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Tile Trendspotting in 2019

Tile trendspotting in 2019 – I challenge everyone to think outside the square-shaped box

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Tile trendspotting in 2019 – I challenge everyone to think outside the square-shaped box

Tile has become one of the year’s most under-rated decorating trends, and it’s only picking up speed. Tile is equally beautiful and practical as a finishing option for floors, walls and even ceilings – and what a striking statement that makes! But one mention of tile, most people’s thoughts turn to the traditional square tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. As a designer, I challenge everyone to think outside the square-shaped box – literally. Here’s how tile is playing out in some unexpected ways.

Photo courtesy of SS Tile and Stone
Photo courtesy of SS Tile and Stone

Look forward… to throwbacks!

Subway tile has become an interior mainstay in the last decade or two. Inspired by New York transit stations from the early 20th century, the trend is a clean and simple aesthetic ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. To take this look to a new level, look at subtle variations on the classic rectangle form. The Sfumature By Quintessenza Ceramiche collection is an elongated hexagon that creates a trendy honeycomb pattern when laid out. It’s different enough to get your attention but subtle enough to work with your existing finishes.

Photo courtesy of SS Tile and Stone
Photo courtesy of SS Tile and Stone

When selecting multiple tiles for a single space, I like to combine different scales, shapes and layout patterns to achieve balance and create visual interest. In a recent project, I created a feature wall by framing out a section of wall behind this beautiful pot filler, which was then tiled in a sophisticated herringbone pattern, and surrounded by a more neutral selection, such as subway tile.

Beyond two-dimensional

For a future-forward aesthetic, three-dimensional tiles are a wonderful option for many of us. Versatile Arc 3d Tiles feature raised patterns with a decidedly modern aesthetic. Depending on how light and shadows hit their surface, these tiles create an ever-changing, arresting focal point for the room. Short of sculpting your actual walls, these tactile, high-profile tiles will transform any surface into a true work of art.

Photo courtesy of SS Tile and Stone
Photo courtesy of SS Tile and Stone

Down to the details

When finishing your projects we all understand that the details count. Don’t let the “little things” fall by the wayside. I have two words for you: “metal inlay.” This is one of my favourite tile trends and a great way to up the ante when it comes to luxury. It’s sleek; striking, yet subtle. The really beautiful thing about these tiles with metal inlay is their versatility. It offers many benefits from the pattern play of the inlay, without committing to courageous shape or colour that might be played out in a few years. Metal-inlaid tiles are neutral and they certainly have staying power.

Many designers, like myself, like to use tile at every opportunity. What other product out there offers this much by way of function and fashion? Add to this the diverse range of styles, materials and price points now today and you’ll find it is a great product to use and offers many benefits you just cannot go wrong. Think outside the box, get creative and don’t be afraid to try some of the latest offerings ahead to create further textural interest.

SARA BEDERMAN Principal Designer for Sara Bederman Design.

For over a decade this Toronto bespoke design firm has become known for creating stylish, thoughtfully curated and livable interiors. The firm provides residential design services for projects of all sizes.

Sara Bederman Design works throughout Toronto, GTA. and beyond.

Instagram: sarabstudio


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Designer Touch: Major or Minor

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Designer Touch: Major or Minor

A look at two budgets that lead to your dream bathroom

By Yanic Simard • Photography By Valerie Wilcox

Through the magic of television, you can transform a bathroom top to bottom in three days for $1,000. In reality, it takes a lot more than that…a lot more! We’re talking months from concept to completion, to get that magazine-ready look. Here are two, very realistic budgets to give you an idea of what you can do to help plan your dreamy, quality bathroom—with your feet planted firmly on the ground.

All-New Bathroom: Major

Looking to truly overhaul a bathroom top to bottom? Replacing the toilet and tub with the fixture accoutrements (or upgrading to a shower stall) will cost anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000. Then look to these trends for that high-end designer appeal:

HIGH-IMPACT TILE Even the largest bathrooms are still a relatively small space compared to the whole home, so it’s a good place to go big. Floor-to-ceiling tile in a solid hue porcelain or a subtle natural stone keeps a space unified, while a rich feature-slab wall treatment in the shower or tub area provide the drama that defines the room.

Floor-to-ceiling tile, with book matched stone tub accent wall, penny-tile shower floor and installer: $20,000.

WOOD VANITIES The must-have luxury bathroom addition of the moment is a grand furniture style vanity in rich wood—the sort of piece that feels like it was plucked from a salon and dropped in the bathroom with a sink suddenly attached to it. Custom zebra wood vanity: $3,500.

INTEGRATED SINK COUNTERS Sinks made from the same material as the countertop is what makes up this irresistible design, offering a smooth transition from surface to sink; a seamless esthetic. One-piece construction means no crevices for dirt or debris. Most are made from stain-resistant composites, making them very easy to maintain so they’re always looking good. Trough-style doublesink counter with modern polished faucets: $2,500.

INTEGRATED TECH Planning on installing a new shower in 2018 or 2019? It would be almost a waste not to splurge on some integrated technology, which can save you time and money down the road. Shower systems with touch controls can be set up to remember different shower preferences (like the perfect temperature) so you don’t waste a second fiddling with manual levers. Mid-range shower set with touch controls: $1,600.

FINISHING TOUCHES Glass shower panel $900, matching accessory set (towel bar, robe hooks, roll holder) $600, white bath linens $200, custom backlit mirror $2,700, potlight grid $1,000, heated floor $1,500, plus general labour/installation/ work $5,000-$10,000 (starting on a clean slate—no major modifications, or fixing up required) for a total budget of $52,500 or more.

Bathroom Refresh: Minor

For a do-it-yourself style upgrade, you can give your standard bathroom (three-piece, 60-sq.-ft. or under) a freshened-up look for just a few thousand dollars. This won’t cover major fixes like replacing tile, but if you focus on some key details, you can make an impact. Try these trends:

SHADES OF SIMPLE Going grey or cream in the bathroom is a huge trend for 2018 and beyond, and can be as simple as choosing a crisp, new tone for the walls. Grey adds sophistication and depth, but is still breezy, classic and serene. Try Benjamin Moore’s Bunny Grey or Natural Cream in Aura Washable Matte. Wall paint/supplies: $150.

TRANSITIONAL SHIFT Transitional style isn’t only a huge trend for kitchens: a cross of traditional and modern decor styles gives a bathroom character and warmth, while still appearing clean and up to date. Add a new vanity cabinet with shaker fronts, but a modern slab top, and a simple, flat vanity mirror. Mirror and cabinet plus installation: $800

GLEAMING NICKEL Nickel is the more understated cousin to the brass and copper trend. Nickel is subtly warmer than steel or chrome while still appearing truly timeless, and brushed-nickel faucets especially will ward off spots. New faucet with installation: $250

ILLUMINATING LEDS With technology and energy saving being huge trends, LED lighting is everywhere, and the bathroom is a great spot for crisp, white lights. Choose a model with a stylish shape and multiple points of light, and you can truly set the focal point—and the mood—in the bathroom all from one central fixture. LED-pendant or mirror light plus electrician: $700.

FINISHING TOUCHES White bath linens ($200), a new shower curtain ($100), plus decluttering (free!) for a total budget of $2,200.

(Please note – budgets do not include taxes or costs of working with a design professional. These budgets act as guidelines, pricing may vary depending on level of quality.)

Looking for bathroom inspiration and beyond? Visit tidg.ca to see Toronto Interior Design Groups project portfolio, or follow @tidgboutique on Instagram.


BLACK BATHROOM: Ove bathtub by Wetstyle, Backlit Mirror (custom) by Lumi Design LIGHT-COLOURED BATHROOM: Maestro Round Sink by Native Trails Both vanities custom designed by TIDG

Yanic Simard is the founder and owner of the petite boutique interior design firm, Toronto Interior Design Group. He has over two decades of experience in the interior design/build business and has made his mark in the industry across Canada due to his concentrated industry knowledge, and abundance of unique design ideas.


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Video: Freaky Floor

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Video: Freaky Floor

A Manchester, England-based tile company posted this quick clip of their trippy front entrance.

The optical illusion floor at Casa Ceramica in Manchester is actually flat, but you’re forgiven if you’re worried about wobbling down an imaginary incline and being sucked into another dimension.


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Return of the Black Bathroom

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Return of the Black Bathroom

Tis the season to begin planning next year’s home renovation projects. If a dream bathroom renovation is on your wish list, you’re probably pouring over photos of gorgeous spaces. That means there’s a good chance you’ve noticed that black bathrooms are quietly making a return.

From walls to accents, faucets, fixtures, and sometime all of the above, black is back. Here is a look at some of the ways that you can incorporate the black bathroom trend into your next renovation.

The Ultimate Attention-Getting Toilet


Nothing makes a statement about your commitment to the black bathroom trend like adding a black commode. However, don’t add just any black toilet, when you can conserve water and enjoy a style upgrade at the same time.

Kohler’s Kathryn Comfort Height one-piece compact elongated 1.28 gpf toilet with AquaPiston® flush technology allows you to save water with every flush, while the finish in Black Black™ is a definite attention-grabber.

Show Stopping Faucet


Going black with your bathroom faucet is always a bold move, since it’s such an atypical look. However, it’s also a great medium commitment way to embrace the black bathroom trend since installing a faucet isn’t as invasive as switching out the fixtures. When you install a black faucet, it creates a striking contrast against an otherwise light-coloured bathroom.

High Profile Lighting


Whether black all over or just the hardware, black lighting fixtures make a stunning first impression in your bathroom. The look is sleek and very different.

Fabulous Flooring


Black patterned bathroom floor tiles are having a pretty big moment right now. Weère seeing them in magazines, on our favourite home design shows, and all across the internet. This is a very graphic, bold look, that shows best against a white wall, and paired with an unexpected pop of colour.

Wow Factor Walls


For the ultimate ode to this inky shade, try swathing your bathroom walls in black. You can successfully use black paint in a room without make the space feel oppressive. Try framing it with white molding, add some gorgeous statement lighting and definitely experiment with accessories.


Some of our favourite powder room looks incorporate a healthy dose of black. Here is a look at some spaces that do this trend well.


The black is very present in this space, but not overpowering.  Painting a vanity black and adding black lighting allows you to embrace this trend without a big-ticket commitment.


Think you can’t go black in a tiny space? Think again. The black hex flooring and exotic black wall paper work together to create a sensual space that feels open and spacious.


Black toilet, black hex tile, black sink …bravo. This is a truly elegant space, especially with the tile feature wall, greenery and gold accents. Very nice.

*Article courtesy of EiEiHome


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