your house. Sometimes, that simply means shelling out big money for repairs. If you have water damage in the upper story of your house due to a leaky old roof, it’s time to replace it. Leaky roofs mean several things: Your roof is very old, your roof was not installed properly, or both.

In any case, a new roof is a major renovation that costs a lot but will ultimately add a great amount of security and value to the property. You owe it to yourself to protect the structure you live in.

You need new paint

The interior walls of your home get a lot of attention. You see them every day, and so does everyone who visits. When you notice that the paint on those walls is starting to look kind of faded, grimy or just plain unsightly, it’s probably time for fresh coats all around.

This is a relatively easy renovation, but also a time-consuming one. We suggest gathering a bunch of friends or family together to help. You’d be surprised how significantly fresh paint can improve your rooms!

Basically, you’ll know when an aspect of your house needs renovating. Old, dingy things that don’t work like they used to are usually pretty obvious. Once you make those repairs, you’ll probably start loving your house all over again.


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