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How to Upgrade Your Home’s Décor in 5 Simple Ways

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How to Upgrade Your Home’s Décor in 5 Simple Ways

Home decor is one of the best parts of making your house into a place called home. The decor in your home can change the atmosphere of the room and bring attention to your personal style. There are many ways to update your home decor to bring focus to the areas of a room that you want to highlight. Keep reading to find out how to upgrade your home’s decor in 5 simple ways.

1. Going Green

Going green is an extremely easy way to give your decor a quick upgrade. Environmentally friendly decor such as plants and pieces of recycled art can do wonders in a space. Adding a variety of plants helps to create more oxygen in the room and clean the air. One of the best plants to do this is a snake plants, or otherwise known as the mother-in-law’s tongue plant. It is extraordinarily easy to maintain and almost impossible to kill. Plants can add a unique earthy vibe, while creating cleaner air for you and your family to breathe.

Try incorporating VOC free materials in your home decor. Bamboo and recycled glass are excellent choices. Find decor made from these materials and make a statement in your home that you care about the environment.

Light dimmers are an effective way to save on energy bills and are thus considered to be a “green” feature. Light dimmers allow you to upgrade your home’s decor by being able to control lighting in your home. With light dimming features you can control how the decor in your space will look depending on the intensity of the light being used.

2. Countertop Choices

One of the most beloved features of any home, are the countertops. Countertops are a decor piece that adds character to any space whether it be a bathroom or a kitchen. The right countertop choice can make all the difference in a room.

Granite is a highly sought after countertop surface because of its durability. This igneous rock comes in many colors and varieties, some even resembling the look of marble. The cost of granite countertops can start as low as $35 dollars per square foot to over $100 per square foot depending on the variety you select. Exotic granite options will cost more.

With any countertop choice that you go with, the thicker the countertop slab the greater the cost will be. Thicker countertops will go even further in effectively highlighting the beauty of your countertop and the decor in your space. Choosing a high end countertop is a simple way to give your room a fast upgrade.

3. Accents

Adding accent pieces around your home is an instant pick me up for any decor project. Accents help bring a room to life. Try incorporating accents such as throw pillows, blankets, candles, and small artwork around a room. Limit yourself to a few accents per room. If you overdo it, it’ll be harder to focus or highlight a certain area or feature of that space. Simply adding an accented wall with a dark or bright pop of color, or patterned wallpaper can do the trick.

4. Colors

To accentuate your home’s decor and give it a fresh facelift, use lighter and more neutral colors in your home. Now only does this brighten a room and give it the illusion of a larger space, it also allows your decor to be the highlight. Use the opposite rule to start. If the colors of the walls in a space are dark, try adding lighter decor pieces. If the walls of your home are already light, incorporate some darker pieces of decor so they pop.

Neutral colors in a space, allow the room to look and feel like a haven. For lighter rooms try incorporating accents like plants and lighter colored decor to further foster a serene mood in that space. Too many colors in one space or altogether in your home can be distracting and distressing.

5. Marble

Make your space look marvelous with a natural stone countertop from Marble. Marble decor is super easy trend to follow and will give your home a very luxurious look. Marble can be added as an accent feature throughout your home to ramp up the elegance in any space. Marble has been long sought after for ages as a prestigious stone and any homeowner would gladly incorporate it.

It’s simple, just add marble accent pieces around your home. This can be marble trays and cheese boards in the kitchen, marble potholders, marble clocks, picture frames, end tables, and lamp stands. They don’t have to necessarily be genuine marble either, because that’s pricey. Instead, you can opt for faux marble pieces or choose decor pieces that mimic the colors and marbling of traditional marble.

You do You

Whatever you do, make sure you do you. Don’t limit yourself to the rules, instead make sure you’re including your own sense of style into your home decor upgrade. This is what will truly turn your house into a home.


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Better Living Expert: Domestic Details

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Better Living Expert: Domestic Details

STYLE SHORTCUTS Sophisticated spaces are possible at either end of the budget

Even if few of us can afford to take a money-is-no- object approach to home decor, we all still crave a little luxury in life. Fortunately, one’s budget doesn’t always have to match one’s appetite for finer things. Here are a few splurges—on a sliding scale—that deliver on both good taste, and great value.

Fusion Mineral Paints


Wall coverings offer great value in smaller spaces, such as a foyer or powder room. The same can be said for fabrics used sparingly in window treatments and on furniture. Glasgow-based Timorous Beasties’ textile collection, now available in Canada though NewWall House, is a case in point. Fabric starts at about $125 a yard, and wallpapers at about $155 per double roll. Both have terrific design ROI.

Faux-Fur Throw from Au Lit Fine Linens

New paint formulations pave the way for sophisticated matte finishes, such as the products from Fusion Mineral Paints. The 100-per-cent acrylic paint is made with natural mineral pigments, so colours are rich and saturated. The palette designed by Michael Penney is especially well-conceived and costs $24 for a pint.

Timorous Beasties’ textile collection


A realistic faux-fur throw adds a touch of cruelty-free glamour to any room. Au Lit Fine Linens has a lush mock mink—in inky black or iced tones—for $549. Keep it for a decade and it works out to just $55 a year! If you can’t rationalize that, pick up a warm and fuzzy option from Bouclair like this Foxy Faux-Fur Throw for about $40.


Nothing says indulgence quite like a silky velvet. This spring, look for affordable velvet sofas at CB2 that start at about $1,500. On a smaller scale, there’s a velvet ottoman from Montrealbased VdeV in soft taupe or celadon ($234), and cotton-velvet pillows from Urban Barn for $49. For added interest, choose a textured or embossed velvet.

Simons Table Napkins


Make one chubby arrangement with two bundles from the “half-price” bin at the local supermarket. Or go all out and place a standing order with a florist like Tonic Blooms, which delivers a $41 bouquet wrapped in a signature denim envelope, anywhere in the GTA, often within two hours. Options are relatively limited, but using local flowers ensures they’re all just-picked fresh, which is the biggest treat of all.


Lip Service Oyster Collection Tablecloth & Linens

Handsome linens make life more civilized. Treated properly, they also become meaningful hand-me-downs for the generation to come. Designer Paul Semkuley has just launched Lip Service Napkins, an extensive online collection of table linens that includes stunning Liberty print napkins made out of its famous Tana Lawn cotton (set of four, $240). More affordably, Simons has attractive table napkins at $6 each, while Urban Barn’s pretty Aspen table runner sells for just $39.


Urban Barn’s Aspen Table Runner

Low-cost materials can have a big impact in projects that require lots of yardage. Here, burlap (about $80 for 40 yards of 60-inch wide through HomeTex) was used on draperies, backed by cornflower-blue linen from (trade-only) UltraLuxe Linen—a hot tip from designer William MacDonald, who says a tinted lining elevates the look, and makes them hang better.


Turquoise Palace Candle Holders

The gentle light of candles can cover a multitude of small decor sins. Clustering them in holders creates an effective focal point. Turquoise Palace is a good source (trade and consumer). Mixing styles is fine, but if you stick to one material—glass, wood, bronze—it will look a little more like deliberate design. You can also use spray paint to bring cohesion to an eclectic collection.

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