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Which smart home thermostat should you choose?

Which smart home thermostat should you choose?

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Which smart home thermostat should you choose?

by Madisyn McKee

With so many options to choose from, this guide will help you to determine which thermostat best fits your needs

Choosing a thermostat may seem like an easy task but with recent technological developments, the options seem to be endless. Picking the right thermostat can end up saving you money and make your time at home more enjoyable.

What makes a good thermostat? One that’s easy to install, use and can be customized to your personal needs. Below is a roundup of the top three thermostats available on the market to help you make the most informed decision.


Using remote sensors, the Ecobee works to create and improve its motion control sensors throughout your house. This means that when you leave the house, the Ecobee will note that and lower the temperature to save you money. The new version, Ecobee4 even has compatibility with Alexa so you can make requests to your temperature by talking into the speaker.

As you start to use the Ecobee, it will get used to your preferences. It will start to recognize when you wake up, go to bed and generally leave the house for the day. The device aims to lower your heating bill and if you’re really into technology, the capabilities of programming times, temperatures and different zones are endless.

Cost: $220

The Nest

Probably the most popular of the smart home thermostats, The Nest, has taken the market by storm. Similar to the Ecobee, The Nest will learn your daily habits and customize itself to match the way you live your life.

With mobile app capabilities, you can change anything you need from the comfort of your couch. It will even generate reports for you so you can monitor how much energy you are using and determine where you can adjust your usage to save more money.

Cost: $295

Honeywell Lyric

Working in a similar fashion to the other smart thermostats, the Honeywell Lyric is the most cost-effective option. The setup on this thermostat is quite easy and comes with very simple controls. While you will miss out on a few features that come with The Nest or Ecobee, the Honeywell does the trick to help save you money on your power bill.

Cost: $130

Which thermostat will you choose to bring you into the future?

Madisyn is a freelance writer and social media obsessed traveller based out of Toronto. Always looking for her next adventure but glued to her phone, you can contact her at madi@therestlessworker.com or visit her at therestlessworker.com


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