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What to Expect from a House Inspection in Canada

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What to Expect from a House Inspection in Canada

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A house inspection is a vital step to consider when shopping for a home, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer. While it can be exciting to find a dream house, knowing what’s behind the walls can be quite tricky. That’s where a home inspection comes in.

A professional house inspector will examine the condition of the house you are about to buy to ensure it’s in great condition. They can identify flaws that buyers can’t, making them an ideal choice for potential homeowners. So, what do home inspectors look for?


House Inspection Checklist for Homeowners in Canada

What does a house inspector do? When hired, a house inspector will examine both your home’s interior and exterior to see if they can find something wrong. They can also find things that could potentially pose significant risks in the future.

After examining the entire house, the home inspector will give you a detailed report covering all the findings. Some home inspectors will even give pictures and the potential timelines for certain projects, including systems or components not performing properly.

New build homes tend to have few or no flaws, simplifying the inspection process. So, buying such homes can help you save a lot on the house inspection cost. Thanks to home builders like Paradise Developments for building flawless structures in Aurora.

As inspectors examine a home you intend to buy, make sure you accompany them. It will also give the home inspector the chance to show you how various house items operate. You’ll also get to know the location of all the shut-off valves in the house.

The house inspection checklist below will ensure that the house is in good shape. Here are the things to check during a home inspection.

  • Attic: Ensure that there’s sufficient insulation, proper ventilation, and no signs of water damage
  • Basement: No signs of water damage, sufficient insulation, and solid foundation, floors, and walls
  • Bathrooms: Ensure adequate water flow and pressure in the fixtures and a functioning toilet, bathtub, sink, and shower.
  • Ceilings: Check if the ceiling is straight and level and ensure there are no cracks or stains
  • Electrical Systems: Ensure that there are working light fixtures, exhaust fans, smoke detectors, and circuit breakers
  • Exterior Surfaces: Ensure there are no damages on the sides, no peeling paint, and no loose or damaged stucco
  • Garage: Functional garage opener, no ceiling damages, up-to-code electrical systems, and a solid foundation
  • HVAC System: Ensure there are no air-conditioning and furnace malfunctions. Also, check if the water heaters are working efficiently.
  • Kitchen Appliances: Check if all the kitchen appliances are functional, including the dishwasher, stove, fridge, and microwave
  • Plumbing Systems: Ensure there are no damaged or leaking pipes and confirm if the sinks, faucets, toilets, bathtubs, and showers are functional
  • Roof: The roofs’ shingles shouldn’t be loose or damaged. Also, ensure that the gutters are functional and chimneys in good condition.
  • Windows: Ensure that the windows are well-aligned and the drip caps properly installed

A house inspection should occur after making an offer, but before you are fully and financially committed to buying the house. Make an offer to buy the home on the condition of an inspection. You must also ensure that all your bases are covered.

What Does a Home Inspector Look for?

A house inspection aims to give information on your home’s components and systems at the time of inspection. The visual inspection aims at finding anything that’s unsafe, or needs replacement, or requires repairs.

One of the things that most inspectors will check for during inspection is the state of the roof. They will inspect the roof coverings, accessible drainage, flashing, and skylights. However, they might not get to the rooftop but check the conditions from the ground.

The inspectors will also inspect a house’s foundation and framing for any deterioration. However, they can’t report anything happening behind a finished basement’s drywall. If any investigation might cause damages, the inspector will not inspect the section.

Generally, here are the other major things that a qualified house inspector can look at:

  • If the house plumbing and electrical connections require upgrades
  • How good the home’s ventilation and insulation are
  • If there are cracks or other damages on the roof and foundation
  • Structure’s overall integrity

What Happens Next after a House Inspection?

After inspecting the house, a home inspector will provide a detailed report highlighting all the defects that require repairs. Read the report carefully and inquire about anything you do not understand. Issues like unstable roofs and foundations can be very costly.

To avoid costly repairs, you can include a clause in the agreement that you will buy the house upon a successful inspection. If the home fails during the inspection, you can adjust the agreement to cover all the necessary repairs then purchase the house.

How to Choose a House Inspector

When hiring a house inspector, you want someone well-trained, knowledgeable, and experienced in doing home inspections. Look for inspectors who have completed inspection courses on building sciences, home construction, and defect-recognition.

You can hire a house inspector certified by the Canadian Association of Housing and Property Inspectors (CAHPI). They understand the various systems and components of a home. Besides, most of them have a background in construction engineering.

A professional house inspector should also understand all the standards of practice and codes and ethics. Here are the other things to consider when hiring a house inspector.

  • Certifications, qualifications, and training
  • Number of years inspecting houses in Canada
  • Related work experience in the industry
  • References and referrals from friends and family members
  • Knowledge of all the building codes

Final Words

Performing a house inspection will help you understand the kind of house you intend to buy. Consider hiring a house inspector who is qualified and has multiple positive reviews. Such an inspector must have inspected several homes in Canada for many years. Most importantly, their home inspection prices need to be affordable.


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9 DIY home decor crafts to help you stay creative in self isolation

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9 DIY home decor crafts to help you stay creative in self isolation

Life has pretty much come to a standstill with the coronavirus pandemic. Because of this outbreak, people have stopped going to their daily 9 to 5 jobs, kids aren’t going to school and we’re barely going out to buy groceries. This is why the general populace has no alternative but to maintain social distancing for the time being.


However, this time might also afford an opportunity for you to deepen your connection with your home. Now you can finally give your dated, cracked up walls the fresh coat of paint that you wanted to provide them with for so long, upgrade your closet doors, fix that doorknob, or make a set of new curtains. This article lists a range of home craft decor ideas to give your house the makeover it needs, while saving up on hiring professional home renovators.

Creative DIY home decor ideas

Reupholster a chair

It might surprise you to know that it is actually quite easy to redo your outdated chair seat.

Items you’ll need

  • Scissors
  • Chair with removable seat
  • Staple gun
  • Screwdriver
  • Thin fabric for a dust cover
  • Upholstery weight fabric

You’ll be able to get a new comfortable seat cover by following this carefully laid out guide from House Beautiful.

Candle crafts

These adorable cube lanterns have a charming aesthetic to them that makes them great for use both indoors and outdoors. All you need is, of course, some candles, large washers, glue, some spray paint, square dowel rods and something to cut them too. You can follow this guide that will show you how you can make it.

You can also put these candles in a branch candle holder made from driftwood or fallen branches. This holder can be customized in several ways, depending on the type of branch you wish to use, the shape, size, and other types of details. The process is actually quite simple. All you need to do is take a branch, have it sand down, tidy it up, and then begin drilling the holes for the candles. You can either choose to have the branch painted, or give it a lacquered finish.

Nautical vase

If you’re fascinated by sea voyages and beach life, then you’ll definitely love this idea. This fascinating statement vase was crafted simply out of jute rope. Just hot glue some jute rope around a vessel and put some decorative flowers and start turning some heads.

Chic cabinet tray

It seems cabinet doors are more than just a gateway to access dishes and cutlery items. Just a couple of drawer pulls, and some paint can turn these cabinet doors into an improvised TV dinner tray or a cheese door. to make one, fill in some holes on the board and then let it dry. After that, sand the surface and then paint it later, before drilling some holes into it and screwing the handles. You’ll soon realize that this is one of the most clever DIY home decor crafts that you’ve ever tried.

Customizing your lamp

If you’ve gotten used to the lamp that’s been on your desk or side table for quite some time, then maybe it’s time to switch up its looks just a bit. One of the ways in which this can be accomplished is by customizing the lampshade. The only thing you need to do is cover it with a fabric. Choose the fabric that you like, spray adhesive on it and you have yourself a spiffy looking lamp shade.

Another fine example is a mason jar desk lamp, which is relatively easier to put together than people realize. If you prefer more of a challenge, then perhaps a brass chandelier that you can makeshift from pipes and fittings, would be more fitting of your DIY skills. The best part about this is that you can give it whatever shape you like and play with the pieces In a variety of ways.

If you’re looking for some DIY ideas, have a look at a couple of properties at Paradise Developments.

Wooden bathtub caddy

Turn your bathtub into your own personal Spa starting with a makeshift caddy that you can piece together from several wooden pieces. and since several stores are on lockdown, we’re pretty certain you’ll find some pieces lying around in your garage. After all, the more aged and imperfect the wood looks, the better the caddy will look. This guide from Jenna Sue Design Co. will show you how you can home craft this project to life.

Blanket ladder

Making friends with furniture like your wooden ladder is one way to take our mind off of this pandemic, right? Not feeling it? Then perhaps a little cuteness factor would certainly brighten things up. You can dress up a plain blanket by knitting extra large pom poms and tassels and knot them to the end in a similar manner as Joanna Gaines did. Lastly, just hang the blanket over the ladder so it looks more fashionable.

Floating bookshelves

The thing about having so many books in the house is that there are probably so little shelves to go around to keep them. That’s why instead of buying regular shelves, we recommend installing some neat invisible shelves instead. Not only is it a great way to organize all of your important reads in one place, but it creates a stunning illusion that makes it look like your books are floating in thin air.

It goes without saying that this is one of the most ingenious home craft ideas that teenagers, teachers and other book-lovers can take advantage of. Everything you need to make this a reality is in the instructions laid out by Lorrie Havell at DIY & Crafts.

Get a cooler door knob

In only 10 minutes, with a screwdriver at hand, you can easily swap out that rusty, clunky and boring old doorknob with something more gorgeous. Fortunately, Hadley Keller from House Beautiful is here to show you how it’s done.


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Local Focus: Oshawa & Whitby

Is Oshawa & Whitby the next hot new destination?

Latest News

Is Oshawa & Whitby the next hot new destination?

As prospective homebuyers have looked outside the Toronto core in search of more affordable lowrise homes in recent years, most of them have headed to Hamilton, Burlington, Milton and other points west.

This migration may soon change.

“The west end of the GTA has a greater diversity of communities that are attracting a diverse range of buyers,” Christopher Alexander, executive vice-president, ReMax of Ontario-Atlantic Canada, told HOMES Magazine earlier this year. “In the past 10 years, there has been significant focus on the growth and development of these regions, whereas historically, Durham has not traditionally been viewed in this same regard. With the boom in areas towards the east, like Prince Edward County, and the affordability leveling out, we will likely see the tide begin to turn.”

So, there you go, homebuyers – keep an eye on Whitby, Oshawa and other parts of Durham Region.

Economic diversity

And don’t let any potential uncertainty over General Motors Canada’s announcement late last year that it would close its Oshawa assembly plant. Oshawa, and other points in Durham, are about a lot more than one company.

“(The) employment sector in Oshawa has been shifting for some time, and Oshawa has healthily diversified to add technology, educational institutions, healthcare, administration and many professionals to its offerings of great jobs and companies in the market,” says Christian Huggett, vice-president, development, at Podium Developments. The company has a number of townhome developments in the city.

“(The GM news) not altered our plans,” he says. “We continue to believe that the outlook is bright for home sales in North Oshawa, buoyed by its proximity and relationship to schools, the 407 network, the significant growth occurring and planned for North Oshawa.”

ALSO READ: What we can learn from the looming GM closure in Oshawa

Location just east of Toronto along Hwy. 401 is among the reasons Whitby and Oshawa draw attention. With Whitby just 59 kms from Toronto and Oshawa 62, commuting is a real option – particularly with recent GO Transit improvements and the expansion of Hwy. 407.

Durham Region Transit connects with the other cities in the region, including Pickering, Ajax, Clarington, Brock and Uxbridge. The 401 runs through the south of region, Hwy. 7 runs across its northern edge and the Hwy. 407 extension to Hwys. 35 and 115 across the top of Durham Region.

Translation? Getting to, from and around Durham is getting increasingly easy, which makes living here and working elsewhere a real possibility.

Expanding attractions

As with any growing municipality, Whitby and Oshawa also offer expanding amenity and retail options. The Oshawa Centre, for example, is the largest shopping complex in Durham and is home to more than 230 outlets. And in downtown Oshawa, of course, there’s a variety of unique shops and restaurants.

In Whitby, Pearson Lane is a historical development that houses boutiques, cafes and services.

Nature is also front and centre, as Oshawa is home to wildlife preserves such as the Pumphouse Marsh, Second Marsh and McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve. Oshawa Botanical Gardens boasts North America’s largest contemporary peony collection.

In Whitby, more than 100 parks more than 60 kilometres of trails, including the Bio-Diversity Trail, the Cullen Central Park Trails, Otter Creek Trail and the Whitby Shores Waterfront Trail, await residents. The 670-acre Lynde Shores Conservation area is known for its wildlife and provides habitat for nesting birds.

Location, location, location

  • Located east of Toronto in York Region, Durham forms the east end of the GTA. Whitby 59 km from Toronto, Oshawa 62 km. Durham population 645,862; Oshawa 159,458; Whitby 128,377.

Key landmarks

  • Lynde Shores Conservation Area
  • Oshawa Botanical Gardens
  • Oshawa Centre
  • Tribute Communities Centre

Select housing developments


Eastmore Village by Delpark Homes

Ironwood by Podium Developments

O North Urban Towns by Greycrest Homes

Symphony Towns by Marlin Spring

Winchester Estates by Menkes Developments


Park Vista by Paradise Developments

Park Vista by Fieldgate Homes

Station No. 3 by Brookfield Residential

The Hamptons at Country Lane by Heathwood Homes


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Local Focus: Pickering & Ajax

Pickering and Ajax – enjoying the growth and poised for more

Latest News

Pickering and Ajax – enjoying the growth and poised for more

Located in the heart of Durham Region but just east of Toronto, Pickering and Ajax comprise one of the fastest growing areas in Ontario.

Pickering, for example, with a population already at about 94,000, is expected to grow to 190,000 people by 2031, drawn by the city’s divers and stable economy. Pickering is home to a variety of national and international companies, in industries such as energy, advanced manufacturing, logistics, and pharmaceutical.

The area also has available land and space to facilitate this growth. The Pickering Innovation Corridor boasts 800 acres of greenfield, prestige employment land, located along a limited access transportation route directly adjacent to the site of the future Pickering Airport.

Pickering is in major transition, with new growth targets set for the city. The new and developing community of Seaton, for example, is preparing to welcome 70,000 new residents and 35,000 new jobs.

Neighbouring Ajax is similarly prosperous, as the town has a well-deserved reputation for progressive thinking. Among the major projects underway is a redevelopment of the downtown, with new public spaces at Pat Bayly Square.

The future of downtown Ajax comprises a focus on “active, livable, innovative, vibrant and eco-focused,” according to the Town.

Lowrise living

Still sometimes considered suburbs of Toronto, Pickering and Ajax appeal to those in search of single-family and other ground-oriented homes, since, well, there is new lowrise home development in the area. And, like elsewhere in the GTA, “missing-middle” type housing such as townhomes, as well as condos, are also gaining popularity here.

Nautical Village, on Pickering’s waterfront, is a welcome natural amenity enjoyed by residents, with quaint shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as a splash pad and park. An expansive waterfront trail runs along Frenchman’s Bay and during the summer, Millennium Square hosts open air concerts.

Pickering and Ajax boast a number of golf courses, including Glen Cedars, Hawthorne Valley, Seaton Golf, Pickering Golf Club and Watsons’ Glen.

Ajax is home to Ontario’s only quarter horse racetrack, Ajax Downs, and for those who really love games of chance, there’s Casino Ajax.

Live and love in nature

Pickering is blessed with a natural location along Lake Ontario, with kilometres of waterfront greenspace. Add in more than 85 parks, sports fields and trails, as well as three conservation areas, public areas around Frenchman’s Bay and the Hydro Marsh, and it’s all a pretty unbeatable locale for nature lovers.

Ajax boasts its own expansive system of cycling and walking trails totally 74 kms. Veterans’ Point Garden commemorates the town’s history and is dedicated to the HMS Ajax, the DIL Plant and the employees who lived in Ajax during the World War II.

And being so close to Toronto, Pickering and Ajax naturally benefit from the transit and highway infrastructure expansion taking place in the area. Durham Region Transit and GO Transit, as well as Hwy. 401 as the main arterial hub west to the DVP into Toronto or east to Hwy. 115, getting around, to and from Durham Region has never been easier.

Location, location, location

  • Pickering and Ajax are located just east of Toronto in Durham Region; Pickering population, 94,000; Ajax population, 119,670

Key landmarks

  • Casino Ajax
  • Claremont Conservation Area
  • Frenchman’s Bay
  • Greenwood Conservation Area
  • Petticoat Creek
  • Pickering Town Centre
  • Veterans’ Point Garden

Select housing developments


A Towns by Paradise Developments

NuTowns by Madison Group

Seaton Whitevale by Mattamy Homes

Seatonville by Opus Homes

Seatonville by Deco Homes


A Towns by Fieldgate Homes

Harkins Ridge by Castleton Communities

Westney Place in Nottingham by Tribute Communities


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Local Focus: Vaughan

Vaughan is on the move – in more ways than one

Latest News

Vaughan is on the move – in more ways than one

Vaughan is a city on the move – quite literally, and in more ways than one. Located north of Toronto in York Region, Vaughan has long been one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada, with a population now exceeding 306,000.

Comprising the Woodbridge, Maple, Thornhill, Concord and Kleinburg communities, each with their own characteristics and enjoying their own growth, Vaughan is a hub of development and activity. Once known as the city above Toronto, it’s now “the place to be.” And with good reason.

Hub of activity

With Hwys. 400 and 407 right there, and Hwy. 7 also running through town, transportation and transit have long been important parts of Vaughan. Now they’re central to its future, with the new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre rapid transit station, the north terminus of the western section of the Toronto subway’s Line 1. It is also a major transit hub for York Region Transit and the Viva and Zum bus rapid transit services.

Economic growth is occurring in lockstep. Vaughan is now the third largest employment centre in the GTA after Toronto and Mississauga, and the largest contributor to York Region’s economy.

Manufacturing is the star economic performer here, accounting for 22 per cent of total employment, followed by construction, retail and wholesale trade, and transportation and warehousing. United Parcel Service, in fact, operates a signature shipping warehouse near Jane and Steeles.

In the near future, you can add healthcare to the mix of economic and lifestyle benefits, as the City has entered into a first-of-its-kind partnership with Mackenzie Health, York University and ventureLAB.

The City is leading the collaboration to transform an 82-acre parcel of land at Jane Street and Major Mackenzie Drive into the Vaughan Healthcare Centre Precinct. Vaughan, York University, Mackenzie Health and ventureLAB are to study to the best use of lands surrounding the site of the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital.

The goal of the collaboration is for the Vaughan Healthcare Centre Precinct to leverage resources to bring healthcare, innovation and jobs to this growing community.

“This feasibility study is an illustration of how partnerships can be truly effective when values, principles and beliefs are perfectly aligned,” says Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua. “The new state-of-the-art Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital will be a catalyst for other uses, like medical offices, labs and research space, healthcare incubators, and education and conference rooms related to healthcare. This is where thought leaders, subject matter experts and innovators will come together to advance a shared vision of healthcare innovation. This transformational collaboration will benefit the healthcare of residents of Vaughan and beyond.”

Lowrise living

Though Vaughan is noteworthy for a lot of condominium development centring around new transit infrastructure, there’s also noteworthy new lowrise communities in the area. This is where buyers come for expansive single-detached homes and large lots.

And once you’ve bought a home in Vaughan, Improve Canada will help you furnish and operate it. Located in Concord and more commonly known as the Vaughan Home Improvement Centre, the complex is a unique offering of about 400 home improvement stores.

Location, location, location

Located in the Regional Municipality of York; bounded by Brampton to the west, King to the north, Markham and Richmond Hill to the east and Toronto to the south; more than 273 sq. kms; population 306,233; includes the communities of Concord, Kleinburg, Maple, Thornhill and Woodbridge.

Key landmarks

  • Canada’s Wonderland
  • Kortright Centre for Conservation
  • McMichael Canadian Art Collection
  • Reptilia Zoo
  • Vaughan Home Improvement Centre
  • Vaughan Metropolitan Centre
  • Vaughan Mills

Select housing developments

Adesso Modern Towns by Capital North Communities

Copperwood by Sorbara Group

CountryWide Homes in Woodbridge by CountryWide Homes

New Kleinburg by Paradise Developments

New Kleinburg by Arista Homes

New Kleinburg by Fieldgate Homes

Port Royal Collection at Kleinburg Crown by Caliber Homes


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Fieldgate Homes & Paradise Developments

Fieldgate & Paradise collaborate in Whitby

Latest News

Fieldgate & Paradise collaborate in Whitby

For more than 60 years, Fieldgate has worked hard to provide the finest quality family homes and communities to thousands of satisfied homeowners. Year after year, the prolific builder has remained one of the GTA’s favourite builders by providing extraordinary quality and value to its homebuyers. In 2019, Fieldgate is excited to continue this tradition with numerous great homes available at top GTA locations. Continue reading to discover amazing value in a family home community near you.

West Whitby – Semis from the mid $500,000s at all-new Park Vista

Fieldgate Homes and Paradise Developments are excited to collaborate on an all-new community in West Whitby with Park Vista. Located just west of Brock Rd. on the north side of Taunton Rd., this magnificent new community of stylish family residences brings convenient family living home. Enjoy a wonderful community atmosphere just minutes from top rated shopping and schools, the all new Hwy. 412, Hwys. 407 and 401, Whitby GO station and more. Semi-detached residences in the first release will range from 1,400 to 2,065 sq. ft. and be priced from the mid $500,000s. Future releases will also include single detached home designs.

Kleinburg – move in soon at Impressions

Fieldgate Homes has a limited selection of early-closing inventory homes now available in Kleinburg’s highly acclaimed, award-winning Impressions community. Discover an amazing selection of 44-ft. four-bedroom homes over 3,200 sq. ft. Visit the presentation centre, located on Hwy. 27 just north of Major Mackenzie Dr. or visit the Impressions page on fieldgatehomes.com for more information.

Stouffville – new release of 30-, 36- and 40-ft. Singles at Blue Sky coming soon

Located just five minutes north of Markham, Blue Sky is an acclaimed community in central Stouffville. More than 1,500 families already call Blue Sky home. With easy access to beautiful parks, local schools, shopping and restaurants, residents here enjoy the benefits of life in a neighbourhood with all amenities already in place. At Blue Sky, you can commute to work with ease thanks to nearby GO Transit and Hwys. 404 and 407. On your days off, you’ll love having golf, ski hills, hiking and more all nearby. Register at fieldgatehomes.com today for more information.

West Brampton – 36-ft. Singles now available at Cobblestones South

At Cobblestones South, just north of the 407 and west of Mavis Rd. you can discover an exquisite selection of 36-ft. designs, many of which feature optional lofts that will bring the total interior space up to more than 3,400 sq. ft. with up to six bedrooms! With a wonderful collection of solid brick and stone homes to choose from, you are certain to find something that is perfect for your family here. Enjoy Brampton’s most convenient lifestyle with many major amenities nearby, including parks, schools, shopping, dining, easy access to Hwys. 400, 401 and 407, Brampton Transit, GO Transit and more.

Cobblestones South
Park Vista

Go online for information on any of these remarkable communities, sales centre locations, phone numbers and floor plans.


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The future is now in Brampton

The future is now in Brampton

Latest News

The future is now in Brampton

It’s one thing for a neighbourhood to be in transition, quite another for an entire city. But that’s precisely what’s happening in Brampton, where a concerted effort to bring the municipality into the future now, is yielding visible results.

In a city of about 600,000 – the third largest in the GTA and the ninth largest in Canada – Brampton has been booming for years. Consider, for example that current population is almost double what it was not even 20 years ago.

What’s attracting newcomers to Brampton in such numbers? In short – economic growth. Indeed, with major companies such as Loblaw Companies Ltd., Canadian Tire Corp., Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Ltd. and Rogers Communications Inc. having headquarters in the city, employment opportunities have been plentiful. Brampton’s economy in recent years has diversified to include sectors such as communications technologies, life sciences and business services.

Cybersecure catalyst

And even more recently, education. Just last month, for example, the City confirmed a collaboration with Ryerson University, outlining the required funding and resources needed for establishing the Ryerson University-led Innovation Hub and Cybersecure Catalyst in downtown Brampton. This includes the Chang School of Continuing Education expanding its cybersecurity courses; launching the Brampton Incubation/Innovation Hub; and the Cybersecure Catalyst, a new national centre for innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity.

“This is a very exciting move forward for Brampton, moving important projects with Ryerson University closer to reality,” says Mayor Patrick Brown. “These projects will help spur economic growth, create jobs and position Brampton as a hub for cybersecurity.”

Managing such growth requires planning, including the City’s Vision 2040, a long-term vision to reinvent Brampton. The plan includes such key transformations as including model new neighbourhoods; an improved transit network, new core loop, walking and cycling networks; better designed communities, handsome buildings; and sustainability built into everything.

Budgeting growth

Brampton’s 2019-21 budget proposal includes initiatives to that end, including increasing Brampton Transit’s fleet by 16 per cent over three years, adding 46 conventional buses and 25 Zum buses; creating a new Marketing and Foreign Direct Investment Program; and a Community Improvement Program to incentivize the economic sectors identified in Brampton’s Economic Development Master Plan.

It’s not all about business in Brampton, however. Proximity to nature also helps deliver quality of life in the city. Gage Park, Brampton’s oldest municipal park, opened in 1903; Heart Lake Conservation Area, occupying 169 hectares in the Etobicoke Creek watershed; and Chinguacousy Park, a 40-hectare park in the Bramalea section of town.

Location, location, location

• Population 593,638

• 42 kms from Toronto, 20 kms to Mississauga

Key landmarks

• Gage Park

• Heart Lake Conservation Area

• Chinguacousy Park

• Bramalea City Centre

• Shoppers World

Select upcoming housing developments

Beechwood by Paradise Developments; detached, semis and townhomes.

• FirstHome Sunny Meadow by The Daniels Corporation; townhomes.

Mayfield Village by Regal Crest Homes; singles, semis and townhomes.

Mount Pleasant North by Mattamy Homes; townhomes.

Union Mount Pleasant by Mattamy Homes; boutique midrise condominiums.

Upper Valleylands by Fieldgate Homes; townhomes and semis.

Vales of the Humber Estates by Regal Crest Homes, single-detached homes.

• Westfield by Royalpark Homes; detached and semis.


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Beechwood web

Beechwood grand opening draws unprecedented crowds

Latest News

Beechwood grand opening draws unprecedented crowds

Beechwood web

Coming off one of the most successful new home openings of the year, one of Brampton’s most coveted lowrise communities – Beechwood – has officially opened its doors.

Paradise Developments’ latest community drew record sales of more than 40 homes in just one day.

Beechwood represents a combination in comfort and elegance in a most sought-after location. Offering unprecedented choice to area buyers, this collection of family-sized townhomes, semis and detached homes embodies a lifestyle of convenience and luxury.

Ranging in size from 1,400 to 3,300 sq. ft., freehold townsat Beechwood begin from the mid $500’s, semis from the low $700’s and singles from the upper $700’s

Featuring striking architectural details, home exteriors include a combination of brick and stone detailing, architecturally designed streetscapes and elevations, insulated metal front entry doors with weather stripping and Thermopane vinyl Low-E casement windows. Our spacious open-concept floor plans boast nine-ft. ceiling heights, prefinished oak hardwood flooring in main principle rooms, oak main staircases and electric fireplaces. Chef-inspired kitchens feature custom quality cabinetry, double stainless-steel sinks with single lever faucets and ceramic tile flooring.

At Beechwood, every aspect of the community, including the parks and schools, are woven deeply into the natural fabric of life. Situated at Chinguacousyand Mayfield – minutes from downtown Brampton – Beechwood offers an exciting array of amenities, including world-class restaurants, cafes, and excellent shopping, including nearby Shoppers World Brampton and the Bramalea City Centre.

With the GO Station and Brampton’s transit hub conveniently close, and with connections to major Hwys. 401, 410, 403 and the 407, getting around the GTA is made easy. 

The Beechwood Sales Office is located at 885 Bovaird Dr. E. in Brampton. Hours of operation are Monday to Thursday from 1 to 8 p.m., Friday closed, and Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Contact bramptonsales@paradisedevelopments.com or 905.840.7135.





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OHBA 2018 Awards of Distinction

OHBA Awards of Distinction finalists named

Latest News

OHBA Awards of Distinction finalists named

The Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA) is pleased to announce the 2018 Awards of Distinction finalists. Judged by a panel of industry professionals from across Canada, the entries were submitted into 41 categories showcasing excellence in building, design, professional renovation, and sales and marketing. The complete list of finalists is available online at ohbaaod.ca/winners-finalists/.

The Awards of Distinction winners will be announced September 25, 2018 at the OHBA Conference in Ottawa.

Notably, OHBA will also announce the winner of the prestigious 2018 Ontario Home Builder of the Year award to a company that exemplifies outstanding professionalism and integrity within their business, industry and community.

This year, finalists are Tridel, Minto Communities and Great Gulf.

Finalists for the coveted Ontario Renovator of the Year award are Amsted Design-Build, OakWood and Lagois Design Build Renovate.

Until August 24, the public also has a chance to vote online for their favourite project and help decide who wins the 2018 People’s Choice Award (vote here https://www.ohbaaod.ca/). People’s Choice Award contenders are the top finalists in Project of the Year Lowrise and Project of the Year High or Midrise awards categories:

Geranium for Friday Harbour, HIP Developments for The Gaslight District, Minto Communities for Glen Agar, Mizrahi Developments for The One, North Drive Investments for One Forest Hill and Paradise Developments for High Point.

“This year, we’ve seen the rise of #homebelievers in Ontario – that is, government, builders, renovator, and local champions rallying around the great Canadian dream of home ownership,” said OHBA president Pierre Dufresne. “The OHBA Awards of Distinction has always celebrated that dream by recognizing excellence in homebuilding, professional renovation and sales and marketing; all of these efforts lead to more housing supply and choice in communities across Ontario.”

As #homebeliever champions, the OHBA believes in the great Canadian dream of home ownership by supporting more housing choice and supply across Ontario. OHBA is the voice of the residential construction industry in Ontario, representing 4,000 member companies organized into 29 local associations across the province.


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