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In Conversation With Brian Sutherland, Director of Development, Argo Development Corp.

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In Conversation With Brian Sutherland, Director of Development, Argo Development Corp.

There’s something big happening in Mississauga, specifically in the Lakeview area of Port Credit.

Perhaps you’re familiar with Lakeview, the former location of the Lakeview Generation Station, demolished in 2007. Or maybe you’ve been following the development plans for this prized, expansive lakefront location.

More likely, if you’ve driven by the area recently, is that you’ve noticed some new activity on the site – notably a striking, 1,600-ft. hoarding featuring the works of local artists. It’s an immediately noticeable sign that things are on the move for this development, and that soon, Lakeview Village, eventually comprising 8,000 new homes and 20,000 residents, will come to life.

Brian Sutherland, director of development for Argo Development Corp., the lead developer for Lakeview Village, discusses the plans for the transformation of Mississauga’s waterfront into Canada’s most innovative and sustainable mixed-use community.

And we have to say, impressive doesn’t do it justice.

The recent unveiling of the art installation is a significant step for Lakeview Village – a symbol of what’s to come and a signal to area residents that things are on the move. Why was it so important to make such a noticeable statement, and involving local artists?

Creating a hub for arts and culture is deeply embedded in the vision of Lakeview Village. Through this artist collaboration, we created in partnership with Artscape Atelier, and launched a platform for artists during the construction process while laying the groundwork for the future community. Our team is very passionate about the concept of placemaking, and these bold, beautiful artistic works make the site a vibrant and enjoyable place for locals and visitors. And although our original plan did not anticipate a global pandemic, we felt even more dedicated to this project and the employment opportunities it presented for artists to earn income during this particularly difficult period.

The murals also significantly enhance our sunflower program: One million sunflowers have been planted next to the art installations and are set to bloom alongside the works in late August. This is the second year in a row for the sunflower program, and we’re excited to welcome people back to experience their impressive beauty.

What will be the next noticeable sign of activity? Your project timeline shows the Discover Centre opening in late 2020…

The Lakeview Village Discovery Centre will a be a modern, welcoming space where we will showcase the vision for the project and its exciting regional impact, as well as the work of our neighbours and partners, including the adjacent Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area. We also envision the Centre being a safe gathering place for the community that we can offer for activities and events throughout the construction phase. This exciting space will also serve as our future sales centre.

Implications of the pandemic have delayed our original plans to open the Discovery Centre by the end of this year. We’re now aiming to open its doors in the spring of next year.

The timeline also shows breaking ground in Q1 2021 for phase one… Is that still on track, and what will be included in phase one?

We still anticipate earthworks occurring in 2021. Our goal for the first phase is to start with excavations, followed by beginning to install key servicing infrastructure. These foundations will be key components to bringing the community to life.

What are the timelines for the other phases?

The project will be developed in multiple phases and our focus right now is on Phase 1. By 2025, we anticipate first occupancies occurring in our first phase blocks, which will be in sync with the completion and opening of the project’s many parks and the adjacent Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area. We are currently evaluating and advancing plans and timelines for future phases. We hope that businesses are drawn to Lakeview in the near future and we (in partnership with the City of Mississauga Economic Development Office) can start construction within the Lakeview Innovation District and establish this district in the early phase of development as well.

What is the breakdown of housing types, highrise versus mid- and lowrise, and the approximate timelines?

The 177-acre project will combine diverse high-quality housing options for all lifestyles and life stages. The council-endorsed master plan allocates approximately 60 per cent of residential builds to be midrise, 10 per cent townhouses and 30 per cent highrise, creating around 8,000 residential units.

As a true mixed-use community, residential areas will be integrated alongside retail, commercial and recreational areas. This will include almost two million sq. ft. of office and institutional space, plus thousands of sq. ft. in retail, hotel and educational spaces.

As for the timeline, we’re working with the City of Mississauga through our development approval process right now with hopes of securing planning approvals by the end of 2020, allowing us to begin detailed engineering design, earthworks and servicing in 2021. This will be a multiphased project with a buildout over 10 years or more.

When can prospective buyers expect to be able to actually purchase at Lakeview Village?

We are hopeful that the first phase of unit sales will go forward in fall 2021.

Lakeview Village’s homebuilding partners include Branthaven Homes and Greenpark Group. What other builders might be involved?

Lakeview Village’s development is led by Lakeview Community Partners Limited (LCPL), which is an unprecedented collaboration between five community builders, including TACC Construction Ltd, Greenpark Group, CCI Development Group, Branthaven Homes and Argo Development Corp. Each developer plays an important role in the project. I find it incredibly rewarding to work with true innovators and leaders in the industry on something as unique and exciting as Lakeview Village. We are seeking to create Canada’s most transformative mixed-use waterfront community, bringing new life to Mississauga and connecting residents to this portion of Lake Ontario for the first time in decades.

The list of amenities for this new community looks very impressive. What are the top highlights, in your view?

What we’re creating at Lakeview Village will rival the world’s most acclaimed waterfront developments. One thing that really jumps out at people when they visit the site or look at the plan is the pier. We have one of the longest piers on Lake Ontario in our development. It was created to bring coal to the power plant, but we’re going to reimagine it as a place for the community to gather and to draw tourism and events. It will be fully open to the public, and it’s something no other community can match.

We’re planning on delivering more than 67 acres of land back to the city through the waterfront park, the pier, cultural lands and space for employers across sectors. This is in addition to several new parks, more than three kilometres of waterfront trails, and connections to bordering parks in the surrounding regions. After years of being cut off from Lake Ontario, we want residents and visitors to be able to reconnect with the water and create an unparalleled urban waterfront experience.

Our commitment to reviving the natural landscape also includes the collaboration with Credit Valley Conservation (CVC). This includes restoring Serson Creek – an extensive project that will realign and restore the creek back to its original and natural location as part of the conservation area, revitalizing habitat for wildlife and nature in the region. We are also supporting CVC, which is building the Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area, a 64-acre coastal conservation area that attract both wildlife and fish species back into the rebuilt habitat. Another exciting and vital component of the project is the Lakeview Innovation District, which will be a new business corridor with a variety of employment, institutional and educational uses. The District presents the opportunity to bring 9,000 jobs and attract innovative companies to the region, creating a true mixed-use community with significant economic impact. The city of Mississauga has so much potential and we strongly believe this hub will attract top talent, new employers and innovation to the city’s already established business sector.

How will Lakeview Village pay homage to the Lakeview Generation Station, the decommissioned coal-fired power plant whose former site the community will be built on? The plant, with its smokestacks known locally as the “Four Sisters,” had been a part of the local history since the early 1960s…

This site has a rich and interesting history – something we very much respect and keep top of mind as we plan for the future of this community. The former power plant delivered electricity to the region, which helped facilitate the considerable growth of Mississauga and the Region of Peel over the past 60 years. But it also produced heavy pollution in the form of smog days and contributed to the disconnect between the community of Lakeview and their access to Lake Ontario. We’ve been given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform this former polluting utilitarian site and make it a vibrant, sustainable place to live by the lake.

One of the most exciting outcomes of the plant’s demolition is that we were able to donate more than 200,000 tonnes of concrete from the former foundations of the power plant to the Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area being built next to our project. The former foundations of a polluting coal burning powerplant will forever be the foundation to a new coastal conservation area. This creates an incredible start to the revitalization of the waterfront in southeast Mississauga.

What would you like to say to potential buyers, who may be watching all this unfold, perhaps have lived in the area, and are looking to see what buying opportunities there might be coming at Lakeview Village?

To either future buyers, locals or people who have been following Lakeview’s story, I would say get excited and get vocal! Our team is incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated to the vision for Lakeview Village – an urban experience that will transform Mississauga’s waterfront into Canada’s most innovative and sustainable mixed-use community. It will be waterfront revitalization done right, and be a place to live, work, play, learn and enjoy.

We always encourage people who are interested in the project to use their voice, whether that’s to share their visit to the murals on social or connecting with local government representatives to share their thoughts and support for the future of this community.



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Enjoy a staycation year-round in a condo

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Enjoy a staycation year-round in a condo

The term “staycation” was coined to represent people staying home during their holiday time and enjoying activities like they were on vacation. Pandemic aside, life in a condominium offers year-round resort-style benefits, with beautiful amenities under – and often on top of – your roof. Essentially, you can enjoy a “staycation” whatever the season. It all starts with the freedom from worrying about building maintenance, repairs and upkeep, which all contribute to the holiday “mood.”

As for the fabulous amenities within these buildings, who could ask for more? There are varying combinations of swimming pools, whirlpools, saunas, outdoor terraces with lush landscaping, rooftop terraces with barbecue areas, water features, fitness facilities, seating arrangements, virtual golf, theatres, party rooms… When you live in a condominium, a mini-vacation is always just an elevator ride away! From spending time with family and friends in one of these common areas to simply lounging on the rooftop terrace drinking in the views, fun and relaxation are always close at hand.

If your condo is beside the lake, even better. And if you are fortunate enough to live on top of a five-star hotel, you have the ultimate in vacationstyle living at your fingertips, with access to housekeeping services, valet parking and room service. The amenities in condominiums really do expand your lifestyle potential far beyond the square footage of your suite.

Wonderful waterfront

Of course, those who have purchased new condominiums, especially first-time buyers, may find their budget does not allow for a holiday the first year or two. The great news is that Toronto and the GTA are great places to live, with a multitude of seasonal activities, events, concerts, festivals and other get-togethers on the post-pandemic calendar.

Those for whom the “dog days of summer” include taking along their dogs, Toronto features several parks with off-leash zones. And of course, being a waterfront city, Toronto has wonderful harbourfront, with activities for all ages. Lake Ontario provides striking, ever-changing vistas throughout the year.

Whatever you consider fun, explore our beautiful city and its surroundings for eclectic restaurants from fast food to fine dining, live theatre, outdoor and indoor concerts, sports events, museums, art galleries and shopping, shopping, shopping. Once the pandemic is behind us, the possibilities will again be endless.

Peace of mind

And when you live in a condo and choose to go away on an actual vacation, the holiday feeling begins the moment you lock the door to your condo suite and leave, knowing your home will be protected and looked after. The peace of mind that brings is priceless. No more worrying about the lawn getting long or snow piling up while you’re away.

Cottages are wonderful and vacations are exciting. But in a condo, resort-style living is an everyday occurrence. Convenience, luxury and equity potential are all part of the condominium experience. Whatever your age and family configuration, there is a condo out there that will fit your personal preferences and staycation needs.

Barbara Lawlor is president and CEO of Baker Real Estate Inc., winner of the pinnacle 2017 Riley Brethour Award from BILD, and an indemand columnist and speaker. A member of the Baker team since 1993, she oversees the marketing and sales of condominium developments in the GTA and overseas. Keep current with The Baker Blog at blog.bakerrealestate.com


Outdoor lovers love condos

The condo buyer when money is no object




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Prince Edward County an island escape just east of Toronto

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Prince Edward County an island escape just east of Toronto

Prince Edward County (PEC) is known as that special gem that sparkles with art, food, wine and beaches on Lake Ontario’s northeastern shore. Enterprising people, with creative sensibilities, have turned the County into a wonderful destination in which to live, and to visit.

Waupoos Estates Winery
Waupoos Estates Winery


The County is garnering a highly respected reputation for their award-winning wineries, craft beers and ciders. PEC received it’s DVA (Designated Viticultural Area) designation in 2007. Always known for the quality of its agricultural products, it’s now the fastest growing region in Ontario with more than 40 wineries in the area, including Hillier Creek Estates & Winery, Waupoos Estates Winery and Sandbanks Estate Winery.

Canoeing, Cruising Canoes
Canoeing, Cruising Canoes

At Kinsip House of Fine Spirits, sip from a wide range of offerings, and hangout at the farm with its heritage hops barn and funky chickens. The County Cider Company has some of the best views in the area, as well as some of the finest cider.

At Littlejohn Farm, you can book accommodation for a unique farm-stay experience. Wine tours and workshops are also available. You might want to try; Butchery and an Introduction to Charcuterie.


This municipality in southern Ontario is best known for its beaches and towering limestone cliffs. Sandbanks Provincial Park is the most popular with its white sand beaches, sand dunes and clear blue water. North Beach Provincial Park is a smaller version, and there’s no overnight camping at this location.

Located in the heart of Wellington, is Wellington Rotary Public Beach. Here, parking is free and a boardwalk lines the beach.

Wellington Museum
Wellington Museum


Prince Edward County is a creative hotspot for artists of varied genres. Painters, potters, jewellers, textile and glass artisans are inspired by the County’s rolling countryside, sandy beaches, and verdant vineyards. Find one-of-a-kind art treasures on The Arts Trail, the PEC Studio Tour and the Barn Quilt Tour.

Visit the inspiring sculpture garden at Oeno Gallery. The Sybil Frank Gallery features fine art ranging from landscapes to contemporary pieces. Join a creative workshop or become an artist-in-residence at Spark Box Studio.

Kinsip Distillery
Kinsip Distillery


The Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory (PEPtBO) is a resting place for migratory birds working their way across Lake Ontario. The observatory is open to visitors in the spring and in the fall.

Point Petre Wildlife Conservation Area is also known as one of Canada’s best bird sighting areas.

Bird House City encompasses 100 miniature reproductions of local buildings. Take a walk on the 20 kilometres of maintained trails.

Painting at Point Petre
Painting at Point Petre


Historic walking tours of Picton are offered by History Lives Here Inc. The 1830 Macaulay House can be found in Macaulay Heritage Park, as well as the Church of St. Mary Magdalene (now a museum), and the beautiful Heritage Gardens. The home belonged to Reverend William Macaulay, son of a United Empire Loyalist, who donated most of the land on which Picton is now situated. A new escape room is to open soon at Macaulay House, and Graveyard & Gallow Tours are held at Macaulay Heritage Park during the summer months.

The Regent Theatre in Picton is a rare example of an Edwardian opera house. Toronto architects, Warrington and Page, transformed an 80-year old former warehouse into a movie theatre. It opened on November 2nd, 1918 and a ticket cost .25 cents. Further renovations made room for live theatre in 1922. Hard times led to the closure of The Regent in 1980, but it reopened in 1992 with a limited schedule. Major renovations in 2010 included an enhanced sound system, digital cinema and comfortable seating.

Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards and Estate Winery
Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards and Estate Winery


Flame + Smith, in Bloomfield, embraces the exciting art of wood-fire cooking. Stella’s Eatery and Jackson’s Falls are both Indigenous-inspired restaurants. Chef Chris Byrne and Tamara Segal host forage- and plantbased pop-ups throughout the year.

Take a self-guided Taste Trail tour of sustainable farms, wineries, cafes and restaurants. In celebration of fine dining with prix fixe menus, Countylicious is held in April and November.

Photography, courtesy of Prince Edward County


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Room to grow

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Room to grow

With a view that takes in Lake Ontario and the vivid greenery of the Toronto Islands, and a location that places you within easy walking distance of Toronto’s downtown amenities and cultural life, Greenland’s new Lakeside Residences is already an attractive proposition for most homebuyers.


Seven glittering towers set on 3.85 acres of Toronto’s most exciting urban neighbourhood — at Lake Shore Boulevard and Lower Jarvis Street — not only brings upwards of 2,000 new residential units to the market, but also 30,000 square feet of retail space in a transformative move that will create a very special urban waterfront community.

After the success of the Phase One Sky Suites launch, Greenland Group now unveils Park Suites – a collection of unique family- friendly units with flexible floorplan designs.

Between floors two and 15, the Park Suites offer families, and those looking for more flexible living space, a selection of clever customizable floorplans. The layouts will prove extremely popular with anyone with children or regular overnight guests. With interiors created by award-winning designers Cecconi Simone, every suite reflects clean, contemporary, customizable luxury and the latest in residential innovations.


Recognizing the growing trend for condo families in the city, Greenland was driven to create suites that would offer greater living flexibility and comfort for residents of all ages.

Add to that the temptations of the luxurious amenities — including a rooftop pool, fitness suite, children’s play room, fireplace lounge, cabanas and saunas — and you have the makings of one of the most desirable new developments in the GTA. Lakeside Residence’s Park Suites give residents room to grow and a vibrant community to live, work and play in.

For more information visit http://lakesidetoronto.com/


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Designer Touch: Lakeside Living

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Designer Touch: Lakeside Living

An empty nest couple elevate their lakeside home to accentuate the view and accommodate easy entertaining

By. Gabriele Pizzale

Photography By: Mike Chajecki

Blessed with an abundance of friends and five grown children who visit often, this couple with two dogs craved an open-concept home that could accommodate easy entertaining; the fact that the house backs onto Lake Ontario is an added bonus. To do justice to the gorgeous lakeside view, this tired, old bungalow received a major facelift, alongside a generous bedroom addition. All new millwork, finishes and furniture basically transformed the entire home.


As their designers, we were excited to go on this journey with them, and create a very welcoming design that is also polished. They wanted a west-coast feel, which worked well because it is a waterfront property. This earthy design scheme, with a touch of rustic charm, allowed for the interiors to complement the beautiful outdoors. The view of the lake is breathtaking, and the sunrises are outstanding. Therefore, installing new floor-to-ceiling windows ensured that the homeowners could enjoy the scenery to the fullest extent. By choosing a black frame on all the windows, we not only updated the space, but this colour choice makes the view pop out of a framed-like picture hanging on the wall!


To separate the two-storey entrance from the sitting room, we installed an MDF screen as a room divider. This creates a cosy nook to snuggle and watch TV in. Soft-linen sheers are used throughout the space; they diffuse the light and provide some privacy when needed. Walnut, live-edge wood and natural fabrics create a warm and inviting space.


The kitchen is the focal point of the main floor, as it is open to every other room. Its cabinetry has walnut-slab doors, which are accented with dark-charcoal gables in the lower half; the same dark charcoal was applied to the island to ground it. The two quartz countertops from Cambria are contrasted in colour to add visual interest. We selected Harlech for the island because it has amazing movement to it, and it offers a bit of sparkle, which appealed to the homeowner’s glamorous side. The minimal hardware of brushed nickel was purposeful, as to not take away from the gorgeous walnut grain of the cabinetry.


A large, square walnut dining table and grand banquette allow for a maximum number of guests at the table. It is cosy yet spacious. The same fabric was used on the dining chairs, counter stools as well as the banquette; it is a practical fabric that can be spot-cleaned if necessary, always handy when a space gets a lot of use!


Lighting is such an important aspect of any project; we always strive to source something unique and unexpected. Scale is also key, bigger is better! For this project, we wanted the rustic elements to soften some of the more modern lines of the furniture and millwork.


Getting lost in the view is easy to do. The colours of nature are reflected in the fabrics of the upholstery, which are all sourced from Kravet and offer a relaxed luxury. Solid-coloured sofa and chairs are enlivened with cutvelvet cushions that play off the abstract rug. An added bonus of this rug is that it will hide a multitude of sins, like dog footprints.


With all the entertaining they do, the couple needs an oasis to call their own, and their master bedroom addition fits the bill perfectly as the ultimate retreat. From the moment you enter the room, you see the distinct accent wall of modular walnut slats. The room is quite spacious, with larger scale furniture filling it, yet it still feels cosy. The chairs were completely restyled and recovered, giving the existing furniture new life. Custom nightstands were designed to echo the side table. The lavish vaulted ceiling called for an impactful light fixture, this one is a combination of rustic sophistication. Kravet fabric was also used to make the unique custom cushions on this king-sized bed.


No master suite would be complete without a stunning bathroom. When we saw this tile we knew it was perfect for the space. It resembles worn barn board, but had a light feel so the vibe would still remain fresh. Custom vanities in white oak, stained soft grey were a good balance to the oil-rubbed bronze faucets and accessories. We especially love the oil rubbed bronze frame in the shower, which mimics the black window frames in the rest of the house.

Pale Oak – Benjamin Moore


When guests come to stay, they have the luxury of their very own bathroom. This main bath has an inlay of mosaic tile that encompass all the colours of the home. Oil-rubbed bronze faucets create a nice contrast to the light finishes. The worn-wood mirror frame and sea-inspired artwork are both reminiscent of the lake. All of these elements created a comfortable and welcoming bath for guests to use.


These homeowners were a joy to work with and so appreciative of their new home. They are a down-to-earth couple who didn’t want a fussy look but certainly are at a stage in their life to have a sophisticated space. The wide-open plan and incredible lake view certainly contribute to the wow-factor in their home. Natural and practical fabrics, walnut wood and clean lines create a timeless beauty they can enjoy for years to come.


FABRICS Kravet; COUNTERS Cambria; PAINT OC 20 Pale Oak Benjamin Moore; TILE Ciot Furniture SITTING ROOM SIDE TABLES Crate & Barrel; STOOLS and DINING CHAIRS ISA International Inc.; SOFA, Upholstered CHAIRS Kravet; NIGHT STANDS Geovin; LIGHTING KITCHEN ISLAND Kichler Lighting; DINING TABLE, MASTER BATH Elk Lighting; LAMPS Uttermost Lighting; MAIN BATH Hinkley Lighting CARPETS Surya; PLUMBING FIXTURES Kitchen Pfister; BATH Delta

Pizzale Design Inc. loves to infuse colour and pattern into every project, while offering liveable luxury. Most important is their process for design and efficient project management, which bring your vision to life. You may recognize Gabriele Pizzale from her 12-year stint as a design expert on Cityline. Pizzale Design Inc.


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