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Easy ways to decorate your student dorm room

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Easy ways to decorate your student dorm room


In normal, pre-COVID-19 times, university students spend a lot of time in their dorm rooms, so sooner or later, even the most comfortable environment bores and starts to annoy. A person’s mood much depends on the place where he or she lives, so if you’ve noticed some changes in your mindset and behavior, consider making amendments in your interior. Before you begin, you should ask the corresponding authority permission to change the room because the rules of some colleges and universities prohibit it.

Finding inspiration is also a challenging task, so explore the following student room ideas, select the most appealing ones and make your room look more beautiful.

1. Change the wall color

You may paint the whole room or choose one wall to change its design. If you’re good at painting, you may create a picture on your wall. It may become the perfect background for photoshoots, so be sure that all your neighbors will like it. It’s the easiest way to refresh your room, but it takes time. That’s why we advise you to type in the search query “Help me with my science homework” and find the expert who’ll help you to deal with assignments.

2. Hang up a light string

Stop thinking that this decor is relevant only during Christmas. You may order an RGB diode strip that can change the colors and create a neon light to make your room look more futuristic and modern. Or give preference to calm and light colors that won’t distract the attention.

3. Buy a poster

The image doesn’t matter. It can be your favourite motivational quote, the portrait of a favourite actor, or the poster of the movie. Your task is to fill in some free space on the wall, and the picture is the best way to do it.

4. Place a full-length mirror

It’s not only the cool room decor for college students but also a useful thing. When you’re selecting the outfit for the day, you need to see yourself in full growth to understand whether the clothes match or not. Free some place for it in any part of the room and enjoy this decor.

5. Use an organizer

If you have a lot of stuff and don’t have a place to store it, it’s better to buy an organizer. This item lets you place cosmetics, textbooks, office supplies, jewelry and other little goodies. They are quite cheap and look stylish, so organizers can easily decorate your dorm room.

6.Create a photo wall

You surely have a lot of photos of your family and friends that remind you about the great times. Capture the moment and print them out, who knows what will happen to your phone. Place the photos under your bed in any order to keep these moments in memory.

7. Write a schedule board

If you’re not used to having a planner and mobile apps are also inconvenient, creating a schedule and hanging it over the desk is a great way to keep track of things. Students have lots of duties and work to do, so forgetting about important events is natural. Likewise, many of them forget about their assignments and miss the deadline. If you face such a situation, the best solution is to ask Google, “I need to pay someone to do my homework online,” and use the proposed options.

8. Lay a cosy carpet

Those people who adore sitting on the floor will appreciate this idea. Buy a nice shaggy carpet to make your floor warmer. Having this thing will let you organize the workspace right on the floor. Gather your friends and play games while sitting on the floor, if your bed is too small to accommodate all people.


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Lisa Canning

5 decluttering tips for busy parents

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5 decluttering tips for busy parents

Lisa Canning

By Lisa Canning

The juggle is real! Between laundry, dishes, picking up toys and getting on with regular life, anything we can do to make tidying up a breeze, so we can get back to actually living life, is a bonus. So if you’re a time strapped mom or dad who wants to gain a few more hours of freedom, here are my five essential decluttering tips for busy parents.

Deal with paper immediately

From permission slips to pizza lunch forms, paper can overrun a household. To ensure mounds of paper don’t build on all your surfaces, deal with paper immediately as it comes into your house. Dedicate 10 minutes (set a timer even) to go through paper as soon as you get into the house from kids’ backpacks or from the mailbox. Anything you can address in 10 minutes (such as signing a form, or filing a piece of correspondence), do immediately. Anything that needs more time to be addressed, coral in a tray to be dealt with when you are able. Commit to ensuring that tray of paper does not build up by clearing it out daily.

Eliminate the search

So much frustration occurs from having to look for something, especially when you are in a rush. Commit to having a dedicated place where regularly used items such as your keys, wallet and cellphone “live” while they are at home. For example, always put your purse on the same shelf in your closet when you enter the house, or have a hook near the front door where keys always get hung. Commit to the behaviour of placing the items in the same spot every time. For chronic key losers, try a product like Tile, which syncs with your phone to help you find your lost keys.


Commit to the one-third rule

Visual clutter can also make us feel really overwhelmed. As a rule, I ensure that any practical surface in my home – such as countertops, desk tops, coffee table – has no more than one-third of it covered with stuff. So this means only one-third of your kitchen counter has a coffee maker, small appliance or other decorative items on it, only one-third of your desk surface has a tray or paper on it, and no more than one-third of your coffee table has books, remotes or decorative items on it.


Keep your living room toy free

If space allows, keep toy storage out of your main living room. This is a really important tip for a busy parent’s sanity! Parents need at least one room that is peaceful, and orderly, at the end of a busy day. And let’s be honest, sometimes the last thing we want to do when we have been working hard for everyone is clean up a room full of toys. So store toys in a playroom, the basement or kids’ rooms. Toys will inevitably make their way into your living room so every day, at the end of the day, commit to tidying up by throwing anything that does not belong in this space in a large decorative basket to be taken to its appropriate home.


Practice the 15-minute rule

Living in an uncluttered home is the result of small actions every day. At the end of every day, involve the entire family in 15 minutes of tidying up. This is your chance to move through the main areas of your home and commit to this lifestyle. These small daily habits daily will make a huge dent in the order of your space and by extension, the overall quality of your family life at home.

Lisa Canning is a parenting, interior design and lifestyle expert in Toronto where she lives with her husband and seven children, ages nine and under. To learn more about her tips for managing a house and a large family, join her at the BabyTime Show for her live presentations Nov. 16-18.

While at the BabyTime show, be sure to pick up a copies of Reno & Decor, Active Life, Condo Life and HOMES Magazine.





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Collect, Sort and Store Household Items

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Collect, Sort and Store Household Items

By Sonia Presotto

Do you ever have the feeling that your house is just one big storage facility? And items that should be together are stored in multiple places? Like that time your daughter asked you for a paint mixing pallete. You were pretty certain one existed but couldn’t find it, and then ended up buying another. A couple of days later, you find two in another part of the house. Now you have three! Follow these helpful steps that will save you time and money in the long run so you can buy the items you actually need.


Take the time to identify what is in all your drawers and cupboards, closets and storage rooms. Collect like items from various sources in your household and gather them together in one spot. Discard any broken items and donate any items you no longer use.


If you can sort like items together it will help when it comes to finding storage options for them later. For example, all art supplies could be gathered together. Other piles can be made for stationary, games, recipes, batteries, first aid supplies, elastic bands, hair accessories, shoe care items, sewing tools and so much more. If you have more then one of these items, you need to group them together. It will amaze you how many pens you actually have! Or the number of used sun screen bottles kicking around that either have expired or haven’t expired so you can save money by not having to buy more for this summer or that trip you were planning.


Once you have collected and identify unique piles for all your items, you will have a better understanding of the type of storage options that are available to you. For example, storing art supplies may need a multiple shelf unit or cube system to set up in a designated closet or room. Shoe care items can easily be stored in a plastic container with lid and tucked nicely in the laundry room for easy access. If you have collected a variety of sun screen throughout the year, conveniently store them in a plastic container in the bathroom. I like to sort my stationary in a plastic storage tower with multiple drawers. You could put envelopes in one drawer, labels in another … pens, paperclips and other stationary items stored away nicely and conveniently in accessible drawers. Batteries can be stored all in one spot and be sure to designate a container for used batteries so you can dispose of them properly. The environment will thank you.




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