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Design: The Life of Our Walls in 2017

Design: The Life of Our Walls in 2017

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Design: The Life of Our Walls in 2017

by Linda Mazur

With the new year comes new trends, great new colours, patterns and finishes to create beautiful personalized looks for your home.

Whether it’s paint or wallpaper, the trends of 2017 will let you unleash your creativity, transforming your walls into inspirational focal points in your room.

Venetian Silk paint by Dulux
Venetian Silk paint by Dulux

Though the Pantone Colour Institute has selected Greenery (15-0343) as it’s colour of the year, we are finding that many major paint companies have in fact gone the way of purple as their colour of the year. Benjamin Moore is calling Shadow (2117-30) their go-to-colour for 2017. CIL has unveiled Antique Violet (50BB 46/091) a subtle, serene violet for their lead colour of 2017 and PPG Paints has toted a soft, muted purple with grey-blue undertones called Violet Verbene (PPG 1169-5). All these varying shades o f violets add a warmth and richness to your living spaces while still maintaining a soft, relaxed look. 2017 will also see earthy greys, sand, terra cotta, mustard and grey-greens emerging in popularity. These colours are reflective of our desires to “unplug” and create simplicity and calmness in our hectic ever-changing lives. Accent these warm earthy tones with bolder hues like teal, deep coral and onyx, which will balance these soft shades beautifully; and for the final touches trendy warm copper, bronze and terracotta will complete your look.

PPG Paints
PPG Paints

For some fun on your walls this year, look to Dulux Venetian Silk or Liquid Metal paints to add a spark of life to your plain walls. Venetian Silk paint is a product that delivers a luxurious elegance to your room. It’s part of Dulux Effect Finishes, which also includes the Liquid Metal paint. These new paint products allow you to create unique finishes customized to your own specifications and artistic imagination.

But it’s not just about paint in 2017. Wallpaper continues its resurgence as we see many new and wonderful patterns appear. Whether you love vintage, colour, floral or a geometric fretwork inspired look wallpaper could be your answer to injecting some life into your living space. The wallcoverings of today have been designed to accent and highlight your walls while emphasizing our continued love of texture, pattern play and colour. They are not the wallpapers many of you may remember from decades ago so be expressive and creative in your selections. Whether it’s a soft subtle look that simply compliments your room’s décor or a bold vibrant pattern that punctuates your space look to wall paper as a part of your décor projects this year. One of my continued go-to wall paper collections is Meredith Heron Wallcoverings for J.F. Fabrics. From mid-century modern influences to fretwork, chinoiserie or floral, the collection continues to inspire design in 2017.

Our walls are no longer just about a simple paint colour. They are in fact an integral part of the design of your living spaces and will continue to be so this year. Texture, colour and pattern play are important elements of design, so be inspired by these great paint finishes and wonderful wallcoverings and bring life to your walls in 2017.

Liquid Metal
Liquid Metal
Linda Mazur is a nationally publicized designer and Principal of Linda Mazur Design Group.

With almost two decades of experience this in demand multi-disciplinary design firm is known for creating relaxed stylish spaces and full-scale design builds within Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.

LindaMazurDesign.com @LindaMazurGroup


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Colour Trends for 2017

Colour Trends for 2017

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Colour Trends for 2017

by Samantha Sannella

Each year, new trends in colours emerge. Highly influenced by fashion, interior design finishes, such as paint and fabrics, reflect trends that aren’t as fleeting as fashion but offer sophisticated ways to make their impact lasting. Colour forecasters analyze consumer trends, social movements and global influences to predict colour trends years ahead of time. Colour psychology and colour symbolism are also factored into forecasts.

According to the Institute for Colour Research, people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone. Knowing and understanding colour trends is an important part of successful interior design.

After several years of softer lighter colours, rich saturated tones lead the trend, adding vibrancy to interiors. Shades from the purple and violet end of the spectrum are particularly directional this year. Many of the leading paint companies have chosen their colours of the year from this colour family, ranging from Beauti-tone’s soft, mauve-grey, You Look Mauve-lous to Benjamin Moore’s bolder, deep black-purple, Shadow.

Pantone’s 2017 View Home and Interiors palettes offer seven themes. Each theme contains several colour predictions. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, told the press that the choices invoked “a renewed sense of imagination in which color was appearing in a context that was different than the traditional,” that the hues “surround us in nature,” and that they “evoke a spectrum of emotion and feeling.”

Benjamin Moore, chose 23 colours for their 2017 colour palette, but its top pick for colour of the year is Shadow, a rich, royal amethyst. “Allusive and enigmatic, Shadow is a master of ambiance. It is a colour that calls to mind a ‘past’, yet it can also make a contemporary, colour-confident statement,” said Ellen O’Neill, Creative Director. “Shadow is sophisticated, provocative and poetic, it can bring energy to a space or harmony and a moment of respite.”


Taking the top spot as the PPG Paints brand colour of the year is a soft, muted purple with grey-blue undertones called Violet Verbena. Pairing well with timeless grey, brown, green and deep blue, it is a versatile colour that blurs the boundaries of young and old or male and female, and it works well in any room, according to Valerie Jager, Associate Marketing Manager for the PPG Paints brand. “The 2017 colour palette is made up of classic shades with a contemporary spin,” Jager said, explaining that next year’s earth tones are more vibrant and steeped in pigment than the natural hues of the past. “Rooted in tradition, the colours are warm and toasty, emitting an air of stability and balance.”


Beauti-Tone, a division of Home Hardware, is celebrating the launch of its colour of the year, You Look Mauve-lous, one of 35 colours in the Simon Chang Model Home Trend Colour Collection. “These 35 colours are the hues that bring balance and harmony into our homes.” “I love that our colour-of-the-year, You Look Mauve-lous is both simple and complex at the same time,” says Simon Chang. “It is one of those shades you look at and think, what is that colour? While its roots lay in the mauve family, the colour is greyed down making it a timeless, highly usable backdrop for any room.

Anchoring the trend for dusty violet is the inspiration of nature for colour choices. A return to beiges, rich browns, botanical greens and clay greys round out the trends. Several colour forecasters have also cited honey yellow as a growing trend. Blues hint toward the green with pale and saturated teal rising in popularity.


Sherwin-Williams have chosen Poised Taupe as their colour of the year. This timeless neutral is modern, classic and a beautiful balance of warm and cool. According to Sherwin Williams, the 2016 industry shows revealed a surprising transition from grey to taupe. Both contract and consumer colours and products have been focused on grey as the key neutral — although grey is still important, we have seen a significant shift in materials and finish color to warmer expressions of neutral.

“Matteness” is another important part of the colour forecast as this enhances the softness of the saturated colours. Blues and purples are warm and colour temperatures offer hints of red, orange and yellow. Metallics, especially bronze, copper and brass will continue to be an important part of interior design and mixed metals is on the rise. Matte paint colours offer a distinct contrast to the metal trend and help with a holistic colour palette. Digital technology has a fringe influence on colour and popular in niche markets: colours that appear shifted or changed when you observe them from different angles.


PPG: Violet Verbena (PPG1169-5)

Benjamin Moore: Shadow (2117-30)

Beauti-Tone: You Look Mauve-lous

Sherwin Williams: Poised Taupe (SW 6039)

Dulux: Starry Sky (70BB21/147-A1518)

CIL: Antique Violet (50BB 46/091 | V37)

Sico: Mozart (6172-52)

SAMANTHA SANNELLA, BFA ID, M ARCH, is a designer, educator and principal at Urban Retreat Homes and an internationally renowned expert in the field of design and architecture. She is a columnist for RENO&DECOR magazine and editor of the Ontario Design Trade Sourcebook.



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Colour Trends - 2016

Colour Trends – 2016

Latest News

Colour Trends – 2016

Every year, we bring you the picks for the top shades for 2016 from some of the top paint manufacturers.

Benjamin Moore

While colour selections typically vary widely from company to company, one exciting almost colourless colour is Simply White (OC-117) from Benjamin Moore as their Colour of the Year.

White has been making countless appearances in fashion, architecture and home décor. White is transcendent, powerful, polarizing – white is more than a design trend. It’s a design essential. In 2016, white will not play the silent hero.

Accompanied by a curated palette of 22 additional colours, Simply White is part of the Colour Trends 2016 collection and Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year.

Simply White is a perfectly neutral white, whose resilient hue stays true in a variety of lighting, complements a multitude of colours and draws attention to architectural details.

White energizes other colours giving them crisp borders and providing focus.


Another company sporting white on the centre stage of their collection is Sherwin-Williams with Alabaster (SW 7008) as their 2016 Colour of the Year. The colour white, hotly debated as to whether it is a colour at all, has a deeply rooted history filled with symbolic meanings, messages and associations that are speaking to us in a profound way at this place and time.

“Alabaster represents a straightforward and necessary shift to mindfulness, wellbeing and an atmosphere that is pure and simple. It provides an oasis of calm, simplicity, spirituality and less is more visual relief. Alabaster is neither stark nor is it overly warm, but more exactly an understated and alluring white.” said Jackie Jordan, director of colour marketing, Sherwin-Williams.

Pair it with other neutrals like soft grays, dusty blush hues, light to medium woods tones, honed Carrara marble and other natural materials. This colour sometimes requires an earthy bronze or off black to create Yin Yang harmony and balance. It has no clear-cut design aesthetic making it a versatile foundation for many design sensibilities.

Their colour experts researched global trends to determine the 34 colours that make up the forecast. Grouped into four palettes: Pura Vida, Mas Amor Por Favor, Nouveau Narrative and Trajector, these colours highlight a positive outlook and represent a passionate pursuit toward mindfulness, happiness and well-being. “This year, we forecasted colours that provide a range of inspiration for homeowners to create spaces that surround them with the things that ignite their passions and make them feel happy and healthy.” said Jackie Jordan.


Warm, hypnotic, and calm characterizes Beauti-Tone’s Colour of the Year, FLICKERING FLAME. The surging popularity of gold, copper and rusted metals in design influences our love affair for the rusted down-to-earth colours. Flickering Flame is hot for 2016. It is the essential colour across all design styles from traditional to contemporary. It’s on fire!

Becoming more grounded has, in fact, emerged as the driving force behind the three palettes that make up Beauti-Tone’s Trend Colour Collection for 2016.

PPG – Voice of Colour

There’s safety in colours. That’s the message of PPG THE VOICE OF COLOUR program by the PPG PAINTS brand in unveiling its top paint picks for 2016 – a collection of 22 rich, nurturing hues intended to help create a refuge in the home.

“From sturdy darks such as metal grey and burgundy, to earthen mid-tones such as olive brown and indigo blue, to matted taupes and soft grey-whites, the colours for 2016 emit a sense of serenity and security, whether painted on one wall or all four”, said Valerie Jager, channel marketing manager for PPG Architectural Coatings.

Likening the 2016 paint palette to “a big, warm hug after a long day,” Jager explained that “these colours are like a silent guard, emanating strength and protection in the midst of uncertain times.”

Their Colour of the Year is a soft, muted green called Paradise Found (PPG1135-5). With an earthy edge, it hints at nature while emitting a sturdy, shielding feel, echoing the popular urban militia-inspired look that is showing up on fashion runways, Jager said. Pairing well with muffled plum and armour grey, the new green works particularly well in a family room, living area or bedroom.


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Paint Forecast - 2015

2015 Paint Forecast

Latest News

2015 Paint Forecast

by Catherine Daley

Neutral is OUT and Colour is IN

When it comes to paint colours for 2015, it’s all about self expression. Paint companies have introduced some bold and sassy colours for the coming year, reflecting a heightened confidence level amongst Canadians.

Photos courtesy of Benjamin Moore®, PPG Pittsburgh Paints®, DULUX®, Sico® and Beauti-Tone.


SICO® Paint highlights a blue theme with shades ranging from aqua to deep slate, along with fruity reds and jewel tones.



BENJAMIN MOORE® has taken their cue from the environment, and introduces Guilford Green as their signature colour. It’s a silvery green hue like the underside of leaves blowing in the wind, which complements both modern and traditional styles. Their 2015 colour palette includes green, blue, blush and berry shades.

“We chose Guilford Green as our 2015 Colour of the Year, because it can be the hero or the highlight in any room, enhancing the architectural identity of a space,” says Ellen O’Neill, creative director at Benjamin Moore. “Guilford Green is the perfect thread to connect nature, spaces and interiors with colour schemes that signify fresh energy and growth.”

A sense of optimism prevails in Benjamin Moore’s balanced palettes, which also include Seahorse, Cinnamon Slate and Radicchio. Using warm, cool, dark and light layers of the same hue injects a fresh, cohesive approach when designing a home. Additional layers of texture are created by using various sheens of paint.



BEAUTI-TONE’S trending colour is a blue-jeans-inspired shade called Fishing for Compliments. “Next year, beautiful blues will surround us, in fashion and at home, “says Bev Bell, creative director, Beauti-Tone Paint and Home Products Division, Home Hardware Stores Limited.



DULUX® unveils a colour palette reminiscent of exotic global destinations with rich, diverse colours. They announced Tropic Night as their 2015 colour of the year, a vibrant blue that evokes images of a sparkling Caribbean Sea.



PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS® brings it all home with an in-store colour workstation. Available at dealers of PPG Pittsburgh Paints across Canada, integrated digital touch screens allow consumers to virtually choose a paint chip and paint the walls of a room setting of their choice. By scanning the chip into the computer, they can view different colour schemes to best suit their decor. “The new PPG Colour Work Station is designed to provide added ease and inspiration in the colour selection process,” says Dee Schlotter, North American colour marketing manager, PPG Architectural Coatings.

Consider the following tips from PPG Pittsburgh Paints when dealing with challenging spaces.

  • Small rooms can appear larger by using a unified colour. Paint the trim in the same shade as the walls. This technique fades defining lines, while making the room feel more spacious.
  • To avoid the tunnel effect of a long hallway, paint the two parallel walls different colours. Select a mid-tone for the one wall and then choose a hue two shades lighter on the same colour strip. This will make the hall appear wider. To add interest, choose a standout colour for the end wall.
  • To help distract from clutter and showcase collectibles, consider using a bold tone on the back of shelves or glass-faced cabinets.
  • And contrary to popular belief, most designers agree that ceilings don’t have to be painted white. In fact, a white ceiling can be a distraction. Again, opt for a creamier shade to complement the wall colour, or use a dark, matte finish to highlight a beautiful light fixture and add drama to a room.
PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ THE VOICE OF COLOR® program introduces a collection of four new colour palettes, which includes Blue Paisley – one of the featured colours of the year.


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