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A colourful Canadian balcony

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A colourful Canadian balcony

Photography By Valeria Wilcox

Private outdoor space is a dream come true for any urban city dweller. No matter how restricted your outdoor area is, there are plenty of design opportunities to personalize and enhance this space. We took a peek at a downtown Toronto balcony styled by LUX Design to get some small-space patio inspiration. This colourful balcony truly maximizes square footage while boasting big personality.

Your style doesn’t have to stop at the patio door. Whatever your design esthetic is, let your balcony be an extension of your home. This area is a great opportunity to show off your personality. Here, the homeowners’ style plays throughout the space – from the modern furniture to the joyful patterns and bright accessories.

“The use of vivid colours not only makes this balcony inviting and attractive, but helps brighten the most dreaery of days.”

Sunny skies ahead

The use of vivid colours not only makes this balcony inviting and attractive, but helps brighten the most dreary of days. Saturated hues of blue and yellow in the throw cushions and area rug emulate a sunny sky, popping perfectly against the white wall backdrop of this patio space.

The green advantage

Along with a selection of bright outdoor accessories, LUX surrounds this balcony with ample greenery. This addition of plants allows the space to feel like an oasis away from the bustle of the city. Layering lush foliage also helps to soften views of concrete buildings while supporting a sense of tranquility, allowing its users to feel relaxed.

Retreat & recharge

A balcony should be a place you crave spending time in. On this one, we provided ample opportunities for the homeowners to put their feet up; from the small sofa that doubles as a daybed to the two end tables. The patterned rug underfoot helps create a cosy and comfortable environment, while various pillows work to add another layer of relaxation.

Designer TIPS

Grey skies shouldn’t restrict your patio time – add bright colours here and there to liven everything up and make it feel like summer again

Incorporating tall planters and types of greenery – like ornamental grass – not only adds flair to your outdoor space, but provides privacy from neighbours

“While this balcony might appear small, it certainly doesn’t lack in functionality. It is a space to kick back and relax while offering a spot to sit down and eat breakfast or have a glass of wine after work.”

Small space essentials

While this balcony might appear small, it certainly doesn’t lack in functionality. It is a space to kick back and relax while offering a spot to sit down and eat breakfast or have a glass of wine after work. To achieve this practical and eye-catching space, LUX utilizes flexible outdoor furniture that can be easily moved around or moved out of the way. Opting for folding or stackable chairs, like the white metal ones shown is a great use of space. The choice of two mobile end tables instead of a single coffee table also allows for a more adaptable environment that can readily go from dining to seating. The furniture and accessories we selected are also versatile in that they work outdoors as well as inside during winter months.

Opportunities for storage are also a must-have for any outdoor patio. Try a water-resistant bamboo basket to hold your comfy blankets. Here, a shallow white console is added to hold dishes and decorative items. Its small footprint makes it the perfect addition to this vibrant balcony.

Designer TIPS Choose versatile accessories that can work both outside and indoors, as well as flexible furniture that can be easily moved around


SOFA/OTTOMAN: Cabana Coast RUG: Wayfair CHAIRS: Nuevo Living BISTRO TABLE: Mod Loft ACCESSORIES: Ikea, West Elm

Paige Johnston is a Canadian designer and strategist based in New York City. She collaborates and works often with Isabelle Boba, Interior Designer and Founder of LUX Design, the design studio that executed this colourful Canadian balcony. paigeajohnston.com & luxdesign.ca


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Decor Tips – The High Life

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Decor Tips – The High Life

A luxury suite claims its own personal style amidst dominant architecture and competing views.

Photography By Sarjoun Faour

Standing taller than any other tower in the city, the Shangri-La in Vancouver boasts impressive architectural features and is amongst the city’s most prestigious buildings. Luxuriously styled and modern minimalistic, this structure provides incomparable views of the bustling west coast metropolitan.

Adopting reflective elements is a great way to enhance and add light to any space.

LUX Design approached the interior design of their client’s suite within the Shangri-La with intent and purpose. Carefully balancing the client’s style with the character of the building and riveting scenery, a remarkably striking interior space was created.


Crisp white walls, rich hardwood floors and tall baseboards help set the scene in this high-end, high-rise suite. Floor-to-ceiling windows invite views of downtown skyscrapers, and offer a contemporary quality of construction.


Looking to create a masculine interior that would complement the space as opposed to competing with it, we were deliberate in selecting pieces with refined lines and unique elements with sophisticated finishes.

The selection of furniture also played a critical role in accentuating the space while maintaining a welcoming environment.

In a tight space, a great way to create the illusion of openness and grandeur is to utilize glass; this will allow your sightline to continue through the room without stopping.


In the living room, two lavish grey armchairs sit across from a modern chaise lounge. The low backs of these pieces invite accentuated views of the city from across the room to the windows. Echoing the clean lines of the architecture, a unique buffet in this area adds character, flair and premium storage space, borrowing elements in the style of mid-century modern.

While fewer pieces of furniture are required in smaller spaces like condos, ensure they are the most impactful in both function and style.

A custom-wood feature wall and fireplace— conceptualized and created by LUX Design—injects a tactile quality to the space and adds natural warmth. Continuing the linearity of the vertical wood wall, a textured area rug adds visual interest and overall comfort to the room.


Adding some weight to a space is important, however, in smaller areas it is important to do so in a way that does not visually overtake the room. An example of this is seen in the dining area. The sculptural table base creates a powerful yet subtle statement below the glass table top and globe light fixture above—a nod to the contemporary vibe of the Shangri-La.

The weightless contour of each dining room chair—inspired by classic 1960s silhouettes—helps balance the rich dark-brown leather seat. Playing within the scale and proportions of the dining room, a long console fills out the space perfectly, while not visually dominating the small area.

Not drawing too much attention away from the views outside of the adjacent window, a simple and exquisite piece of art hangs above the console, helping to complete the space and leaves a lasting impression for guests while reflecting the homeowner’s style.


The clean lines throughout the suite carry through to the bedroom area, where they can be seen in the bed linens and tables. Utilizing mirroredbedside tables not only provides storage, but helps to visually expand the room.

In alignment with the homeowner’s esthetic, we selected solid black lamps, which are balanced by their soft curvilinear shape and brightwhite shades.


To create a masculine palette in the family room, we integrated earthtone textiles, leather accents and hints of blue. A dark-metal table is nestled in closely to the plush sofa, allowing the homeowner to put his feet up at the end of a busy work day.

Using a warm-toned textural wallpaper assists in elevating and refining a room while still keeping it comfortable and casual.


So…how can you define your style and make a space your own amid dominant architecture and competing views? As shown in this Shangri-La suite, it is a careful balance between key elements and characteristics.

Choose finishes and furniture pieces that complement one another without competing against each other. Create visual interest through texture that echoes the architecture of the space and choose pieces that play up its style. Use reflective surfaces to create brightness and openness throughout, allowing for unobstructed views and ensuring that no single element dominates the space or feels too heavy. Finally, inject your own style in bold but subtle ways, like a large piece of art against a stark white wall or a hint of your favourite colour throughout.

SOURCES – LIVING ROOM: CHAISE: Van Gogh, Ginger custom chaise; WALLPAPER: Metro brown grasscloth, vinyl DINING ROOM: DINING TABLE: Suite 22, Cattelan Italia Skorpio round dining table CEILING LIGHT ABOVE TABLE: Sescolite, 14U51 9-globe sculpture pendant BEDROOM: BED: Van Gogh, Skyler custom double bed with velvet upholstery BEDSIDE TABLE LAMPS: Surya, BRY-341 black textured mid-century base with white shade

Isabelle Boba is the Principal and Founder of LUX Design specializing in creating award-winning, luxurious residential spaces for clients within Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. luxdesign.ca


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