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Tile trends for 2020

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Tile trends for 2020

As a homeowner, there’s arguably no greater thrill than planning out and seeing through to completion of a home renovation project. Whether you’re just looking to change things up, update your home’s style, or getting ready to put your home on the market, it’s important to know the current and up and coming trends that will impact the re-model. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the various styles and themes that you can expect to find at your local tile stores.

Tile styles

Here are a few of the emerging tile styles that are making waves for 2020:

  • Aesthetic: If you haven’t spent a great deal of time looking into the different styles of tile available, you may be surprised to learn that there’s plenty to choose from that represent a far cry from the traditional tile. While a stone-fused aesthetic remains a strong choice for the foreseeable future, other textures resembling wood, concrete, marble, metal, and fabric are also worthy considerations. Several different techniques are used to create these different aesthetics, but inkjet technology, in particular, has been an invaluable tool in creating these hyper-realistic textures. Wire brushing is another popular technique used to artificially create naturally occurring textures found in wood and stone.
  • Colours: In terms of colour options, the hot ticket right now appears to be those taking a more subtle approach. Watch for different greys, lights, whites, blondes, and high variations to take center stage. One great thing about choosing something on this end of the colour spectrum is that it allows accent colours and decor to truly pop in your space.
  • Layout and patterns:  Wholesale tile distributors are stocking up on many different patterns of tile. Subway tiles and checkered tile options continue to be a popular choice for many homeowners, but tiles that display elaborate geometric shapes, mixed width, and chevrons are quickly increasing in popularity as they add considerable visual interest to surfaces that previously held none.
  • Shapes and sizes:  While larger, wider tiles (measure 24 by 48 in. in some cases) are leading the charge into 2020, comparatively smaller styles like hexagon are also a chic, trendy option.

Tile themes

Here are the emerging tile themes to keep an eye on for the next year:

  • Avant-garde:  A modernist’s dream, the resurgence of the avant-garde theme uses geometric composition, intersecting shapes, and colours to create a bold, abstract look.
  • Neon pastels:  Bright but not overpowering, neon pastels are a great way to create a soft, unique look in any room in your home. At the vanguard of this theme, you’ll find that Living Coral and Neo Mint colours to be making the greatest impact. Neon pastels offer a warm reprieve from the less enthusiastic neutral themes and blend modern technology with the natural world.
  • New deco:  Art Deco saw it’s prominence fade midway through the 20th century. New Deco borrows the indulgent style of its roots, combining traditional rounded shapes and curved lines with angular patterns to create a more subdued, if not ever-present opulence.
  • Ink black:  The application of the Ink Black theme won’t play as well universally in your home as some of the other styles, but this theme has been increasingly popular for bathroom renovation projects. Popularized in luxury spas and boutique hotels, the receding effect that black has on the human eye opens up the room rather than diminishing it.
  • Artisanal luxe:  As a way to favour the uniqueness of handmade elements for the home rather than the mass-produced alternatives, this artisanal theme aims to bring the imperfections and character synonymous with one of a kind products. The focus of this theme is all about emphasizing individuality rather than the monotony of the other themes.
  • Homestead:  With relaxation and warmth at its core, this rustic theme is gaining popularity in homes far removed from the ranching lifestyle. Employing the colours and tones native to the great plains of the North American continent, the Homestead theme is inspired by nature and all of its accompanying organic forms. Inspect to come across rich pastel tones and deeply saturated shades.

Though it may feel like a lot to take in, knowing where to look for answers is the best place to start. To learn about some of the other styles and themes of tiles available today, or to learn more about those explored above, check out Sarana Tile today.


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When bathroom design is a wellness win

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When bathroom design is a wellness win

The idea that the bathroom should also serve as a spa-like sanctuary is reflected in a rise of luxurious finishes, high-end fixtures, and elegant accessories for that space. Now that the language of self-care has become part of the design lexicon, there’s a similar uptick in bath elements that both look good and promote wellness.

There are lots of reasons why bidet seats/toilets are emerging as leaders in the category. Integrated bidet seats can provide a better clean than paper alone, which can cause irritation, spread germs, and exacerbate certain bowel conditions. Conversely, rinsing with water after using the loo is gentle, soothing, and hygienic, and may be especially useful for, says, new moms and those with limited mobility.

Bidets can also reduce by up to 75 per cent the use of toilet paper, each roll of which takes about 140 litres of water to manufacture, and may be bleached with chemicals that release back into the water table. Use of wet wipes, which can clog drains, and may contain polypropylene that ends up in oceans as microplastic, can also be reduced.

American Standard’s Advanced Clean line www.americanstandard.ca offers several options, including the 3.0 SpaLet bidet seat. I installed one on an existing elongated American Standard toilet: it was fairly routine DIY job. I like that temperature, strength, and direction of water flow is adjustable with a small, discrete, wall-mounted unit with easy-to-understand graphics.

There’s also a deodorizing feature and a setting to clean the water nozzle. This model has a heated seat — a nice touch on a cold winter morning — and a drying function that can further reduce use of toilet paper.

The Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet shares many features with the seats, and has automatic flush settings, as well as an auto open/close lid and seat, and sells for around $5,100. The 3.0 seat goes for around $1,990.

That may sound pricey. But given the life expectancy of a toilet — and depending on your budget — either may be a worthwhile investment in comfort and well-being. That, after all, is hard to put a price on.

A soft-close seat adds convenience, especially for those with impaired mobility.

A user-friendly wall-mounted control panel makes it easy to customize preferences.

A bidet toilet saves space by eliminating the need for a conventional bidet.

Vicky Sanderson is the editor of Around the House Having written and talked about home décor/improvement, design, and lifestyle for more than two decades, she has tested almost every home-related appliance known to humankind. For more of her scathingly brilliant insights, go to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and her column in Reno & Decor.


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4 best places to buy a can light conversion kit

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4 best places to buy a can light conversion kit

If your home has recessed can lights built into the roof, you’ve probably entertained the idea of converting them into another kind of light that hangs lower or provides better illumination. If you’ve decided you’re going to be converting your recessed lights to a different style of lighting, but you don’t know where to buy a can light conversion kit, you’re in luck. Here are the four best places to buy one.

1. TheCanConverter

When it comes to finding an online shop that’s fully dedicated to recessed can light conversions, there’s really only one place worth mentioning. Regardless of what kind of renovation you have in mind, TheCanConverter (The ORIGINAL Recessed Can Light Conversion Kit) has the right can light conversion kit to help you get the project done with minimal hassle. They offer color finished designer medallions in satin, oil rubbed bronze, polished nickel, aged bark, bark, chrome, tortoise shell and polished brass. They’ve even been featured on authoritative blogs and online magazines such as This Old House. The Can Converter’s kits can hold up to 50 pounds, which is about as heavy as most light bulbs and fixtures are going to get.

2. Home Depot

The Home Depot offers recessed can light conversion kits and therefore must be included on any list of the most popular kit providers. The main feature to examine when shopping for can light conversion kits from Home Depot is the size compatibility. Some models will adapt to four-in. recessed can lights while others are made for five- and six-in. cans. Of course, comparing aesthetics is also a worthwhile step in your comparison, especially if you’re aiming for visual appeal. Some of their can light conversion kits include adjustable cord mechanisms that can be set anywhere from eight to 48 inches in length.

3. Lowes

Some can light conversions will only allow you to convert the light into one kind of fixture, but Lowes (like the other brands on this list) offers conversion kits that include everything you need to convert your existing can lights into hanging lights, chandelier lights, flush mounts, pendant lights, and other forms of decorative lighting. These kits come with brackets and other hardware for mounting lights.

4. Lampsplus

Lampsplus is a standard can light conversion kit that is cheap but also very basic. It is compatible with can lights four to six inches in size and supports a 50-pound load. Other related DIY equipment such as bendable light stands, wire cutters, and flashing lights are not included with the kit, but can easily be added to adjust the lighting spectrum or create more flexible and useful fixtures.

Installation is Surprisingly Simple

While installing a new lighting setup in your home might seem like something that will involve complicated steps and wiring, it’s actually a project that most people can complete in a matter of five to 20 minutes. With many different types of lamps and lighting systems that come standard with your home, it can be difficult to figure out which one you need or even what exactly you’re going to do with it. TheCanConverter eliminates that hassle by including all of the components and instructions needed to simplify and streamline the installation process.


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Five inspirational sources for interior design ideas

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Five inspirational sources for interior design ideas

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. Interior design is no different, and if you like to play with colors, decor, and fashion, then getting inspiration for your interior design ideas can be as simple as stepping out of your home and into your nearest shopping plaza, concert arena, or upscale restaurant. Truly, you can get design ideas from anywhere, so let’s look at some great ways to get you inspired.

Design with sound

Listening to music is a great way to gather inspiration for your designs. By listening to unique music you wouldn’t normally favor, you can put yourself into a different frame of mind and start thinking differently about the look and feel of a room. You can start to hear the color, see the layout, feel the overall aesthetics. It sounds surreal, but if you’re designing for someone else, make a playlist of some of their favorite songs. Get yourself in their mood and let the sound of the music flow through you and into your work.

Let fashion be your passion

Patterns, colors, styles, and textures are all part of the fashion world. Just go to your nearest shopping mall and look at all of the different, vibrant trends that exist. We’re living in unique times where fashion trends from the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties can all be seen in any given place all at the same time. Use these colors, textures, and styles to inspire you to design something unique and superb for your home.

Sparkling designs

Take a visit to a jewelry store and look at all of the unique and elegant designs. Gems combined with precious metals can provide interior designers with brilliant ideas. For example, a one-of-kind piece of estate diamond jewelry can inspire the design of an equally distinctive chandelier, custom lamp, or other elegant fixtures for a room. Complementary arrangements of gemstones with gold, platinum, or silver can also serve as the inspiration for home decor ideas like upholstery patterns, paint color combos, and tiling.

Take a vacation

Want to add something exotic to your interior designs? Visit other places, other countries. Step outside of the routine and go do something you’ve never done before. Then think of how the sights, sounds, and how you feel can be incorporated into one of your designs. In other cultures, you’ll find different uses for raw materials. You’ll notice creative space-saving designs that are only found in those areas. You’ll inevitably be inspired when you visit a place you’ve never been to before.

Even if you don’t have the time or money to go on a long vacation, go on a road trip and go visit some unfamiliar local places. Better yet, rent a motorcycle or a convertible car and feel the wind rushing through your hair as you travel down new roads and take in your surroundings. See that rustic barn over yonder? Notice that historic tucked-away mansion? How can these be incorporated into your designs?


Crafts and hobbies

Another unlikely source for interior design inspiration is crafts and hobbies. Visit toy shops, crafts stores, art suppliers, and other places that dabble in various crafts and hobbies. Look at the colors, shapes, and textures of materials. Get a good feel for how the different materials and concepts work together. Visualize what a room would look like based on these concepts.

You could even take all of these ideas and mix and match them or put them all together. Your designs are unique to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from somewhere else. Let these ideas make their mark on your subconscious. Let them flow through you. Pretty soon, you’ll wake up truly inspired, and this will show in your unique designs.


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Emergency plumbing – should you call the professionals?

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Emergency plumbing – should you call the professionals?

Everyone has dealt with a plumbing problem at least once in their life. Some issues are minor, so you can fix them yourself, and other times you need a professional. And yes, hiring a professional implies paying for their services, but if you neglect the problem it can lead to greater damages.

How do you decide when it’s the right moment to call a plumber? It all depends on your experience and skills. So if you worked together with the contractor to build the house, and you know where each pipe is located, you probably know how to handle a plumbing emergency. However, you may want to think twice when dealing with a complex issue. Even if you don’t have the skills and experience you can still fix some problems. But it’s important to identify the cases when you need a professional.

This article will list some of the most common plumbing-related situations homeowners can experience, to help you determine when to call an expert.

Slow drainage

When it takes longer for water to drain in the sink, you should have no doubts that something isn’t working. If the usual flow of water doesn’t move, something may be clogged in the pipes. For a kitchen sink, the main factor is grease, but sometimes even insoluble leftover food can stop water from reaching the drainage system. Grease tends to harden in pipes and if you don’t clean it properly it can lead to slow drainage. In the bathroom, hair combined with gels can form balls that are difficult to remove and destroy. Most of the times in bathrooms, the build-up is located around the walls of the pipes.

If you are noticing that water is taking longer than usual to drain, you should contact an expert.

Stains or deposit build-up on faucets

Depending on where you live, water can include certain additives and minerals that can affect your faucets differently. Sometimes, a high concentration of minerals can cause white, brown or even green build-up. Depending on the materials of the faucets, it can get permanent stains. However, this is not the only cause that can lead to a change in water’s colour. Damaged pipes can change the flow and colour of the water. The best solution for the homeowners who are living in an area with poor water quality is to install filters or purification systems.

However, if you haven’t managed to do it until now and you are noticing stains and deposit build-ups on faucets and fixtures, you should hire a plumber to check the entire system.

You hear running water

As you can expect, when you are hearing running water but you cannot identify the source, it’s the moment to call an emergency plumber. If you are hearing running water when you don’t use the plumbing system, it’s the sign of a leak. Make sure the plumber comes ASAP because a leak can always cause a more serious problem.

You hear gurgling water

Gurgling water is the sign of a complex plumbing problem. Most of the times, it’s the result of water trapped in the dishwasher, pipes, laundry machine or in the faucet of the toilet. A clog can also lead to gurgling water so you should ask an experienced plumber to check the entire system.

As soon as you hear the noise, you should turn off the water because it could back up the house. Do not turn on the water until the plumber fixes the problem.

Water damage

Water damage is a serious problem for any homeowner and you definitely need the help of an expert. If you checked your house and the roof or one of the windows is not the cause of the water damage, then one of the pipes can be. Do not wait for the water to flood your house, discoloration on the walls and floor are also signs of water damage. Sometimes a damp carpet or a soft spot on the wall can point you out that there’s something wrong with the plumbing system.

Your house is not the only victim of water damage. Many times, your yard or house exterior can also get flooded. When you mow the lawn, be sure to check for mushy spots, as they indicate possible underground pipe leaks. Call an emergency plumber in Boca Raton to trace the leak and determine how they can repair it.

Low water pressure

You cannot miss this problem. Have you noticed low water pressure when you are washing dishes or taking a shower? You tried to turn the faucet handle multiple times but the water pressure doesn’t get better, and you cannot properly wash your hair. Well, there’s probably something in the faucet that is preventing water to travel the pipe. You may think that it’s simple to check the pipes and the faucet to see what’s holding some of the water back, but you can damage the entire system, so you should call an expert.

A plumber can easily identify the problem and fix it. Sometimes it’s a minor build-up in the aerator of the faucet, other times it can be a leak. A complex problem is more than you can handle, even if you are a handyman.

A bad odour

Sometimes there is no water damage inside or outside the house, the water pressure is great, and there are no strange noises, but you can feel a bad odour the moment you enter the house. Bad smells are always a sign of a dysfunctional valve, and the solution is to repair or replace it. Don’t try to do it yourself because it’s more complicated than it sounds. If you break the valve or the surrounding pipes, you can flood your house or cause extended damage. Call the plumber and they will ensure that your house no longer smells like rotten eggs.

This article analysed some of the most common issues a homeowner can experience with the plumbing system. Do not try to fix them yourself, call an expert and they will help you save worry and money.


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Toronto Fall Home Show

The 2019 Toronto Fall Home Show

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The 2019 Toronto Fall Home Show

As fall brings changes to the weather, it also inspires us to make improvements in our homes. Whether you’re looking to do a big kitchen renovation, a small bathroom revamp or convert your laneway into a livable space, the 2019 Toronto Fall Home Show will help make this a reality.

With more than three decades of experience helping homeowners, condo dwellers and renters restructure, reorganize and restyle their spaces, this year’s show is set to once again bring the best experts to the GTA.

The 2019 Toronto Fall Home Show is a source for consumers to connect with the right people and find the right solutions for their living space (even ones to help you get rid of ghosts).

Here’s a peek at what will be featured:

Tiny Village

With rising real estate prices, there’s a tiny movement happening in Toronto. Small space living is becoming more of a reality for most people, with an increase in small condos, container homes and even laneway/infill housing. There are 47,000 lots on laneways that exist today, which can provide homeowners ample opportunities to supplement their income. Still, small space living doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. The Tiny Village brings together the best of small space design, with units from True North Tiny Home and Eva Lanes.

Bad reno or paranormal activity?

For the first year ever, the Toronto Fall Home Show is bringing its very own paranormal activity expert, so you can figure out if the creaks in your floorboards are just your pipes… or if they’re ghosts! Chat with paranormal investigator Glenn Laycock for tips on what to do if you have an unwanted guest from beyond in your home, or take a Ghost Walk through the haunted Horse Palace.

Designer Pumpkin Patch

Ditch your plastic Halloween decor for chic and stylish pumpkins to give curb appeal a whole new meaning, with tips from the exquisite Designer Pumpkin Patch. Let designer Nicholas Rosaci inspire your own posh pumpkin design, make one yourself or purchase a pre-styled option, with all proceeds going to the SickKids Foundation.

Kitchen stage

The kitchen is the focal point of a home, and the 2019 Toronto Fall Home Show will be no different. Sit back and enjoy some of the city’s top chefs cooking up a storm on the kitchen stage and pick up tips from several expert speakers, including Ramsin Khachi, Marie Kondo Way expert Effy Nicopoulos, Rebecca Hay, Emmanuel Belliveau and Chef Christopher Woods.

Home Hardware Here’s How Centre

If you’re getting ready for a DIY project and want to learn a few skills or just don’t know where to start, stop by the Home Hardware Here’s How Centre. Here, you’ll get hands-on advice and practical tips from fan favourites such as Canada’s Handyman Shawn Monteith, Jordan Spear and, new at this year’s show, Mark Rason.

Project Jump Starter

Presented by RenoMark, this show feature will give you a one-on-one professional consultation, guiding you on where to start with your renovation and give you all the tools you need for success. Check out more than 100 award-winning, quality projects to get inspired for your next renovation.

The Toronto Fall Home Show runs from Oct. 4 to 6 at The Enercare Centre. For more information visit the website.


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4 things you can do to change the look of your house

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4 things you can do to change the look of your house

You may feel the need to renovate your house every once in a while to make it look more beautiful and comfortable. Even some simple changes in the exterior and interior can make your house seem new.

Changes as simple as upgrading moving the furniture around or hanging a new picture on the wall can dramatically change the atmosphere of your place. For a more drastic change, you can consider some structural changes such as changing roof structure and replacing windows.

Here are some creative ideas to give your home a brand new look without spending too much money.

Upgrade the lightning

Brighten up your home with new light arrangements to update your home’s style. Replace your old light fixtures and wall mounts with decorative lighting. Install light switches with dimmers to control the lighting according to requirements. Use stylish metal can up-lights to brighten up the dark corners of your home.

It may be a good idea to choose LEDs as they are a good investment. They last longer than typical lights and also help save energy.

Restyle your bookshelf with a decorative lamp to brighten up your bookcase. Decorate your artwork, pictures with string lights.

You can use a variety of styles that blend well with the overall theme of your house.

Update your front door

If the idea of a new exterior is overwhelming, consider upgrading the front door only. This is the easiest way to freshen up the overall look and feel of your home.

You can replace the door, paint it new, or use a mix of accessories to decorate it. Choose the right option according to your budget and requirements.

Decorate your walls with artworks

You can get creative while decorating your home with your family photos and framed artworks. It can give a nice personal touch to your home and also leave a message. Anyone who visits your home would know you love your family.

If the idea of pictures sounds bland to you, then it’s time to get creative. Choose attractive frames and set up the photos in a creative manner. Plus, you may also show a bit of your creativity by hanging your own artwork.

Other than this, murals from MuraleDesign can also enhance the overall look of your home. You only need to find the right way to use them.

Declutter and rearrange all the existing stuff

Deep clean your house by cleaning the windows, light fixtures and doors. Every corner of your room should appear neat and clean. It will not only make the house look better but more spacious as well.

Also, consider getting rid of items you don’t need. You can hold a garage sale to sell them. This way, you can make a little money that you can use to buy new items for your home.

Follow these tips and enhance the look of your house.


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That’s Entertainment! Comedy club-themed bedroom makeover

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That’s Entertainment! Comedy club-themed bedroom makeover

Photography By Larry Arnal

I’ve never considered the mandatory criteria for a well-designed home to include the trendiest sofa, perfectly tailored drapery treatments, or the most seasonally stylish accent pillows. It’s also never meant over-indulging the budget on ultra-luxe items to the point where the homeowners are afraid to peel the plastic wrap off the new lampshades, or actually put their feet up on the new footstool for fear of ruining the perfectly curated space. For me, if a home doesn’t feel good, function well, and act as an extension of the dweller’s personality, it doesn’t matter how great it looks!

Tried-and-True Design Formula

My formula for creating a well-designed home has always been quite simple:

Equal parts functionality, personalized creativity, and affordable quality.

Over the years I’ve worked with countless clients to achieve this balance, and create unique spaces that can truly be lived in and loved. BUT, nothing could have prepared me for the challenges I faced with my most recent client. He was demanding… he had little care or consideration for function… and he had a completely unrealistic budget and timeline. “He” was my eight-year-old son, Everett!

Growing Up Is Fun

Everett had requested a room redo for quite some time, and wanted to transform his “hand-me- down” nursery into a “cool-dude” space that reflected what he wants to be when he grows up… a stand-up comedian!

He specifically asked for a “Comedy Club” room, complete with a brick wall, stand mic and stool, and a desk to “sit and write his jokes.” Esthetics were much more important to him than function, and of all the items on his demanding wish list, he noted that an actual bed was a low priority!

Not Just For Laughs

Although I typically loathe designing overly “themed” rooms, I agreed to take on the challenge of creating a space that blended his humorous personality with functional design solutions (including a bed), all on a limited DIY budget.

I started by sourcing a faux-brick vinyl wallpaper that I installed myself using a DIY-friendly DIF wallpaper application kit, and for under $150, I was able to create an affordable feature wall that set the tone for the comedy club design.

When Inspiration Strikes

I then removed the original panelled closet doors and replaced them with a set of flat bi-folds that I scored at the Habitat Restore for $25, and with a quick coat of RustOleum’s spray Chalkboard paint, they were transformed into a giant creative canvas for doodles and one-liners. A perfect pairing of fun and function!


Space & Budget Friendly

Everett specifically asked for a “big kid” desk, but I didn’t want to overcrowd the room with another freestanding piece of furniture, so I created a simple DIY waterfall desk using stock lumber, with a coat of Varathane stain that fit right over his new dresser. It was a stylish and affordable way to unify two pieces of furniture in one and saved on space.

Over his desk, I crafted a “Think Bubble” message board by using a jigsaw to cut the shape out of a $4 wood handy panel. I then basecoated the board with Chalked Paint in “linen white,” outlined the shape with a black Testors paint pen, and then topcoated the surface with RustOleum’s Clear Dry Erase paint to create a cute and quirky spot for Everett to jot down his creative little quips.

Function First

The final DIY dash of function that I added to the space was a set of super affordable shelves using galvanized pipes and fittings, and pine boards cut to size at my local hardware store. After washing the pipes with a degreasing cleaner, I primed all metal surfaces with RustOleum’s “Cold Galvanized Compound” meant for galvanized metal, and then top-coated them with Universal Metallic spray paint in “flat soft iron.” The pine was stained with a rich “Kona” colour to match the desk, and the shelves became the perfect place to display fun, comedy themed accessories, including a collection of inexpensive frames from Ikea, painted with colourful Painter’s Touch spray paint. This project ended up being so simple and cost-effective that I whipped up a petite bench for under the window to match.

As challenging as my client and criteria may have been for this project, it was so rewarding to be able to create a space that not only put the FUN into functional, but also perfectly exemplified my formula for a well-designed room that my son can enjoy and be proud of.

A self-proclaimed DIY ninja, Leigh-Ann believes that great design has little to do with how much money you spend, but rather how creative you can be with your budget. As an expert on CityTV’s Cityline, Leigh-Ann embraces every opportunity to spark creativity and instill confidence in others who strive to “DO IT YOURSELF.” For more information, visit huelala.com @leighannallaire


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Weekend DIY

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Weekend DIY

Give your bathroom a wash of colour

Available in 36 mixable shades, Chalk Paint can be applied directly to fibreglass, porcelain or cast iron tubs without priming or sanding.

Ideal for beginners, soak your bathtub in colour with a single pot of paint, followed by a coat of Clear Chalk Paint Wax in just a matter of hours. For intermediate painters and upcyclers, a waterfall-effect ombré wall in a cascading ocean palette is the perfect weekend project. Start with your lightest colour at the base of the wall, then mix a little of your second colour into your first colour to darken it. Apply the darker colour above your first colour and then use a clean brush to lightly feather the paint while it’s still wet, blending each colour into the next. Repeat steps two and three until you reach your darkest colour at the top of the wall and then seal with wax. Paint dry? Dive in!

Picture here is an ombré wall by Felix, Annie Sloan’s son, using Chalk Paint in Aubusson Blue (top) and Provence (bottom), and finished with Clear Chalk Paint Wax. Bath painted in Provence and finished with Chalk Paint Wax. Feet painted in Chalk Paint in Old White and finished with Annie Sloan Lacquer. Floorboards are a wash of Chalk Paint in Old White and finished with Lacquer.

Annie Sloan, the author of 26 books, is widely recognised as one of the world’s most respected experts in paint and colour.



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Video: DIY Cement

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Video: DIY Cement

You think mixing bags of cement is a pain? Try making it from scratch.


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