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Product Profile: Irpinia Kitchens

Product Spotlight: Irpinia Kitchens

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Product Spotlight: Irpinia Kitchens

A new strategic alliance for a market leader

For over half a century, Irpinia Kitchens has provided a luxurious brand of fine cabinetry to North Americans. Irpinia’s relentless dedication to high-quality products and leading-edge custom designs has been at the core of the company’s longevity and success.

Founded in 1960, Irpinia is nothing short of a Canadian success story. The company’s philosophy was founded on taking quality beyond expectations and then raising the bar even higher. Irpinia’s team of highly skilled craftsmen and artisans complement its very close working relationships with suppliers and trade partners. The company carefully selects the finest woods and raw materials from top suppliers that maintain the highest environmental and sustainability standards. Irpinia manufactures all custom selections in its state-of-the-art facility in Richmond Hill, allowing the company to achieve the highest level of quality and a customer experience like no other in the industry.

Irpinia has positioned itself in the industry as a trendsetter. Irpinia’s talented designers combine the best of the best of European flare with an infusion of character and functionality. The company has earned a reputation for unlimited customization and attention to the finer details, both of which are important elements to achieve highly sophisticated and unique designs which ultimately result in that “Wow!” factor.

Irpinia’s brand has attracted some of the world’s most famous celebrities, distinguished clientele and high-profile residential developers for decades, completing some of the most complex and innovative cabinetry projects globally. This has strengthened the company’s reputation in the industry as the go-to company for new, relevant and exciting designs.

The cabinet manufacturing industry in North America is continually evolving and Irpinia has proven its ability to stay ahead of the curve.

Recently, the company entered into a new strategic alliance with a group of young and talented entrepreneurs. The new partnership will combine Irpinia’s historical philosophies of quality products and trendsetting designs with modern technologies, strong awareness of the customer experience and high-level engineering.

“We are very excited about the partnership,” says Nick Rossi, part owner of Irpinia since 1985. “New ideas, new energy combined with the same core values. Irpinia is going to the next level, and we are excited to be a part of it.”

Investment is already underway through the implementation of critical hi-tech systems and processes that are robust yet flexible. Expansion plans are being executed, which include investment in highly advanced machinery equipped with the newest industrial science.

Department leaders are focused on recruitment, building a force of talented and skilled staff trained in proven customer service protocol.

“Irpinia has always been recognized as an industry leader for quality and innovation,” says Anu Agarwal, Irpinia’s CEO. “The new partnership will leverage Irpinia’s traditional strengths with modern thinking to enhance Irpinia’s position as the market leader in the custom cabinetry industry.”

As the industry adapts and grows, Irpinia is poised and ready to take on new and exciting challenges and to continue its legacy as the premium brand in North America.


Visit online to see what is new and exciting.



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Design/Build Expert: Kitchen Talk

Design/Build Expert: Kitchen Talk

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Design/Build Expert: Kitchen Talk

by Brendan Charters

Annual Kitchen Design Trends Review

Early each year, we fall upon home show season when design industry leaders lay out the newest ideas to help make everyone just a little self-conscious about the state of their kitchens at home. Regardless of what type of kitchen you may think you need to survive, we can all generally agree that it’s impractical for us all to buy a food truck and park it in our driveway, even if it’s a Kimchi Taco truck. It’s widely known that the kitchen is the hub of the home—but some do that job much better and more stylishly than others. As time goes by, skilled designers invent modifications to let us all know what we now simply cannot live without in our kitchens, and by way of default, push those older trends deeper into obscurity.

Given that not one homeowner is the same, we do not rely on only one designer’s ideas to create the solutions we offer them. At Eurodale we work with an entire team on our design-build projects, so I regularly confer with our group when we are designing and building for a client.

A MUST: Quality materials, lots of drawers with pullout storage features and a pot filler over that red-hot range.
A MUST: Quality materials, lots of drawers with pullout storage features and a pot filler over that red-hot range.

Jim Cunningham from Eurodale Developments (Architectural Designer), Laura Thornton of Thornton Design (Interior Designer) and Jimmy Zoras from Distinctive by Design Fine Cabinetry (Kitchen Designer) all have an equal level of input into all our kitchen projects. This ensures the space planning and flow works, the intricate details and esthetics fit together and the ultimate execution matches the design intention. This year I adjusted the three questions I pose to them every year. We felt it prudent you know their thoughts on what’s new, what works best (and what is likely here to stay!) and what is headed for the waste bin when it comes to kitchen design trends. Hopefully you can use their valuable input, tabled here, when planning your own kitchen project.


JIM@EURODALE: A pot filler is a must, especially when the sink is far away from the range. It avoids those nasty spills. It can also be used to put out any fires on the stove in a flash. In the event of an emergency, you don’t have to hunt around for your trusty fire extinguishers. (Author’s note—this is not how to extinguish a grease fire Jim!)

LAURA@THORNTON: Quality! Investing in durable finishes will make your new kitchen last and look new longer. The elements of your home that you touch regularly should be where money is spent. Quality in the cabinetry, hardware, and countertops is key.

JIMMY@DISTINCTIVE: Some of the most critical elements that I incorporate in my designs is a garbage/recycling and compost area, pullout drawers in pantries and lots of drawers for easy convenience.


JIM@EURODALE: White on white on white. I don’t know how many times I have heard white is classic. Clients gravitate to white out of safety and to avoid having to do the next big reno sooner. I get it, my kitchen is 80 per cent white too. The challenge is, door panel designs change, whites fade and kitchens wear out from use. Why not enjoy your kitchen and add some colour into your life?

LAURA@THORNTON: White kitchens still reign supreme (sorry Jim!) but the classic oversized hood-range combination will have to make way for a more contemporary tile-fronted or natural stone slab range-hood fan cover and matching backsplash.

JIMMY@DISTINCTIVE: Some of the trends that are dying off are dark cabinetry, natural-stone slab counters (granite especially) and halogen lighting—LEDs have come a long way.


JIM@EURODALE: Kitchens will be built around technology vs. being added on later. Smart appliances controlling the kitchen so your meal can be ready for you when you arrive, or grocery auto-management. Here we come Jetsons.

LAURA@THORNTON: Canadians are embracing colour. Get ready to start seeing amazing kitchen cabinetry in fabulous yellows, red, navy and glamorous black (sorry Jimmy!)

JIMMY@DISTINCTIVE: Some new things we are building into kitchens this year include brass accents (hardware), grey and blue is a very popular colour combination, and wood grains are making a big comeback. No longer just a sterile food prep area, the kitchen is more of a gathering place for entertaining and these features add warmth and complement this lifestyle change.

THE PRECIPICE - White kitchens have dominated the last decade. The jury is split on their future but regardless of colour, kitchens that can accommodate family and friends, not just chefs, remain on-trend.
THE PRECIPICE – White kitchens have dominated the last decade. The jury is split on their future but regardless of colour, kitchens that can accommodate family and friends, not just chefs, remain on-trend.

At the end of the day, whether building new or remodelling an existing kitchen, my personal advice is to work with a professional for great advice and achieving the best results.

Bottom line, the kitchen needs to be durable, look great and function for our many demands in the space. When planning your own kitchen renovation, think of how you plan to live in the space, and then look to the styling after. Door styles, colours and finishes change like fashion, but a space that is carefully planned and built with quality materials will serve you and your guests well (or longest), regardless of the next hot trend.


Brendan Charters is co-owner of Toronto Design-Build Firm Eurodale Developments – 2016 BILD Renovator of the Year.

Visit eurodale.ca or follow Brendan on Twitter @EurodaleHomes


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Design: Kitchens

Design: Kitchens

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Design: Kitchens

by Linda Mazur

For 2017 and Beyond

Kitchens are one of the most utilized rooms in our homes, so why shouldn’t we make it not only functional, but stylish and comfortable as well?

This year we are seeing kitchens full of texture and pattern that are designed with a less formal approach intended to accentuate an open-concept feel and integrate seamlessly with adjacent living spaces.

While white continues to dominate in kitchen cabinetry, we are seeing shades of warm greys and taupes gain popularity. Black is also becoming more prevalent and is a great way to add a little contrast when trying to give new life to an old kitchen. Whether in hardware, faucets or counters black can always be a welcome addition to a kitchen. Look to Blanco for a wonderful selection of coloured sinks and faucets in their Silgranit finish, a great way to inject colour, texture and interest into your kitchen space.

Warm wood tones are “en pointe” in our kitchens. Mixing accents of wood, paint and metallic finishes is a great way to remain on trend in 2017. Add texture to your kitchen with a mixture of wood accented cabinetry for your lowers and a white lacquered finish on the uppers, with warm aged metal hardware, creating a wonderful stylish look with great longevity.

Kitchen trends are also seeing less upper cabinetry and more open shelving, creating a great relaxed approach to your kitchen design. Play up the trend of texture in your kitchen by adding open shelving in a reclaimed wood, or aged metal finish.

Just like other rooms in our homes, pattern is popular in kitchens in 2017 as well. Even if you prefer the calmness of an all white backsplash, have some fun and add some interest with a patterned or textured tile; or set your tile in a herringbone pattern. The ideas are only limited by your creativity.

While we’re discussing pattern and texture we shouldn’t neglect your floors. Whether you’re entertaining tile or wood, add some interest to your kitchen flooring. A hexagonal mosaic tile can be a fun addition to your space or perhaps a wonderfully aged wide plank engineered wood is more what you had in mind; whatever your choice may be, flooring is an important aspect of your kitchen design.

Warm metals are being seen everywhere in design and our kitchens are no exception. From hardware, to lighting, cabinetry and range hoods to accessories, warm metallic finishes are a welcome addition to your kitchen; and don’t be afraid to mix your metals to created a stylish relaxed edge to your space.

For countertops quartz still remains a strong leader as consumers become increasingly aware of its benefits. The low maintenance and durability of quartz is a perfect asset to a high usage area such as your kitchen. Look to one of my go-to suppliers, Quartex, for a beautiful selection of quartz countertops to complete your kitchen design.

The kitchens trends of 2017 are designed to create warm, inviting spaces that are an extension of your adjacent rooms. While functionality will always be at the forefront of good kitchen design the trends of 2017 can help to create a great look for your kitchen for years to come!

Linda Mazur is a nationally publicized designer and Principal of Linda Mazur Design Group.

With almost two decades of experience this in demand multi-disciplinary design firm is known for creating relaxed stylish spaces and full-scale design builds within Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.




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