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Building or renting out a condo? Call Del Condominium Rentals

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Building or renting out a condo? Call Del Condominium Rentals

By Shanker Narayanan
Del Condominium Rentals

If you’re a condo builder or unit owner, Del Condominium Rentals wants to speak with you.

Indeed, with condo construction and ownership booming in the GTA – with many buyers purchasing them as investment units – there is a definite growing need for professional condo property management.

“There are a million things that can go wrong when managing a condo unit, and most owners are completely unaware,” says Shanker Narayanan, general manager, Del Condominium Rentals.

Del knows this from experience – from managing a portfolio of more than 2,500 condos in more than 280 communities over the last 10 years.

Expert knowledge

“Most owners who self-manage condos have a belief that ‘this won’t happen to me.’ But things get complicated at times, and that’s when expert knowledge comes in handy.”

If the Del name sounds familiar, it’s because Del Condominium Rentals is a member of the Tridel Group, Canada’s leader in condo living. Signature Tridel products include Edenbridge at Kingsway and Royal York, Tridel at the Well at Front and Spadina, Aqualuna at Queens Quay and Sherbourne, and Evermore at Eva and 427.

“We used to focus primarily on providing leasing services for Tridel suite owners, which account for about 78 per cent of our business,” says Shanker. “But we have evolved over the past five years into a leading Toronto condo property management company. We are aggressively trying to grow the non-Tridel portfolio. If this happens, we would look at increasing the overall portfolio to hopefully 5,000 suites in five years.

“Overall, our goal is to the be the most trusted name in rental management, and consistently deliver the best possible customer experience in the markets we serve.”

Rude awakening

About 90 per cent of Del’s clients are first-time homeowners or single-unit owners, who don’t have the time to self-manage their units. So, you can imagine inexperienced investors who think becoming a landlord is easy, and that all they need to worry about is cashing rent cheques and counting their profits.

“If only it were that easy,” says Shanker. “Many owners get quite the rude awakening, whether it’s a water leak from an above unit that’s causing damage in their suite, or dealing with complicated insurance issues that can come with resulting claims. Suddenly, they realize they don’t have expertise, and that’s where we come in. That’s what we provide.”

The advantages for suite owner-landlords are clear, but the benefits for condo builders are just as important – perhaps more so.

Condo builders can take advantage of Del’s comprehensive and experienced team in condo management, sales and marketing, property management and finance, and in turn offer these services to their buyers.

“Developers that may not have such expertise can now include it in their project marketing, thereby making their condos more appealing not only to investors, but also end users,” says Shanker. “Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing that units rented out in a building will be done so with best-in-class services across the board. Everything from market evaluation to leasing to property management – and everything in between.”

“Our excellence becomes their excellence. It’s a win-win-win.”


In Conversation with Shanker Narayanan, General Manager, Del Condominium Rentals

Shanker Narayana is General Manager, Del Condominium Rentals. delrentals.com


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Neighbourhood Watch: South Core

South Core is lively, lakefront, prized and prestigious

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South Core is lively, lakefront, prized and prestigious

If a lively and active downtown lifestyle is what you’re after, check out Toronto’s South Core. It might also help if you work in the nearby financial district, as residency in this prestigious neighbourhood has its price.

So-called for its proximity to the downtown core but, obviously south… from the railway lands to Lake Ontario, and bounded on the west by Lower Simcoe Street and on the east by Lower Jarvis Street.

Indeed, Toronto is blessed with a prized waterfront location, which in recent years has seen billions of dollars in development, from public spaces to new residences to new commercial and retail opportunities. And the South Core is a prime example of this growth.

Looking northwest from the common terrace at Menkes' Harbour Plaza.
Looking northwest from the common terrace at Menkes’ Harbour Plaza.

Sustainable and connected

Consider, for instance, the Southcore Financial Centre (SFC), a major mixeduse, sustainable complex. Designed to exceed the expectations of today’s globally connected businesses and sophisticated urban travelers, SFC comprises two striking LEED Gold certified office towers totaling 1.4 million sq. ft. and The Delta Toronto – a premium four-star, 560- room, next generation hotel.

Or One York Street by Menkes Developments, a 35-floor, 800,000- sq.-ft. Class AAA building at York and Harbour targeting LEED Platinum certification.

The sustainability and connectivity of these projects typify the redevelopment underway in the South Core. Both buildings boast direct and enclosed access to the PATH to Union Station for TTC, GO Transit the UP Express and more, and beyond through Toronto’s underground network. Within easy walking distance are landmarks such as Scotiabank Arena, the Rogers Centre, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, world class restaurants and the city’s Entertainment and Theatre districts.

Then there’s Maple Leaf Square, a multi-use complex and public square next to Scotiabank Arena, with a newly expanded video screen for live outdoor public broadcasts of Leaf and Raptors games, and home to Real Sports Bar & Grill, one of North America’s largest sports bars.

Residential opportunities

But the South Core isn’t all about office towers and commerce, as residential opportunities are also part of the development. New condominiums have sprouted up, along with the office towers, including Harbour Plaza by Menkes Developments, located at 88 Harbour St. and 100 Harbour St. Here, along with similar connectivity to the underground PATH, residents enjoy a 30,000-sq.-ft. health club, outdoor terrace with tanning deck and other top-drawer amenities.

Also nearby, slightly to the west at Spadina, is CityPlace by Concord Adex, one of the first major condo developments in the area.

Now that the west and central portions of the waterfront are well along in development, and you can’t go any further south into the lake, condo growth is spreading east. Menkes has Sugar Wharf Condominiums at Sugar Beach, and Tridel is building Aqualuna at Bayside, at Merchants Wharf and Queens Quay East.

And then, a little further east and perhaps a few years down the road, there’s the proposal for Sidewalk Labs, the 12-acre, smart-city site at Quayside, which is planned to include a mix of housing types, public spaces and other high tech amenities.

Location, location, location

South from the railway lands to Lake Ontario, bounded on the west by Lower Simcoe Street and on the east by Lower Jarvis Street

Key landmarks

  • Harbourfront
  • Maple Leaf Square
  • Queen’s Quay Terminal
  • Redpath Sugar Refinery
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
  • Scotiabank Arena
  • Southcore Financial Centre
  • The Power Plant Art Gallery

Select condo projects

162 Queens Quay by Empire Communities

Aqualuna at Bayside by Tridel

Harbour Plaza by Menkes Developments

One Yonge Condos by Pinnacle International

Sugar Wharf by Menkes Developments

Ten York by Tridel


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Celebrating the grand opening of Edenbridge, an elegant residence with a distinct address

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Celebrating the grand opening of Edenbridge, an elegant residence with a distinct address

Edenbridge on The Kingsway is a Modern Heritage community and a testament to the staying power of classic design. Nine storeys of luxury living and an architectural style reminiscent of the Arts & Craft movement, Edenbridge exudes understated elegance.

Well suited suites

Welcome home to an address on The Kingsway. Edenbridge is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to take luxury to the next level. The exclusive residences in the Edenbridge, Signature, Penthouse and Townhome Collections are a range of home-sized suites, available to suit your lifestyle. Ranging in size from 947 to 2,344 sq. ft., these exclusive condominium residences and garden townhomes are priced from the $900,000s to $3 million. All of the luxurious, elegantly-designed homes feature large windows, allowing glowing light to pour in, and well-appointed finishes with access to the stunning amenities.

An array of amenities

The award-winning interior design firm II by IV brings Modern Heritage to life through meticulously appointed finishes that attest to the Art Deco, Arts & Craft movement prevalent during the 20th century, coupled with contemporary undertones. Whether you’re welcoming guests or arriving home, the striking grandness of the lobby transports you with a feeling of exclusivity. The ground floor amenities include a private dining room with party room and lounge, making entertaining large functions a breeze. Looking to continue with that active lifestyle? Enjoy the fitness centre and yoga studio. The lavish indoor stone cladded overflow pool and whirlpool can be enjoyed year-round. Each amenity space is enclosed by large expansive windows looking to the serene outdoor, an English-inspired garden — a place to reminisce or read your favourite book.

Looking to entertain outdoors? Enjoy the eighth floor barbecue, dining space and separate lounge areas privatized by green landscaping, detailed trellis work and stone finishes native to the Humbertown area. Whether night or day, this open-air amenity provides glorious views in every direction.

The best kept secret in town

It’s easy to see why The Kingsway is a best-kept-secret. It is seductively secluded in Toronto’s west end, amidst the leafy greenbelt surrounding the Humber River. The Kingsway is one of Toronto’s first master-planned communities, developed by Robert Home Smith in the early 20th century as an homage to all things English. Smith specifically referenced England’s Garden City principles and adhered to the notion that houses should be set back from tree-lined streets and greenery reign supreme.

The Kingsway is never dull. With more than 250 delightful shops, more than 30 enchanting eateries, cafes and pubs, an historical century-old cinema, private golf and country clubs, and extensive walking and biking trails, everything you need for a rich, fulfilling lifestyle is right around the corner.

With the Humbertown Shopping Centre located directly across from Edenbridge, many conveniences are within walking distance. The Royal York subway station is a walk or short bus ride away, allowing you to get into the heart of downtown Toronto with ease.

Visit the presentation centre, located at 270 The Kingsway (located inside the shopping centre) for its Grand Opening. The presentation centre is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, and from noon to 5 p.m. weekends. To book a private appointment, call 416.649.2700 or visit the website.


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Del Condominium Rentals

In Conversation With… Shanker Narayanan, General Manager, Del Condominium Rentals

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In Conversation With… Shanker Narayanan, General Manager, Del Condominium Rentals

Shanker Narayanan, general manager, Del Condominium Rentals
Shanker Narayanan, General Manager, Del Condominium Rentals

Condominiums are booming in the GTA, with an increasing number of owners choosing to rent out their units for investment purposes.

Del Condominium Rentals, setting a standard in suite rental management in the GTA since 1986, offers such owners suite leasing services without having to worry about the day-to-day concerns related to being a landlord. From marketing, tenant screening, leasing, maintenance and repair, accounting, insurance coverage, compliance enforcement and revenue retrieval, the company does it all.

We spoke to Shanker Narayanan, general manager of Del Condominium Rentals to learn a little more about this growing business.

Condo Life: What is the scope of the management services you offer to condo unit owners? Is it a one-size fits all package, or is there a range of services owners can choose from…?

Shanker Narayanan: We provide day-to-day management of the suites, including complete research and marketing for new owners, arranging insurance, utility transfers and other services – all for a fee of six per cent of the monthly rental. We plan to also introduce a tiered system involving additional services, such as rent guarantee, suite inspections and maintenance.

Del Condominium Rentals

CL: How much of a growing business category is this for Tridel? We’re hearing so much about the investor element in condominium ownership these days…

SN: We have 2,550 condos in our portfolio today and are planning to grow to 3,500 by 2024. We were primarily a company that provides leasing services for Tridel suite owners, and about 78 per cent of our business comes from their new builds. We have evolved over the past five years into a leading condo rental management company in the GTA. We are aggressively trying to grow the non-Tridel portfolio. If this happens, we would look at increasing the overall portfolio to hopefully 5,000 suites in five years.

For Tridel new builds, we provide lease-up services from interim occupancy to eventual unit registration. This period might vary from building to building. We are currently leasing about 35 to 40 per cent of the inventory in all new builds.

CL: What is your typical client profile? Investor-owners who want to be completely hands off? First-time investors who really need the help being a landlord…?

SN: About 90 per cent of our owners are first-time homeowners or single unit owners, who don’t have the time to self-manage their units. We do have a lot of seasoned investors who have multiple suites in their portfolio. On average, a homeowner stays in our program for five years. They usually have an investment cycle that culminates in either them selling, -self-occupying or in rare cases self-managing the unit.

Del Condominium Rentals

CL: What are the main benefits of using your services, that perhaps suite owners couldn’t do on their own?

SN: Most owners don’t know that there are a million things that could go wrong when managing a condo unit. We know this from experience and from managing a portfolio of more than 2,500 condos over the past decade. Most owners who self-manage condos have a belief that “this won’t happen to me.” Things get complicated at times, and that’s when expert knowledge comes handy. For example, an owner might have a new condo but there might be a water leak from a unit above and that causes water damage in suites below. There could be resulting claims from owners against this owner even though the problem isn’t with their unit. We manage these complex scenarios with the insurance adjusters and the condo property management.

We are a one-stop shop for homeowners, providing turnkey management and peace of mind.

CL: How do you arrive at the end cost to clients for these services? Does it depend on the unit size, rental rate, specific services they’re using…?

SN: Our management fees are very competitive. We have always been a market leader and have been looked upon as setting the benchmark. We also have preferred rates with vendors for services such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC and handyman work. In addition, we co-ordinate works for window coverings, flooring and window and door installation. We have synergies with Tridel and ensure that we pass on the benefits to suite owners.

CL: And how do you determine the rental rate for units?

SN: We do a thorough market evaluation. We are the rental experts, and as such, Tridel sets the rental benchmark for any community. Our expert team looks at trends on MLS and third-party Internet sites and comes up with the best practices to research and tabulate rentals.

CL: Ideally, suite owners would want to be cash-flow positive when renting out their investment condo. How do you help them achieve this goal?

Del Condominium Rentals

SN: Most suite owners have a set financial cycle that will allow them to realize market potential. We save them costs and the hassles of day-to-day management and they see the benefits over a period of time. While cash flow is key for many owners, they see the merit of us ensuring that the unit is well maintained and the equity grows over time.

CL: And when it comes time that they wanted to sell, how can you assist in that transaction, say, to another potential investor-owner?

SN: We typically refer owners back to their agent when they consider selling. This is our partnership with our realtor colleagues. We do, however, ensure the transaction and unit transition go smoothly. For example, we make sure all necessary restorations are completed and that things are co-ordinated with residents and property management.

CL: Any other key pieces of information potential clients should know about your services?

SN: We are leaders in the rental business. What sets us apart from others is that we are part of Tridel. We bring synergies from other group companies such as Del Property Management, DelSuites, Tridel Customer Care and Deltera (construction). This is invaluable and often beneficial for homeowners.

For more information, contact Del Condominium Rentals at the website, 4800 Dufferin St., Toronto, or call 416.296.RENT (7368).




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The Humber by Options For Homes

The Humber is an upcoming condo community from Options For Homes

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The Humber is an upcoming condo community from Options For Homes

Rare is the opportunity to live next to unbridled nature while having easy access to the urban vitality of downtown Toronto. The Humber is an upcoming condo community that offers just that – and a down payment boost that makes homeownership more accessible for everyone.

Nestled on the banks of the Humber River at Lawrence Ave. W. and Weston Rd., The Humber is a riverside oasis in Weston Village, one of Toronto’s up-and-coming neighbourhoods. With 13-km of lush parkland trails at its door and uninterrupted, Instagram-worthy southwest views on the river’s bend that will never be obstructed, this 232-unit, 22-storey condo is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.

Meanwhile, it’s located a mere three-minute walk from the Weston UP Express stop and is only a quick 15-minute zip to Union Station or 12 minutes to Pearson, putting all the city has to offer within easy reach, making The Humber’s location the best of both worlds.

With The Humber, which is developed by Options for Homes and built by Deltera (part of the Tridel Group of Companies), you can be assured of high-quality condos at more affordable prices. It’s something that Options has been doing for 25 years (including the first three buildings in The Distillery District and a development in The Junction). Prices are kept as low as possible by forgoing costly amenities such as pools, while investing in beautiful common spaces and environmental features such as solar panels. This helps keep maintenance fees low and stable, which are a city-low of $0.49 per sq. ft. Options also brings homeownership within reach with its down payment boost of up to 24 per cent for families making their first purchase, and requiring only 5 per cent total down payment.

“We’re able to help families who can afford the carrying costs of homeownership by giving them an extra down payment boost,” says Options for Homes Director of Sales and Marketing Mary Pattison. “That’s often all someone needs to become a homeowner.”

Because Options sells only to homeowners and not to investors, life at The Humber is ideally suited for families and those who value community. Sheena McDonald, who along with her husband purchased a three-bedroom suite at The Humber, says this focus on building community was an important factor in their decision to buy. “I feel like it’s rare. We have a number of friends who live at Heintzman (in The Junction) and I’ve learned through them that that sense of community actually does exist in Options developments,” she says. “It seems like it’s not your typical condo situation in Toronto.”

With a large percentage of two- and three-bedroom suites, The Humber is designed to suit the needs of families of all sizes. It’s also pet-friendly, as homeowners are able to own up to two pets, and its smokeless policy – which permits only vaping of tobacco or cannabis in the building, including private homes – mitigates the negative impacts of smoking for all of The Humber’s residents.

Speaking of community, The Humber is set amid a neighbourhood bustling with urban renewal. Weston already boasts renowned community events and amenities such as the Weston Farmers’ Market (the city’s oldest), its own Santa Claus parade, Weston Lions Park and Arena, but now it’s getting a cultural boost with the Artscape Weston Commons, which is home to artist housing, Urban Arts and Shakespeare in Action.

Quality, community and unparalleled natural beauty are hallmarks of The Humber. With excellent transit options, a rejuvenating neighbourhood, and down payment support that makes homeownership possible, The Humber is a perfect place to call home.

Visit the presentation centre, located at 1984 Weston Rd. For further information call (416.867.1501) or visit the website.


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The Well

Urban luxury arrives on Wellington Street as Tridel introduces the Signature Series at The Well

Latest News

Urban luxury arrives on Wellington Street as Tridel introduces the Signature Series at The Well

Indulge in timeless beauty within Tridel’s Signature Series at The Well. Nestled along the tree-lined, quiet end of Wellington Street – one of Toronto’s most historic corridors – the luxurious 14-storey Signature Series by Tridel is the most exclusive residential opportunity at The Well.

Comprised of seven thoughtfully choreographed mixed-use buildings, The Well is easily one of the most ambitious master-planned communities in Canada. Optimally located along the corridor between Front and Wellington Streets, west of Spadina Avenue, The Well is composed of more than one million sq. ft. of premium office space, 500,000 sq. ft. of retail and food experiences, and 1,700 residential units.

An upscale, modern complement to the highly-anticipated lifestyle destination that is The Well, the Signature Series midrise will feature 98 spacious, high-end suites in a variety of two-bedroom, two-bedroom plus den, and three-bedroom layouts. With polished, contemporary designs, suites range in size from over 1,000 sq. ft. to more than 3,200 sq. ft. and start at $1.5 million, with occupancy slated for late 2022.

A sidewalk view of the Signature Series reveals a premium residence that effortlessly blends with the iconic, historic façades of Wellington Street. Inside, residences feature captivating views of the city and streetscape, providing a calm yet alluring reprieve from the urban landscape, while the generously-sized terrace suites overlook the grand promenade along Wellington.

Great design sets the tone for a well-balanced lifestyle, and Signature Series at The Well embodies the best of luxury city living within its modern aesthetic. Meticulously selected by Toronto interior design firm II BY IV Design, the sleek interiors throughout the amenity spaces feature glass elements, marble tiling and metal hardware paired with touches of modern sophistication, as seen in earthy hardwood floors, cabinetry and amenity furniture.

The Signature Series is outfitted with an array of exclusive amenities, including a generous outdoor terrace where residents can enjoy a swim in the private pool, relax under the sun in stylish cabanas, or host and entertain by the fire at the lounge. A private dining room, fitness studio and sophisticated entertainment lounge reserved solely for Signature Series residents awaits inside, perfect for any entertaining opportunity at home.

Tridel at The Well also includes another distinct living opportunity – urban living in two highrise condominium towers along Front Street. Tridel’s Classic Series I and Classic Series II are 38 and 22 storeys, respectively, and are expected to both begin occupancy, also in late 2022.

The Well sets the stage for meaningful experiences that connect like-minded people together, to live, eat, shop, work, and play within a one-of-a-kind community in the heart of Toronto. At The Well, premium offices, green spaces, and exclusive residential opportunities are complemented by fine shops and restaurants, leisure spaces, and a European-inspired food marketplace, all coming together in an ambiance of discovery.

For further information about this unparalleled lifestyle opportunity and the variety of residential opportunities available at The Well, visit the presentation centre, located at 4800 Dufferin St. or visit the website.


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The Well

Tridel introduces Toronto’s most anticipated lifestyle opportunity at The Well

Latest News

Tridel introduces Toronto’s most anticipated lifestyle opportunity at The Well

The Well is one of the most ambitious mixed-used endeavors in Canada, a bold reflection of Toronto’s energy and diversity and an extension of the urban vibrancy of King West. Bordering Front, Spadina and Wellington, The Well brings a unique mix of shops, restaurants, fresh food markets, work spaces and residences, spanning seven acres and three million sq. ft. of culture, entertainment and community in downtown Toronto’s west side.

With construction of the transformative community already well under way, Tridel, a leader in condominium living, is preparing to launch one of the most anticipated condominium lifestyle opportunities in the city, in just a few weeks.

Choreographed mix

“The Well is a choreographed mix of urban experiences, dynamic architecture and interconnected public spaces. There is simply no other development that offers this breadth and scale of integrated uses,” says Jim Ritchie, executive vice-president, sales and marketing at Tridel. “Residents will experience the full spectrum of urban living without needing to leave the community. And when they do leave, they’ll find themselves in the middle of one of Toronto’s most dynamic and energetic neighbourhoods.”

The condominiums by Tridel at The Well will offer residents two distinct living opportunities. The Classic Series I and II consists of two towers along Front Street at 38 storeys and 22 storeys, respectively. A boutique 14-storey midrise known as the Signature Series will be located along the revitalized and historic Wellington Street. Each of the three buildings will feature Tridel’s unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, as well as its own independent amenity spaces, including party rooms, outdoor terraces with pools, fitness centres and more.

With a pedestrian-centric focus, Tridel at The Well sets the stage for incredible experiences and responds to some of the strongest desires of downtown Toronto today: Walkability, community-building, the ability to create connections while seamlessly blending old and new. More than a collection of buildings, The Well is an amenity-rich, urban streetscape and a vital, fully functioning environment that puts the things people want most within easy reach. Perfectly situated between King West and the Entertainment District, Tridel at The Well offers established connections to public transit, airports, trains, buses and highways.

Highly anticipated

The highly anticipated launch of Tridel at The Well will include 400 suites in Classic Series I, the first of Tridel’s two urban condominium towers on Front Street, and 98 suites in the Signature Series boutique residence on Wellington.

Register online for more information and regular updates.


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Chateau at Auberge on the Park

Chateau is the third and most luxurious phase of Tridel’s community at Auberge on the Park

Latest News

Chateau is the third and most luxurious phase of Tridel’s community at Auberge on the Park

Chateau, the third, final, and most luxurious phase in the prestigious Auberge community by Tridel and Rowntree, offers residents an unparalleled lifestyle, close to Toronto’s most exclusive neighbourhoods.

Rising above lush green parkland, proclaiming its distinction with dramatic, cascading levels of terraces, Chateau is a showcase of magnificent contemporary architecture. Now selling, Chateau is your opportunity to live in a spacious suite, immersed in elegant, French-inspired design.

From the moment you enter the exquisitely decorated, two-storey grand lobby, you’re enchanted by the aura of exclusivity that infuses every part of Chateau. With its majestic white stone floors, intricate woodwork, and soft accents of gold, white, and blush, this entryway enfolds you in a welcoming aura and a subtle “je ne sais quoi.”

Stunning interiors

Modern and elegantly chic, every suite at Chateau is brilliantly designed for comfort and convenience, with top-of-the-line appliances, spa-style bathrooms, expansive windows offering incredible views, and generous private balconies and terraces for entertaining and relaxing.

Elevated entertaining

However you choose to entertain or relax, Chateau accommodates with a lavishly decorated, large party room, private dining room, and two outdoor terraces. The North Terrace, with its vines and French-style plantings, is a gracious venue for barbecues and alfresco dinner parties. The South Terrace makes for a most amenable outdoor gathering place, with unobstructed city and park views, gas fire tables, and textured planters with a profusion of greenery.

Invigorating amenities

Chateau’s fitness facilities encourage healthy activities. A fully outfitted gym with state-of-the art cardio and weightlifting equipment, a dedicated yoga studio, and an indoor swimming pool make it easy to feel renewed or find respite. Tastefully decorated spaces replete with natural wood paneling, curved ceilings, and art mirrors create a perfect ambience for refreshment.

Superbly situated

Perfectly positioned at Leslie and Eglinton, Chateau is surrounded by a vast network of interconnected parks, including the lovely 150-acre Sunnybrook Park across the street where you can wander along forested hiking trails for hours.

Chateau is steps from the new Sunnybrook Park LRT station on the upcoming Eglinton Crosstown line, and for drivers, the Don Valley Parkway is just minutes away.

For your chance to live in the beautifully master-planned Auberge on the Park community, visit the Presentation Centre. For further information call (416.649.2323) or visit the website.


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In conversation with Jim Ritchie of Tridel

Latest News

In conversation with Jim Ritchie of Tridel

It’s always a pleasure to spend time with the smart and insightful Jim Ritchie, executive vice-president of sales and marketing at Tridel, one of Canada’s largest and best condominium builders. In its eight decades, Tridel has built more than 80,000 homes, and that’s something to celebrate!

Tridel was founded by Jack DelZotto in 1934, when he built his first single-detached home near Dufferin and Bloor Streets. Jack, who arrived in Canada from Italy in 1927, was a stonemason by trade who worked in the mines in Timmins before coming to Toronto. (He helped lay the bricks at the Park Plaza Hotel. How’s that for history?).

Jack’s three sons — Angelo, Elvio and Leo — were brought into the company, and continued to grow the organization into what it is today. The name of the company evolved to Tridel (after the three DelZotto brothers).

The DelZottos have always been known as innovators and built their first rental apartment complex in 1961, featuring twin towers, a swimming pool, a recreation centre and landscaped grounds — quite luxurious for the times — the forerunner of today’s modern condo.

Today, the DelZotto brothers and their lifelong business partner Harvey Fruitman — along with their families — have carried on the tradition set by Jack of complete communities, environmental awareness and technical innovation. And it has grown.

As Ritchie tells me, Tridel manages every part of the development of a condominium project.

“We handle the entire process — land purchase, planning, approvals, marketing, selling, building, customer service and management. Overall, we control the customer experience from purchase to residency.”

In fact, in addition to Tridel, the Tridel Group of Companies consists of Deltera (construction services and management), Del Realty (real estate brokerage), Del Property Management (condominium property management), DelSuites (long-term furnished executive accommodations), Del Condominium Rentals (full-service condo rentals), Delmanor Retirement Living (seniors’ accommodations), Delcare (long-term seniors’ care facilities) and Del Management Solutions (residential and commercial property management).

Q: Did Tridel make a conscious decision to move from ground related housing to apartments and condominiums?

A: The transition from single-family homes to building rental apartments was an evolution. Tridel built a rental apartment complex complete with amenities and landscaping, which essentially became a model for the condominium we know today.

In 1967, when condos became a legal entity in Ontario, Tridel embraced the concept and started developing its first condominium the following year.

Q: What are your thoughts on the condo market in the GTA?

A: Toronto has the largest new condo market in North America. The market was outstanding in 2017, which was an exceptional year fuelled by many factors. But that record-breaking year couldn’t be sustained, and with a number of government interventions, including new mortgage rules, the market has levelled somewhat as compared to previous years.

We see consistent and long-term growth in the GTA housing market, especially with a strong economy and continuing growth in population. But it’s really very difficult to make predictions.

The success of the industry is predicated on relative affordability and more recently condos have become very popular because of the increasing cost of other forms of housing — 25 per cent of the cost of a home is various fees and taxes.

Q: What is Tridel’s philosophy of building condo communities?

A: We are city builders — actually all highrise builders are city builders — and at Tridel we put more focus on architecture and the public realm. Architecture matters and consumers understand that. Today’s consumers are well informed on these matters.

But it’s not easy, there are no easy projects anymore. No longer can we raze a parking lot and build a condo. There just aren’t any of these types of sites left. And creating real communities, which means mixed-use developments, brings more complexity.

Q: How have you seen suite design and amenity space changed over the years?

A: Architecture matters to Tridel and that includes suite designs that can optimize the use of space, and user-friendly amenities, which have changed over the years and now include more family-oriented spaces.

Evermore at West Village in Etobicoke offers some of the most current amenities and suite designs, including two- and three-bedroom suites for family living with larger entrances and bigger laundry rooms with more storage.

Some of the more in-demand amenities include shared workspaces and study pods, kids and youth zones and large outdoor terraces.

We’ve also found that putting the larger units in one area of the building — at Evermore they are in the podium — means that families can live near each other and that creates a sense of community.

Q: Tridel has a reputation for being in the forefront of green technology. Has that always been the case?

A: Tridel has always been on the leading edge of new construction methodology and energy-efficient building practices. These include the fundamentals of building design, including the building envelope and mechanic al systems. In 2005, we brought our first LEED building into the marketplace, and now we lead sustainable residential condominium development in Canada.

Q: What new innovations does Tridel have in the works?

A: I’m very excited by Tridel Connect, an innovative range of integrated smart home features, which we recently rolled out very successfully at our Ten York community. Some of the features of Tridel Connect include the ability to set the temperature, security alarm and receive notifications about community events through an in-suite wall pad or remotely with a smartphone app. Suite locks are also dig ital, opened with a personalized code, and additional codes can be programmed for service people, like a cleaner or dog walker.

You can also use the wall panel to connect visually with the concierge and select common areas, and you can open common-area doors with your smartphone, so no more key fobs. That also applies to the garage door, where a camera uses license plate recognition to provide entry.

We had this technology developed about six years ago, but we wanted to make sure we had worked out all the kinks before announcing it. It will be included in many Tridel condos going forward.


  • Evermore at West Village, Eva Road & Hwy. 427
  • Aqualuna at Bayside, Queens Quay & Sherbourne
  • Auberge on the Park, Leslie & Eglinton
  • Auberge II on the Park, Leslie & Eglinton
  • Bloor Promenade, Bloor & Islington
  • Bloorvista, Bloor & Islington
  • Islington Terrace, Bloor & Islington
  • Bianca, Dupont & Bathurst
  • Via Bloor, Bloor & Parliament
  • Via Bloor 2, Bloor & Parliament
  • Aquabella at Bayside, Queens Quay & Sherbourne
  • Ten York, York & Harbour
  • Alto and Parkside at Atria, Sheppard & Hwy. 404
  • Trio at Atria, Sheppard & Hwy. 404
  • Parfait at Atria, Sheppard & Hwy. 404
  • Aqualina at Bayside, Queens Quay & Sherbourne
  • Aquavista at Bayside, Queens Quay & Sherbourne
  • Alter, Church & Carlton
  • 101 Erskine, Yonge & Eglinton
  • Avani 2 at Metrogate, Kennedy & Hwy. 401
  • Selene at Metrogate, Kennedy & Hwy. 401
  • SQ2 at Alexandra Park, Spadina & Queen
  • FORM, Queen & McCaul
  • Scala, Leslie & Sheppard
  • Sherwood at Huntington, Bayview & Lawrence



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Evermore: Grand Opening! Experience Tridel's Newest Etobicoke Condominium

Experience Tridel’s newest Etobicoke condominium – Evermore

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Experience Tridel’s newest Etobicoke condominium – Evermore

Condominium living should inspire ways for residents to live more, and that’s exactly what Tridel is offering at Evermore, its latest condominium in Etobicoke.

“When designing Evermore, we were driven by this ‘more is more’ concept, and designed flexible suite layouts that can be uniquely tailored to the needs of our homeowners,” says Jim Ritchie, Tridel’s executive vice-president, sales and marketing.

Empty nesters, families, and young professionals were among the potential purchasers whose lifestyle choices influenced and impacted the design decisions at Evermore. Some of the design considerations Tridel has incorporated into the suites at Evermore include larger suite entryways (perfect for avid cyclists, passionate luggage-toting travellers, or parents with strollers) and doubling the laundry area (for storage or extra space for linens).

“We really examined how one suite layout could be customized in many different ways, depending on the person living in it, whether that be for more closet space, an at-home office, a craft room or a nursery,” notes Ritchie.

The amenity offerings at Evermore were also carefully considered to allow for maximum versatility and usability by a diverse range of residents, and to help create a sense of community as a natural extension of the home.

Amenities include a sound-proofed music room, a youth hub for teens to hang out with friends or do homework, a kids’ zone for young children, along with more traditional amenities such as a party room for entertaining, a fitness centre for the young at heart, and a rooftop terrace.

While there are many reasons to stay at home, jet-setting or commuting residents will find getting to and from home a breeze. Located at Eva Road and Highway 427, Evermore is minutes from the TTC Kipling Station, Pearson Airport and has convenient access to major transit routes including the 427, 401, QEW and Gardiner Expressway. There are also a number of restaurants, cafes and shops, including Sherway Gardens and IKEA.

Visit the Presentation Centre, located at 3326 Bloor St. W.. The Presentation Centre is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Thursday, and from noon to 5 p.m. weekends; closed Friday.




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