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A shocking video by the Electrical Safety Authority

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A shocking video by the Electrical Safety Authority


The Electrical Safety Authority is trying to promote safety around powerlines, and created these graphic videos demonstrating why it’s so important to be aware of what’s overhead. There were more than 1,200 powerline contacts reported in the past decade, leading to 19 jobsite fatalities. Here are the ESA’s five tips for jobsite safety.

Five Tips to #RespectThePower at Work

  1. Look up, look out! Identify all powerlines on site and make sure people and equipment stay at least three metres away to prevent an incident. Electricity can jump to you or your equipment if you’re too close to a powerline.
  1. Drivers of dump trucks and other high-reach vehicles must get a signaller to ensure equipment doesn’t come within three metres of overhead powerlines. This is outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  1. Ensure that dump trucks on site drop their box after dumping the load. It’s good practice to have a raised box indicator installed in the truck to remind the driver the box is raised.
  1. Stay alert! Many incidents happen at the end of the day when workers are tired or rushing to finish a job.
  1. If wires fall down on the truck or the ground, always assume they are still energized. Stay in the vehicle, call 911 and keep everyone back at least 10 metres – the length of a school bus. Only the local utility worker on-site can confirm when the power is off and tell you when it’s safe to exit the vehicle.


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