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4 things you can do to change the look of your house

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4 things you can do to change the look of your house

You may feel the need to renovate your house every once in a while to make it look more beautiful and comfortable. Even some simple changes in the exterior and interior can make your house seem new.

Changes as simple as upgrading moving the furniture around or hanging a new picture on the wall can dramatically change the atmosphere of your place. For a more drastic change, you can consider some structural changes such as changing roof structure and replacing windows.

Here are some creative ideas to give your home a brand new look without spending too much money.

Upgrade the lightning

Brighten up your home with new light arrangements to update your home’s style. Replace your old light fixtures and wall mounts with decorative lighting. Install light switches with dimmers to control the lighting according to requirements. Use stylish metal can up-lights to brighten up the dark corners of your home.

It may be a good idea to choose LEDs as they are a good investment. They last longer than typical lights and also help save energy.

Restyle your bookshelf with a decorative lamp to brighten up your bookcase. Decorate your artwork, pictures with string lights.

You can use a variety of styles that blend well with the overall theme of your house.

Update your front door

If the idea of a new exterior is overwhelming, consider upgrading the front door only. This is the easiest way to freshen up the overall look and feel of your home.

You can replace the door, paint it new, or use a mix of accessories to decorate it. Choose the right option according to your budget and requirements.

Decorate your walls with artworks

You can get creative while decorating your home with your family photos and framed artworks. It can give a nice personal touch to your home and also leave a message. Anyone who visits your home would know you love your family.

If the idea of pictures sounds bland to you, then it’s time to get creative. Choose attractive frames and set up the photos in a creative manner. Plus, you may also show a bit of your creativity by hanging your own artwork.

Other than this, murals from MuraleDesign can also enhance the overall look of your home. You only need to find the right way to use them.

Declutter and rearrange all the existing stuff

Deep clean your house by cleaning the windows, light fixtures and doors. Every corner of your room should appear neat and clean. It will not only make the house look better but more spacious as well.

Also, consider getting rid of items you don’t need. You can hold a garage sale to sell them. This way, you can make a little money that you can use to buy new items for your home.

Follow these tips and enhance the look of your house.


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Come Home to Something New

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Come Home to Something New

And it’s no surprise. Because home buyers across the country are expecting more these days. More space. More windows. More closets. More conveniences. And more dazzle. The kind of “mores” you just don’t find in older homes, no matter how cozy they are. While many home buyers are attracted by the “mores” new homes have to offer, they also say they find the “lesses” very appealing. Less maintenance. Less repair work. And less costly heating and cooling bills. Builders are listening closely to the “mores” and “lesses” that their buyers are demanding. And they’re responding with dramatic new home designs that offer a whole new world of attractive style options and amenities at an affordable price. Sure, older homes can be quaint. But when it comes to design, comfort, convenience and value, nothing compares to a brand new home. When asked what factors motivated them most to “buy new,” home shoppers across the country cited the following reasons:

“…livable floor plans”


New homes these days feature maximum light and spaciousness. Whether modest or grand, new home layouts combine informal areas for family activities, workable kitchens for comfort and ease, gracious formal rooms for elegant entertaining and cozy areas for privacy.

“…imaginative design” Open and airy design appeals to a majority today’s new home buyers. To accommodate this trend even small, compact homes are being built with soaring ceilings, dramatic entry ways, deluxe master baths and innovative windows for a feeling of spaciousness.

“…lots of light”

A house filled with natural light bestows warmth, charm and uplifting feelings on those inside. To capture as much sunlight as possible, builders are making use of innovative strategically planned windows, sky lights and variety of sun spaces that make new homes look and feel more open, inviting and spacious.

“…durable, low maintenance materials”


New home builders are wise to affordable, earth friendly, low maintenance building materials that make it possible to conserve natural resources without sacrificing comfort. For example, “engineered wood” – a man-made composite lumber – uses half of the wood fiber of sawn lumber, but is considered stronger and much cheaper than the conventional product. A wide variety of other innovative materials – many of which are recycled – are also finding valuable uses in new home construction.


Here’s a fact that hooks many a new home buyer. New homes consume half as much energy as homes built prior to 1980. Thanks to more efficient heating and cooling systems, better windows, controlled air filtration and improved insulation, new homes can save owners substantial sums every month. Besides the economical advantages, HVAC systems in new homes also provide more comfort and convenience year round.

“…fire-protection & other safety measures”

Occupants of new homes are almost six times less likely to die in fires than occupants of older homes. A growing number of new home buyers are aware of this statistic and factor it into their purchasing decision. Throughout the country more and more builders are offering the latest smoke detection systems, circuit breakers and ground fault interrupters making new homes a safer choice for concerned families.

“…healthy living environment”


When it comes to health risks, new homes offer clear advantages. Asbestos– which can cause serious respiratory disease – has been removed from shingles, piping, cement board, roof tar, floor tiles, ceiling tiles and insulation. Lead is no longer used in paint or as solder for plumbing. Formaldehyde emissions from particle board and hardwood plywood also have been eliminated. What’s more, in certain regions of the country, new radon prevention techniques are being built into new homes to prevent potential health problems.

“…stronger, quieter construction”

Extra bracing and framing anchors help new homes with stand high winds, storms and even earthquakes. In addition, new building materials make roofs and floors stronger and quieter than those older homes where board sheathing was used. New kinds of trusses for roofs and floors increase strength and also allow builders to offer a much wider range of design possibilities by eliminating most bearing walls.

“…abundant storage space”


Closets, closets and more closets. It seems new home buyers just can’t have enough of them. Home builders realize that storage space is something their purchasers crave. They’re responding with walk-in closets, built-in shelving and innovative storage areas to meet their buyer’s growing demands.

“…less upkeep, less hassle”

With siding, windows and trim that never require painting, new homes are not only easy to maintain, they also keep their fresh attractive appearance year after year. Also worth noting, decks that embellish new homes these days are typically made of pressure treated lumber designed to resist rot and insects and retain their beauty from season to season.

“…more luxury and convenience”


Enter a new home and you’ll immediately notice amenities designed to add ease to your lifestyle. You’ll find state-of-the-art kitchens with beautiful and functional built-in appliances, high-efficiency central heating and air conditioning, numerous electrical outlets, plus luxurious bathrooms with large vanities, mirrors, medicine cabinets, enclosed showers and often whirlpool tubs. Look around. You’ll see that new home communities tend to look even better with age! As owners add personal decorative touches and landscaping, the homes in a new community acquire added charm… and added value.

“…a home that will age well and appreciate”

Research shows that in many cases new homes appreciate more, at a percentage of their original cost, than older homes.

“…new homes are better homes”

If you’re hunting for a new home that satisfies all of the items on your wish list, “new” is definitely the way to go. So why deprive yourself any longer? Once you’ve made your move to your new dream home, you’ll wonder how you survived so long without it.


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The Great Gulf Great Condo Event

The Great Gulf Great Condo Event

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The Great Gulf Great Condo Event

Great Gulf presents four distinct downtown projects under one roof for a one-stop shopping experience in a convenient location.

For the first time, Great Gulf presents four distinct downtown projects under one roof for a one-stop shopping experience in a convenient location. This extraordinary opportunity showcases Monde, Home, 357 King West and 8 Cumberland for interested buyers to discover their dream condo with 100 suites to choose from designed by award-winning architects.

The six-day public event at 357 King Street West (corner of King Street West and Blue Jays Way) begins Saturday, April 28, 2018 through to Thursday, May 3, 2018 (Saturday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Monday to Thursday 2 to 8 p.m.). Condominium prices start in the low $400,000s with occupancy available as early as winter 2019.

Interested buyers can click here to register in advance.

12 Bonnycastle Street
Lower Sherbourne Street and Queens Quay East

An enviable lakefront location near the downtown core describes it as among the world’s most desirable waterfront communities. Monde will be the premier 44-storey residence in a new international destination for shopping, entertainment and culture.

The stunning design was conceived by world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie, his first residential project since the landmark Habitat ’67 in Montreal.

Safdie’s genius is complemented with sleek, custom-design interiors by Cecconi Simone.

8 Cumberland
Yonge Street and Bloor Street West

Designed by architectsAlliance with interiors by Thomas Pearce, a sleek, majestic tower rises above a classical podium; a confluence of heritage and modernity. Located in the heart of Canada’s most prestigious shopping district, 8 Cumberland rises 51 breathtaking storeys above Yorkville at Yonge Street.

48 Power Street
Parliament Street and Adelaide Street East

Home brings the East front and centre, with a striking two-tower community (19 and 22 storeys) at the intersection of culture, creativity and art. At the corner of Power and Adelaide, two towers connect to a shared podium providing a central hub for all residents.

Core Architects and the creative minds at TACT Interiors have delivered great design that transcends typical urban living.

357 King West

King Street West and Blue Jays Way

This King Street condo, with its sky-high condominium, lively restaurants and theatres, trendy stores and offices, is the essential place to live, work and play. At 42 storeys, designed by Quadrangle with interiors by Figure 3, this highly coveted location puts essentials and luxuries within easy reach.


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Great Gulf

Editor’s Choice: Great Gulf

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Editor’s Choice: Great Gulf

Focusing on people and spaces

Life is all about spaces. You need space to grow. Space to think. A space to live in. And sometimes, you just need your space. Great Gulf began in 1975 with a belief that it wasn’t just building homes, but creating spaces. Spaces that work. Spaces that last. Now, more than 40 years and some 40,000 homes later, that belief has helped earn it the one thing that every great builder aspires to: a space in its customers’ hearts.


From breaking ground at its first lot in Cambridge to becoming a three-time winner of Home Builder of the Year, Great Gulf has come a long way. While a lot has changed in that time, one thing hasn’t: Great Gulf’s unwavering commitment to building great spaces that inspire the people who live, work and play there.

Spaces that inspire you to do great things. Where people interact and grow closer. After four decades, Great Gulf continues to grow, innovate and inspire people to live greatly.


Design. Technology. Experience. As the key pillars of every Great Gulf project, these three little words are a big deal to them. It starts with innovative design that combines intelligent spaces with functional beauty. Guided by technology and building science, inspiration takes physical form. But before it builds anything in the real world, Great Gulf builds in a virtual one, allowing it to perfect every aspect before laying the foundation. This results in spaces that are quieter, brighter, healthier and more energy efficient.

Finally, Great Gulf’s unparalleled dedication to every customer creates an experience that is second to none, with a well-earned reputation that can only be described with one word: great.


Great Gulf’s goal is simple: build extraordinary spaces that inspire the people who inhabit them on a daily basis – in everything from thoughtfully designed urban developments like its home condominium in Toronto’s core, to beautiful master-planned communities like Hillsborough in Holland Landing, East Gwillimbury. And Great Gulf continues to look ahead to the future with plans, projects and ideas that are greater than ever.

Here’s to what lies ahead.


Go online to learn more about all of Great Gulf’s communities.



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home at Power and Adelaide

Cover Story: home at Power and Adelaide

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Cover Story: home at Power and Adelaide

Great Gulf and Hullmark have created a place to truly call home

Welcome. To a place that celebrates life.

To a place where you call the shots, in a neighbourhood you can call your own. Welcome to community, to kinship. To a building and a neighbhourhood that feels not just like a place to live, but a place to put down roots. Welcome home.

Great Gulf and Hullmark Developments are proud to introduce home – a downtown condo that feels like anything but. home is bringing the eastern edge of the city’s downtown area front and centre, with a striking two-tower community located at the intersection of culture, creativity and art.

Located at the corner of Power and Adelaide, home consists of two highrise towers, one 22 storeys and the other 19 storeys, connected by a shared podium that acts as a central hub for all residents. With amenities focused around artistry and innovation, the vision is that home can become a beacon for the new creative classes who are increasingly being drawn to the city’s core.

By partnering with Core Architects and the creative minds at TACT Interiors, the developers of home have ensured that great design will live here, too. Modern kitchens with stainless steel appliances offer space for eating and entertaining. Open-concept layouts create a feeling of home, whether you’re watching Netflix in the living room or living it up on your private terrace. And every aspect of the building’s design has been crafted to reflect the unique energy and culture of the neighbourhood that surrounds it. With suites ranging from one-bedroom to three-bedroom designs, home has a place for everyone, and every lifestyle.

The neighbourhood itself is big part of home‘s appeal. It’s the core without the congestion. Downtown without the ego. Urban living that puts you a stone’s throw from the best shops and restaurants, and steps from hidden gems and popular hotspots. It’s a neighborhood rich in authentic character, where feeling like a local is part of the landscape. Those who live here just get it.

home also boasts an inspired collection of features and conveniences — the kind you wouldn’t expect to find just an elevator-ride away from your suite. Like an artist’s workspace, a community garden, an outdoor pool, a welcoming park at the entryway that connects to the adjacent dog park, steam rooms, yoga and pilates studio, a pet spa and even an outdoor fireplace. In short: less like a condo, and more like a community.

So whether it’s discovering a new place to eat in the neighbourhood, or rediscovering your inner balance in the yoga studio, there’s no question that now’s the time to head home.

Great Gulf

Homeowners have been looking to Great Gulf to make their dreams of living better a reality since 1975. The company has built its reputation by continually seeking to marry design innovation, construction technology and dedicated craftsmanship, in order to create homes that are quieter, brighter, healthier, and quite simply better built.

Hullmark Developments Ltd.

For the past 60 years, Hullmark Developments Ltd. has been committed to shaping a vibrant urban Toronto. As city builders and city dwellers, the principals and staff of Hullmark believe in the potential of this great city, and are passionate about designing and enriching the places they invest in and call home.

Visit the Sales Centre, located at 139 Parliament Street. The Sales Centre is open:
from noon to 6 p.m. Monday to Thursday; and
from noon to 5 p.m. weekends;
closed Friday.

For further information register at HomeOnPower.com.


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