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by Catherine Daley
Photography, courtesy of Marz Homes

Four decades of homebuilding excellence

Historically, the cornerstone (foundation stone) was the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation. The entire structure was determined by this stone, as all the other stones would be set in reference to it. Over time, it became a ceremonial stone that was set in a prominent position, and was often inscribed with the construction date, architect or builder. As with any work of art, the creator should be recognized. Marz Homes has made a tradition of signing the completion of each home that they build with a brick bearing their name.

Some 60 years ago, Mike (Marzio) Pompeani started his career as a masonry contractor. In 1968 he built his first single family home in Hamilton – the original residents still reside there today. In 1978 he founded Marz Homes. In keeping with Pompeani’s original vision, little has changed when it comes to an unwavering commitment to build the best, possible, homes.

South Coast Village
South Coast Village


A generation later, the family has maintained Pompeani’s core philosophy, which is to build every home as if they were building it for themselves. This benchmark has left them in good standing with their customers. The recipients of many local, provincial and and national awards that recognize their designs, communities and community service, the one that stands out is the Homeowner Mark of Excellence, which is a national honour bestowed upon the builder that maintains a high level of customer service in a Canada-wide satisfaction survey. In addition, Marz Homes has been awarded the Hamilton-Halton Homebuilders’ Association Consumer Choice Award for two years in a row. “This is the type of recognition that matters,” says Dan Gabriele, president. “Our customers are the ones that we have to impress.”

You’re only as good as the people that you have working for you, and it’s here that Marz shines. As a builder and developer, Marz is able to maintain a hands-on approach to ensure that every component fits perfectly into the final vision.

A company can say that they are committed to customer service, but how they treat their own employees and contractors speaks volumes. Many trade contractors have been loyal to Marz Homes for as long as the company has been in business. This allows Marz to guide them through the best construction practices, in order to meet their customers’ expectations.


Marz Homes has witnessed incredible changes over the last four decades, especially as it relates to Hamilton. “Hamilton is great,” says Gabriele. “It offers a bevy of amenities. You have the urban aspect, as well as gorgeous, mature communities on the perimeter, in addition to wonderful natural features, like the escarpment, the lake and farmland. Whatever you want, Hamilton has it – and it’s affordable.”

The Lakewood model at Smithville Station
The Lakewood model at Smithville Station

Focusing on the areas that they’ve come know, Marz Homes recognizes the heightened potential, and popularity, of southwestern Ontario. Their demographic includes those who are starting out, and those who are now looking to downsize, and want less hustle and bustle. Towns, like Grimsby, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Crystal Beach and Cambridge fit the bill.

Dan Gabriele, president (left), presents the Arts Education & Community Arts Award at the Hamilton Arts Awards.
Dan Gabriele, president (left), presents the Arts Education & Community Arts Award at the Hamilton Arts Awards.


A sense of loyalty is reinvested back into the communities in which they build, and they feel a strong sense of obligation to give back. As a local employer in Hamilton, Marz supports the Canadian Cancer Society, Mac Kids, An Instrument for Every Child, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and arts-related initiatives. Of particular significance, Marz has helped to raise more than $700,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society, and was awarded Corporate Citizen of the year for their continued efforts.

In support of McMaster Children's Hospital
In support of McMaster Children’s Hospital

Along with their long-standing trade and supply partnerships, Marz Homes strives to build the best quality homes. “We develop and build communities,” says Gabriele. “We offer complete neighbourhoods.”



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