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Silvergate Homes

Silvergate Homes is redefining Niagara living

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Silvergate Homes is redefining Niagara living

For more than 35 years, Silvergate Homes has excelled in new home building in Niagara. Owned and operated by two generations of the Passero family, Silvergate has carefully nurtured a reputation for exceptional quality and a commitment to customer service.

This underlying philosophy hasn’t changed since day one, and Silvergate is now getting noticed well beyond the local new home market. Its two flagship communities, Legends on the Green and Village on the Twelve, are attracting the attention of a growing number of homebuyers from the GTA who are seeking value and luxury in Niagara.

Legendary living

An Energy Star®-certified contemporary bungalow townhome community, Legends on the Green, offers luxury living and architectural elegance. Backing onto the outstanding Legends on the Niagara championship golf course, this rare enclave community of 58 upscale bungalow towns is located in the charming village of Chippawa along the Niagara River.

“We’re extremely proud of Legends on the Green,” says John Passero, President of Silvergate Homes. “The location is second-to-none with its secluded backdrop along the golf course, yet it’s just minutes away from all the amenities Niagara Falls has to offer.”

The architecturally controlled exteriors at Legends combine a stylish fusion of dark siding, stone and modern brick. Interior layouts and finishes exude luxury, with designer kitchens, spa-like ensuites and spacious living areas.

Village on the Twelve

Overlooking a beautiful ravine along the banks of St. Catharines’ historic Twelve Mile Creek is one of Silvergate’s most luxurious releases to date. The sixth phase of Village on the Twelve is a limited collection of two-storey and bungalow townhomes.

These homes offer upscale, modern design, along with architecturally controlled exteriors to ensure aesthetic beauty and balance within the community. Innovative floorplans and contemporary styling elevate this collection of stunning homes, with multiple windows that highlight clean lines and bright interiors.

This secluded oasis in one of the city’s most prestigious areas, and is referred to as Niagara’s Urban Hub. Residents of Village on the Twelve are just a short, five-minute drive from the downtown, which offers premier dining, a new performing arts centre and the Meridian Centre sports and spectator facility.

Niagara’s growing allure

Real estate in the Niagara Region is booming as buyers from the GTA look to escape an overheated metropolitan market. It is the perfect place to downsize, and to lock in exceptional value. GTA sellers can upscale their comfort and luxury, while achieving considerable savings.

Both Legends on the Green and Village on the Twelve are ideal home bases for enjoying some of Niagara’s top amenities. The area caters to millions of visitors every year, so when it comes to conveniences, comforts and hospitality, the Niagara Region’s population of approximately 450,000 punches well above its weight. Destinations include 88 nearby wineries, Niagara’s Ale Trail, fine dining, two casinos and the Fort Erie Racetrack. Golfers can choose to play at more than 40 courses, and hundreds of kilometres of hiking and biking trails are available throughout the region. In addition to local farmers’ markets and harvest festivals, shoppers have access to outlet malls on both sides of the border.

Better build homes

By choosing a home at one of these two communities, you’re selecting a better-built home by Silvergate, which includes superior architecture and craftsmanship, along with innovative designs and the most up-to-date materials. Staff members are committed to personalized customer service throughout the home buying process.

Silvergate Homes is an award-winning, Tarion Warranty builder and RenoMark contractor, with more than 30 builder awards for Excellence, Design, Marketing and Environmental Stewardship. Their homes are built to exceed provincial building code standards. Silvergate is dedicated to building energy-friendly new homes through eco-friendly practices and technologies.


The model homes are located at 8974 Willoughby Drive in Niagara Falls.




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Condo Market: New Mortgage Rules and the Implications on First Time Buyers

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Condo Market: New Mortgage Rules and the Implications on First Time Buyers

If you are planning on purchasing property and if you are a first time homebuyer in Canada, a discussion about requirements necessary to financially qualify would be of the utmost significance.

What is the Stress Test?

The stress test is another way of saying what if the bank of Canada hikes interest rates? Will homeowners be able to keep paying their mortgage payments? Prior to the new rules, insured mortgages were already subjected to such tests, but now they apply to uninsured mortgages as well. Even if one puts down 20 per cent they still have to pass the stress test to qualify. This will ultimately cause buyers to save up more money and possibly wait to buy. This also means that more buyers might opt to rent instead of own until they are ready. Lastly, another option is to look for something less expensive on the market.

Renting, Investing, and the Effect on the Market

Let’s break down the possibilities. Since there will be a greater pool of quality tenants who will not have any other option but to rent for the next few years due to their inability to get pre-approved in order to save money, investors will capitalize on this by buying up resale properties and renting them out. I have personally seen an influx of tenants looking to rent. I have also seen bidding wars over the last little while on rentals like never before. This is like the butterfly effect; everything shifts around.

A More Balanced Market? Maybe

The effect of the new rules on first time buyers and qualification will create more supply in certain price categories. However, it will also have unintended consequences for cheaper properties, subsequently creating a higher demand and more competition. Over time, this will lead to lower end price point increase as options become more limited.

My top 6 pros and cons of buying a pre construction condo in today’s market


  1. Pre construction should continue to be a great option for buyers who want to secure current market price, allowing time to save for a larger down payment.
  2. Buyers can add more money on closing if they are able to save faster. This means that you can pay down as much as you want before closing to make it easier to qualify on closing, not just the 20 per cent commonly required by builder down payment structure.
  3. Building equity over time, while not having to pay a mortgage payment. (This applies to individuals that do not rent and are living at home).
  4. New building, new condo, means no renovations necessary.
  5. Lower utility/condo fees.
  6. Tarion warranty.


  1. Not knowing what new mortgage rules will be in effect by the time the closing comes around.
  2. Renting while waiting to move in. This really takes a bite out of the new condo equity increase, if any, as it balances the books by the time you get your keys.
  3. Not seeing the final product. Having to rely on the floor plan and finishes without seeing them.
  4. Less character and size. Newer condos are getting smaller as price per square foot is increased over time.
  5. Waiting.

So What’s Next?

My opinion is to first seek a pre-approval from a qualified mortgage broker before deciding what direction to take. Depending on your pre-approval, you can decide if you want to wait to buy preconstruction while saving money, or if you are in a good financial position now. Another question will be if the pre-approval amount meets your needs when it comes to what is currently available (resale) on the market for your approved price range. Obviously, different segments of the market, such as price range, area, type or property will have different implications.

Long term, I believe that the real estate market is on the right track over all.

ARIE BUZILO is a real estate broker and an investor specializing in buying and selling properties all over the GTA. He works out of Century 21 Leading Edge Realty.


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Great Gulf

Editor’s Choice: Great Gulf

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Editor’s Choice: Great Gulf

Going beyond the necessary to insure its purchasers

Great Gulf began in 1975 with a belief that we weren’t just building homes, but creating spaces. From breaking ground at our first lot, to becoming one of North America’s most respected home builders — we’ve come a long way. Great Gulf is now introducing a new standard to its homebuyers by purchasing insurance coverage on the full amount of their deposits.

Only the first $40,000 of a deposit on a freehold house purchase is currently covered by Tarion Warranty Corporation.(1) Recognizing that in today’s residential real estate market the average deposit usually exceeds this amount, Great Gulf has decided to purchase, at no cost to the homeowner, Westmount Guarantee Services Inc.’s Westmount Protect deposit insurance(2) on the balance of each new home deposit.

Peace of mind now comes standard when insuring your full deposit on a new Great Gulf home. A first in Ontario, Great Gulf and Westmount Guarantee Services are partnering to provide Westmount Protect deposit protection insurance with each new home purchase transaction. This program will be launching immediately with the new Westfield community location in Brampton.

“We’re always looking for new ideas and new innovations to provide our home buyers with the best possible options,” explains Christopher Wein, president of Great Gulf. “We pride ourselves in building homes to the highest possible standards of quality and design while ensuring that our purchasers have peace of mind when making a major investment commitment. We are delighted to offer this advantage to our customers so that they may benefit from the serenity of knowing their initial investment is protected.”

(1) Tarion Warranty Corporation administers deposit protection as provided under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.

(2) Westmount Protect deposit protection insurance is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada.


Go online to learn about Westfield and other Great Gulf communities.



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Some things to know before buying a new home or condo

Some things to know before buying a new home or condo

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Some things to know before buying a new home or condo

(NC) — There’s no doubt that condominiums are an increasingly popular choice for new homeowners. In 2016 alone, more than 22,600 new units became homes for Ontarians who are looking for the condo lifestyle and amenities. If you’re thinking of joining them, a good first step is to understand the difference in responsibility between what you own and what all the building’s unit owners share.

A benefit of purchasing a new condominium is the mandatory warranty that is provided by your builder and backed by Tarion, the warranty’s administrator. There’s a separate warranty for your individual unit and another for the building’s common elements. Your unit’s warranty provides coverage for deposit protection and delayed closing before you move in. After you take occupancy, it covers defective materials, building code violations and unauthorized substitutions of items agreed to in the purchase agreement.

Your builder is required to provide you with a homeowner information package, explaining what is and isn’t covered in your individual unit, how to make a claim and when to involve Tarion. As owner, you are responsible for understanding and managing the warranty that comes with your unit and to submit warranty claims on a timely basis.

All condos come with some common elements — like roofing, parking, exterior cladding and some mechanical systems. The homeowner package should clearly outline which are considered common elements.

The common element warranty is managed by your condo’s board of directors or delegated to a property manager. The board is made up of a group of unit owners who are elected to run the condominium corporation on behalf of all owners.

The board must arrange for a post-construction performance audit, which will determine if there are any major deficiencies in the common elements. If there are, the board should report them to the builder and to Tarion.

Any warranty claims relating to the condominium’s common elements must be dealt with by the board of directors, but as a unit owner you should report any common element issues to the board in writing.

If a warranty claim must be made, some boards will identify a designate who will act as the condo’s representative; others may choose to have a property management company fulfill this role. Once a claim is submitted, the builder has 18 months to complete the required repairs.


While the builder provides the Tarion warranty, its cost is often passed on to the new homebuyer. But this one-time fee, ranging from $385 to $1,500 depending on the value of the home, gives you significant value for your money. You’ll receive as much as seven years of warranty protection to a maximum of $300,000 per home or condo unit.

The warranty program has milestones to address specific issues that can arise after you have moved in to your new home. Here is a simple breakdown of the main coverages:

One-year Warranty

This warranty applies for one full year beginning when you first take possession and even if the home is sold during this time. It requires that your home has been constructed in a workman-like manner and is free from any defects in materials used. It also requires that your home is free of Ontario Building Code violations and is fit for habitation. In addition, the warranty protects against unauthorized substitutions.

Two-year Warranty

This warranty begins on the date you take possession of your home, or occupancy of your condo unit. It provides protection against water penetration through the basement or foundation walls, or through windows, doors and caulking because of defects in materials or workmanship.

The warranty also covers defects in materials or workmanship in the electrical, plumbing and heating systems in your home, as well as defects in work or materials that cause detachment, displacement or deterioration of the exterior cladding, such as brickwork or siding.

Finally, the two-year warranty protects against violations of the Ontario Building Code that affect the health and safety of homeowners.

Seven-year Warranty

This warranty covers major structural defects and begins on the date you take possession of the home and ends on the day before the seventh anniversary of that date. It protects against defects in materials and workmanship that adversely affect a load-bearing part of your home’s structure, causing it to fail or significantly affect your ability to use the house as your home.

In most condominium projects, warranty coverage also includes the shared areas of the building, referred to as common elements. This coverage is addressed by the condominium corporation and provides up to $50,000 of protection per condo unit to a maximum of $2.5 million.


You’ve found the newly built home you’ve been looking for and are ready to make one of the biggest purchases of your life. But do you know how to protect your new home?

Before you sign an Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS), consider these tips. Review the APS with a real estate lawyer to ensure you understand exactly what is included in the price of the home. If you are buying a condominium, review the disclosure statement to understand which items are part of your unit and which are considered common elements. Make sure everything that is agreed upon is reflected in writing.

If construction has not started on the home or condominium, find out when the builder will begin and how you will be notified if there is a delay. Be sure that you and your lawyer document all details regarding deposits and delayed closings or occupancy. A standard Addendum is required to be included in the purchase agreement. It provides additional information, as well as your rights concerning delays in construction. It is important to review this document with your lawyer.

At the signing of the purchase agreement, you will likely be required to provide a deposit for your home. Understand that deposits on freehold homes are protected up to a maximum of $40,000 by Tarion. Condominium deposits are covered for up to $20,000 by Tarion and deposits over $20,000 are protected by the trust and excess deposit insurance provisions of the Condominium Act, 1998.

Ask when you will be contacted to make selections for interior and exterior finishes. Each builder has a different policy for finalizing selections.

Ask your builder who to contact about scheduling your pre-delivery inspection and when it will take place.

Ask about the builder’s after-sales service policy and who to contact should an issue arise. Ask who to contact in emergencies, too.

Read about the warranty that comes with your new home and understand what to do if you think you have a claim.

Sign up for MyHome, the portal where you can manage your warranty online, at




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Home Warranty : Tarion

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Home Warranty : Tarion

Just moved into your newly built home or condo? There’s an app for that

For every stage in the new homebuying process, there’s an app to make life easier. Looking for new home listings? Researching the best mortgage rates? In need of home decor ideas? You can get it all done on your phone. But for Ontario’s new homebuyers, there’s one app that may be the most important of all: Tarion’s MyHome app helps you manage your new home warranty with ease.

If you buy a new home in Ontario, your builder must provide a warranty that is backed by Tarion. Almost everything inside and outside your home is covered in the first year. The major distribution systems such as heating and plumbing are covered for two years, and major structural defects are covered for seven years.

So, while you are figuring out the perfect place to hang your family photos, grab your phone, download the MyHome app, and take note of any defects well before you start searching for the studs.


  • Take and upload photos: As you settle into your new home, take a look for anything that is not working, improperly installed or incomplete. If you find any defects, take a photo with your phone and upload it using the MyHome app. These photos will accompany your warranty form.
  • Stay on top of important warranty dates: Perhaps one of the most important parts of managing your warranty is making sure you don’t miss any deadlines. The MyHome app will send you notifications when your warranty deadlines are coming up.
  • Record voice notes: Who needs a keyboard anymore? With the new MyHome app, simply record a voice note if you want to add information to your warranty form. The app will convert the note to text so your builder and/or Tarion, can review the issue.
  • Fill out and submit warranty forms: Did you know that back in the day, homeowners would mail, fax or even hand deliver warranty forms to Tarion’s office? Now, you can submit your warranty forms through the app – absolutely no paper needed! (Of course, you are always welcome to drop by the Tarion offices if you are in the neighbourhood.)
  • Schedule, reschedule and cancel Tarion inspections: The Tarion MyHome app makes it even easier to manage your inspections. Whether you want Tarion to come over and inspect the defects in your home, or you have resolved the issues and no longer need Tarion’s help, it’s all at the swipe of your fingertips.

Tarion’s MyHome app is available for Apple and Android devices and can be used with Tarion’s online warranty service, also called MyHome.

MyHome app
Want to learn more?

Visit Tarion’s website. Tarion.com


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Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection: For Now, It Is Business As Usual At Tarion

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Consumer Protection: For Now, It Is Business As Usual At Tarion

You may have read the news reports: In late March, the Ontario government announced it intends to make substantial structural changes to Tarion by splitting it into two new Delegated Administrative Authorities (DAA).

One will continue with Tarion’s current warranty provider mandate, and the other will continue with Tarion’s current building regulator mandate.

The news received some attention in the media, and not surprisingly, Tarion staff began to receive enquiries from both new condominium owners and builders. They wanted to know how the changes will affect them — and rightly so.

Tarion not only regulates the building industry, it also administers the new home warranty, an important consumer protection program that comes with rights and responsibilities for both the condo owner and the builder.

I would like to assure you that for now, it is business as usual at Tarion. The government’s plans will significantly affect how Tarion operates in the future. However, given the scope of the changes, I expect it will likely take some time before they come into effect.

So, for now, new condo owners and builders should contact Tarion as usual for any help they need on warranty questions and issues. Our award-winning customer service staff remain ready to provide information, resources and answers to condo owners and builders alike on the province’s new home warranty — something we’ve been doing for more than 40 years.

It’s worth mentioning that since our start in 1976, Tarion has worked to protect new home and condo owners by anticipating and responding to changing markets and consumer needs.

Raising the bar for builders — which ultimately benefits consumers — has been the focus of many of our initiatives and improvements over the years. A recent example of this is new education requirements that came into effect in 2016, improving qualification standards for new builders entering the industry.

Our warranty program has also been significantly enhanced over the years.

Warranty coverage limits were increased to reflect the rising costs of condos and repairs. And, the program provides coverage that no other warranty in Canada offers: the seven-year warranty covers illegally built homes, and we were the first and only province to provide coverage for radon gas remediation and for delayed closings.

Meanwhile, our staff has won international awards for customer service. This is not a surprise to us: every year we send out annual surveys to new home and condo owners and builders to help assess our customer service performance, and Tarion consistently scores above an 80-per-cent approval rating.

Given that we help administer the warranty to more than 350,000 condominiums and homes and regulate more than 5,000 builders, I believe that rating is a strong indication of our dedication to customer service and consumer protection.

One issue we have been working on is reviewing deposit protection coverage for buyers of new homes.

Purchasers of new condominiums enjoy strong protection under the trust provisions of the Condominium Act which require that deposits and monies for upgrades and extras are held in trust. Purchasers of freehold homes do not have the same protections.

We are therefore pleased that the Ontario government has said it wants to work with Tarion to review deposit protection coverage limits in the coming weeks and months.

Other changes the government is planning may take time to put in place. So for the time being, new condo owners and builders should take comfort that it is business as usual at Tarion, as our staff remain committed to delivering their award-winning service.

HOWARD BOGACH is president and CEO of Tarion Warranty Corp., a private corporation established to protect the rights of new homebuyers and to regulate new home builders. Tarion.com


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Celebrating Building Excellence In Ontario

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Celebrating Building Excellence In Ontario

What distinguishes a good home builder from a great one? Tarion believes that great home builders not only build quality homes, but also listen to their customers.

Great builders take care of their buyers long after the agreement is signed, and can be counted on as their homeowners turn every square foot of their new house into a home.

Tarion has been standing behind Ontario’s new home warranty for over 40 years, and for more than a decade, it has given every new home buyer in Ontario the opportunity to rate their builder. Home buyers are asked how their builder fared before, during and after they moved into their new home. Last year, more than 8,500 home buyers weighed in. Tarion then presents a Homeowners’ Choice Award annually to great builders who receive top marks from their buyers.

This year, Tarion went even further, introducing a new way to recognize one outstanding builder in Ontario. Called the Ernest Assaly Award, this recognition is given to a builder who best demonstrates a commitment to building quality and innovation, customer service and community involvement. The Ernest Assaly Award is similar to a lifetime achievement award. Essentially, this is a builder that has put a smile on new home buyers’ faces and positively impacted our communities. The award recognizes the highest level of excellence in Ontario home building while honouring the legacy of Ernest Assaly, a hi ghly respected leader in the residential building industry who was Tarion’s first Chair. Only select builders are invited to participate, and the recipient is determined by Tarion’s Board of Directors.

Tarion presented these awards at a luncheon in April. Congratulations to the recipients of the 2017 Homeowners’ Choice Awards: Arista Homes Ltd.; Davenport Homes; Talos Custom Homes Ltd.; and The Daniels Corporation. Tarion is equally proud to present the inaugural Ernest Assaly Award to Lockwood Brothers Construction. Together, these award recipients represent builders who care deeply about their customers and are committed to highquality construction and service.

Ontario’s new home builders lay the foundation where generations of families live, work and enjoy their lives. Great home builders will make sure this journey begins on a positive note, and can be counted on for years after the keys have been turned over.

Tarion thanks the 2017 Homeowners’ Choice Award recipients and finalists for instilling confidence in the new home buying experience across Ontario.

To find out which builders in Ontario have been recognized for excellence over the years, visit Tarion.com.


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Consumer Protection: Tarion

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Consumer Protection: Tarion

It is business as usual at the new home warranty provider.

In late March, the Ontario government announced it intends to make substantial changes to the regulation of the building industry and Tarion. You may have read about these proposed changes, as the announcement generated quite a bit of media attention.

As a result, shortly after the announcement, Tarion staff began to receive a lot of enquiries from both new homeowners and builders, asking how these changes affect them. They wanted to know where they can get help on warranty questions and issues.

I would like to assure new homeowners and builders that, for the time being, it is business as usual at Tarion.

The government’s plans for changing how the industry is regulated are wide-ranging and complex. They will significantly affect how Tarion operates in the future. However, I expect it will likely take some time before these changes come into effect.

In the meantime, our staff remains ready, willing and able to provide information, resources and answers to homeowners and builders alike on the province’s new home warranty.

I think it is worth reminding consumers that Tarion is more than just a warranty provider. For more than 40 years, we have proudly served to protect new homebuyers and owners by anticipating and responding to changing markets and consumer needs.

Some of our improvements and initiatives have raised the bar for builders, which ultimately benefits consumers. For example, we introduced construction performance guidelines to ensure a consistency in construction quality and we recently brought in new education requirements for new builders to improve qualification standards for builders entering the industry.

Our warranty program has also seen significant enhancements over the years, again in response to the changing needs of consumers and the industry. For example, warranty coverage limits have increased to reflect the rising costs of homes and repairs.

The seven-year warranty covers illegally built homes – something no other warranty in Canada offers. And, we were the first and only province to provide coverage for radon gas remediation and for delayed closings.

Along the way, our staff has won international awards for customer service. This is not surprising to us. In annual surveys we sent to new homeowners and builders, Tarion consistently scores above an 80 per cent approval rating for its customer service.

Given that we help administer the warranty to more than 350,000 homes and regulate more than 5,000 builders, I believe that rating is a strong indication of our dedication to customer service and consumer protection.

One hot issue in today’s housing marketing is deposit protection coverage for buyers of new homes and condominiums. This is especially important now, as house prices continue to escalate.

That’s why, as a consumer protection organization, we support changes to deposit coverage limits to better protect consumers against builders who, for one reason or another, are unable to complete building homes. We are therefore pleased that the government indicated it wants to work with Tarion to review deposit protection coverage limits in the coming weeks and months.

To sum up, I believe the changes the government is proposing could take considerable time to put in place. So, for the time being, our staff remain committed to delivering their award winning customer service, and new home owners and builders should take comfort that it is business as usual.

Howard Bogach is president and CEO of the Tarion Warranty Corporation. His column appears five times a year in HOMES Magazine. For more information about how Tarion helps new home buyers, visit tarion.com or find them on Facebook at facebook.com/tarionwarrantycorp


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Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection: New Homeowners Have Spoken

Latest News

Consumer Protection: New Homeowners Have Spoken

New home owners have spoken.

They’ve told us how their builders measure up, and they’ve chosen a select few who they believe should be recognized for excellent customer service.

Yes, once again it’s that time of year when Tarion presents the Homeowners’ Choice Awards — the only awards that give Ontario’s new home owners the power to have their builder recognized for outstanding performance.

I’ve certainly seen over the years how the experiences of new home buyers have had a powerful impact on the new home buying experience. Award winners set the industry standard for customer service, and that benefits home buyers across the province who rightly expect the same from their builder.

The Homeowners’ Choice Awards are an important way to acknowledge that important relationship between consumer and home builder and to celebrate those builders who drive higher standards for customer service in Ontario and have such a positive impact on the building industry reputation generally.

While our experience is that most builders take tremendous pride in their contribution to building healthy and vibrant communities, we know that there are a few builders who make this an extraordinary commitment year after year. In the process, they set a tremendously high bar for customer service.This year, Tarion has added a new award to help recognize these accomplished builders.

With the inaugural Ernest Assaly Award, Tarion recognizes a few builders who not only receive high marks from their customers, but have also established a long and stellar building record, and demonstrated a commitment to building innovation and community involvement.

This new award is named after Mr. Ernest Assaly, Tarion’s first Board Chair from 1976 to 1988. Assaly was also a leader in Ontario’s residential construction industry and a highly respected, award-winning builder who was a passionate voice for the builder’s warranty program.

Ontario has more than 5,000 registered builders. Thirty-eight met our challenging eligibility criteria and were invited to make a full submission to Tarion. The finalists and recipient will be honoured in April this year alongside those builders recognized by their own customers for a Homeowners’ Choice Award.

Both of these awards celebrate excellence in the industry and raise the bar for all builders.They showcase industry leaders who pour their heart and soul into the customer experience and the communities in which they build and live.

The finalists for the Homeowner’s Choice Awards are:

Small Volume Category (5-20 possessions per year):

  • Davenport Homes, Peterborough
  • Greene Homes, Kingston
  • JF Homes Construction Ltd., Strathroy
  • Lockwood Brothers Construction, Oxford Station
  • Luxart Homes Inc., Carleton Place
  • Macgregor Enterprises Ltd., Kincardine

Medium Volume Category (21-100 possessions per year):

  • Hayhoe Homes, St. Thomas
  • Klemencic Homes, Trenton
  • Neilcorp Homes, Almonte
  • Opus Homes, Vaughan
  • Talos Custom Homes Ltd., Richmond
  • Wrighthaven Homes Limited, Elora

Large Volume Category (More than 100 possessions per year):

  • Arista Homes Ltd., Vaughan
  • Mountainview Homes, Thorold
  • Tamarack Development Corp., Ottawa
  • Tartan Homes, Ottawa
  • The Daniels Corporation, Toronto
  • Tribute Communities, Pickering

High-Rise Category (More than 100 high-rise possessions per year):

  • Menkes Developments Ltd., Toronto
  • Onni Group, Toronto
  • Pratt Homes Barrie, Barrie
  • The Conservatory Group, Markham
  • The Daniels Corporation, Toronto
  • Tridel, Toronto

The finalists for the Ernest Assaly Award are:

  • Granite Homes, Guelph
  • Lockwood Brothers Construction, Oxford Station
  • Pinnacle Quality Homes, Mitchell

HOWARD BOGACH is president and CEO of Tarion Warranty Corp., a private corporation established to protect the rights of new homebuyers and to regulate new home builders.



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A View From Inside – New Home Construction A Work In Progress

Latest News

A View From Inside – New Home Construction A Work In Progress

By Louie Morizio, Geranium

Industry still catching up after last year’s trades strike.

Last May, four unionized trades in Ontario went on strike: framing, trim, drywall and tile. On June 6, lowrise electricians joined them. Many workers were out for 46 days, essentially bringing the residential construction industry to a halt. It was the worst strike in the GTA and surroundings in 18 years, and caused unprecedented, unexpected delays.

Although the strike ended in mid- June, its effects were far reaching across the lowrise residential sector. Now, 10 months later, homebuilders are still trying to get caught up on the backlog and, unfortunately, homebuyers are the ones most impacted.

We spoke with Andrew Pariser, vice president of the Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON), who has been involved in the dialogue between representatives of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA), the Tarion Warranty Corporation and RESCON to explore the issues and work on a communication program that will help set expectations for everyone affected.

At the end of the strike, RESCON recommended to Tarion that, under these unusual circumstances, builders should be able to extend possession dates from 12 to 24 weeks. Based on these guidelines and using best estimates from industry experience, builders gave their buyers new dates.

The industry’s supply chain has become increasingly complicated, and the strike affected it in direct and indirect ways. For example, a major window manufacturer laid off its workforce during the strike. When it was over, the company was inundated with orders but did not have the labour to fulfill them.

Market demand continued to be robust, so builders continued work on homes that were unaffected by striking workers. When the strike ended, there was a glut of homes at the same stage of completion and demand spiked for the pool of workers to finish them. As construction workers are specialized and follow where the work takes them, many had gone on to other things during and after the strike.

Builders have been encouraged to address individual situations with homebuyers to discuss various options and realistic timelines. On one hand, homebuyers want their new residences as quickly as possible; on the other, builders want to avoid jeopardizing quality through rushing.

While workers put in long hours last summer, which helped mitigate the problem, RESCON points out that the return-to-work process was slow – it finally reached 100 per cent by September.

The great news is that Ontario has one of the most efficient building industries in North America, if not the world. To make the best of a difficult situation, our industry is researching and documenting the supply chain, the effects of the strike on buyers and builders, and evaluating communications channels.

We’re also addressing enrolment in the skilled trades and young people’s desire for construction jobs, which have been on the decline for the past decade. Good work is being done by RESCON and other industry associations to attract more young people to what are stable and high-paying careers in the construction industry.

All of these efforts will ensure the industry is better prepared for 2019, or any other future years, when there will be other rounds of bargaining with unionized trades. For now, residential construction is working full force, and today’s homebuyers enjoy the best quality ever in new homes.

Louie Morizio is vice president, housing for Geranium and a director of RESCON. Since 1977, Geranium has built more than 8,000 homes in fine neighbourhoods and communities throughout Ontario. Geranium.com


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