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3 Exterior Home Renovations to Tackle in Spring

3 exterior home renovations to tackle in spring

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3 exterior home renovations to tackle in spring

With spring just around the corner, it’s only natural to start taking a look at the exterior of your home, investigating how everything held up over the winter months so you can formulate a plan for any renovations you may want to do come spring. Whether your renovations are to improve curb appeal, to modernise the look of your home, or as part of a repair, before you know it the “to do” list can spiral out of control. So, before you start feeling too overwhelmed, here are three exterior home renovations that could be well worth tackling this spring.

Replace the eavestroughs

One item that homeowners don’t often pay much mind to is their eavestroughs. They tend to blend in with the home and get forgotten about, that is until there is an issue with them. Blockages, clogs, and damage can occur over time which then affects water drainage from your roof and away from your foundation. The last thing you want to do is be dealing with water damage inside the home, so ensuring drainage is performing as intended is always top of the list.

Replacing or repairing your eavestroughs means that you can be guaranteed you have no leaks, it will look modern and fresh, and you can even opt for the seam-free models for a sleeker look. Eavestroughing @ Big 5 Exteriors has taken this no-seam approach, which is something that many homeowners seem to be showing an interest in.

If you’re unsure of whether or not your eavestroughs needs repairs or replacing, it’s always best to call a professional and have them climb up to take a look.

Give your garden some TLC

Another renovation worth tackling in the spring is your current garden design. Whether you would consider yours to be sparse or it’s a more mature garden, there is always work to be done. That’s the thing about gardens, there is no such thing as a complete garden. Each year things will grow and change, which means tweaking on your end.

A great place to start is with some basic grooming, which can include trimming back overgrown hedges, bushes, and trees; topping off gardens with fresh soil and mulch so they will be healthy; pruning perennials so they grow to the shape and size you desire; splitting up perennials that have become overgrown for their space (you can then plant that split off segment elsewhere); creating an all-new garden; and of course, adding to your current garden with new annuals and perennials.

Just be sure when shopping for items to plant you are conscious of your soil and light conditions.

Give your front door a pop of interest

For those people who don’t want to take on a massive project but are still looking for impact, a quick and relatively simple plan is to give your front door a fresh coat of paint. This is your chance to change up the colour and give it that pop it had been missing. Your front door colour is actually a great way to set your home apart from the others.

No matter which of these projects you add to your “to-do” list, you can expect some fabulous results.


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