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Fresh start with seven spring looks to love

7 spring looks to love

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7 spring looks to love

Soft earthy paint palette

COOL CURRENT 6199-42 by Sico. sico.ca



MINTY AQUA (DLX1147-3) by Dulux. dulux.ca

Light wood accents

Monarch BED. $1,149. eq3.com

Redonda wood upholstered DINING CHAIR. $579. crateandbarrel.ca

Voxlov dining TABLE in light bamboo. $300. ikea.ca

Coloured sofas

DALU SOFA in hibiscus pink and oak. $1,149. article.com

Fany tufted 3SEATER SOFA in yellow. $499. structube.com

Morabo LOVESEAT in light green and wood. $600. ikea.ca

Natural elements

Rudy VASE. $30. eltemkt.com

Rattan PLANTER with wood stand. $35. homesense.ca

Turquoise druzy KNOB. $20. cb2.ca

The hand-crafted look

Linen throw PILLOW. $59. zarahome.ca

Pink seagrass BASKET. $35. homesense.ca

Stoneware SERVING BOWL. $15. hm.com

Delicate floral print

Mini floral DUVET COVER. $99-$139. zarahome.ca

Statement rugs

Patterned COTTON RUG. $35. hm.com

Colca WOOL RUG. $300-$1,800. westelm.ca

OMA RUG. $500. article.com


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Domestice Details: Picture-Perfect Paint Tips

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Domestice Details: Picture-Perfect Paint Tips

Innovative formulas offer style shortcuts to refreshed rooms

Without a doubt, the easiest, most affordable way to transform a room is with a fresh coat of paint, which can change everything from the tone of the interior light to which colours stand out in furnishings, art and accessories.

Now, special formulations also make it possible to paint everything from walls to textile to furniture, with new options for texture and sheen.


Dulux Paints, for example, has introduced two-step, light-reflecting products with burnished finishes called Venetian Silk and Liquid Metal.

Low humidity and moderate temperatures make fall a great time to paint outdoors.

In June, Benjamin Moore introduced to the Canadian market Century paint, an “ultra-premium” collection of 75 new colours with a suede-like matte finish. The saturated tones were inspired by gems, minerals, spices, herbs and plants—many of which were among the original sources of paint pigments.


Benjamin Moore paint expert Sharon Grech thinks the soft finish will be especially appealing to those who embrace hand- and custom made design. “People are looking for the handcrafted. Here, you don’t just see the colour, the experience becomes tactile.”

With some patience, and a steady hand, DIY paint stripes can define a room.

If a whole room re-do isn’t feasible, tired furniture and thrift-shop finds can be given new life with easy-to-use chalks paints from Annie Sloan or milks paints from Toronto based Homestead Paints.


Many people, says Grech, want to “dive into colour” but are unsure about how to choose a shade that’s liveable and long lasting. For inspiration, she suggests looking to a beloved print or a treasured souvenir from a family trip that can serve as a starting point for a palette.

“Pick a favourite colour, and make the room about what you love,” she says.

However you arrive at the perfect hue, the following tips will produce a more professional-looking result.


“If you want a premium job, do premium preparation,” says Grech. That means cleaning walls, filling holes, and repairing damaged areas. Smooth these out with sandpaper and give the entire wall a final light sanding and wipedown. Use the correct primer for the paint. Check the surface again after priming, as it can sometimes reveal imperfections.

Good lighting is critical to a superior paint job. Floor lamps with the shades removed work well for this.

The Dulux website (which has a series of how-to videos) explains that rollers—ideal for painting large areas and ceilings—come in foam, mohair or sheepskin, and with various lengths of pile. The type of roller you need depends on the paint. For example, they suggest that foam rollers don’t typically work well with latex paints, as the spongy texture can produce an orange-peel effect.

Chalk paints are forgiving and fun to use.

Dulux advises that brushes made from natural bristles should not be used in water-based paints—they absorb water and swell, destroying the shape of the brush—and that synthetic brushes that stand on their bristles in solvent will develop a fatal curl.

Always paint from dry to wet, keeping a “wet edge.” Save breaks until you hit a corner rather than in the middle of a wall.

Extension poles aid in rolling longer, more efficient strokes, save bending over to refill, and make a wet edge easier to maintain.

Don’t try and save time or money by getting by on one coat. The pros always do (at least) two in order to get the true development of the colour.

Vicky Sanderson



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Design/Build Expert

Design/Build Expert: Grey, Beige or BOLD?

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Design/Build Expert: Grey, Beige or BOLD?

by Brendan Charters

This year, the colour experts encourage you to introduce some playful and dramatic hues to interiors

As a design-builder, the colour of things matters less to us than the functionality and durability of the spaces that we create for our clients does. In every project we build however, we witness the trends come and go quite rapidly, since the individual homeowner (and/or their interior designer) dictates the colours that will be installed on that particular wall, window, door, trim or cabinet element. Given we rarely build to sell a home ourselves, we are not usually concerned about choosing colours that will appeal to the masses. Like I mentioned, we are usually installing preselected colours instead of spending time selecting them. Something we are more comfortable with anyway.

GOT THE BLUES? HC-155 Newburyport Blue from Benjamin Moore is a bright blue, which pops on this island and fireplace surround against the white cabinets and honey-brown floors and shelves. Photography: Will Fournier Photography
GOT THE BLUES? HC-155 Newburyport Blue from Benjamin Moore is a bright blue, which pops on this island and fireplace surround against the white cabinets and honey-brown floors and shelves. Photography: Will Fournier Photography


“Builder Beige” became the boring norm that everyone used to describe the tract development palette of the ’90s. Through the turn of the Millennium, no one dared use much of it at all. Greys became the dominant neutral of all things tile, furnishings, decor elements and accent walls in the decade that followed. Recently, things have been getting a bit more dramatic, colours such as “Hale Navy,” for example, a deep-blue colour, has been finding its way onto kitchen islands to offset the typical white kitchen that has become so commonplace. We have painted fireplace accent walls and even front doors with this colour in the past few years.


There are a number of colour expert companies that release their projected “Colour of the Year.” 2017 saw Pantone cite “Greenery” as the leading shade while Benjamin Moore nominated “Shadow”—an allusive and enigmatic shade, which they describe as the “master of ambiance.” The description alone makes me want to paint my den in this shade! So many of these new bright, rich and bold colour options are a far cry from the beige and grey we are used to. “Night Sky,” a softer blue-grey hue almost appears to be a blend of the three of these colours. “Honey Glow,” a vibrant mustard is Dunn-Edwards Paint’s Colour of the Year and is said to be the perfect pair for accessorizing either of these blues or greens. No matter which way you stray from beige or grey, one sure trend has been to keep it to the fringes, accent pieces and feature walls give people a taste of their playful side, without being overpowering.

Shadow 2117-30 is Benjamin Moore's 2017 Colour of the Year.
Shadow 2117-30 is Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Colour of the Year.


A splash of colour is what makes our spaces stand out from our neighbours, and helps define a room’s desired intent. A red dining room was said to stimulate appetite while a blue room offers a calming effect. There is a real psychology to our perceptions of colour. It provides for interesting methodology when deciding what paint or colour choices you inject into your decor. Ask yourself what mood you want the room to create so you can attain the desired effect. Our recommendation when injecting colour into your space is to start small and don’t overdo it. Grey and white look nice, but not if you see that colour combination everywhere, in every room, in every home. Paint is relatively low cost. Powder rooms, dens and nurseries are typically small, enclosed spaces where you can experiment with your personal flair. No matter how you decide to inject some life into your decor, you typically get what you pay for, no matter what colour it is. If you plan to own it for the long term, reach for quality in both product and workmanship.

Brendan Charters is co-owner of Toronto Design-Build Firm Eurodale Developments – 2016 BILD Renovator of the Year.

Visit eurodale.ca or follow Brendan on Twitter @EurodaleHomes


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Motivating The Chronic Painting Procrastinators (You Know Who You Are)

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Motivating The Chronic Painting Procrastinators (You Know Who You Are)

Dulux Paints is challenging homeowners to stop putting off painting projects. The company’s latest campaign hopes to convince chronic painting procrastinators to finally tackle projects that have been ignored for far too long. With its bold and humorous take on why people wait so long to paint, Dulux is reminding all of us to: Stop. Putting. It. Off.

“Not all homeowners are Pinterest junkies or do-it-yourself aficionados,” said Martin Tustin-Fuchs, brand manager, Dulux Paints by PPG. “The immediate satisfaction provided by a fresh paint job is often overshadowed by the prospect of preparation and decision-making related to painting, so people live with patchy paint jobs and regrettable colour choices for months, even years. It can become a real source of frustration and conflict in some households. For this reason, Dulux Paints wants to provide support, encouragement and a real sense of excitement about improving one’s living environment.”

A television campaign highlights the hilarious “non-excuses” procrastinators use to get out of painting. Dulux stores across the country will be at the heart of the “Procrastinators Anonymous” movement, offering expert advice and irresistible incentives, such as its ever-popular “Buy One Get One Free” promotion, throughout the year. “Our hope for this campaign is that it will make people laugh, but more importantly, it will position Dulux Paints as a resource to motivate and assist do-it-yourself painters with their painting needs,” Tustin-Fuchs said. “Our in-store experts often double as coaches, and we encourage Canadians to take advantage of the support and expertise we offer in our stores.”

The campaign launched April 10, and the “Buy One Get One Free” promotional sale that began April 17. Customers can look forward to seeing fun “Procrastinators Anonymous” merchandise in all Dulux stores across the country. Canadians are invited to join the “Procrastinators Anonymous” movement online using hashtags #StopPuttingItOff. To learn more about the campaign, visit



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