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Add style to your space by layering some key accessories for the fall season

Add style to your space by layering some key accessories for the fall season

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Add style to your space by layering some key accessories for the fall season

Now that the cooler season is upon us, it’s time to make our homes feel cosy for all of those times we may spend indoors. This decor trend is all about layering up some of your favourite accessories and soft furnishings so your space feels warm, inviting and welcoming for your family and guests.

Here’s some of my favourite suggestions:

Warm up

Cooler fall temperatures mean it’s time to switch up your breezy summer linens for snug duvets that raise the comfort factor in your bedroom. Be open to mixing prints and patterns with your duvet, bed sheets and throw blankets and add interesting textural elements with big pillows in different fabrics.

Living room layers

Consider adding a smaller rug atop your existing rug (or hardwood floor) to add an extra layer of warmth in your living room space (faux hide or a nubby tufted wool would work); add ottomans and warm throw blankets to inspire a space that invites relaxation and lounging on those colder days you don’t feel like leaving the house.


Layer some of your favourite artwork on a fireplace mantle, bedroom dresser or side table mixing small frames leaning against your larger artwork. Switching out your artwork gives your space a fresh, new look for a new season.

That lived-in feel

Quality always trumps quantity: It’s a design philosophy I’ve committed to for as long as I can remember, but in saying that, when it comes to some of your cherished accessories, open shelving is the best way to showcase your collection without feeling like you’re overcrowding your entire space. Layer books, plants, small artwork and picture frames on your shelving, mixing placement and groupings. It will showcase your personality and give your home that lived-in feel.

New lighting

Warmth comes from above, so consider changing the wattage of your light bulbs, depending on the functionality of your room, to create a warmer, softer glow.

Bring the outside in

Natural accents like acorns, leaves and branches can complement your existing floral arrangements by bringing the beauty of the fall season indoors, while a variation of votive and pillar candles scattered throughout your main living areas can cast an intimate, homey glow.

Lisa Rogers is the exclusive interior designer for Dunpar Homes.

Lisa has shared her style and design expertise on popular television programs, such as Canadian Living TV, House & Home TV and The Shopping Channel.

Lisa is one of the most familiar faces on CityTV’s Cityline as a regular guest expert for fashion and image, health and wellness and interior design.


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