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What to Expect from a House Inspection in Canada

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What to Expect from a House Inspection in Canada

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A house inspection is a vital step to consider when shopping for a home, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer. While it can be exciting to find a dream house, knowing what’s behind the walls can be quite tricky. That’s where a home inspection comes in.

A professional house inspector will examine the condition of the house you are about to buy to ensure it’s in great condition. They can identify flaws that buyers can’t, making them an ideal choice for potential homeowners. So, what do home inspectors look for?


House Inspection Checklist for Homeowners in Canada

What does a house inspector do? When hired, a house inspector will examine both your home’s interior and exterior to see if they can find something wrong. They can also find things that could potentially pose significant risks in the future.

After examining the entire house, the home inspector will give you a detailed report covering all the findings. Some home inspectors will even give pictures and the potential timelines for certain projects, including systems or components not performing properly.

New build homes tend to have few or no flaws, simplifying the inspection process. So, buying such homes can help you save a lot on the house inspection cost. Thanks to home builders like Paradise Developments for building flawless structures in Aurora.

As inspectors examine a home you intend to buy, make sure you accompany them. It will also give the home inspector the chance to show you how various house items operate. You’ll also get to know the location of all the shut-off valves in the house.

The house inspection checklist below will ensure that the house is in good shape. Here are the things to check during a home inspection.

  • Attic: Ensure that there’s sufficient insulation, proper ventilation, and no signs of water damage
  • Basement: No signs of water damage, sufficient insulation, and solid foundation, floors, and walls
  • Bathrooms: Ensure adequate water flow and pressure in the fixtures and a functioning toilet, bathtub, sink, and shower.
  • Ceilings: Check if the ceiling is straight and level and ensure there are no cracks or stains
  • Electrical Systems: Ensure that there are working light fixtures, exhaust fans, smoke detectors, and circuit breakers
  • Exterior Surfaces: Ensure there are no damages on the sides, no peeling paint, and no loose or damaged stucco
  • Garage: Functional garage opener, no ceiling damages, up-to-code electrical systems, and a solid foundation
  • HVAC System: Ensure there are no air-conditioning and furnace malfunctions. Also, check if the water heaters are working efficiently.
  • Kitchen Appliances: Check if all the kitchen appliances are functional, including the dishwasher, stove, fridge, and microwave
  • Plumbing Systems: Ensure there are no damaged or leaking pipes and confirm if the sinks, faucets, toilets, bathtubs, and showers are functional
  • Roof: The roofs’ shingles shouldn’t be loose or damaged. Also, ensure that the gutters are functional and chimneys in good condition.
  • Windows: Ensure that the windows are well-aligned and the drip caps properly installed

A house inspection should occur after making an offer, but before you are fully and financially committed to buying the house. Make an offer to buy the home on the condition of an inspection. You must also ensure that all your bases are covered.

What Does a Home Inspector Look for?

A house inspection aims to give information on your home’s components and systems at the time of inspection. The visual inspection aims at finding anything that’s unsafe, or needs replacement, or requires repairs.

One of the things that most inspectors will check for during inspection is the state of the roof. They will inspect the roof coverings, accessible drainage, flashing, and skylights. However, they might not get to the rooftop but check the conditions from the ground.

The inspectors will also inspect a house’s foundation and framing for any deterioration. However, they can’t report anything happening behind a finished basement’s drywall. If any investigation might cause damages, the inspector will not inspect the section.

Generally, here are the other major things that a qualified house inspector can look at:

  • If the house plumbing and electrical connections require upgrades
  • How good the home’s ventilation and insulation are
  • If there are cracks or other damages on the roof and foundation
  • Structure’s overall integrity

What Happens Next after a House Inspection?

After inspecting the house, a home inspector will provide a detailed report highlighting all the defects that require repairs. Read the report carefully and inquire about anything you do not understand. Issues like unstable roofs and foundations can be very costly.

To avoid costly repairs, you can include a clause in the agreement that you will buy the house upon a successful inspection. If the home fails during the inspection, you can adjust the agreement to cover all the necessary repairs then purchase the house.

How to Choose a House Inspector

When hiring a house inspector, you want someone well-trained, knowledgeable, and experienced in doing home inspections. Look for inspectors who have completed inspection courses on building sciences, home construction, and defect-recognition.

You can hire a house inspector certified by the Canadian Association of Housing and Property Inspectors (CAHPI). They understand the various systems and components of a home. Besides, most of them have a background in construction engineering.

A professional house inspector should also understand all the standards of practice and codes and ethics. Here are the other things to consider when hiring a house inspector.

  • Certifications, qualifications, and training
  • Number of years inspecting houses in Canada
  • Related work experience in the industry
  • References and referrals from friends and family members
  • Knowledge of all the building codes

Final Words

Performing a house inspection will help you understand the kind of house you intend to buy. Consider hiring a house inspector who is qualified and has multiple positive reviews. Such an inspector must have inspected several homes in Canada for many years. Most importantly, their home inspection prices need to be affordable.


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