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Product showcase – kitchens

Product showcase – kitchens

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Product showcase – kitchens

Small. Simple. Stunning.

The stunning ENA 8 Super-Automatic espresso machine from Jura is defined by its compact design, cylindrical water tank, TFT display and brilliant colour variations. Using whole beans, it’s simple to prepare specialty coffees including cappuccinos, lattes and espresso in just one touch. This compact machine is perfect for small and large kitchens.


Exotic collection

Every year, Vicostone quartz surfaces introduces new colours to their collections. This year, the Exotic Collection features a unique quartz composition Gan Eden BQ8881, inspired by a sky of floating, puffy clouds of various shapes and sizes. This new addition is sought out by designers looking for an engineered stone that is easy to maintain all the while resembling natural stone, making it the perfect balance of functionality and beauty.


Classic craftsmanship

In the game of chess, you sometimes have to retreat in order to advance. The same is true of design. The new Brizo Rook kitchen collection is a perfect illustration of this: forward-thinking, yet rooted in tradition. Its classic craftsmanship style is reminiscent of an early 20th century esthetic, while contemporary, feminine touches elevate and modernize the look. Offered in five luxurious colours, including the new Brilliance Polished Gold, it is sure to fit any kitchen design. Available at an Ensuite bath & kitchen showroom near you.


Pretty practical

Soapstone is an excellent choice for countertops and sinks because it is non-porous and, therefore, resistant to stains and bacteria. Soapstone does not require chemical sealants and withstands extreme temperatures. The natural-honed matte finish and silky smooth texture give this stone a timeless elegance and beauty.


Bold statement piece

Drawing on inspiration rooted deep in Americana, Kohler introduces the Graze Kitchen Faucet. This bold statement piece conjures memories of the spikes that built railroads — the steel industry where iron was forged. Breaking from the norm of more delicate smooth round lines, the bold square base and unique strong silhouette is eye-catching on your counter, and a design to complement most every home.


Renovators dream shop

Beyond Marble and Granite is committed to finding the ideal kitchen or bath design to suit your budget and lifestyle, offering a wide selection of quartz and granite countertops, BMG also has a wide selection of mosaics and backsplashes, porcelain tile, faucets, sinks, and more. The team at BMG believe that every project deserves to be a masterpiece, whether big or small. Installing quartz or granite countertops adds value and beauty to any room in your home, office or cottage. Visit the Vaughan showroom for all your renovation needs.


Custom cabinetry

JH Kitchens is a family-owned business that has been operating for almost 10 years. Their team of experts specialize in custom cabinetry and design, and work with you to meet your every need. From the initial stages of consultation, home visits, followups, and installation, they are dedicated to working with each and every client to achieve exactly what they envision to be their dream kitchen. They offer the highest quality, with a diverse selection of designs, at the best price. Their primary goal is to ensure a customer’s complete satisfaction.


Set a bold tone

Caesarstone is launching a new collection featuring four new colours for 2020. The Dark Collection embraces a contemporary trend in kitchens and bathrooms that has recently set a bold tone. From the classic luxury of Empira Black to the matte infinity of Piatto Black via the evocative patinas of rusted Oxidian and weathered Black Tempal, this dark collection presents an intriguing range of captivating hues that bring warmth to the home and an emotional caress to the stone. Shown here, Oxidian.



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Product Profile: Irpinia Kitchens

Product Spotlight: Irpinia Kitchens

Latest News

Product Spotlight: Irpinia Kitchens

A new strategic alliance for a market leader

For over half a century, Irpinia Kitchens has provided a luxurious brand of fine cabinetry to North Americans. Irpinia’s relentless dedication to high-quality products and leading-edge custom designs has been at the core of the company’s longevity and success.

Founded in 1960, Irpinia is nothing short of a Canadian success story. The company’s philosophy was founded on taking quality beyond expectations and then raising the bar even higher. Irpinia’s team of highly skilled craftsmen and artisans complement its very close working relationships with suppliers and trade partners. The company carefully selects the finest woods and raw materials from top suppliers that maintain the highest environmental and sustainability standards. Irpinia manufactures all custom selections in its state-of-the-art facility in Richmond Hill, allowing the company to achieve the highest level of quality and a customer experience like no other in the industry.

Irpinia has positioned itself in the industry as a trendsetter. Irpinia’s talented designers combine the best of the best of European flare with an infusion of character and functionality. The company has earned a reputation for unlimited customization and attention to the finer details, both of which are important elements to achieve highly sophisticated and unique designs which ultimately result in that “Wow!” factor.

Irpinia’s brand has attracted some of the world’s most famous celebrities, distinguished clientele and high-profile residential developers for decades, completing some of the most complex and innovative cabinetry projects globally. This has strengthened the company’s reputation in the industry as the go-to company for new, relevant and exciting designs.

The cabinet manufacturing industry in North America is continually evolving and Irpinia has proven its ability to stay ahead of the curve.

Recently, the company entered into a new strategic alliance with a group of young and talented entrepreneurs. The new partnership will combine Irpinia’s historical philosophies of quality products and trendsetting designs with modern technologies, strong awareness of the customer experience and high-level engineering.

“We are very excited about the partnership,” says Nick Rossi, part owner of Irpinia since 1985. “New ideas, new energy combined with the same core values. Irpinia is going to the next level, and we are excited to be a part of it.”

Investment is already underway through the implementation of critical hi-tech systems and processes that are robust yet flexible. Expansion plans are being executed, which include investment in highly advanced machinery equipped with the newest industrial science.

Department leaders are focused on recruitment, building a force of talented and skilled staff trained in proven customer service protocol.

“Irpinia has always been recognized as an industry leader for quality and innovation,” says Anu Agarwal, Irpinia’s CEO. “The new partnership will leverage Irpinia’s traditional strengths with modern thinking to enhance Irpinia’s position as the market leader in the custom cabinetry industry.”

As the industry adapts and grows, Irpinia is poised and ready to take on new and exciting challenges and to continue its legacy as the premium brand in North America.


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