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Small but mighty

5 steps to make your small bathroom look bigger

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5 steps to make your small bathroom look bigger

Photos: Bre King Photography


Faucet by Pfister. Vanity by Foremost. The Home Depot. thehomedepot.ca
Faucet by Pfister. Vanity by Foremost. The Home Depot. thehomedepot.ca

With any space, I always choose the biggest piece of furniture first – even in a small area. In a bathroom, that would be the vanity. Always remember to measure to allow for the biggest vanity possible because of, well… storage. That’s my main priority, anyways.

Faucets & hardware

Up next, it’s time to choose your faucets and hardware. This can be a daunting task, but think about how these items will work with your overall aesthetic. When in doubt, select a classic design. Once you decide on the faucet and the configuration, you’ll need to decide on the finish. I like to choose a finish that has spot defence. This prevents fingerprints and watermarks – woohoo! So, for a bathroom that’s going to get a ton of use, it’s a wise choice.


When it comes to tile, you’ll want to work with the tones of your vanity. My biggest tip for choosing tile for a small space is to keep it consistent. When you use the same tile on the floor and in the entire room, it makes the space look bigger. Another tip is to use a lighter colour on the floor, so it draws your eye upwards. This can also give the illusion of a larger space. I ended up going with a large, warm grey tile. I needed something that would be easy to clean, as I know this bathroom will get a lot of traffic. Bigger tiles and less grout was the way to go.


Time to choose your bathroom lighting. First, start by deciding which type of light will work best in your space. Don’t feel like you need to choose small light fixtures for a small room. This can actually enhance how petite your area looks and feels. Instead, select options that allow the most light into the space and help to enhance the overall design. My rule of thumb for finishes is to stick with two in a bathroom. When you start to add more than that, it can make things look busy and cluttered.

Wall treatments & accessories

The last thing you’ll want to decide on is the accessories and wall treatments for your space. Wallpaper always adds so much character and can be so cost effective in small spaces. I love using baskets as garbage cans or just as decoration. A really simple trick is to fill one with toilet paper rolls – practical, pretty and a little extra storage, too.

Jaclyn Harper is a TV host, interior stylist and new mom living in Burlington, Ont. When Jaclyn’s not on TV or creating beautiful designs you’ll find her latest projects on her blog: jaclynharperdesigns.com. From DIYs, design projects to life as a new mom her lifestyle blog and Youtube channel give her fans a peek into her family life.


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Designer Tip: Everyday Luxury

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Designer Tip: Everyday Luxury

Interior designer Heather Segreti creates a sumptuous retreat echoing the features and feel of a luxury vacation

By Heather Segreti • Photography By Larry Arnal

Vacation every day is the theme for this master bathroom. Who doesn’t want to wake up every morning and feel like they just walked into a luxury resort master ensuite?

With that being said, our departure point for this down-to-earth couple with exceptional taste was to provide them with all the amenities as well as the esthetic experience you would find in a luxury resort.

Nestled in the King City area of north Toronto, this sprawling bungalow set the stage for what would soon be an exquisite master ensuite oasis.

Where to start? With a grand tile of course!


I suggested we look at a large-format porcelain option, which is making headway in the marketplace right now. The latest trend is to digitally produce imagery of actual stone printed onto porcelain tile, the options are endless. Sizes can go up from five to 10 feet for the wall tiles, and smaller formats for the floors.

After viewing the product on display at CIOT Marble and Granite in Vaughan, we made our choice. Onice–Perla, a beautiful onyx image with a vertical vein direction, which would accentuate the 11-foot ceilings.


The space-planning mandate was to have a separate water closet, large shower with bench seat and rain showerhead, spa-like soaker tub with floor-mounted tub filler, as well as a spacious his-and-her double-sink vanity with makeup area.

We firmed up the details of the vanity, shower footprint along with the tub and enclosed water closet. Once the footprint for the space was established, we then expanded on the details.


The vanity sits on custom legs with a laser-cut, lower decorative panel allowing the tile to flow under the cabinets for a more open, furniture look. The custom vanity with fully integrated mirrors and lighting added to the customization and grandeur of the space.

In the centre of the vanity, in the mirror panel over the makeup counter, we added a recessed hidden cabinet in the wall to conceal bathroom items. You would not even know that it opens by looking at it.


One of the most exciting and impactful features of this ensuite is the large-format onyx porcelain wall panels, paired with the matching large-scale floor tiles. These panels created the perfect backdrop for the stunning Victoria & Albert Limestone soaker tub.

The “Toulouse” tub’s elegant curves complement the winding, vertical veining of the onyx slabs. Their tubs are made of a blend of volcanic limestone and high-performance resins. Naturally white, each item is individually hand-finished by craftsman. We complemented the tub with the very beautiful Perrin and Rowe floor-mounted tub filler in a polished nickel finish.


All the hardware in the space is polished nickel for a cohesive look throughout the rest of the house. I added in subtle details that add to the synergy in the space, such as the custom plaster crown moulding, which mirrors the wood detailing at the base of the vanity.

We created a calm, spa-like experience with a neutral colour palette that has minimal contrast. We utilized natural materials associated with nature, such as the porcelain panels, gentle, flowing lines rather than sharp angles like the oval undermount sinks, Toulouse V&A soaker tub along with the vertical veining in the porcelain onyx slabs.

The simplicity of the Caesarstone countertop and bench seat allow for the onyx slabs to stand out, yet I can’t emphasize enough the importance of the balance and synergy by choosing finishes that complement each other, rather than compete with each other.

Our master ensuite flows beautifully with the master bedroom adding to the calm oasis, a spa-like feeling the homeowners enjoy every day

Award-winning Interior Designer Heather Segreti N.C.I.D.Q. , A.R.I.D.O. ,I.D.C. known for creating true luxury bespoke designs Whether you are building a custom luxury home, renovating or redesigning an existing space, Segreti Design has the vision to make this space uniquely yours. segretidesign.com


Soaker Tub, Victoria and Albert Tub Filler, Perrin and Rowe, Sinks, Oval Undermount Toto Rendezvous Faucets, Perrin and Rowe

Porcelain Tile Floor, Onice Perla, Ciot Marble and Granite 30” x 30” Porcelain Tile Wall Slabs, Max Fine Porcelain

Counter top & Shower Jambs, Quartz #4600 Organic White, Caesarstone

Shower Floor Tile, Marble Depot Mosaic

Crown Moulding, Custom to match millwork base by Classic Moulding

Vanity, Manorwood Custom Cabinetry

Vanity & Wall Paint colour, CC-50 White Down, Benjamin Moore

Light Fixtures, Hudson Valley wall sconces

Custom Ottoman & Bench, Segreti Design Ottoman & Bench, Vinyl, JF Fabrics

Cabinetry Hardware, Richelieu


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Designer Touch: Major or Minor

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Designer Touch: Major or Minor

A look at two budgets that lead to your dream bathroom

By Yanic Simard • Photography By Valerie Wilcox

Through the magic of television, you can transform a bathroom top to bottom in three days for $1,000. In reality, it takes a lot more than that…a lot more! We’re talking months from concept to completion, to get that magazine-ready look. Here are two, very realistic budgets to give you an idea of what you can do to help plan your dreamy, quality bathroom—with your feet planted firmly on the ground.

All-New Bathroom: Major

Looking to truly overhaul a bathroom top to bottom? Replacing the toilet and tub with the fixture accoutrements (or upgrading to a shower stall) will cost anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000. Then look to these trends for that high-end designer appeal:

HIGH-IMPACT TILE Even the largest bathrooms are still a relatively small space compared to the whole home, so it’s a good place to go big. Floor-to-ceiling tile in a solid hue porcelain or a subtle natural stone keeps a space unified, while a rich feature-slab wall treatment in the shower or tub area provide the drama that defines the room.

Floor-to-ceiling tile, with book matched stone tub accent wall, penny-tile shower floor and installer: $20,000.

WOOD VANITIES The must-have luxury bathroom addition of the moment is a grand furniture style vanity in rich wood—the sort of piece that feels like it was plucked from a salon and dropped in the bathroom with a sink suddenly attached to it. Custom zebra wood vanity: $3,500.

INTEGRATED SINK COUNTERS Sinks made from the same material as the countertop is what makes up this irresistible design, offering a smooth transition from surface to sink; a seamless esthetic. One-piece construction means no crevices for dirt or debris. Most are made from stain-resistant composites, making them very easy to maintain so they’re always looking good. Trough-style doublesink counter with modern polished faucets: $2,500.

INTEGRATED TECH Planning on installing a new shower in 2018 or 2019? It would be almost a waste not to splurge on some integrated technology, which can save you time and money down the road. Shower systems with touch controls can be set up to remember different shower preferences (like the perfect temperature) so you don’t waste a second fiddling with manual levers. Mid-range shower set with touch controls: $1,600.

FINISHING TOUCHES Glass shower panel $900, matching accessory set (towel bar, robe hooks, roll holder) $600, white bath linens $200, custom backlit mirror $2,700, potlight grid $1,000, heated floor $1,500, plus general labour/installation/ work $5,000-$10,000 (starting on a clean slate—no major modifications, or fixing up required) for a total budget of $52,500 or more.

Bathroom Refresh: Minor

For a do-it-yourself style upgrade, you can give your standard bathroom (three-piece, 60-sq.-ft. or under) a freshened-up look for just a few thousand dollars. This won’t cover major fixes like replacing tile, but if you focus on some key details, you can make an impact. Try these trends:

SHADES OF SIMPLE Going grey or cream in the bathroom is a huge trend for 2018 and beyond, and can be as simple as choosing a crisp, new tone for the walls. Grey adds sophistication and depth, but is still breezy, classic and serene. Try Benjamin Moore’s Bunny Grey or Natural Cream in Aura Washable Matte. Wall paint/supplies: $150.

TRANSITIONAL SHIFT Transitional style isn’t only a huge trend for kitchens: a cross of traditional and modern decor styles gives a bathroom character and warmth, while still appearing clean and up to date. Add a new vanity cabinet with shaker fronts, but a modern slab top, and a simple, flat vanity mirror. Mirror and cabinet plus installation: $800

GLEAMING NICKEL Nickel is the more understated cousin to the brass and copper trend. Nickel is subtly warmer than steel or chrome while still appearing truly timeless, and brushed-nickel faucets especially will ward off spots. New faucet with installation: $250

ILLUMINATING LEDS With technology and energy saving being huge trends, LED lighting is everywhere, and the bathroom is a great spot for crisp, white lights. Choose a model with a stylish shape and multiple points of light, and you can truly set the focal point—and the mood—in the bathroom all from one central fixture. LED-pendant or mirror light plus electrician: $700.

FINISHING TOUCHES White bath linens ($200), a new shower curtain ($100), plus decluttering (free!) for a total budget of $2,200.

(Please note – budgets do not include taxes or costs of working with a design professional. These budgets act as guidelines, pricing may vary depending on level of quality.)

Looking for bathroom inspiration and beyond? Visit tidg.ca to see Toronto Interior Design Groups project portfolio, or follow @tidgboutique on Instagram.


BLACK BATHROOM: Ove bathtub by Wetstyle, Backlit Mirror (custom) by Lumi Design LIGHT-COLOURED BATHROOM: Maestro Round Sink by Native Trails Both vanities custom designed by TIDG

Yanic Simard is the founder and owner of the petite boutique interior design firm, Toronto Interior Design Group. He has over two decades of experience in the interior design/build business and has made his mark in the industry across Canada due to his concentrated industry knowledge, and abundance of unique design ideas.


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Active Home: The Powder Room

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Active Home: The Powder Room

Dramatic tones for the secondary throne

By Jane Lockhart

The powder room is the one place that many of your guests get up close and personal with. And because it’s generally set apart from the rest of the home, it’s the perfect room to experiment with the latest in design and decor.


For a dramatic palette, choose rich, dark shades like charcoal grey, navy blue, chocolate brown or black. The contrast of the room’s edges almost disappear, when you cover the ceilings, walls, doors and door frames in the same colour. What you’re left with is the perfect jewel box ready for its gems.

Since it’s a small room, consider splurging on some expensive wallpaper, also in a dark shade, to complement the trim. You can find patterns that have a subtle reflective quality – it just needs the right light to make it shine.


I’m a firm believer in layered lighting, especially in the powder room. Lighting has the ability to take a room from functional to glamorous. The installation of pot lights (even just one) immediately upgrades the room, as the crisp downlight lights up the surfaces.

Avoid the flycatchers – those upside down shades that light up the ceiling, instead of what’s below. Chandeliers add sophistication and the light dances off the reflective surfaces.

Cross-illumination can be created by adding side lights that hang on either side of the mirror, or choose show-stopping sconces.

“Lighting has the ability to take a room from functional to glamorous.”

Some bathroom vanities feature under-cabinet lighting that reflects on the floor – a wonderful night light option for safety and navigation.

This is your chance to select the most glamorous lighting that you can handle – the blingier, the better.


Cover a whole wall with a mirror, or with smoky subway tiles. Mirrors augment the lighting, and add style and shine. Consider mirrored vanities to double up on the drama. Not only do mirrors reflect your personality, but they heighten the intensity of the fixtures and the artwork.


Tiled floors are the way to go in the powder room, and because the space is limited, consider it your canvas. From simple ceramics to patterned mosaics, the available choices are endless. Surfaces also vary dramatically, including matt, glossy or reflective.


Choosing the finishes and upgrades for your powder room is all in the details. The dresser-as-vanity trend continues, and we’re seeing more custom-made cabinetry that looks like stand-alone furniture pieces.

If you’re not into a complete makeover, changing out the faucets, cabinet pulls and knobs can give the room an updated lift. It’s completely acceptable, and oh-so trendy, to mix metals. Stainless, silver, nickle, copper, gold and rose gold are available in a variety of finishes.

And don’t forget to accessorize. Something as simple as a new soap dish can add vitality to the room.

The powder room is where you can unleash your inner boldness, and try out rich colours, shiny surfaces and spectacular lighting. And, it just might end up being the nicest room in the house.

Jane Lockhart, B.A.A.I.D., is a multi-award winning designer, author and television personality. Jane Lockhart Interior Design janelockhart.com


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