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Industry Expert: A New Voice for the Industry

Industry Expert: A New Voice for the Industry

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Industry Expert: A New Voice for the Industry

by David Wilkes

BILD welcomes new President and CEO David Wilkes

I am writing this column – my first as President and CEO of BILD – sitting in a café in downtown Toronto, looking at the development and growth that makes the Greater Toronto Area one of the most vibrant and dynamic regions in North America. I am struck not only by the economic activity that is taking place, but the realization that our members are providing a place for people to call home.

Photography: bigstock.com
Photography: bigstock.com


There is no doubt that our industry is an important economic engine of growth. Over 197,000 people are employed in the new home construction, renovation and repair industry in the GTA. The industry generates $11.4 billion in wages and brings $30 billion in investment value to the area.

However, the economic importance of our industry is only part of the story and part of the reason that I am excited to join BILD. The societal contributions of the industry are also striking; ensuring that neighbourhoods and communities are places that people can live in and call home is a tremendous responsibility. The purchase of a new dwelling or engaging in a home renovation is a special time in one’s life. It is both a financial and an emotional investment.

I’m very proud to be leading the building, development and professional renovation industry. It is made up of hard-working professionals. There is a culture and a passion that runs deep throughout our industry and I look forward to contributing to the industry.


2018 will be a busy year. We are a few months away from a provincial election and then municipal elections in the fall. During this time, BILD will share its ideas and thoughts with you and those seeking public office. We will discuss how we can work with our elected representatives to ensure that consumers have a wide range of choices when they invest in a new home, and that decisions are made to ensure housing remains affordable across the GTA.

Over the course of the year, we will continue to work closely with stakeholders and partner associations to demonstrate to provincial, regional and municipal governments the impact that new pieces of legislation and regulation have on customers. We will also share ideas and recommendations on solutions that help achieve both government and industry goals on behalf of the people of the Greater Toronto Region.

BILD will launch a new RenoMark website that will be your source for renovation advice and professional renovation contractors. We will continue with our five steps to a successful renovation seminar to help you make informed decisions about your home’s renovation project so you can renovate with confidence.


I am excited about the evolution of our Home Shows. One of the biggest changes you will see is more interactive experiences, like virtual reality software that not only allows you to design your home in a virtual space, but also teaches you how to do your own home renovation.

Make sure you mark your calendar and visit our GTA Home & Reno show on the Family Day weekend February 16 – 19, or the National Home Show over the March Break, March 9 – 18, 2018.

On the weekend of November 2 – 4, 2018 we’re launching a new home show called HomeFest. This show addresses the change in your home as you advance through different stages of your life. It’s like you’re viewing the show through your home’s perspective rather than your own.

I look forward to continuing to share BILD’s view on the current and future state of our industry through this column. I am very proud to be representing this great industry, and I plan to work with our members to deliver on our societal and economic responsibilities.

David Wilkes is president and CEO of the Building Industry and Land Development Associatio (BILD).

He can be found on Twitter, Facebook, BILD’s official blog, and bildgta.ca.


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