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Pretty pastel-inspired property

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Pretty pastel-inspired property

Pretty pastels play an integral part in the relaxed vibe of The Summer House – a boutique Airbnb property on the shores of Lake Huron. And, yes, you can book a stay here!

Photos: Lauren Miller

Sometimes, builder grey needs a little boost. We really needed to get our collective creative juices flowing for this project because we had to take this home from builder basic to unique and stay-worthy. We worked together and combined our roles as designers, short-term vacation experts and Instagram influencers to create the ultimate getaway destination.

Our clients had a unique vision for this property. After experiencing fertility issues, the couple became passionate about their journey to promote health and wellness, especially for women. You won’t even find a TV in this rental, as it’s designed as a place to unplug and unwind.

In the living room we carefully considered the colour palette for this project. It is feminine yet neutral, with soft pinks, taupes, rusts, creams and peaches. We reupholstered a vintage sofa in hardwearing indoor/outdoor pale pink fabric – the unique sofa steals the show and adds a burst of life to the otherwise white space. Open shelves allow accessories in the home’s signature palette to add colour to the all-white kitchen. While pink is the running colour throughout the house, we also created two blue bedrooms in the soft hues of the nearby lake, invoking a spa-like feel.

The tile in this property is one of our favourite design elements. You can have more fun with colour in a short-term vacation rental and take risks you might not in your full-time home. In one washroom, we created a striped pink and white pattern that echoes the rust-toned living room rug, and we did an oversized pink penny tile in the other. We would love to see more people experimenting with colour in fix ed elements such as tile, but if that’s too big of a commitment, accessories and textiles are a great place to start.

Creating custom furniture for this short-term rental was a designers dream! We transformed the dining room into a bistro nook resembling a cafe. We also created a custom 12-ft. wall-to-wall blue velvet headboard in one of the bedrooms, making it feel like a boutique hotel. For the headboard, we went with a beautiful sea-blue velvet reinforcing the relaxing atmosphere. Colour plays a valuable role in design, and can really enhance the mood of a space.

Thoughtfully designed down to the last detail means this is a place that encourages you to appreciate the moment and celebrate everything life has to offer – a perfect, restful retreat and escape from everyday life.

Tiffany Piotrowski founded Tiffany Leigh Design Inc. in 2019, bringing her eye for causal, textural and coastal style to her clients. With almost 10 years of experience in the industry, Piotrowski has developed a keen sense of voice and style. tiffanyleighdesign.com

Autumn Hachey is Creative Director and Founder of Stay Here, a boutique company which offers a holistic approach combining interior design, branding and marketing to short-term vacation owners. youshouldstayhere.com


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Natural beauty, botanical inspired backyard living space

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Natural beauty, botanical inspired backyard living space

Landscape designer Samantha Kleinknecht shares how she created a beautiful, botanical-inspired backyard living space

photos Alex Lukey

After selling their cottage, my city client’s desire to have an outdoor getaway at home, where they could relax and enjoy being outside, inspired the renovation of their backyard. Before the redesign, the backyard fell short and did little to encourage their outdoor living aspirations. With my landscape design ideas and the interior design help of Erin Feasby and Cindy Bleeks of Feasby & Bleeks Design, the family can now dine, cook, lounge, entertain and swim in their newly renovated backyard.

The homeowners didn’t want to see a wooden fence surrounding the perimeter of the yard. They wanted lots of green to fill in the space and make it feel like a cottage in the city. We went with a planting palette of greens, whites, yellows and purples and kept a good-sized patch of sod for the family dog. We used various plants and flowers from boxwoods to black-eyed Susans and even lined the property with green cedars and pyramidal European hornbeams to give that green backdrop they were looking for. We also included a couple of eastern white pines – a nostalgic reminder to the homeowner’s cottage. We placed potted plants around the pool to add extra greenery to the expansive patio. We planted topicals, perennials and annuals. Some of the plants will die in the winter, but the homeowner may choose to put seasonal cuttings in the planters for winter interest when the snow flies.

New fencing, some made from pressure-treated stained pine and some in black aluminium, keeps it open and airier. The wood fence was stained a dark colour, which helps the fence recede into the background. The backyard is paved with Permacon, an engineered material, in a light grey colour. Due to the freeze-thaw cycle of Toronto, the pavers were dry-laid in an aggregate base.

There are so many great seating areas around the backyard. One is an area with a natural gas firepit beside the pool – a nice spot to relax in the evenings and well into the fall season. The furniture was repurposed from the family cottage and updated with new outdoor fabrics.

For a bit of formality, we added a boxwood hedge around the dining patio along with planters that include fresh herbs. The homeowner loved the large maple tree trunks on her neighbour’s property, so we used aluminum fencing so as not to hide the trunks. To connect this patio to the one around the pool, we used four large pavers pushed together to create lovely, large stepping-stones. Sod in between the stepping-stones adds a hit of green between the two patios.

The back corner of the yard is a lounge sitting area, complete with a sectional sofa, coffee table and lots of great shade cast by the cantilevered umbrella. This corner is a cosy nook that acts as the backyard’s living room. Overall, this backyard is a green oasis, a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Samantha Kleinknecht is Owner and Principal Landscape Designer at SK Design Co. Specializing in residential design, she loves to help her clients discover their own outdoor style. skdesigncompany.com


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Sophistication, Storage & Style

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Sophistication, Storage & Style

Create the streamlined home of your dreams

The heart of every fabulous home is a thoughtful storage system. Cabinets and cubbies may not be the first thing you notice from an aesthetic perspective, but good storage is the basis of a beautiful home, giving thoughtfully designed interiors room to shine. Leave it to a designer to turn something functional into a vanity point, right? In fact, that’s precisely what professional designers – and practical storage systems – do.

With this in mind, West of Main, in collaboration with Glenview Homes, designed the Blakely Project as a warm, inviting family home, where stylish storage makes way for quiet sophistication. Our firm was engaged in this project from the initial interior architectural plans and material selections, to the final furniture installation. This afforded the opportunity to incorporate organizational elements into the bones of the home, rather than adding them after the fact – which can compromise the overall aesthetic.

This home was designed for family life, and called for an eat-in kitchen. The area is spacious, so instead of typical bar-style seating, we designed an extended, wider island with a seating area that feels more like a table. The island is double the depth of a standard island, so we added storage on the front, artfully concealed behind clean-faced, push-to-open doors for a sleek look. This kitchen has ample cabinet space, so rather than adding uppers the whole way, we flanked the hood range with floating shelves as a decorative feature.

The kitchen is sleek and modern, with flat-panel cabinet doors and a paneled hood range. The oak features a prominent grain that shows through the ebony stain, creating a stunning texture. We pulled the quartz countertops up onto the backsplash and right to the ceiling for a clean, continuous look with the subtle movement of the marble veining.

As is the case in many modern homes, this kitchen opens onto an open-concept living and dining area, making flow and continuity essential, while still delineating between the cooking, dining and living zones. The home’s intended vibe was lived-in and comfortable, yet sophisticated and classic. We achieved this with furniture featuring classic silhouettes, with natural and warm materials and colours.

The fireplace became a dynamic focal point, finished in a bold, black-and- ivory eight-by-eight-in. cement tile installed in a pattern resembling a labyrinth. The tile is framed with a simple, warm wood mantle, and linen drapery on either side to soften the straight lines of the fireplace.

The furniture pieces in the living room are an eclectic ensemble; a blend of modern, rustic and vintage, with the common theme of black, white and ochre. The rug adds richness to the room, featuring navy blue that complements the room’s colour palette beautifully.

The adjoining dining room follows the black and white colour palette, with simple, black-on-black furnishings that serve to open up this small area by eliminating visual clutter. The trick to pulling off this look is adding texture. The storage needs of the space are served by the sideboard– a hand-carved item that ties in beautifully with the organic materials and artistic elements, such as the fireplace, that characterize the main floor.

TIP: The oval dining table features rounded corners to promote easy flow around it, which is key considering this dining area is within the main path of traffic through the home. The dining chairs feature rounded backs that mimic the soft, inviting curve of the tabletop.

While the mudroom may not be the “sexiest” room in the home, it’s a key functional zone as the catch-all for dirty boots, wet coats, hats and bags, backpacks, sports equipment, pet gear and anything else that’s coming or going. However, as an entry point, the aesthetic impression you make in this space is important to your overall interior experience. We echoed the simplicity of the kitchen cabinetry in this mudroom, with flat-panel, ebony-stained uppers offering contemporary, well-concealed storage. We added warmth with a wood bench and a vintage-style rug, echoing the vibe of the living area.

This home is down-to-earth, which we achieved with furniture featuring classic silhouettes, organic and warm materials, and natural colours, available through westofmain.com. The result is a home that’s rooted in timeless, classic and traditional elements, coupled with high-functioning pieces that make it work for busy lives with a penchant for style.

Sascha Lafleur is the Co-Founder and Principal Designer at West of Main Design. This international award-winning Ottawa-based firm provides complete residential and commercial design services throughout North America, and is known for creating thoughtfully layered, travelled designs that complement clients’ lifestyles. westofmaindesign.com, @westofmain


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Cover Story: Escape with Colin and Justin

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Cover Story: Escape with Colin and Justin

Celebrity designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan spark serious wanderlust with their new book Escapology: Modern Cabins, Cottages and Retreats. Twentyfour homes from around the world are beautifully captured and accompanied with informative design profiles which will help you create your own personalized escape – whether you are building, renovating or redecorating.

We recently caught up with the designer duo to find out more.

What does “escapology” mean to you?

Escapology, to us, is the social science of “getting away.” In its essence, it’s all about retreating to a special place – a cottage, vacation home or cabin – to decompress. It’s all about shaking off the stresses of our fast spinning world to unwind in a peaceful spot, often with friends, family and loved ones. Now, perhaps more than ever, escape is something about which people dream, and upon which they focus. Few would disagree that life, over the last few months, has changed for almost all of us. With this in mind, we hope escapology will appeal to everyone who’s focused on getting back on track and settling back into an easier way of life. In short – it’s time to reset. And time to relax. And time to love.

What was the inspiration for your book?

We’ve worked in home design for more than 20 years – across various continents – in TV, print media and private commission. We’ve always loved what we do, and positively relish every opportunity we’re afforded to beautify real homes for real people. Ten years ago, however, we started to specialize in vacation homes. We actively seek clients in rural spaces. We adore the rural real estate landscape and felt super driven to share its highlights with the world.

What process did you go through to select each property?

When we landed the publishing deal for Escapology, we were excited to share with our viewers, readers and international fan base as many beautiful escapes as possible. But of course, there’s a limit to the number of inspirational homes that can be seamlessly merged into one book. With much help, we eventually arrived at 24 homes. Then the process of selecting the best rooms from each house started. Each property showcases around six zones, so in total, there are approximately 150 spaces, lavishly spread across 236 beautiful pages. Creating Escapology has been little short of joyous: As lovers of the rural idyll, it’s been our pleasure to curate such a stunning inventory of beautiful abodes to inspire and excite, we hope, in equal measure.

What elements do you love about the Park Corner Barn space?

Ah, this is such a beautiful cottage. Located in Oxfordshire, UK, it’s an 18th-century brick and flint barn conversion; to us, the very essence of a modern rustic escape. The wooden beam work can only be described as breathtaking as it intersects and sails majestically above a sea of white painted walls and wide-planked floorboards. And the natural light that floods the space is astounding; the barn’s owner, and his team of architects and contractors, imbued the project with an exciting feel, one that allows it to seamlessly transition from its agricultural past, into its current residential iteration.

You write about the different types of cabins and cottages, what does your ideal cottage include?

Our ideal cottage style combines natural wood finishes, layered with white painted walls, jet-toned fenestration, and loads of texture. We love the contrast that happens when these layers are front and forward in any of our schematics. And of course, comfort is paramount – we never take that for granted. Our typical scheme may employ toffee toned hide upholstery, thick woven textiles, rough-hewn wood furniture and a compendium of ceramic accessories. But don’t forget, the topography is everything. Find us a property with towering trees and commanding elevations of craggy Canadian shield granite and we’ll be happy.

“You might be in a townhome, a suburban backsplit or a highrise condo, but with a little planning, you could be anywhere.”

How can homeowners bring that cabin/cottage feel into their homes?

There’s no doubt about it: The Canadian retail sector is awash with inventory that amply references the great outdoors. That whole rustic look has become wildly popular. Take, for example, our product line (available in stores such as HomeSense, Marshalls and Winners) you’ll find heavy weave textiles that would look every bit as relevant on a condo sofa as they would a cottage sofa. As always – it’s all about balance. And texture. And wood detailing. You might be in a townhome, a suburban backsplit or a highrise condo, but with a little planning, you could be anywhere.

If you could escape to any destination over the winter and hygge, where would you go?

We’re all about Drag Lake in Haliburton. It’s a vast undertaking – perhaps our most ambitious to date – but we’re utterly in love with the place and, indeed, its potential. It’s super cosy with acres of glass, a roaring log fire, squashy sofas and mountains of books. Perched, as it is, 20 stone steps from the water, the cottage is shaded by a copse of pine, hemlock and spruce trees. It’s a work in progress, sure, but one which we hope to complete within the next 12 to 18 months.



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The hotel look at home

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The hotel look at home

Even though travel may be limited, you can still have the look and feel of your favourite hotel bathroom at home. Hibou Design & Co. shows you how

One of the best parts of travelling is the stay at a chic hotel, but you shouldn’t have to leave home in order to feel pampered. Travel can lend some great inspiration for your own sumptuous retreat right at home, and since you start and finish each day in your bathroom, it only makes sense to show this room a little extra love. Aside from kitchen renovations, bathroom renos also give you the best return on your investment, so your payoff will be two-fold.

Here are some of our favourite tips:

Indulge a little… Ok, a lot

Bathrooms have taken on new meaning in the modern home, and even more so with people spending more time at home these days. These once-utilitarian rooms have evolved with exotic finishes and exceptional details that make them as unique as their owners. Allow yourself to splurge. You use your bathroom multiple times, so thoughtful upgrades will be well worth it.

Inspired Design:

Choose a theme and run with it. In this space, we opted for a hotel-chic theme featuring a classic black and white penny-tile floor with a custom motif that literally greets you every morning, en Francais. The matte black faucets and hardware provide punctuation to this crisp white palette. This high-contrast colour scheme is warmed up with a natural wood cabinet-style vanity. Modern-industrial lighting rounds out this cool look.

If you’re a shower person, consider expanding the shower enclosure if space allows, or upgrade to a steam shower. If you’re partial to baths, treat yourself to that sculptural freestanding tub you’ve been admiring in the showroom window. Heated floors and towel racks, a make-up counter or mani-pedi bar, meditation zone, mini fridge… this space is all about you. If you’re renovating, this is an opportune time to build some custom elements right into the design.

Get smart

Our quest to stay connected transcends every room – yes, even the bathroom. Connected and voice-activated technologies have disrupted interiors as much as they have our daily lives, and they have become an essential luxury by all accounts. Commanding your Google Assistant or Alexa to hit the lights, turn on the tap and deliver the news of the day is only one benefit. Hands-free technology is also touted as the cleaner, germ-free option for these traditionally high-touch surfaces – and less scrubbing means more time to relax and enjoy it all.

Aside from convenience, technology also allows for a level of customization that even the most luxurious hotels can’t match (unless they are accompanied by a butler). Your smart tech can learn your behaviours and preferences, from the perfect lighting levels, to just the right speaker volume, and the perfect bathwater temperature, right down to the degree. It won’t be long before your every whim is being accommodated, even before you get the chance to ask.

For all to love

When it comes to finishes, think “mass appeal” and opt for a minimal aesthetic and neutral choices. Hotel designers aim to appeal to wide range of users, and since bathroom renovations can be pricey, those neutral choices will prove to be money well-spent.

Neutral choices also tend to promote rest and relaxation. The look is clean, crisp and fresh, not to mention very versatile – which bodes well for those pricey elements such as tile and fixtures that won’t soon be replaced.

Make it memorable

As we well know in the interiors industry, good design is all in the details. Collectively, it’s all those seemingly small things that make all the difference to the overall look and feel of a space. Regardless of the room you’re renovating, you want it to make the right impression on you and your guests.

We often look to the world’s hotels in search of some well-placed interior inspiration, but our homes need to be so much more than a few luxurious nights between 800-threadcount sheets. Our homes have to pamper us while delivering on our functional needs and aesthetic desires. Working with a design professional can bring all your dreams to life.

Designers Eugenia Triandos and Korina Khamis, are co-founders for Hibou Design & Co. The company provides complete bespoke residential design services throughout Canada and North America. hiboudesignco.com


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Burke Condos

Burke at Sherbourne & Bloor, a condo, a community, a culture

Latest News

Burke at Sherbourne & Bloor, a condo, a community, a culture

If you have ever wanted to live the quintessential downtown Toronto lifestyle, steps from the subway and everything the city has to offer, the opportunity has now arrived at Sherbourne and Bloor – Burke. These elegant residences reflect the finest urban sophistication, with a level of polish that suits your urban lifestyle. Combined with a well-rounded amenity package and the experience of one of Canada’s most esteemed developers, Concert Properties, Burke represents a not-to-be-missed real estate opportunity.

With an 87 Walk Score and 89 Transit Score, Burke’s interconnected location in St. James Town puts you at the crossroads of so many diverse experiences. Stroll west on Bloor Street and explore the city’s most vibrant shopping, A-list restaurants and premier exhibits. Head the opposite direction and find yourself on Danforth savouring truly authentic Greek food. Head south to Cabbagetown and explore the area’s quaint stores and unique character. Or perhaps escape from city life and connect with nature in the nearby Rosedale Ravine. In every direction, there is always something new.

Standing 53 storeys, this sleek, contemporary tower carves a striking silhouette in the skyline and offers stunning city and treetop views. Far from just another skyscraper, Burke is thoughtfully designed at the ground level and features the integration of rich heritage homes as well as a dynamic and colourful pathway with benches, landscaping and architectural lighting. This is all part of an impressive senses of arrival that leads to an abundance of amenities spanning three floors and just about everything you and your guests could desire.

Complete with chef’s kitchen, private dining room and expansive fireside terrace, the second floor is where you will entertain friends and family over a meal, movie or game of pool. The 27th floor is split between a state-of-the-art fitness centre that will have you cancelling your gym membership, and co-working and meeting spaces that make working from home seamless.

At Burke, you can choose from a diverse selection of homes ranging from junior one- to three-bedroom. Whatever your choice, each home has been elevated by sophisticated design and a timeless palette of natural tones. Featuring a German-engineered Bosch appliance package, quartz countertops and thoughtful layouts, the modern kitchens have been designed to inspire your inner gourmet. Begin and wind down each day in your bathroom sanctuary – featuring impressive, large-format marble-patterned porcelain tile floor and accent wall in striking contrast with matte black hardware.

Peace of mind is also a standard feature at Burke. More than 30 years and 12,000 homes developed across Ontario and British Columbia, Concert has garnered more than 100 industry awards. This means you can buy with confidence knowing that Concert is an experienced developer with a well-earned reputation for quality and homebuyer satisfaction.

Burke is arriving soon. Visit burkebyconcert.com to register your interest.


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Georgian has created a modern eco-friendly twist on classic designs

Georgian has created a modern eco-friendly twist on classic designs

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Georgian has created a modern eco-friendly twist on classic designs

When Georgian Communities brought Braestone to Oro-Medonte, the company’s vision brought to life the design of the classic farmhouses of this region reimagined. Georgian created a modern, eco-friendly twist on these classic designs that blends perfectly with the region’s rich history, rolling fields and lush woodlands. This is a dream come to life, where the serenity of country living meets sophistication and community. These stunning farmhouse estates sell from the $800,000s, with designs ranging from bungalows and two-storey homes to optional finished coach houses, offering versatility to each and every homeowner.

Windfall is a place unlike any other. This story began with the breathtaking landscape of Blue Mountain and the natural history of the region, and developed into a celebration of the classic architecture of the Georgian Bay cottage. A close-knit neighbourhood in spirit, yet with plenty of space to stretch out, Windfall is a dynamic blend of nature and neighbours. Rustic design recalls the simplicity of our past, with warm gas porch lanterns creating a glowing welcome, and diverse architecture making streetscapes as varied as each of our homeowners. Singles and semi-detached homes at Windfall are selling from the $500,000s, with options to make these homes truly unique. This is a tribute to nature and community as timeless as the mountains.

Georgian’s newest of three communities is an addition to the spectacular Windfall neighbourhood at Blue Mountain. This new chapter is called Mountain House, and one look will have you falling in love. Rustic, chalet-inspired architecture with wood and stone accents belong here, with ski hills framing the skyline. Everything you love about a chalet and a condo community are refined here, whether it’s cosying up to a fireplace or enjoying the four-season spa with both hot and cold outdoor pools and a sauna. Wellness has a new meaning at Mountain House, where modern condos from the $300,000s live in harmony with the beauty of Blue Mountain and Georgian Bay.

These communities are more than brick and mortar. Within their beautiful natural locations and distinctive architecture is the true secret of a Georgian community – lifestyle. True to their locations, each of these communities features amenities that mirror the landscapes and elevate your lifestyle. Georgian calls them “Remarkables”: an apiary, a sugar shack, orchards, a pumpkin patch, a Christmas tree farm, spa, bike repair stations and outdoor wood burning fireplaces. These are features that create a highly emotional impact on communities and the lifestyles they nurture. Simplistic, sophisticated and utterly remarkable.

Georgian is excited to remind you of its upcoming new releases at both Braestone and Windfall coming this year. Families have flocked to these neighbourhoods seeking the reprieve from city life and finding the Georgian lifestyle instead, which means that all communities have been selling fast. These new releases bring new opportunities to find a haven from urban life and discover the next chapter of your life.

Georgian Communities is here to bring you a life one with nature. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming releases at Braestone and Windfall by checking the website at georgiancommunities.ca, and discover life as it’s meant to be lived.

Town of Blue Mountains

Georgian Communities

Braestone Estates
Windfall at Blue
Mountain House at Windfall



85 Bayfield St., Ste. 500, Barrie




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LeftBank by Broccolini

Welcome to LeftBank – one of Toronto’s most buzzworthy developments in the emerging River District

Latest News

Welcome to LeftBank – one of Toronto’s most buzzworthy developments in the emerging River District

If location is (still) everything, then Toronto’s Downtown East is a pocket unlike anywhere else in the city. Surrounded by stunning greenspaces and an award-winning trail system, the River District offers new one-of-a-kind cafes and restaurants and a transit connection that makes the downtown and other key destinations across the GTA easily accessible.

This prime blend of neighbourhood characteristics is the inspiration behind LeftBank, the newest development by Broccolini, the company’s second project in Downtown East. The River District – named for the stunning topography and naturalized spaces in the area – is undergoing an incredible revitalization, marking a thrilling new chapter and identity for the neighbourhood.

“When you step into the Downtown East, there’s a really tangible energy that we were captivated by immediately,” says Anthony Broccolini, COO, Broccolini. “It was this incredible spirit and transformation that we aimed to capture through LeftBank – from the building’s presence in the east end skyline, to our investment into smart technologies and amenities that make sense for life today. This is the place and time to be in this part of Toronto.”

LeftBank is located off of River Street, directly above the Don River, and will stand at 34-storeys once complete. The third project in a collaborative trilogy with the renowned architects at IBI Group, LeftBank doesn’t shy away from using bold form, colour palettes or materials, resulting in a strong, sleek and confident design that needs no introduction. The black and white exterior features an iconic sail-like mast with a tapered architectural element that intersects with the building, sure to be a staple in Toronto’s east end skyline for decades to come.

There’s an abundant green ribbon already wrapping the River District, and LeftBank is incorporated into and enhances this existing system, recognizing the importance of greenspaces for the human spirit. A new linear park on the south side of LeftBank extends the area’s park series and connects to the Don River and the nearby ravine network of walking trails, where you can head up to Evergreen Brick Works, beloved for its sustainability programming and farmers’ market.

Retail spaces will be included at grade for new boutique shops or cafes, and widened sidewalks with newly planted trees will make for an enjoyable pedestrian experience. As the area continues to transform, the upcoming East Harbour transit hub will increase the connectivity in the already easily accessible neighbourhood and will create upwards of 70,000 jobs alongside new entertainment, dining and cultural options.

While LeftBank’s location is unmatched anywhere else in the city, the interiors by Patton Design rise to the challenge of embodying the essence of the River District. Drawing inspiration from mid-century, quirky design out of Milan and the industrial, raw qualities from the neighbourhood’s history, interiors feature sleek metals in contrast with softer muted pink and orange pastels. Walking into the lobby, residents will be immediately taken by the monolithic feel, high ceilings, bronze and charcoal clad columns, warm lighting and oversized porcelain tiles. The reception desk uses stone with lavender veining for an unexpected pop of colour. Across from the desk, three built-in banquettes offer individual seating with a pod-like effect.

“We wanted to do something different in our design for LeftBank and lean into some of the raw qualities of the neighbourhood along with the tech-savvy nature of the building,” says Sean Swayze of Patton Design. “It’s bold and it’s sleek and it’s also unexpected. These qualities combine for a really spectacular final look and feel as soon as you walk into the lobby and arrive home.”

There’s something for everyone at LeftBank, with suites offered in studio, one-bedroom, one-bedroom plus den, two- and three-bedroom layouts, making this an ideal home for families, young couples, singles and downsizers alike. The suites extend the lobby’s language of design, featuring colour-blocking in the kitchen with wood tones, and a geometric ceramic backsplash continuing the retro-Italian inspired vibe. Urban bathrooms continue the use of wood tones and include oversized porcelain tiles with a custom vanity wall for sleek impact.

LeftBank marks Broccolini’s investment into the Downtown East and into smart technologies. Using the Home by Broccolini system via a suite wall pad or smart phone app, residents can access a series of features designed to simplify everyday living. Select features include granting guests’ entry, enabling alarms, accessing private amenity spaces and receiving parcel notifications. Home by Broccolini also offers a digital door lock, a leak detector, and upgrade features such as lighting and blind control. The entire building (suites, common and amenity areas) will be outfitted with high-speed internet.

The world has been a tumultuous place lately, and there’s no place like home – so LeftBank’s amenity program is extremely forward-thinking, giving residents everything they need. Seeking time and space for reprieve? The terrace with waterfront views is an option, or there’s the yoga studio with juice bar, meditation room and Zen garden to help silence the mind. Online shopping getting you through a rough week? The parcel locker room means your package will arrive safely and securely and will be stored carefully, keeping your items in pristine condition.

Starting or maintaining a health journey? Step into the fully-equipped fitness studio and exceed your personal goals. Working at home and finding it tough? There’s a co-working lounge so you can maintain boundaries in the workplace, and a kids’ zone where your children can play and make new friends. Finally tackling the to-do list? Head on down to the tool annex, where you can make all your DIY dreams come true… or just fine-tune your bicycle. Hosting or just looking for some leisure time? Enjoy the private theatre, gaming lounge or speakeasy. Let’s not forget the dog spa, where all of the doggies are welcome to enjoy some pooch pampering.

At a glance, LeftBank has it all. Location, architecture and design, smart tech convenience and expertly planned amenities create a multifaceted property that has something for everyone. Beyond these superb features, the family-owned developer’s legacy and track-record of success speak for themselves.

“We put our name on everything we build, and that means a lot to us. When you buy in a Broccolini building, you can rest assured in the quality of the product from start to finish,” says Anthony Broccolini.



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Branthaven Homes has unveiled The Grimsby Collection

Branthaven Homes has unveiled The Grimsby Collection

Latest News

Branthaven Homes has unveiled The Grimsby Collection

Branthaven Homes has unveiled The Grimsby Collection, a curated collection of custom-inspired detached homes in historic Grimsby. Tucked in from Main St. E., The Grimsby Collection is a masterfully planned, perfectly scaled enclave nestled at the foot of the Escarpment.

“Branthaven is very excited to be able to offer this collection of homes curated specifically for this remarkable setting,” says Steve Stipsits, president of Branthaven. “With just 56 generously-sized, distinctive lots and the magnificent Niagara Escarpment as your backdrop, this is an exceptional new home opportunity that buyers won’t want to miss. There’s plenty of home styles and lot sizes to choose from – 36- and 40-ft. two-storey designs, 37-ft. rear lane homes, 38-ft. bungalofts, unique corner lot designs and wide 45- and 50-ft. home sites.”

Branthaven draws on its custom homebuilding heritage with The Grimsby Collection. The company’s reputation for beautiful homes, attention to architectural detail, coordinated colour palettes and enduring curb appeal are evident in the new collection. “To ensure the enclave will have a distinctive and elevated look, we have introduced three classic and complementary residential styles – all artfully curated for varied and custom streetscape,” adds Stipsits.

The Contemporary Craftsman elevations pay homage to the coveted Art & Crafts “Cottages” of the Niagara Region. Richly detailed with authentic architecture, earthy colour palette, full of character and curb appeal, these homes boast the distinctive hallmarks of the style – gables, shaker details, decorative trusses and paired porch columns set on stone piers.

Inspired by classic Ontario heritage homesteads, The Grimsby Collections’ Modern Farmhouse series is a simple yet striking contemporary interpretation that’s always in style. The laid-back look of the welcoming porches, peaked roofline, genuine board and batten look and crisp lines of the modern black windows have a timeless appeal.

Old world elegance meets modern sensibility in the third elevation style on offer. The New Traditional elevations in the Grimsby Collection showcase the rich masonry, tumbled stone skirting and sophisticated stucco that come together in a perfect fusion of timeless materiality and new modern lines.

While The Grimsby Collections’ elevations may be heritage-inspired, the interiors are thoroughly modern. Interiors are light-filled, open and contemporary layouts that are a pleasure to live in. “We are renowned for our smart, open-concept and functional floorplans,” says Stipsits. “Our thoughtful interiors reflect what today’s homebuyers really want – smart and stylish, design forward and flexible living spaces.”

The Grimsby Collection features an abundance of bespoke design details and plenty of layout options for homebuyers to tailor a plan to their lifestyle needs. From open-concept sightlines to formal coffered dining rooms and dens, smart work-from-home offices, flexible lofts, mudroom entries, butler’s serveries, pantries, family-friendly shared baths, luxury master retreat spa baths and feature-filled kitchens, these three-, four- and five-bedroom plans have everything covered.

Branthaven’s signature Fresh Thinking features are included at no extra cost. Homebuyers will choose from an offering of premium quality, designer selected counters and cabinets, tiles, flooring and more. Also included is Branthaven’s Smarter Home Technology bundle of integrated tech features such as handy mobile app, video doorbell, thermostat, leak sensor and home network hub for your peace-of-mind at home and away.

Discover custom inspired living and remarkable luxury from the low $700,000s. Register online today for exclusive information and updates.


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Masterpiece Penthouse Collection at Gallery Condos + Lofts

Masterpiece Penthouse Collection at Gallery Condos + Lofts

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Masterpiece Penthouse Collection at Gallery Condos + Lofts

Unique and exclusive, The Masterpiece Penthouse Collection at Gallery Condos + Lofts elevates living with exceptional design and expansive views of the world. A luxurious lifestyle awaits in the heart of downtown Burlington. Each of the penthouse suites features upscale contemporary finishes, soaring 10- ft. ceilings, expansive windows and custom designed signature features that await your indulgence. Embrace an environment designed by award-winning Tomas Pearce for the ultimate in comfort, style and sophistication. The open-concept layouts invite a natural cadence to modern living, that is perfect for entertaining, while the expansive outdoor spaces create a natural refuge in the sky.

The extra-large private terraces/balconies provide infinite possibilities for elevated outdoor living from luxurious lounging, and lavish entertaining to enjoying magnificent sunrises or sunsets from every vantage point. This is the height of indulgence, nestled away, high above the din of the world, with more than 275 ft. of private outdoor living space with gas barbecue connection.

The details

The impressive eight-ft. entry door welcomes you and the light filled and clean elegant lines of the penthouse suites offer uncompromising beauty. Ranging in size from 1,400 to more than 2,400 sq. ft., for two- and three-bedroom suites many with dens and all with private balconies/ terraces and two parking spaces. Prices range from $1.35 million to $2.8 million for these exceptional designs.

“The luxury market and discerning buyer can be completely confident in the attention to detail that Carriage Gate Homes brings to its condos,” says Linda Davies of Davies Condos, Broker of Record for Gallery Condos + Lofts.

Gourmet kitchens

The gourmet kitchens in the penthouse suites feature a host of distinctive elements such as European-style kitchen cabinetry, sleek polished quartz countertops with matching full height backsplash, most with oversized islands and pantries, and contemporary high-end appliances.

The master escape

The master bath ensuite is richly appointed with custom-designed vanity and countertop, deep soaker tub as per plan, modern tiles with matching mosaic accent feature wall and luxurious heated floors.

What makes Burlington so special?

Burlington may just be the best place to live in Canada, according to Maclean’s Magazine, with a location between Oakville and Hamilton and a lifestyle that is hard to beat. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, the city includes a wide range of natural environment, perhaps the largest park system in Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment Biological Reserve. Located directly across from Burlington City Hall, now under construction Gallery Condos + Lofts are within walking distance to everything you could imagine.

Perfectly positioned at Brant and James Streets, the building adds to the colourful palette of the downtown core with its pedestrian friendly location. The area’s lushly landscaped piazza-style environment features patios, and convenient street-level retail, which are a natural place to gather and enjoy the surroundings.

When it comes to lifestyle, you don’t have to venture far from your home. The amenities will be a five-star experience, with a breath-taking lobby where residents can meet and mingle, and a grand 10,000-sq.-ft. second floor amenity space with tranquil indoor pool, gym, yoga room, party room, private dining space and a games room. On a warm summer evening, the lushly landscaped rooftop terrace is perfect to dine al fresco, while enjoying the captivating views of Lake Ontario and downtown Burlington.

Homeowners will be able to enjoy music, dance and theatre performances at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre, take in the exhibits at the Art Gallery of Burlington, walk to fine eateries and bistros, and stroll to Spencer Smith Park, with its scenic waterfront promenade. The park’s boulevard is a favourite destination for dog walkers, joggers, cyclists or for people looking to take a leisurely stroll. The Brant Street Pier, extending 132 metres into Lake Ontario, provides breathtaking views of the lake and the city’s shoreline. From arts to cuisine to shopping to nature, everything is just minutes away from home.

About Carriage Gate Homes

For more than three decades, Carriage Gate has forged a history of creating homes built on pillars of quality, dependability and award-winning craftmanship. As a visionary company specializing in the construction of high-quality homes, modern condominiums, commercial developments and urban highrise communities in Hamilton, Burlington, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, and Oakville, we embrace the future, appreciate the past, and celebrate the dedication that has brought us to the point where we can ensure our commitment of being “home to new living.”

Now under construction, Gallery Condos + Lofts occupancy is planned for for spring 2022. The iconic building will rise 23 storeys, with four floor of penthouses overlooking downtown Burlington. For further information, call (905.637.3885) or visit the website.


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