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In Conversation With Joseph Alberga, Director of Sales & Marketing, Lindvest

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In Conversation With Joseph Alberga, Director of Sales & Marketing, Lindvest

Standing out from the crowd – for the right reasons – is sometimes easier said than done. For Toronto based developer Lindvest, with lowrise communities around the GTA and condo projects in the city, it’s now a mission. To Do it Differently. Everything… Director of Sales and Marketing Joseph Alberga explains.

HOMES Magazine: Lindvest recently launched the Do it Differently campaign. What is the genesis of this program, and what do you hope to achieve with it?

Joseph Alberga: The DID campaign is part of a refresh of our branding and coincided with the launch of our new website. The goal is to get across the message that, at Lindvest, we approach every decision with the simple question “Is this good for the homebuyer?” An overarching desire to ensure that we design, sell, build and service a product that is geared to the needs and wants of the homeowner. The campaign aims to help the company stand out from the crowd. Hopefully we generate enough curiosity and interest which then translates into people exploring Lindvest and our communities to determine if we can deliver the home they are looking for.

HM: The homebuilding industry is undergoing a lot of change these days, with increasing government involvement, policy issues and other challenges. How do you see all this playing out in the next three to five years?

JA: Without question, the future looks to be an interesting one, to be sure. The amount of time that the whole development and building process takes is certainly a hot topic. The changes and challenges will require builders and developers to be adept at maintaining flexibility, while still achieving the objectives required to deliver new homes and condos in new and exciting communities both within and outside the GTA.

HM: Affordability is a growing concern for homebuyers in the GTA, but much of what determines end costs – land use policy and availability and approvals processes – are out of builders’ control. How does Lindvest address the affordability challenge?

JA: It is one of the greatest keys to how we approach our business. Striving to develop and build homes and condos in areas that we can add value to you by effectively and efficiently delivering the right home at the most affordable price possible.

HM: Where do you see the next homebuilding – and therefore, for customers, homebuying – opportunities in the GTA, in terms of geographic area and housing type?

JA: The expansion along both the east and westerly limits of the GTA will continue, as well as up the Hwy. 400 corridor. At the same time, new and interesting conversions of office/ industrial within the city limits will also provide options for homebuyers who desire something closer to the core. In short, we are blessed with a multifaceted and ever-changing real estate landscape. Kudos to our industry for always tackling challenges with gusto and continuing to find unique and creative ways to provide housing solutions.

HM: The “missing middle” is something we hear a lot about these days. How active is Lindvest in this category? For example, you have a couple of townhome projects underway in Aurora and Toronto…

JA: Ideally, we would have a bit more to offer in this area, but yes, we are happy to have a few communities that offer something between the highrise condo and detached home. Townhomes, including stacked condo towns and midrise buildings, are sure to be a growing segment of the housing landscape. At Lindvest, we are always on the lookout for opportunities that may arise to allow us to deliver homes in this category.

HM: What’s next for Lindvest? Where’s your next major project?

JA: We have a lot of exciting things in the hopper, but up next, and something we are very excited about is a new, thoughtfully planned, community that we will be introducing in Brantford.


If I wasn’t involved in homebuilding, I would: Likely be in some type of hospitality or service industry. I love people and the ability to engage and assist with all different kinds of people.

My greatest inspiration in this business is: The pioneers and visionaries who built the foundation of the industry we are blessed to work in today.

When I’m not at the office, I: Can often be found enjoying time with family and friends, riding a bike or watching a movie.



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Lindvest has realized that when it comes to the homebuilding industry, it’s time to Do It Differently

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Lindvest has realized that when it comes to the homebuilding industry, it’s time to Do It Differently

As one of the GTA’s premier homebuilders, Lindvest has decided that status quo is no longer acceptable in the industry. While it’s easy to measure success purely by numbers such as sales and revenues, the company has committed to being different. Whether it’s how it treats customers throughout the sales process or the little things that can often be overlooked, Lindvest has committed to providing its product with energy, pride, joy, pleasure, dedication, consistency and confidence.

This new message, simple and yet provocative, has been seen on billboards, televisions and digital platforms throughout the GTA. This message has woven its way into the Lindvest branding, website, social media platforms and more. The goal is for the voice of Lindvest to stand out from the pack by breaking away from the standards of marketing in the industry.

Do it Differently isn’t performative; it’s prescriptive. Lindvest doesn’t want to claim it’s different just for the sake of being different, but because the company knows that there are people out there who aspire to carve out their own unique path in life. The builder wants to provide a homebuying experience that is as unique and special as it should be. It’s about more than attempting to outperform competitors – the real goal is for the company to better itself.

In July, the brand was launched internally to the company at a private event, where staff was joined by Jamaal Magloire, the assistant coach of the 2019 NBA champion Toronto Raptors, who roused the crowd with a speech about how the Raptors attained great success by doing it differently.

Director of Marketing Joseph Alberga proudly proclaimed: “This is a year of change, and as an organization, we’re embracing it.”

“It is time to distinguish ourselves from the ordinary and move away from the status quo,” said Anthony Martelli, chief operating officer. “It requires a commitment at every level from each and every one of us. We are committed to ensuring the homebuying process at Lindvest will be positive at every touchpoint for our customers. It will be driven by care.”

In addition to a new website that provides more detailed information about available homes and upcoming opportunities, Lindvest is updating many of its operating procedures to ensure the quality, consistency and level of service that will align with the campaign promises. From purchasing at the sales centre to choosing interior decor options, from site visits to final closing, Lindvest is striving to provide a different and better experience to all purchasers.

Lindvest President George Hofstedter took the stage and gave his two cents. “Just like Jamaal, I’ve been doing something I’ve loved all my life – real estate. We haven’t done it wrong. We’re just going to do it better. I look forward to the future.”


To learn about Lindvest’s current and upcoming communities, and for more information about the Do It Differently campaign, visit the website.


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