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Tarion names winners of 2019 Homeowners’ Choice Awards

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Tarion names winners of 2019 Homeowners’ Choice Awards

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Tarion Warranty Corp. has named the winners of its annual Homeowners’ Choice Awards for outstanding builders who received the highest ratings from homebuyers across the province. These are the only awards that focus solely on customer service and are based on feedback from homeowners.

The recipients of the 2019 Homeowners’ Choice Awards are:

  • Brookfield Residential – Highrise Category
  • Hayhoe Homes – Large Volume Category
  • Timberland Homes – Medium Volume Category
  • Chris King and Sons Construction Ltd. – Small Volume Category

In 2017, Tarion introduced a new honour – the Ernest Assaly Award – for an Ontario builder that demonstrates a commitment to building quality and innovation, customer service and community involvement. Similar to a lifetime achievement award, a builder can receive this recognition only once.

The recipient of the 2019 Ernest Assaly Award is The Daniels Corporation.

“A new home is a place to make memories,” says Tarion President and CEO Howard Bogach, “and a builder has a big role in determining whether a homeowner’s first memories are positive ones. Thanks to their exemplary customer service, this year’s award recipients not only met – but exceeded – expectations and by so doing set an example for others to follow.”

The Homeowners’ Choice Awards are presented annually based on the results of surveys completed by new homebuyers from across the province. In 2018, Tarion polled 54,518 new-home buyers, asking them about their builder’s performance before, during and after they moved into their new home. More than 11,376 homeowners responded and their feedback determined the recipients for outstanding customer service in the four categories.

The Ernest Assaly Award recognizes the highest level of excellence in Ontario home building while honouring the legacy of Ernest Assaly, a highly respected leader in the residential building industry who was Tarion’s first Chair. Only a select number of Ontario builders met the rigorous criteria required to receive an invitation to make a submission. The recipient of the Ernest Assaly Award is determined by Tarion’s board of directors.

“A well-built home backed by excellent customer service equals a satisfied homeowner,” says Bogach. “Through Tarion’s awards program, these happy homeowners are able to recognize their builders for going the extra mile, and this helps build confidence in the new home building industry as a whole. We congratulate this year’s recipients for their success in creating a positive home-buying experience that their homeowners are happy to share.”

For the full list of Homeowners’ Choice Awards finalists, click here. For the full list of the Ernest Assaly Award finalists, click here.


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Consumer Protection: Invaluable Feedback From New Homeowners

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Consumer Protection: Invaluable Feedback From New Homeowners

Builders who rank the highest in survey of new homebuyers are chosen as finalists and recipients of Tarion’s Homeowners’ Choice Awards

How often have you weighed in on a customer service experience or purchase? How often do you check out reviews before you decide on a product or service?

In a world where abundant information is easily accessible, consumers have come to expect that their opinions matter and that they don’t have to go into a purchase blind.

Buying a home is no exception. As one of life’s biggest – and sometimes most complicated – investments, it makes sense to take advantage of the experience of others before you sign a purchase agreement and put down a deposit.

Tarion understands that information is power, and that’s why we survey more than 50,000 new home and condo owners each fall about their experiences buying and owning a newly built home or condo.

We ask about the entire process: from the signing of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, through construction and the pre-delivery period, to aftersales service. Owners can weigh in on both their builder’s customer service as well as Tarion’s.

The best part of this survey is that the results are useful for consumers, builders and Tarion.

The builders who are rated “tops” by those who fill out the survey become finalists and recipients of Tarion’s Homeowners’ Choice Awards. This information is added to their record in the Ontario Builder Directory on Tarion.com, where future buyers can see it when they are doing research to find a builder.

Builders, meanwhile, use the results to improve their customer service. When there are enough completed surveys on a particular builder, that builder will receive an individual report with their results and we work with them to identify where they can make improvements.

The surveys are very useful for Tarion, too.

The results help us measure how well we explain the new home warranty, communicate with homeowners, deal with warranty claims and resolve issues. This feedback has led to many changes: improvements to how we deal with disputes; the addition of new features to the Ontario Builder Directory and to MyHome, the portal that allows homeowners to manage their warranty online; and the creation of new tools like Home Explorer to help homeowners better understand our Construction Performance Guidelines.

If you have taken possession of a new home in the past year, keep an eye out for the survey. It will come to you by email or post mail.

And please take the time to complete it. Your feedback will benefit you and other homeowners, as well as those planning to purchase a new home in the future.

Howard Bogach is president and CEO of the Tarion Warranty Corporation.




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Consumer Protection: New Homeowners Have Spoken

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Consumer Protection: New Homeowners Have Spoken

New home owners have spoken.

They’ve told us how their builders measure up, and they’ve chosen a select few who they believe should be recognized for excellent customer service.

Yes, once again it’s that time of year when Tarion presents the Homeowners’ Choice Awards — the only awards that give Ontario’s new home owners the power to have their builder recognized for outstanding performance.

I’ve certainly seen over the years how the experiences of new home buyers have had a powerful impact on the new home buying experience. Award winners set the industry standard for customer service, and that benefits home buyers across the province who rightly expect the same from their builder.

The Homeowners’ Choice Awards are an important way to acknowledge that important relationship between consumer and home builder and to celebrate those builders who drive higher standards for customer service in Ontario and have such a positive impact on the building industry reputation generally.

While our experience is that most builders take tremendous pride in their contribution to building healthy and vibrant communities, we know that there are a few builders who make this an extraordinary commitment year after year. In the process, they set a tremendously high bar for customer service.This year, Tarion has added a new award to help recognize these accomplished builders.

With the inaugural Ernest Assaly Award, Tarion recognizes a few builders who not only receive high marks from their customers, but have also established a long and stellar building record, and demonstrated a commitment to building innovation and community involvement.

This new award is named after Mr. Ernest Assaly, Tarion’s first Board Chair from 1976 to 1988. Assaly was also a leader in Ontario’s residential construction industry and a highly respected, award-winning builder who was a passionate voice for the builder’s warranty program.

Ontario has more than 5,000 registered builders. Thirty-eight met our challenging eligibility criteria and were invited to make a full submission to Tarion. The finalists and recipient will be honoured in April this year alongside those builders recognized by their own customers for a Homeowners’ Choice Award.

Both of these awards celebrate excellence in the industry and raise the bar for all builders.They showcase industry leaders who pour their heart and soul into the customer experience and the communities in which they build and live.

The finalists for the Homeowner’s Choice Awards are:

Small Volume Category (5-20 possessions per year):

  • Davenport Homes, Peterborough
  • Greene Homes, Kingston
  • JF Homes Construction Ltd., Strathroy
  • Lockwood Brothers Construction, Oxford Station
  • Luxart Homes Inc., Carleton Place
  • Macgregor Enterprises Ltd., Kincardine

Medium Volume Category (21-100 possessions per year):

  • Hayhoe Homes, St. Thomas
  • Klemencic Homes, Trenton
  • Neilcorp Homes, Almonte
  • Opus Homes, Vaughan
  • Talos Custom Homes Ltd., Richmond
  • Wrighthaven Homes Limited, Elora

Large Volume Category (More than 100 possessions per year):

  • Arista Homes Ltd., Vaughan
  • Mountainview Homes, Thorold
  • Tamarack Development Corp., Ottawa
  • Tartan Homes, Ottawa
  • The Daniels Corporation, Toronto
  • Tribute Communities, Pickering

High-Rise Category (More than 100 high-rise possessions per year):

  • Menkes Developments Ltd., Toronto
  • Onni Group, Toronto
  • Pratt Homes Barrie, Barrie
  • The Conservatory Group, Markham
  • The Daniels Corporation, Toronto
  • Tridel, Toronto

The finalists for the Ernest Assaly Award are:

  • Granite Homes, Guelph
  • Lockwood Brothers Construction, Oxford Station
  • Pinnacle Quality Homes, Mitchell

HOWARD BOGACH is president and CEO of Tarion Warranty Corp., a private corporation established to protect the rights of new homebuyers and to regulate new home builders.



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