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Del Condominium Rentals’ paralegal services make landlords’ life a lot easier

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Del Condominium Rentals’ paralegal services make landlords’ life a lot easier

If being a landlord was easy, everyone would do it. From finding and screening tenants to managing your property to settling disputes… hey, sometimes things just happen.

That’s why it’s so valuable to be connected with a property management company that can help with the unexpected challenges of owning and renting out an investment condo – including one that has an in-house legal department to help settle minor landlord-tenant disputes. That’s worth the price of admission right there!

Indeed, Del Condominium Rentals adds value to your property management by keeping all services in-house, so there are no concerns about delays, miscommunications or confidentiality. The company’s legal department comprises paralegals who are proficient in landlord-tenant and condominium law. And for you, the condo owner-landlord with ready access to such expertise, that’s priceless peace of mind.

What is a paralegal?

In Ontario, paralegals are legal professionals licensed and regulated by the Law Society of Ontario – just like lawyers. They have the required education and experience to represent clients and provide legal services in specific areas of law, such as small claims court, traffic court, tribunal work, and minor criminal matters.

In the context of real estate, for landlords, this is an incredibly valuable asset to have access to when working with a property management company. Because, as we said, sometimes things just happen, and disputes can arise between tenants and landlords.

Reliable legal services, with professionals who know the law and are adept at navigating these often-delicate situations, can help diffuse potential problems and ensure the terms of your lease are being enforced to protect both parties.

Benefits of using a paralegal

Paralegals are just as competent, educated and knowledgeable as any other legal service provider, as they have specific legal training for the areas of law in which they represent their clients. Paralegal education programs are specifically developed to provide both practical and theoretical training to students. These programs are constantly updated and improved to ensure that the curriculum keeps up with industry standards.

Importantly, paralegals are a key access point to the justice system, as they are a relatively more affordable alternative to traditional lawyer representation. Property management companies such as Del Condominium Rentals use paralegals for day-to-day legal services in specific areas, due to their specialized skills and affordability, and as an ultimate benefit to their clientele.

Quicker, more economical yet just as knowledgeable about essential areas of landlord-tenant laws. How’s that for affordable peace of mind?

Paralegal services

The paralegal team at Del Condominium Rentals aims to ensure that the company, its unit owners and tenants all comply with their respective rights and obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 (the RTA), the Condominium Act, 1998, as well as the respective condominium corporation’s declaration, by-laws and rules.

Keeping track of all of these regulations and how they interact with each other is complicated, if you’re not well-versed in legalese and the justice system as a whole.

Day-to-day paralegal tasks include:

  • Liaising with condominium management teams regarding tenant complaints
  • Sending compliance letters to tenants
  • Rent collections
  • Drafting and sending various legal notices under the RTA
  • Preparing for and attending Landlord and Tenant Board hearings
  • Judgment enforcement
  • Accompanying unit inspections
  • Processing and attending evictions
  • Providing inter-department training regarding landlord-tenant and condominium law

Clients of Del Condominium Rentals’ property management services can also benefit from seminars on landlord-tenant rights and obligations, equipping with the basics of the law governing these relationships.

Are you a condo owner looking to hire a property management company to manage your unit? Contact Del Condominium Rentals at 647.952.3644 or sales@delrentals.com

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Interview: Kimberly Sears of Menkes

A chat with Kimberly Sears of Menkes Developments

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A chat with Kimberly Sears of Menkes Developments

Kimberly Sears is director of condo rentals for Menkes Developments and oversees the company’s Rental Suite Management division.

Kimberly has a background in hospitality and more than a decade of experience in real estate investment management.

Condo Life: Menkes offers condo owners rental management services… What does that entail?

Kimberly Sears: Menkes Rental Suite Management offers a full range of landlord services to owners renting out their suites. We want to be there for our purchasers, rather than just walk away after delivery, and we noticed a real demand for landlord assistance from our purchasers.

CL: What are some of the services you offer?

KS: We offer condo owners a wide range of services, including assistance with leasing, tenant screening, accounting, insurance claims, sourcing affordable repairs and HST rebates. We also help coordinate moves. We have an online 24-hour portal with access to each unit’s accounting and statements. In some circumstances, we also help mediate difficult situations between owners and tenants, helping determine each side’s responsibility to the other.

Harbour Plaza Penthouse
Harbour Plaza Penthouse

CL: What’s the benefit to using these services over dealing directly with the tenant?

KS: Owners get the benefit of a professional and knowledgeable team overseeing their investment, like a financial planner does with an investment portfolio. We also extend full privacy so owners can remain anonymous should they choose. Owners can feel more relaxed about their investment. We’re also familiar with the trades, warranties and have access to some of the best service pricing.

CL: What are some of the biggest challenges that homeowners face when renting out their suites?

KS: Inexperience, lack of resources and time. Most people already work full time, and being a landlord is a huge commitment, so this allows condo owners to be more hands-off and enjoy what little free time they have.

Finding the right tenant can also be challenging, so we provide some guidance in that area and alert our owners of possible red flags to look out for. The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) in Ontario is very pro tenant and rather strict on the landlord’s rights and responsibilities, so you really want to ensure you choose the right tenant.

CL: What are some of the ways to avoid or overcome these challenges?

KS: Hire a professional service. You hire an accountant to do your taxes, a hairdresser to do your hair and a mechanic to fix your car, and purchasing a home is one of life’s biggest financial investments, so it’s definitely a good idea to work with a professional. Do you really want to take a risk on such a large asset?

CL: What’s something you think people often forget to consider when renting out their suite?

KS: It’s important to be aware that your tenant is not responsible for everything, so you need to assume general wear and tear to the unit. I suggest budgeting some of your rental income for maintenance and repairs – five per cent for units less than two years old, and 10 per cent for units that are three to 10 years old.

Try not to be short-sighted or stubborn when it comes to setting rental fees. Remember that vacancy can cost you more than a lower rent.

It’s also important to note that the rental rate is not established based on your monthly payments, but off the market, which changes monthly.

CL: What’s the biggest misconception about condo investors?

KS : People assume that condo investors are foreign investors, when more often than not, this isn’t the case. In our experience, 80 per cent of our management properties are owned by Ontarians. Quite often, these individuals are the average person; someone who saved up to make their first investment purchase, teachers planning a retirement or parents investing in a place for their children.

We are so grateful that people trust us with their biggest asset and we want to make it successful for them.

Visit Menkes Rental Suite Management for more information or call 416.775.7500.


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