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Boutique hotel bathroom

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Boutique hotel bathroom

Photography By Erik Rotter

Whether it’s time spent getting ready in the morning, enjoying the ritual of primping for an evening out, or unwinding in the tub at the end of a long workday, we spend a generous amount of time in our master bathrooms each and every day. That’s why it’s equally as important to shower your master bathroom space with sophisticated design elements as it is in the rest of your home. Here are a few tips for creating a thoughtfully curated space that bathes your bathroom in beautiful design.

Be open to reinterpreting a typical layout

First things first: when looking to revamp your master bath, discard any pre-conceived notions and conventions related to interior space planning. By reinterpreting a typical master bathroom layout, you can create a space that is tailored to you and functions around your needs. For this particular design, the homeowners craved a hotel-inspired experience to help outfit their 1,200-sq.-ft. master wing. By combining the bathroom and walk-in closet within an open-concept space, their master bathroom became an expansive ensuite dressing room with the functionality of built-in storage space, and the beauty of a luxurious spa-like environment.

Create harmony by balancing stylistic and functional needs

We’re often juggling competing needs in a master bathroom space – whether those are stylistic or functional in nature. We all desire a little Zen, so ensure each partner feels like the bathroom is a space made just for them by incorporating elements that suit their style and needs. For example, double monolithic his-and-her rain showerheads and separate walk-in entryways were installed in this ensuite shower so it could be conveniently accessed and shared by both husband and wife. Separate floating vanity spaces on opposite ends of the room were incorporated to create individual pockets of relaxation, while also allowing each person to breeze through their morning routine without rubbing elbows or fighting for counter space. Combining feminine and masculine design details, like the dark and moody exotic wood, with jewel-like fixtures and lighting pendants, also helped to create a harmonious look that both partners love.

Layer materials and mix textures and shapes

Avoiding an all-white clinical approach helps to make any bathroom space feel more inviting. You can still preserve that coveted spa-like look, but do so by adding a mix of materials and layering of textures and shapes, which creates more visual interest and adds a greater sense of warmth to the space. This bathroom design balances a number of contrasting shapes throughout – from the round vanity mirror and circular pendant lighting, to the sharp square and rectangular shapes of the custom floating vanity, deep soaker tub and built-in shelving systems. Softer, rounder elements were incorporated to add contrast and visual relief to an otherwise masculine space. Incorporating a repeating element, like the exotic wood running through the base of the vanity, which is replicated throughout the dressing area’s wall panelling, helps to ground the design. Don’t be afraid to play with contrasting tones like charcoal grey and white, warm woods, smooth glass, and shiny metals. While fundamental elements of the design may differ in palette, shape, or material, it’s important that they all tie back to a cohesive theme. In this case – that was Zen.

Incorporate stylish storage – but first, catalog your belongings

A gorgeous bathroom can easily be taken to the next level by adding practical and stylish storage. Bathrooms tend to get overloaded with cosmetics and grooming products. Before getting started on a renovation, catalog your storage requirements, whether it’s makeup and other grooming products, or, if combining a master bath and walk-in, garment and accessories requirements. Creating a catalog of your belongings before starting a renovation helps ensure every drawer, closet, and shelf works for you to neatly and efficiently conceal clutter.

Statement details

Think of fixtures, faucets, lighting and art as the jewelry of your home. Once the space has been planned and laid out, each of these accessories provide the opportunity to truly personalize your bathroom space, and help to create a visual focal point. Take the custom round pendant installed above the soaker tub in this master bath for example – it’s a simple yet unique design element that adds flair and draws your eye to the magnificent soaker tub.

Take note of the little things

Finally, add the finishing touches to your master bathroom space by upgrading to high-quality, spa-like bath linens and robes, incorporating incense or aromatherapy to create a unique sensory environment, and pressing play on a calming playlist. Your master bathroom will soon become your favourite place to luxuriate.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Melandro Quilatan is president and co-founder of Tomas Pearce, and leads creative direction in all aspects of the firm’s residential design practice area. As principal design lead, Melandro believes that through the discipline of interior design, designers have the power to enhance people’s lives and heighten the enjoyment of their environments. tomaspearce.com


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Designer Tip: Everyday Luxury

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Designer Tip: Everyday Luxury

Interior designer Heather Segreti creates a sumptuous retreat echoing the features and feel of a luxury vacation

By Heather Segreti • Photography By Larry Arnal

Vacation every day is the theme for this master bathroom. Who doesn’t want to wake up every morning and feel like they just walked into a luxury resort master ensuite?

With that being said, our departure point for this down-to-earth couple with exceptional taste was to provide them with all the amenities as well as the esthetic experience you would find in a luxury resort.

Nestled in the King City area of north Toronto, this sprawling bungalow set the stage for what would soon be an exquisite master ensuite oasis.

Where to start? With a grand tile of course!


I suggested we look at a large-format porcelain option, which is making headway in the marketplace right now. The latest trend is to digitally produce imagery of actual stone printed onto porcelain tile, the options are endless. Sizes can go up from five to 10 feet for the wall tiles, and smaller formats for the floors.

After viewing the product on display at CIOT Marble and Granite in Vaughan, we made our choice. Onice–Perla, a beautiful onyx image with a vertical vein direction, which would accentuate the 11-foot ceilings.


The space-planning mandate was to have a separate water closet, large shower with bench seat and rain showerhead, spa-like soaker tub with floor-mounted tub filler, as well as a spacious his-and-her double-sink vanity with makeup area.

We firmed up the details of the vanity, shower footprint along with the tub and enclosed water closet. Once the footprint for the space was established, we then expanded on the details.


The vanity sits on custom legs with a laser-cut, lower decorative panel allowing the tile to flow under the cabinets for a more open, furniture look. The custom vanity with fully integrated mirrors and lighting added to the customization and grandeur of the space.

In the centre of the vanity, in the mirror panel over the makeup counter, we added a recessed hidden cabinet in the wall to conceal bathroom items. You would not even know that it opens by looking at it.


One of the most exciting and impactful features of this ensuite is the large-format onyx porcelain wall panels, paired with the matching large-scale floor tiles. These panels created the perfect backdrop for the stunning Victoria & Albert Limestone soaker tub.

The “Toulouse” tub’s elegant curves complement the winding, vertical veining of the onyx slabs. Their tubs are made of a blend of volcanic limestone and high-performance resins. Naturally white, each item is individually hand-finished by craftsman. We complemented the tub with the very beautiful Perrin and Rowe floor-mounted tub filler in a polished nickel finish.


All the hardware in the space is polished nickel for a cohesive look throughout the rest of the house. I added in subtle details that add to the synergy in the space, such as the custom plaster crown moulding, which mirrors the wood detailing at the base of the vanity.

We created a calm, spa-like experience with a neutral colour palette that has minimal contrast. We utilized natural materials associated with nature, such as the porcelain panels, gentle, flowing lines rather than sharp angles like the oval undermount sinks, Toulouse V&A soaker tub along with the vertical veining in the porcelain onyx slabs.

The simplicity of the Caesarstone countertop and bench seat allow for the onyx slabs to stand out, yet I can’t emphasize enough the importance of the balance and synergy by choosing finishes that complement each other, rather than compete with each other.

Our master ensuite flows beautifully with the master bedroom adding to the calm oasis, a spa-like feeling the homeowners enjoy every day

Award-winning Interior Designer Heather Segreti N.C.I.D.Q. , A.R.I.D.O. ,I.D.C. known for creating true luxury bespoke designs Whether you are building a custom luxury home, renovating or redesigning an existing space, Segreti Design has the vision to make this space uniquely yours. segretidesign.com


Soaker Tub, Victoria and Albert Tub Filler, Perrin and Rowe, Sinks, Oval Undermount Toto Rendezvous Faucets, Perrin and Rowe

Porcelain Tile Floor, Onice Perla, Ciot Marble and Granite 30” x 30” Porcelain Tile Wall Slabs, Max Fine Porcelain

Counter top & Shower Jambs, Quartz #4600 Organic White, Caesarstone

Shower Floor Tile, Marble Depot Mosaic

Crown Moulding, Custom to match millwork base by Classic Moulding

Vanity, Manorwood Custom Cabinetry

Vanity & Wall Paint colour, CC-50 White Down, Benjamin Moore

Light Fixtures, Hudson Valley wall sconces

Custom Ottoman & Bench, Segreti Design Ottoman & Bench, Vinyl, JF Fabrics

Cabinetry Hardware, Richelieu


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