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The link between sleep and interior design

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The link between sleep and interior design

There are a lot of factors that go into how you design your home. Your furniture has to be practical, comfortable, appropriate for the space it’s in, and most importantly, attractive. You have so many choices about the color and style of paint, even the style of curtains you choose. Well, what you might not know is that all of those choices will also affect the way you sleep in your space.

How does color affect sleep?

The color you choose to be dominant in your bedroom is vital to a good night’s sleep, and the best color has been determined to be blue. All shades of blue are found to be calming and soothing. This helps prevent nightmares and can also help to lower your blood pressure, which will help to improve the quality of your sleep.

Other colors that help:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Silver
  • Orange

Colors that hurt:

  • Red
  • Gold
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Purple

The style of paint that you choose can also affect your sleep. If you choose a reflective paint such as an eggshell or satin finish, you will find that it will reflect more light than you expect. Try going with a flat finish to avoid the distraction of reflected lights when you’re trying to sleep.

How does clutter affect sleep?

The more stuff you have in your room, the more likely you are to find a way to be too distracted to sleep. You’re also more likely to struggle with depression and anxiety because of it. This is especially true if you work from your bedroom.

If you’re redesigning your house and you need a space to work, try and find a space outside of your bedroom for that. Your bedroom should not be an all-purpose room. Instead, it should be designed specifically for sleep.

If you’re just fond of keeping a variety of objects around, try and go through them on a regular basis to avoid having your spaces devolve into cluttered messes.

How does light affect sleep?

If your home has a lot of natural light, this is great for during the day. At night, however, that light can be a little more difficult to deal with. Our bodies are inclined to be awake when the sun is up and asleep when it isn’t, so we have to work with that in our era with all of the electronic lights.

Try adding blackout curtains or liners to your bedroom windows in order to ensure that you have the darkness you need to get a good night’s sleep. You can also try rearranging your bedroom so that you aren’t staring directly at the window while you sleep.

Last but definitely not least, make sure your mattress is pleasing to both your sense of sight and your sense of touch. Finding mattresses that deliver to Canada can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be, thanks to this list!


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Product Profile: Ultramatic

Grand opening of Ultramatic’s newest store for adjustable beds

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Grand opening of Ultramatic’s newest store for adjustable beds

Photography, Robert MacNeil

After 33 years, Canada’s leading company for adjustable beds is adapting to the digital world. Through a rebranding campaign, Ultramatic is introducing a lifestyle sleeping concept at their new flagship store. At this rejuvenating haven, they are taking a holistic approach to improved wellness, as well as a better sleep. With all the mattress choices out there, it can be a difficult market to navigate. From billboards that advertise a bed-in-a-box, to impressive television commercials, separating the hype from the true benefits of the product, often results in dissatisfied customers.

Targeting your senses

When it comes to sleep, dealing with a sleep expert is of the utmost importance. And, having a one-on-one conversation helps to address particular concerns and preferences.

The new Ultramatic mattress store will look very different from anything that you’ve ever seen. A shift in perspective will provide an exciting digital experience that ignites your senses. The scent of lavender, peppermint and chamomile will awaken, and decompress, you at the same time – similar to a Zen-like state. Soft, rose-coloured walls help to calm the eyes, and the beautiful living wall embodies Ultramatic’s mantra – just relax.

Elevated advantages

Once associated with specific needs as it related to an aging demographic, adjustable beds are now designed to suit all ages and specialized niches. Especially appealing, is the blush, chenille-textured Vanessa bed, which is built into an elegant glass display. As you lie on the bed, a video appears on the glass, and above you. While relaxing, a sleep expert will discuss the health benefits of sleeping in an elevated position.

Adjustable beds are not only more advanced in their technology, but they have become the fastest growing category in the sleep industry. As lifestyles change, and homes become smaller, people are spending more time in their bed. Many designs include USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to control your bed from your phone. People of all ages have come to realize that adjustable beds are not only ideal for resting, but they’re the perfect spot for reading, working, relaxing or watching Netflix.

Grand Opening

During the weekend of May 3rd to the 5th, Ultramatic will celebrate the grand opening of their new store at 508 Lawrence Avenue West in Toronto.

During the event, sale pricing can be found on mattresses, bases and pillows, and supporting vendors will be offering samples and promotional items.

With you in mind

Once the team has determined your needs, check out the innovative NanoGel™ collection of mattresses. All models are on display by features and functions. Not only will their mattresses relieve pressure points on your body, but you won’t receive any pressure from the staff.

Style consultants have been brought in to ensure that the Ultramatic brand continues to evolve and complement new furniture lines. You’ll also find Canadian-made products to further enhance a peaceful state of mind, including soaps, essential oil diffusers, room sprays and more.



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Make sleep a priority this year

Make sleep a priority this year

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Make sleep a priority this year

Three simple solutions to achieve your sleep resolution for overall good health and beauty from sleep authority Dr. Harvey Karp.

While most people’s New Year’s resolutions tend to be about exercise and weight loss, Happiest Baby has found that many people yearn to become better sleepers. And they can learn from their babies.

Dr. Harvey Karp, sleep authority, best-selling author of Happiest Baby on the Block and the creator of Snoo, a baby bed that can boost sleep by one hour or more, offers these suggestions to achieve your ZZZZZ resolutions – and keep them all year ’round!

White noise

It’s not just for babies and it’s got to be the right kind kind of white noise. There are two types of white noise: low and high pitches. High-pitched noises — like beepers, alarms, and sirens — are great for getting a baby’s attention, but lower-pitched noises — like the rumble of a car, train, or plane — are more soothing and can lull you to sleep, says Karp.

Low pitched noises — like the sound of rain on the roof — that you play all night encourages sleep.

Prep yourself for sleep

Cool down your room and get yourself calmed and ready for sleep. Lower the lights, turn off the TV and your phone, sip some tea, or read a few pages in a book or a magazine — whatever relaxes you.


It’s not just for babies. Grown-ups will feel cozy and safe when surrounded by their best blanket or coverlet. It helps you feel secure and safe.

Beauty benefits

Getting your beauty sleep is real. Remember, your body recovers and repairs itself when you sleep, leading to a long list of benefits for your looks (and your brain). Too little sleep is likely to affect your appearance. Your skin is making collagen while you sleep; puffiness is settling and a good sleep will result in a glowing complexion.



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What is something we all need? That some of us crave, but for many, it’s elusive?

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What is something we all need? That some of us crave, but for many, it’s elusive?


Parents will go to great lengths to protect their children’s sleep schedules. Bed times and nap times are sacred, non-negotiable…essential even. And your own sleep is just as important and needs to be treated that way!

Here are tips and tricks to get restful and deeply satisfying sleep. It’s time to make every minute count!

1. Create a routine – Every person needs a routine, and every routine is as individual as the person. Having a regular bed-time and wake-time will create a huge impact on your sleep/wake cycle. You want to aim to get 8 hours of quality sleep each night. When you sleep, your body begins to repair itself, which is why sleep is known as the inner physician. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), your liver goes through a process of repair starting at 11pm to 1am. This is why it’s ideal to go to sleep around 10-10:30 pm.

2. Unplug – Try to power down at least one hour before bed to allow your system a chance to recognize how tired you really are. Keep electronics out of the bedroom – they can stimulate you and leave you feeling wired before bed, when you should feel tired.

3. Dim the lights – Dimming the lights in your home for one to two hours before bed sends a signal to your brain to relax and induce sleep. Use a sleep mask, install black-out curtains, do whatever you have to do to ensure a completely dark environment – darkness is crucial to a good night’s sleep! If you get up overnight, don’t turn on a bright overhead light as it will delay your return to slumber.

4. Be comfortable – Make your bedroom an inviting space; get nice, soft sheets, grab some new books, plug in an essential oil diffuser and create a space that makes you feel at ease. Make sure your pillow is comfy. Dress in lightweight clothing, and turn down the heat overnight. All of these options will help you to maximize your sleep quality.

5. Exercise daily – Even 20 minutes per day, will help to regulate your sleep/wake cycle. Walking, jogging, biking, squats, lunges, planks, etc. are all FREE so there is no excuse – get out there! I offer many guided flows on my YouTube channel Simplicity TV (youtube.com/jennpike).

6. Skip the caffeine – Excessive caffeine (in excess of 2 cups/day) can make you feel wired when you should naturally feel tired. Avoid all caffeine consumption after 12pm and limit yourself your intake.

7. Eat better – Consuming a balance of healthy fat (think avocado, cold pressed oils, nuts and seeds), lean protein and complex carbohydrates like carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, turnips, etc. will make you feel better every day and sleep better too. Incorporate leafy greens daily … seriously, start a love affair with them! There are a ton of leafy greens to try: swiss chard, spinach, kale, collards, bok choy and romaine, to name a few; leafy greens contain calcium, Vitamins A, K and C and are packed with phytonutrients. These powerhouse foods will give you the tools you need to thrive and achieve a restful sleep. But, avoid eating 2-3 hours before bed in order to promote optimal digestion.

8. Seek out natural sleep aids – Sleep tends to fall to the bottom of our to-do lists in our fast paced society. This go-go-go mentality can leave you feeling stressed and wired, making it impossible to calm down and get to sleep. Sleep does not come naturally to everyone, especially when we are going through times of stress. If you’ve tried it all and you still can’t get to sleep, I recommend trying a product called Sleep Harmony, a sleep aid that includes specially patented lavender oil which assists with achieving deeper, more restful sleeps. You can find Pharmaton® Sleep Harmony™ in the sleep aid section of your local pharmacy and or your local natural health store.

To have the best quality of life, you need sleep. And sleep is simply essential, as essential as clean water, whole foods, or fresh air. Work on getting 8 hours of deep and satisfying sleep and your body will thank you for it!

Jenn Pike is a mom of two, nutritionist, master personal trainer and author. For more quick and healthy tips and to learn more about Jenn, her best-selling book The Simplicity Project and more, visit “The Simplicity Project” and follow her on Instagram @jennpike and Facebook under The Simplicity Project.


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