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New home sales centre app

Program helps builders get back to business safely after COVID-19

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Program helps builders get back to business safely after COVID-19

Toronto-based real estate marketing and advertising firm Ryan Design has created a customizable and innovative turnkey safety COVID-19 program for new-home builders.

New home sales centre app

When sales offices reopen, they will need to be ready to provide an environment that is safe for everyone and continues to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A leading marketing firm serving numerous homebuilders across Canada, and trained by the World Health Organization (WHO), Ryan Design has created a complete COVID-19 safety program that is innovative and customizable to any builder.

As an essential service, homebuilders continue to build the homes people have been promised across the province. Using technology and an app, staff and trades workers on construction sites can help to ensure everyone’s safety.

Touchless job site sign-in portal

To keep everyone on the job site and in the community safe, Ryan Design has created a Touchless Job Site Sign-In and Sign-Out Portal. Tradespeople can now scan at arrival and departure and conduct health screening using an app on their phone.

A complete signage package for the app can been created for a builder’s job site. This part of the program also includes staff training and a complete reporting package for builders regarding trades on site.

Reopening sales centres and decor studios

When builders are allowed to reopen sales centres and design studios, these spaces will have to function differently and be safer for everybody, yet still be welcoming.

Another part of this new program for builders is a retrofit plan for existing sales offices. It includes easy installation of materials to add physical distance and innovative COVID-19 branded kits to help them feel safe and more comfortable in their homebuying journey.

COVID-19 changed the way sales consultants connect with prospective homebuyers and close a sale. Early on, Ryan Design developed a proprietary virtual selling system so that homebuilders could continue doing business. For many, this system has led to more new-home sales than anticipated after their sales office closure.

This customizable and innovative turnkey COVID-19 safety program for new-home builders by Ryan Design is a way to plan for a safe and secure reopening. With this program, both builders and homebuyers can feel safe and comfortable when it’s time to reopen.



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Real Insight: Looking To The Future

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Real Insight: Looking To The Future

Smart phone apps like TREB’s Collaborate helping to transform the homebuyer’s journey

Every January, the biggest brands in technology and consumer electronics gather in Nevada for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). There are so many exciting new real estate and home technologies, with smart homes taking centre stage at CES 2018. Below are some of the latest innovations I’m most excited about.


No discussion about smart homes would be complete without mentioning Amazon Echo and Google Home. These intelligent personal assistants allow you to interact with technology with your voice and have made it more commonplace to conduct internet searches, play music and make online purchases from your home through speech commands.

These assistants have also led to an increase in integrated, voice-activated smart home products. Products like the Ring Video Doorbell, a smart doorbell that sends alerts, a live video feed and two-way speaking capabilities to your smart phone whenever someone is at your door.

A number of smart light and vent technologies can now also connect with intelligent personal assistants to dim or cool a home based on voice commands.

The kitchen, in particular, is a place where smart home tech is continuing to grow. The FridgeCam, for example, is a product that can be added to a traditional fridge and can suggest recipes based on what’s in your fridge and even indicate when your groceries will expire. Other kitchen technology currently in development includes inductive heating countertops that will intuitively detect and heat pots and pans, while ensuring plates and utensils on the same surface are not heated.


Virtual reality (VR) will work to empower real estate professionals and their clients to tour spatially accurate 3D renderings of multiple listings without the hassle of travelling to multiple locations.

While many VR headsets are expensive, and the technology has a way to go, companies like the Canadianbased Gryd.com have already created budget cardboard VR headsets that allow people to gain 360 previews of listings.

Augmented reality is another developing technology that will allow realtors to superimpose information onto real world environments. By simply having a buyer hover their smart phone camera over a condominium residence, for example, relevant information on the building’s amenities, units available, and more, could be displayed over the screen.

Other products, like the Bluetoothenabled Igloohome Smart Keybox, make it so you can conveniently access the contents of a lock box through an app, while e-signature solutions are continuing to remove the need for pen and paper to finalize a property transaction.

Currently, a number of smart phone applications are also helping to transform the homebuyer’s journey. One such apps is Collaborate by TREB, which allows buyers to search properties across multiple devices, communicate with a TREB realtor in real time, and comment and like/dislike properties while sharing this info with your real estate professional.

Tim Syrianos is president of the Toronto Real Estate Board, a professional association that represents 48,000 professional realtor members in the Greater Toronto Area. You can contact him at TREBpres@trebnet.com. For updates on the real estate market, visit TREBhome.com. If commercial property is what interests you, contact a TREB realtor by visiting TREBcommercial.com.


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