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How to design a master chef kitchen

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How to design a master chef kitchen

You may have mastered the art of creating a culinary masterpiece out of just about anything but without an efficient “workstation,” cooking can be a hassle. When you have limited space, barely any storage, and are ill-equipped with the right appliances and tools, you become frustrated and uninspired to cook. The best way to resolve the matter (if you have the budget for it) is to redesign your kitchen to suit your needs.


Start with the layout

Want to know how master chefs can seamlessly move throughout their kitchen without even thinking about it (or so it seems)? The layout of the kitchen is conducive to their movements. While you don’t want to feel cramped in the kitchen, you also don’t want to have to move too much from one area to another trying to prepare a meal.

You can look at photos on social media, home improvement blogs, and even house plans (like those found at monsterhouseplans.com) to get an idea of how you’d like to set things up in your new kitchen. As you view images and floorplans as inspiration, just remember to keep your pattern or routine of cooking in mind.

Divide into stations

If you’ve ever watched a master or top chef show you realize their kitchens are divided into sections or stations. When deciding on a layout for your kitchen, you can make things easier by doing the same. Decide the best area for prepping, cooking (stove and oven), cleaning, and storage. You might place seasonings next to the cooking or prep station while dishes would be stored in cabinets on top of or beneath the cleaning station. If you have a larger kitchen, you might even like the idea of adding an eating area such as a kitchen nook and a place for storage like a pantry.

Don’t forget about storage

When redesigning your kitchen for more efficient cooking don’t forget about the importance of storage. Clutter and disorganization only slow you down and cause frustration for something that should be therapeutic and fun. So, you want to make sure that the new design has a space for everything you use in the kitchen. Take a survey of your kitchen and get rid of anything you won’t need or use once the design is complete. For everything else, make sure you’ve made a selection on the type of storage. From cabinets and drawers for food, silverware, and dishes, shelves and hooks for pots, pans, and cooking utensils everything needs it’s own space.


Invest in high-quality appliances

They say an artist is only as good as the tools they use. The same is true for a chef. It is your skills, experience, and culinary style that allow you to make such great dishes but the quality of the appliances you use matters. You may not be able to spring for industrial or commercial-sized ovens, microwaves, and stoves, but you do want appliances that can withstand the frequency of use and enhance your cooking experiences. There are a lot of energy-efficient high-tech appliances to choose from. Look at not only the style and brand name but the features and overall quality to decide which items are best for your new kitchen.


Colors, texture and decor

The last step to remodeling your kitchen to make it more efficient for cooking is the colors, textures, and decor. You want an inviting space the inspires your creativity while also making you feel comfortable. Most popular kitchen colors right now are gray and white with stainless steel appliances. You can, however, go off the grid choosing a vibrant yellow and a soft gray or a dark navy blue paired with beige. Try to bring in some texture and decor into your kitchen as well. You can create a feature wall, add a unique backsplash pattern, or decorate with common houseplants, flowers, and bowls of fruit.

Anyone who loves to cook or cooks with a passion deserves to have space where they can do so without the frustration. Whether you’re making a stir fry or looking to make more advanced dishes you’ll love how much easier and more enjoyable it is when you’ve designed a kitchen that is just as aesthetically appealing as it is functional and efficient.


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Big Style, Small Spaces: Decorating tricks for the fall

Decorating Tricks to get your home ready for fall

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Decorating Tricks to get your home ready for fall

There are so many affordable ways to incorporate a chic autumn style into your home design when the new season hits, but that doesn’t mean you have to dip too heavily into your budget to do it. Even small changes can yield a significant impact.

Here are my top 10 decorating tricks to redecorate your space for fall:

1. Switch out pillows and throws

I always switch out my soft finishes per season. Come fall, I think about the cooler temps and staying indoors by a cozy fire, so I want my space to reflect that sense of hibernation and relaxation. I gravitate towards chunkier blankets to add a nice texture to my couch, or I’ll bring in new textiles into my bedroom: a down duvet, thicker cotton sheets, wool or chenille pillow shams, anything that makes me want to curl up with a book on a cold fall evening. Just like fall fashion, it’s all about adding up layers.

2. Play with patterns

The patterns you choose in your home will organically tell you what season you’re in, just like colours do. Summer is usually all about light, airy fabrics, bright colour stories, and florals, whereas fall is tartan and deeper tonal shades (not unlike fall’s changing leaves) and heavier fabrics. Try mixing up your rugs or your curtains with plaids or warmer colours.

3. Accent accessories in seasonal colours

The autumn is a spectrum of oranges, reds, copper, muted greens and metallics, so whether you fill a favourite vase with deep red blooms or fill a bowl with mini gourds, there are a lot of colours to choose from when playing with different accent accessories in your home. This could all work as inspiration for your Thanksgiving entertaining as well.

4. Add more light

The days get shorter throughout the fall, so add more light to your indoors by switching out your light bulbs to create either a soft glow or a bright light, depending on what kind of exposure you need, per room. I also love to add an array of candles everywhere – their cozy glow really makes me feel comfortable at home on those dark afternoons and evenings.

5. Switch up your bedding

I do this every season without fail. In the summertime it’s all about keeping things as airy as possible, so I always go for the lightest fabrics possible on my bed: linen, lightweight cotton, anything that feels gauzy and breezy against the skin. Come autumn, I’m all about bundling up and feeling warm and protected. I’ll change my bedcover into a more substantial version, whether it’s a quilted cover or a plush duvet. I’ll also add a throw blanket at the end of my bed for those chillier nights when I need it.

6. Arrange fall flowers

Take note: No fake flowers! They just don’t have the same feeling like the real thing, so instead use dahlias, ranunculus or any foraged clippings from your own backyard to create a fall-inspired arrangement that would look lovely on a kitchen table or a mantlepiece. I love taking branches from a pine tree (with the pinecones still attached) to use as an arrangement – they last all winter too. Sunflowers and Alstroemeria are also gorgeous. I’ll fill several vases throughout my home so as I walk throughout, I’m met with all of these bright pops of colour.

7. Spruce up your front door (or porch)

Fill a pair of planters with fall flowers, outdoor lanterns or faux pumpkins and gourds to create a welcoming entrance for all of your fall guests.

8. Add seasonal colours to your winter gardens

Fill your gardens and window boxes with white or purple ornamental cabbages or English ivy. It adds a bit of cheery colour to our dark winter days, plus everything will survive through our frosty temperatures and keep your landscape looking beautiful well into springtime.

Lisa Rogers is the exclusive interior designer for Dunpar Homes.

Lisa has shared her style and design expertise on popular television programs, such as Canadian Living TV, House & Home TV and The Shopping Channel.

Lisa is one of the most familiar faces on CityTV’s Cityline as a regular guest expert for fashion and image, health and wellness and interior design.


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Five inspirational sources for interior design ideas

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Five inspirational sources for interior design ideas

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. Interior design is no different, and if you like to play with colors, decor, and fashion, then getting inspiration for your interior design ideas can be as simple as stepping out of your home and into your nearest shopping plaza, concert arena, or upscale restaurant. Truly, you can get design ideas from anywhere, so let’s look at some great ways to get you inspired.

Design with sound

Listening to music is a great way to gather inspiration for your designs. By listening to unique music you wouldn’t normally favor, you can put yourself into a different frame of mind and start thinking differently about the look and feel of a room. You can start to hear the color, see the layout, feel the overall aesthetics. It sounds surreal, but if you’re designing for someone else, make a playlist of some of their favorite songs. Get yourself in their mood and let the sound of the music flow through you and into your work.

Let fashion be your passion

Patterns, colors, styles, and textures are all part of the fashion world. Just go to your nearest shopping mall and look at all of the different, vibrant trends that exist. We’re living in unique times where fashion trends from the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties can all be seen in any given place all at the same time. Use these colors, textures, and styles to inspire you to design something unique and superb for your home.

Sparkling designs

Take a visit to a jewelry store and look at all of the unique and elegant designs. Gems combined with precious metals can provide interior designers with brilliant ideas. For example, a one-of-kind piece of estate diamond jewelry can inspire the design of an equally distinctive chandelier, custom lamp, or other elegant fixtures for a room. Complementary arrangements of gemstones with gold, platinum, or silver can also serve as the inspiration for home decor ideas like upholstery patterns, paint color combos, and tiling.

Take a vacation

Want to add something exotic to your interior designs? Visit other places, other countries. Step outside of the routine and go do something you’ve never done before. Then think of how the sights, sounds, and how you feel can be incorporated into one of your designs. In other cultures, you’ll find different uses for raw materials. You’ll notice creative space-saving designs that are only found in those areas. You’ll inevitably be inspired when you visit a place you’ve never been to before.

Even if you don’t have the time or money to go on a long vacation, go on a road trip and go visit some unfamiliar local places. Better yet, rent a motorcycle or a convertible car and feel the wind rushing through your hair as you travel down new roads and take in your surroundings. See that rustic barn over yonder? Notice that historic tucked-away mansion? How can these be incorporated into your designs?


Crafts and hobbies

Another unlikely source for interior design inspiration is crafts and hobbies. Visit toy shops, crafts stores, art suppliers, and other places that dabble in various crafts and hobbies. Look at the colors, shapes, and textures of materials. Get a good feel for how the different materials and concepts work together. Visualize what a room would look like based on these concepts.

You could even take all of these ideas and mix and match them or put them all together. Your designs are unique to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from somewhere else. Let these ideas make their mark on your subconscious. Let them flow through you. Pretty soon, you’ll wake up truly inspired, and this will show in your unique designs.


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The Most Colourful Time of the Year

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The Most Colourful Time of the Year

Holiday decorating allows you to unleash a vibrant colour scheme, in tune with the festive season

Photography By Gillian Jackson

Holidays are meant to be festive and colourful, and I’m here to tell you there are no rules about which colours you use to decorate your home. If someone even mentions a “don’t,” I’m very quick to tell them to MYOB (meaning Mind Your Own Business). Let’s just have fun, throw political correctness and matchy-matchy out the front door and celebrate the season with colour!

A statement chandelier plays nicely with blue, silver and chartreuse tree and mantel decor

It may be just me, but I love going into my friend’s and client’s homes during the holiday season, just to see how they’ve decorated. Do they follow through with an already existing colour story? Or do they make a bold statement with vivid hues that don’t speak to anything else? Sometimes elegant and understated is the way to go, but you can find ornaments in almost every colour today, so it’s just a matter of getting creative with the placement.

One client, who during the holidays has been known to put a tree in Every. Single. Room., loves decorating, and the holidays give her an excuse to go over the top! You may not want to consider installing a real pine tree in your powder room, as she has done more than once, but think about it…there are benefits, especially when it comes to that lovely, pine scent.

But let’s get back to colour.


Imagine owning a house with a 14-foot-high basement. There’s no question whether a tree will fit, it’s a matter of how tall a tree you can find. If it’s the kids’ retreat during the holidays, the decor can be colourful, youthful and fun. The room is dominated by a beautiful field-stone fireplace and bold berry-red furnishings, so my client added pops of red, pink, fuchsia, and purple. It looks just right with rustic, natural decor.

Pink, red, purple and fuchsia ornaments and decorations work when you let one of those colours dominate. Here it’s the berry red that draws your eye through the design.


Silver and blue are classic, go-together colours during the holidays. Adding hints of chartreuse to the mix tames the blue and silver ever so slightly, but what a great combination. By repeating the colours together throughout a space, you give the eye a treat as it looks around the space. But don’t overdo it; it doesn’t have to be too theme-y. Let whatever blues you love mix with the other colours to add depth and interest.

Candles and natural greenery are more than enough to make your dinner table beautiful!


Don’t skimp on the shine. Glittery fabrics, candle light, warm LED bulbs in the tree and a roaring fire. They all spin their magic to make your room come alive. Try to add light in special places, like lanterns on the floor with candles. It adds interest in the corners and can also help light a path from room to room in the evenings.

Candles lit on the table and surrounding it bathe your holiday decor in a warm glow.


Taking your holiday decor colour scheme in a direction dictated by the furnishings is a sure winner. But if your home has a neutral palette, you can go in whatever direction you like. I personally have used a black and golden-orange colour scheme in previous years because I love the way the colours look together. It’s not as Halloween-y as it sounds. It has a slight gothic vibe but still reads festive and cheerful.

Orange and black may sound garish but I loved my gothic Christmas tree!

So where do you start and stop? That’s up to you. No rules. Except don’t ignore your holiday dinner table, it needs colour, too, but just subtle hints of it. Here, the people around the table and the food must take centre stage. Use a sideboard or bar cart to create a holiday wonderland, perhaps surrounding a dessert buffet, but go easy on the table decor. Candle light and dimmable lighting is the only complement you need with happy guests.

Mirrored, white and silver ornaments help temper the black and orange-gold colour scheme.

It’s that one time a year you can (almost) go over the top but look at it as a way to bring fun, beauty and warmth to your home.


  • Don’t be afraid to mix analogous colours (variations of the same hue like burgundy and pink) whether it’s in an ombré throw or a shiny ornament, it will look fun and fabulous!
  • If you have a tradition of colours you use every year and you love it, don’t change it. Just add another colour into the mix to keep your holiday decor fresh.
  • The sparkle of a chandelier feels special all year long but adding the holiday glitz and glamour makes your whole room downright shimmer.
  • Warm LED lighting gives you that soft, warm glow. Try to avoid cold, fluorescent-like lighting. You’re not at the office, you’re at home for the holidays.
  • The only rule about adding colour to your holiday decor is just ADD IT!

Designer, spokesperson, author and television personality, Jane Lockhart is one of Canada’s best-known experts in the world of design and colour. janelockhart.com


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Better Living Expert: Domestic Details

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Better Living Expert: Domestic Details

STYLE SHORTCUTS Sophisticated spaces are possible at either end of the budget

Even if few of us can afford to take a money-is-no- object approach to home decor, we all still crave a little luxury in life. Fortunately, one’s budget doesn’t always have to match one’s appetite for finer things. Here are a few splurges—on a sliding scale—that deliver on both good taste, and great value.

Fusion Mineral Paints


Wall coverings offer great value in smaller spaces, such as a foyer or powder room. The same can be said for fabrics used sparingly in window treatments and on furniture. Glasgow-based Timorous Beasties’ textile collection, now available in Canada though NewWall House, is a case in point. Fabric starts at about $125 a yard, and wallpapers at about $155 per double roll. Both have terrific design ROI.

Faux-Fur Throw from Au Lit Fine Linens

New paint formulations pave the way for sophisticated matte finishes, such as the products from Fusion Mineral Paints. The 100-per-cent acrylic paint is made with natural mineral pigments, so colours are rich and saturated. The palette designed by Michael Penney is especially well-conceived and costs $24 for a pint.

Timorous Beasties’ textile collection


A realistic faux-fur throw adds a touch of cruelty-free glamour to any room. Au Lit Fine Linens has a lush mock mink—in inky black or iced tones—for $549. Keep it for a decade and it works out to just $55 a year! If you can’t rationalize that, pick up a warm and fuzzy option from Bouclair like this Foxy Faux-Fur Throw for about $40.


Nothing says indulgence quite like a silky velvet. This spring, look for affordable velvet sofas at CB2 that start at about $1,500. On a smaller scale, there’s a velvet ottoman from Montreal-based VdeV in soft taupe or celadon ($234), and cotton-velvet pillows from Urban Barn for $49. For added interest, choose a textured or embossed velvet.

Simons Table Napkins


Make one chubby arrangement with two bundles from the “half-price” bin at the local supermarket. Or go all out and place a standing order with a florist like Tonic Blooms, which delivers a $41 bouquet wrapped in a signature denim envelope, anywhere in the GTA, often within two hours. Options are relatively limited, but using local flowers ensures they’re all just-picked fresh, which is the biggest treat of all.


Lip Service Oyster Collection Tablecloth & Linens

Handsome linens make life more civilized. Treated properly, they also become meaningful hand-me-downs for the generation to come. Designer Paul Semkuley has just launched Lip Service Napkins, an extensive online collection of table linens that includes stunning Liberty print napkins made out of its famous Tana Lawn cotton (set of four, $240). More affordably, Simons has attractive table napkins at $6 each, while Urban Barn’s pretty Aspen table runner sells for just $39.


Urban Barn’s Aspen Table Runner

Low-cost materials can have a big impact in projects that require lots of yardage. Here, burlap (about $80 for 40 yards of 60-inch wide through HomeTex) was used on draperies, backed by cornflower-blue linen from (trade-only) UltraLuxe Linen—a hot tip from designer William MacDonald, who says a tinted lining elevates the look, and makes them hang better.


Turquoise Palace Candle Holders

The gentle light of candles can cover a multitude of small decor sins. Clustering them in holders creates an effective focal point. Turquoise Palace is a good source (trade and consumer). Mixing styles is fine, but if you stick to one material—glass, wood, bronze—it will look a little more like deliberate design. You can also use spray paint to bring cohesion to an eclectic collection.

SOURCES newwall.ca, fusionmineralpaint.com, penneyandcompanyhome.com, aulitfinelinens.com, cb2.com, vdevmaison.com, urbanbarn.ca, tonicblooms.com, lipservicenapkins.com, hometex.ca, turquoisepalace.com, bouclair.com, simons.ca

Vicky Sanderson


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Paint by number

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Paint by number

This time of year is brimming with fabulous colour. The late summer and early autumn hues have inspired many cozy interiors, vibrant and ripe for the picking. Which is a good thing, because this time of year is ideal for a “colour makeover” in the home. Now don’t feel overwhelmed. Refer to the 60-30-10 rule.


Now, I’ll be the first to admit this, there are no hard and fast rules to interior decor. But the 60-30-10 ratio for colour coverage serves as a very good guideline. Start with a couple of complementary colours and add a third hue that “pops.” The dominant colour should occupy around 60 per cent of your room – typically the walls. The secondary colour then represents the 30 per cent of your room that include mid-sized items like a feature wall, a sofa and a rug. Last but not least is the accent colour – often a contrasting hue, covering 10 per cent of your space. Good in small doses, accent colours come alive in small pieces like artwork, accessories and window treatments.

The looming change in season is a good time for a semi-annual switch up of accessories, too. While looking at new hues to showcase in your space, also think about different, seasonal textures. A cozy high-pile rug, oodles of pillows and knits make a warm, welcome addition when the winter chill sets in. Opt for rich colours and textures, like the classic faux fur and velvet. When the spring makes its long-awaited return, pack away those wooly winter wares in exchange for crisp whites and a fresh, pale palette in lighter, natural materials like cotton and linen.

Whatever the season, regardless of your reason, bringing the right colours into your home will change how you feel – and live – in it.

lazier_blog_oct217_2Toronto-based designer Daneyka Lazier is the Principal of DL Arch + Design. Her firm is known for creating unique spaces that capture you and your lifestyle. Servicing clientele throughout Toronto and the GTA, and US.

www.dlarchdesign.com  |    Instagram DL_Arch_Design




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Design: Kitchens

Design: Kitchens

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Design: Kitchens

by Linda Mazur

For 2017 and Beyond

Kitchens are one of the most utilized rooms in our homes, so why shouldn’t we make it not only functional, but stylish and comfortable as well?

This year we are seeing kitchens full of texture and pattern that are designed with a less formal approach intended to accentuate an open-concept feel and integrate seamlessly with adjacent living spaces.

While white continues to dominate in kitchen cabinetry, we are seeing shades of warm greys and taupes gain popularity. Black is also becoming more prevalent and is a great way to add a little contrast when trying to give new life to an old kitchen. Whether in hardware, faucets or counters black can always be a welcome addition to a kitchen. Look to Blanco for a wonderful selection of coloured sinks and faucets in their Silgranit finish, a great way to inject colour, texture and interest into your kitchen space.

Warm wood tones are “en pointe” in our kitchens. Mixing accents of wood, paint and metallic finishes is a great way to remain on trend in 2017. Add texture to your kitchen with a mixture of wood accented cabinetry for your lowers and a white lacquered finish on the uppers, with warm aged metal hardware, creating a wonderful stylish look with great longevity.

Kitchen trends are also seeing less upper cabinetry and more open shelving, creating a great relaxed approach to your kitchen design. Play up the trend of texture in your kitchen by adding open shelving in a reclaimed wood, or aged metal finish.

Just like other rooms in our homes, pattern is popular in kitchens in 2017 as well. Even if you prefer the calmness of an all white backsplash, have some fun and add some interest with a patterned or textured tile; or set your tile in a herringbone pattern. The ideas are only limited by your creativity.

While we’re discussing pattern and texture we shouldn’t neglect your floors. Whether you’re entertaining tile or wood, add some interest to your kitchen flooring. A hexagonal mosaic tile can be a fun addition to your space or perhaps a wonderfully aged wide plank engineered wood is more what you had in mind; whatever your choice may be, flooring is an important aspect of your kitchen design.

Warm metals are being seen everywhere in design and our kitchens are no exception. From hardware, to lighting, cabinetry and range hoods to accessories, warm metallic finishes are a welcome addition to your kitchen; and don’t be afraid to mix your metals to created a stylish relaxed edge to your space.

For countertops quartz still remains a strong leader as consumers become increasingly aware of its benefits. The low maintenance and durability of quartz is a perfect asset to a high usage area such as your kitchen. Look to one of my go-to suppliers, Quartex, for a beautiful selection of quartz countertops to complete your kitchen design.

The kitchens trends of 2017 are designed to create warm, inviting spaces that are an extension of your adjacent rooms. While functionality will always be at the forefront of good kitchen design the trends of 2017 can help to create a great look for your kitchen for years to come!

Linda Mazur is a nationally publicized designer and Principal of Linda Mazur Design Group.

With almost two decades of experience this in demand multi-disciplinary design firm is known for creating relaxed stylish spaces and full-scale design builds within Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.




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Pattern Play

Pattern Play

Latest News

Pattern Play

by Linda Mazur

Are you’re looking to elevate your décor? Playing with patterns is a great way to achieve that upscale, polished, well-appointed look in your home. But there’s more to this than just mixing fabrics, it’s a careful blending of colours, textures, finishes, scales and even a bit of styles. So where do you start?

As a designer, I have quite often found that many of us when rejuvenating a space and playing with pattern will focus mostly on the décor of that particular room. However, certain more permanent features throughout the room should be given equal if not greater attention when considering pattern throughout a space. Addressing the addition of pattern to flooring, walls or ceilings design allows me to create a long-lasting visual impact within my client’s homes. These days we have such an endless selection of flooring possibilities in an abundance of patterns. From hand-scraped flooring which plays on the textures in your room to a beautiful herringbone patterned hardwood that exudes a fantastic vintage feel in your surroundings, basket-weave marble tile to a boho inspired floor tile the pattern selections available today can play an integral part of your overall design plan. When you’re experimenting with pattern remember that all aspects of the space are crucial and require consideration; this could be features like your flooring, millwork, fireplace surround or even hardware…pat tern play is not just about fabrics.

Once you’ve selected your primary patterns, be it for your floors, windows or perhaps even a great wallpaper, then move forward and add in other patterns for some of the less dominant areas of your room. When working with patterns at this point, more than likely in fabrics, pay attention to your colour scheme and textures, remembering to maintain a commonality throughout. You should also be selecting patterns of different sizes using both large and small scale to add variety and interest. Bold impactful colours will always make a statement in any room, however a more subdue colour scheme can also be dramatic. If you are more comfortable keeping to a rather monochromatic colour palette then look to incorporate a variety of textured fabrics and finishes, you may even want to incorporate some metallic tones, to create a calm yet interesting aesthetic in your space. Fabrics are a key element when introducing patterns into a room and a great Canadian source, which I quite often turn to, is Alendel Fabrics. They offer a vast array of patterns that will undoubtedly inspire you.

Add some personality to your décor by incorporating not only a variety of patterns but also blending together styles of furniture to accomplish the look and feel you desire; just make sure when mixing styles that they relate to the space and to each other. Combining different styles is a great way to elevate your décor. This not only pertains to furniture but also all other aspects of your room. A bold geometric fretwork patterned rug could be just the thing to complement a more traditionally inspired living room design, whereas, a large scaled damask wallpaper can juxtapose beautifully in a modern loft setting.

Add a bit of edge to your designs and make your rooms come alive. The layering of colour, the contrast of texture and finishes, the interest of varying styles and the play on patterns all blend together to prevent a room from becoming too sedated. So whether its toiles or damasks, fretwork or coffered ceilings, herringbone flooring or marble fireplace surrounds, have fun with patterns and create a space that is not only satisfying but visually impressive!

LINDA MAZUR is a nationally publicized designer and Principal of Linda Mazur Design Group. With almost two decades of experience, this in demand multidisciplinary design firm is known for creating relaxed stylish spaces and full-scale design builds within Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.




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