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Sweet Slumber

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Sweet Slumber

According to a recent survey by Bed, Bath & Beyond called The Way We Nest, 81 per cent of Canadians who responded said their bed is their happy place, while 73 per cent viewed their bedroom as a sanctuary. Whether your style is cool and colourful or contemporary country, create an inspiring bedroom that will have you pushing the snooze button every morning.

Contemporary country

Photo: Jason Hartog Furniture from The Home Depot

“This bedroom is a place you can retreat to for serenity and calm. Now more than ever, people are looking for retreats within their home to find a quiet escape.” – Designer Jo Alcorn


Cotton CUSHION COVER. $35. hm.com


Striped ceramic table LAMP. $100. bouclair.ca


Webora six-drawer DRESSER. $1,599. mobilia.ca


Handmade antler DECORATIVE OBJECT. $442. potterybarn.ca

Cool and colourful


Photo: Darby Mitchell Photography Wallpaper: Livettes | Bed and side tables: Mobilia | Mirror, and wall art: HomeSense | Chandelier and table lamp: Dainolite | Desk: Wayfair | Stool: West Elm | Candle, decor, water decanter, glasses, duvet sheet set, tassel pillows: H&M Home | Pink lumbar pillow and blue blanket: Anthropologie | Paint: Digby Paints | Rug: Structube

“Being careful to avoid an overly feminine design, I balanced out the gorgeous rich fuchsia with deep navy tones and plenty of gold accents so that anyone can feel comfortable in this bedroom.” – Designer and blogger Candace Alongi of The Minted Mama


Aletta drum END TABLE by Brayden Studio. $563. wayfair.ca


Strata nonwoven floral WALLPAPER by Graham & Brown. $65. rona.ca


POSTER by Paper Collective. $30. hm.com


Warren wall MIRROR in brass. $675. elte.com

Modern luxury

Photo and furniture: West of Main

“The deep navy grass cloth wallpaper sets the mood for deep relaxation while creating a textured backdrop to all the natural linen layers and mocha tones that run through the space.” – Designer Sascha Lafleur of West of Main


Coachella Brooklyn upholstered BENCH. $800. thebay.com


Modern storage SIDE TABLE in slate grey. $180. walmart.ca


Cream and dark grey rectangular indoor distressed area RUG by Safavieh. $169. lowes.ca


Eurofase 29-in. gold hardwired MULTILIGHT PENDANT. $324. lowes.ca

Eclectic and tranquil

Furniture:Renard bed. From $2,699. crateandbarrel.ca

“A place where luxury is in the details – sink into soft textures, colour-washed hues and welcoming silhouettes. This bedroom is balanced, personal and blissfully relaxed.” – Melissa Frail, assistant marketing manager, Crate & Barrel Canada


Voxlov CHAIR in light bamboo. $119. ikea.ca


Fejka artificial fiddle-leaf fig POTTED PLANT. $70. ikea.ca


Sateen DUVET COVER. From $99. zarahome.ca

Sleep Tips – Dr. Shelby Harris

  1. Make sure that the pillows you choose for your bed are conducive to your sleep style. For example, a flatter pillow if you sleep on your stomach, or a more supportive one for your neck if you sleep on your side.
  2. Unplugging 30-60 minutes before bed helps your brain set the stage for sleep, thereby enhancing your ability to fall asleep. If you can, make use of your phone’s “do not disturb” function for the night, which will allow for only VIP people in your life to call in case of an emergency.
  3. Keep in mind that a cool bedroom is best, ideally in the mid- 17s C up to 22 C maximum. It takes a bit of practice to figure out what temperature works best for you and anyone else in your house – a room that’s too warm at night makes it harder for your body to fall and stay asleep. drshelbyharris.com


New rustic

Photo: Larry Arnal. Bed and nightstands: Niche Decor Pillow fabrics: Tonic Living Chandelier: West Elm

“The applied moulding and dramatic paint colour provide the headboard wall with some drama, which pairs nicely with the strong wood accents. Layered rugs bring in a luxury warmth underfoot.” – Designer Michelle Berwick of Michelle Berwick Design


INDIGO STREAMER paint 4020-4 by Valspar. lowes.ca


Alexa reclaimed wood BED. From $2,549. westelm.ca

Nestwell is a new line of bedding essentials from Bed, Bath and Beyond

Nestwell light warmth down alternative COMFORTER. From $125. bedbathandbeyond.ca


Dyllan pom herringbone THROW. $112. wayfair.ca

Kid Friendly

These bedrooms are spilling over with ideas that kids will love

Calm and neutral

“Fresh, pale blue with a dash of grey in the mix creates a canvas of calm that allows other colours in accessories to take the forefront.” – Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore Canada colour and design expert.

Designed by: Tiffany Piotrowski and Autumn Hachey Photo: Lauren Miller


Iceberg 2122-50 PAINT. benjaminmoore.com


Non-slip jute RUG. $109. zarahome.ca


Gafford open-frame HEADBOARD by Dakota Fields. From $840. wayfair.ca


Washed cotton DUVET COVER SET in white. $70. hm.com

Classic and whimsical

Furniture: West of Main Shoppe Photo: West of Main Designed by Sasha LaFleur of West of Main Design
Furniture: West of Main Shoppe Photo: West of Main Designed by Sasha LaFleur of West of Main Design


Sasha’s garden QUILT. From $55. potterybarnkids.ca


Bubble hanging CHAIR in clear with silver chain by Plata Decor. $1,350. lowes.ca


Mundy side TABLE by Maison Corbeil. $509. homesociete.ca


Smart cane HEADBOARD. $374. westelm.ca

Playful and contemporary

Designed by: Kate Davidson of Kate + Co. Photo: Valerie Wilcox


Round jute OTTOMAN. $130. bouclair.com


Grazia GLIDER CHAIR in Nordic grey. $1,495. montedesign.ca


Kudney wood geometric BOOKCASE by Ebern Designs. $200. wayfair.ca


Rens SHEEPSKIN in white. $40. ikea.ca

Elegant boho

Design, photo and furniture: West of Main


Silver dotty WALLPAPER. $30. grahamandbrown.com


Oneridge traditional light pink and yellow area RUG. $258. wayfair.ca


Fejka artificial potted Kentia PALM PLANT. $70. ikea.ca

Modern and mature

Design, photo and furniture: West of Main
Design, photo and furniture: West of Main


Brittany tufted upholstered platform BED. $954. wayfair.ca


Amya TABLE LAMP in black. $149. urbanbarn.com


Foster PILLOW COVER. $20. bouclair.com


Faux POTTED SUCCULENT. $13. marshalls.ca


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Suite dreams, create a cosy bedroom retreat

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Suite dreams, create a cosy bedroom retreat

Is your bedroom’s style a dream, or is it more like a nightmare? Ideally, our bedrooms should be cosy and soothing. In reality, life happens, and between the morning rush and the evening crash, there seems to be little time left to enjoy this space for what it really is – a place to retreat and cocoon. Here are some ways to instantly boost your bedroom’s cosy factor, and enhance your use of this most-versatile room.

My tip: When positioning your bed in the room, leave at least three ft. between the bed and the walls on either side, or large pieces of furniture. For low profile furnishings such as a table or dresser, leave a two ft. buffer.

Create vignettes

You use your bedroom for more than just sleeping, right? Aside from your usual bedroom finds – bed, night tables, a dresser, perhaps an armoire – consider furnishing your master bedroom to live up to all your needs. Create “zones” within the room with vignettes tailored to your preferences. This could be a dressing area, a reading corner or meditation space. Aside from being functional, adding vignettes in designs add visual interest and help showcase the owner’s personality.

Tactile moments

You’d be surprised at how important our sense of touch is to our overall experience of a space. Layer comfort into your master bedroom with touchable items – plenty of plush pillows, beautiful bedding and textural blankets, and a soft area rug underfoot. But don’t stop there. Your upholstered headboard, armchair and drapery are perfect areas to add in subtle warmth. Textured wallcoverings are unexpected and always a wonderful surprise, without being all-consuming. Create a bold feature wall in your bedroom using three dimensional panels, earthy grass cloth or alternately, a bold statement wallpaper can also create the illusion of texture.

Choose “ahhh” colours

There’s a good reason the dreamy bedroom palette of white and its various off-white variations has been trending with no end in sight. Not only is a light, neutral palette instantly soothing, but it can also make the room feel cooler, lighter and larger. This is because light colours visually recede, making your walls feel further away. On the other hand, dark colours tend to bring walls inward, making a space feel smaller.

Bring yourself into the design

The best way to enhance your sense of comfort in any room, is to bring yourself into it. Perhaps some art, photographs, and some select pieces from your collections, thoughtfully distributed throughout the space to make it feel “yours.”

The bedroom is one of the most intimate of spaces in our homes, and our demands on this space are high. As we find ourselves spending more time at home, our bedrooms are serving double- and triple-duty. But don’t forget the main objective – comfort. The Danish have it right with the concept of hygge – warm, welcoming comforts. Dare I say it, with winter around the corner, you’ll be extra grateful for this cosy retreat!

My tip:

Speaking of “The Feels,” since sleep is the ultimate goal in this space, high quality bedding is a must. Your sheets touch your body for eight hours a night, give or take, so opt for 100 percent cotton in a high thread count. Also, a good quality mattress is a good place to splurge if you have some extra budget, to ensure rest and comfort every night. Your bedding should also contribute to the room’s overall aesthetic. Look for sooothing shades and a restful palette of monochromatic tones, such as blue, lavender or green.

My tip: To create an easy reading nook, think about common “library” elements and bring them into your own vignette. The basics include a light, chair and table. Ensure these items are scaled to the space. a stool can double as a small side table. Set it all atop a small rug to highlight this area and define it within the greater space.

My tip:

If you’re opting for a bright bedroom, invest in black out blinds or curtains. Remember that sleep is the number one function and priority in this space. darkness will help achieve a deeper, better quality sleep.

Jennifer Backstein is the Creative Director and Principal Designer for Jennifer Backstein Interiors, Toronto. The firm offers a diverse range of full scale design services in the GTA and across Canada. jenniferbacksteininteriors.com


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Small wonder

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Small wonder

Photography by Donna Griffith

Like the babies who sleep in them, all nurseries grow up eventually. Tamara Robbins Griffith knew it was time for her daughter, Amelia, 4, to have a big-girl room, but it wasn’t as easy as painting some walls and rearranging the furniture. “It’s the smallest room in our house at just 80 square feet,” says Tamara, home decor expert. “The makeover was like playing Tetris. I had to be thoughtful about how to get the most out of the room.” What topped Tamara and her husband, Edward’s, must-have list for Amelia’s room? A multi-functional space that incorporated storage, looked pretty (but not too precious) and included all the things their daughter loved most.

Figure out function

Tamara’s first move was to commission a ceiling-high closet that included dresser drawers and enough vertical space to hang Amelia’s dresses. With that part of the vision complete, she turned her sights to furniture. It was Edward’s idea to explore a loft bed to maximize the tight square footage. The couple fell hard for this sleek, contemporary version made from FSC-certified wood — but it meant managing their budget accordingly. “We splurged on the bed, but saved on all the decorating accessories so we balanced an investment with great deals,” she says. Selling the nursery suite and putting the proceeds toward the new furniture helped, too. Next, Tamara created a mini-desk using a side table, and sourced some toy-storage solutions. “I love soft baskets and hampers because they’re decorative in their own right, and make clean up so easy. Lucky for me, Amelia’s a good tidy-upper!”

Find a fun motif

As the youngest in the family, Amelia (who has a brother, Noah, 8) already lives with a ton of hand-me-downs, so Tamara decided to let her choose the wallpaper for the room’s feature wall. “I gave her six to pick from,” says Tamara. “Some were bold and some were soft, but she really liked these ikat-style polka dots.” The blush-pink tones served as a sweet backdrop for sunny pops of yellow, accents of red and black and a subtle insect motif — proving that little girls’ rooms don’t always have to be full of sugar and spice. “When we were working on the bedroom, it was the summer of bugs,” says Tamara with a laugh. “Dragonflies, snails, cicadas, ladybugs, you name it. We joke that she’s going to become an entomologist.” A bumblebee pillow, beetle artwork and ode to snails above the desk are a cheeky nod to the theme.

“We injected a bit of black into the room to keep it from feeling too childish”

Sprinkle in some magic

The nook under the loft bed is a natural spot for the family to indulge in one of its favourite pastimes: reading. A bookshelf that matches the bed offers both open and closed storage for books, artwork and collectibles. Layered rugs up the comfort factor: “If you’re hanging out on the floor, as kids do, it’s nice to snuggle up on a sheepskin,” says Tamara. The final touch was the addition of some twinkle lights. Tamara and Edward experimented with Christmas lights before settling on a strand of white dragonflies in keeping with the theme. “We really wanted her room to feel a bit magical,” says Tamara. “Amelia just loves it, and now it’s a cosy spot for all of us to curl up.”



Beth Hitchcock writes a weekly design column for the Globe & Mail and is the former Editor-in-Chief of House & Home magazine. She is developing several book projects, including a series with acclaimed designer and TV personality Sarah Richardson to be published by Simon & Schuster this spring.


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Kids’ bedrooms – a labour of love for the little ones

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Kids’ bedrooms – a labour of love for the little ones

I love working on bedrooms. They come in all shapes and sizes, so a cookie-cutter approach doesn’t really work, especially when the space is small and/or awkward. That sums up my spare room, which I was challenged with turning into a home away from home for three little girls under the age of six.

With toys, clothing and gadgets for three little ones, I had to come up with unique sleeping arrangements and incorporate lots of storage to make the best use of the space.

Creative Space Configuration

Fitting three girls into a small space certainly made making room for beds a challenge. My only option was bunk beds and, with tight space restrictions, I had to take it a step further and have custom beds created. In order to fit them into this small, square room, I had to get really creative. First, I turned the hinges on the bedroom door so it would open in the other direction. Then I built in a wall, creating a pseudo hallway inside the room. That wall was able to serve as a headboard and I mounted the bed ladder right on the wall, making use of every square inch of space.

Smart Storage

Because little girls have A LOT of stuff, I installed drawers on wheels under the beds and added an open-shelving area for additional storage. We also tucked a window seat into the wall and surrounded it with storage as well. I wanted to add texture and a modern twist by changing the closet doors to Masonite’s Melrose Safe ‘n Sound door, from Metrie. I went with their Safe ‘n Sound core option for the weight and feel of the door, and most importantly, to keep the noise down.

A Playful Feature Wall

I added wallpaper in a geometric pattern from Wayfair to create a feature wall. Originally, I was going to wallpaper the entire room with this pattern, but there was limited stock when I ordered it. So, having fallen in love with the design, I decided to use it anyway in a smaller dose – hence, the feature wall. I also used stylish blackout blinds from Wayfair in all white; their soft, cascading design makes the space seem larger and more airy.

Space-enhancing colour palette

I used soft colours in the room by adding a patterned rug from Wayfair and the polka- dot sheets, which keeps the room soft, clean looking and fun, all at the same time.

I added hypoallergenic, dust-mite control, fully washable pillows and bedding from my own line called Alcorn Home. I cannot stress enough the importance of “washable” sheets with little ones! These beauties pop right in the washing machine – cover, filling and all. Finally, I added some pink velvet pillows (also washable), and a black-and-white throw blanket to balance off the wallpaper at the end of the bed.

Personality, function and room to play

The artwork is another source of colour and pattern. By enlarging and hanging cute family photos, it added personality and a sense of belonging for the kids.

A full-length mirror at the end of the hall is functional and created a runway for playtime. There was enough floor space for the girls to get out their doll houses and other toys, and still have room for everyone to enjoy whatever they were doing at any given time.

The biggest lesson to learn from this makeover is that sometimes you really have to think outside of the box – literally! If I had stayed with the square room, as it was, it wouldn’t have the wonderful personality and function this room has now.

I love how this space turned out, and the kids love it too – which is the most important thing. I look forward to many sleepovers here and know this is a space that will easily change with them as they grow up. Just hoping it’s not too quickly!

Jo Alcorn is founder and design specialist at Alcorn Home.



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Dreaming – and living – in colour

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Dreaming – and living – in colour

You can’t scare designer Meredith Heron with colour. Or small spaces. And you most certainly cannot convince her that the former does not belong in the latter.

“It just has to be well-conceived,” says Heron, whose mastery of both is reflected in the 10-by-15-ft. master bedroom of the narrow Victorian — 21 ft. at its widest point and under 1,000 sq. ft. overall — she shares in downtown Toronto with husband Asa Weinstein and son Luke.

Nor did it faze Heron that the house — like many of its genre — could be dark and prone to shadow, and she scoffs at the notion that colour would emphasize those challenges.

While the room appears carefully planned, Heron admits there’s an accidental aspect to its appeal.


“It became the room where I put the furniture from design projects that did not work out,” says Heron. “The chair, for example, was abandoned by someone who paid for me to have it fixed. The bedside tables I purchased at the Bombay 12 years ago, because it was the only thing I could afford!”

Colour unifies these disparate elements, which combine to make a dreamy retreat. It’s cosy without being cramped, and tone and texture add depth and interest.

Confident colour starts with walls covered in Para’s St. Boniface (recently renamed Grey Midnight), which Heron called “the perfect neutral, a wonderful mutable shade of indigo.”


Blues and greens are moody, but somehow still bright; with palm-shaped splashes of blue in a duvet cover from West Elm, punctuated by trim on patterned European shams, whose hues are echoed in the headboard and large Chinoiserie hanging between south-facing windows.

Other art and accessories is restrained, but equally interesting — matching slim-hipped lamps, black-and-white linen prints in simple frames, a photo or two, and a set of sculptural, ethically-sourced Antelope horns, (like deer antlers, they fall off the animal).


Above the bed, a small-scaled sunburst mirror and overhead, a delicate chandelier.

Heron, who’s known as much for a breezy way with pattern as she is for an ease with colour, has a fondness for animal motifs that show up in a zebra print on a handsome yet useful bench at the foot of the bed.

Another print — a verdant botanical from Schumacher on Roman blinds — ties a neat bow on cream, navy and blush tones.

While using a pattern as a base for a palette is not an uncommon designer trick, Heron turned the convention upside down.

“It looks like the starting point, but it’s actually the finishing point, that last thing I picked,” says Heron. “But it brings everything together for a more deliberate look.”

Designer and television host Meredith Heron characterizes her work as an extensive conversation with colour, form, pattern and texture. meredithheron.com


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Decor Expert: A Good Night’s Sleep

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Decor Expert: A Good Night’s Sleep

What to do to ensure sweet slumber

For me, a good night’s sleep is a carefully orchestrated event. A proper mattress, sumptuous bedding, and light-control can mean the difference between a deep sleep and restless night of discontent. To improve the quality of sleep, and also your mood and quality of life, just follow a few simple tips. Here are my do’s and don’ts for getting a great night’s sleep.

Do invest in quality bedding. We spend a third of our lives in bed. When you think of it in those terms, it’s hardly extravagant to choose the best bedding you can afford. Opt for pure cotton sheets, which will breathe and keep you cooler.

Don’t be fooled, thread count alone does not determine the fineness of sheets. Egyptian cotton is widely believed to be the world’s best, most luxurious cotton. Its long fibres create the smoothest finished product. Less popular, though coveted by many, linen has a cool crispness that is ideal for summer sleeping. The ideal thread count for a sheet is a matter of personal preference. Some favour the crispness of 250 percale (like a favourite GAP shirt), others swoon over 320-thread count cotton sateen sheets (‘sateen’ is pure cotton whose weave gives it a satiny sheen). A 600-thread count sheet made of inferior cotton and poorly woven may be sub-standard quality. Always consider thread count in tandem with weaving and material quality.

Do think about the hidden value of your mattress; the construction. A well-made mattress accommodates a comfortable sleep, minimizes pressure points, reduces tossing and turning, and adds greatly to the quality of sleep. The coil system, comfort layers, and ticking or outer layer are the essential elements to consider. One quality coil system is the pocket coil, where each spring moves independently, allowing for private sleep space and excellent spinal alignment. Comfort layers consist of various types of foams or felts and are designed to make the mattress “feel” softer or firmer, though they do not affect the “support” the bed yields.

Don’t forget to rotate the mattress every six months to maintain integrity and comfort. do add a featherbed (a thin layer of down, duck and/or goose feathers) between the mattress and fitted sheet. The best versions have a pillow top of pure down, so feathers don’t jab. don’t be a slave to ironing. It’s the last 20 minutes in the dryer that causes wrinkles so remove sheets and pillowcases after 15 minutes in the dryer and fold and smooth them over a chair or shower rod to finish drying naturally. Consider a coverlet made of heavy matellese or quilting to top the bed. That way you’ll never have to worry about ironing the duvet.

Do provide full blackout drapes for bedroom windows if possible. And avoid having electronics that glow all night long. These items can subtly interfere with sleep.

Don’t ignore the benefits of proper lighting. A good reading lamp is a must if you’re a nighttime reader. A well-lit closet can help you find the black pants and avoid the navy ones. For general illumination, always add dimmers, which allow you to wake up gently on winter mornings.

Kimberley Seldon


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Homework can be fun

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Homework can be fun

By Lisa Canning

I recently created a gorgeous bedroom space that incorporated a home office. Here are my top tops when creating multi-use spaces.

Start with a Beautiful Bed

All hard-working mamas and papas deserve a beautiful bed. After a hard day of raising kids, working outside and inside the home, moms and dads are tired. So invest in a beautiful bed.

This Wayfair bed does not disappoint; it is soft, plush and elegant. I love the tufted headboard and the drama the wingbacked headboard adds. Plus, this was a great value; I have spent upwards of $4,000 on custom upholstered, storage beds so getting this one for less than $2,000 all in is just fabulous.

A beautiful bed needs a quality mattress. Here we used the award winning Casper Mattress. This mattress offers ZonedSupport, an innovative foam framework that contours specifically to each area of the body for comfort, anatomical support and spinal alignment. I also chose Casper’s sheet and duvet set in a crisp white. A bonus, they deliver right to your door and arrive within days of ordering.

Designate a Spot for the Office

Once your bed is taken care of, designate the area you want to set up your office. I opted for custom millwork to utilize every square inch of storage I could. Going custom allowed us to paint the desk this gorgeous turquoise colour, Benjamin Moore Waterfall 2050-50. Take note of the brass hand-cast cabinet pulls from Toronto entrepreneur Shayne Fox. They’re like jewellery on this desk.

Every desk needs a chair, and this one is a game changer. It literally felt like a hug for my lower back and pelvis. The CoreChair is an ergonomic chair that provides support while introducing movement into your workday, meaning you kind of wiggle when you sit in it, which keeps the muscles active, helping us to avoid lower back pain. This chair needs to be in homes and offices everywhere.

Add Your Personality

This is important, regardless of the kind of space you are creating; it has to reflect you and your unique personality. Here I just had to add elements like the Metrie door painted Benjamin Moore Yellow Highlighter 2021-40. To ensure this was the focal point, we kept the adjacent Metrie sliding closet doors in white to ensure some balance.

Again, to ensure the space didn’t feel too overwhelming with all the vibrant pops, I wrapped the room in Metrie’s tongue-and-groove paneling and painted it Benjamin Moore Decorator White CC-20. I love interior mouldings; they provide such a beautiful textural element to any space.

Every bedroom needs to feel cozy and comfortable, which is why I added ample blankets and pillows in a variety of textures, all within our colour palette to stay harmonious, and displayed them on the ladder from Bouclair. Lighting also makes a big impact in the room, with a stunning modern chandelier from Bouclair adding an architectural element.

Lastly, the fun accessories. I picked up the tray and yellow pen holder at Bouclair, where it’s easy to come home with a carful of fun, well-priced accessories. I love the painterly element of this tray and on trend rope detail.

Lisa Canning is a busy mother of seven children and the founder of Lisa Canning Interiors. www.lisacanning.ca

Photos by Dann Tardiff


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Active Home: A Designer’s Guide To Bed-Making

Latest News

Active Home: A Designer’s Guide To Bed-Making

I admit it – I’m a bed maker. There may be some of you who tend to leave it as is or toss the comforter over the lumpy sheets and pillows. And why not? You’re only going to get back into it in the next 14 to 16 hours. Not me – I gain a great sense of satisfaction from a well-made bed and can’t start my day until I do so.

I will also admit to having a few (maybe nine) pillows on my bed. A well-designed bed is like painting or cooking – you’re adding layers to the medium that you’re working in and building on the flavours. In the art of bed-making, you’re also layering with fabrics, textures and pillows to create the perfect bed – that’s just right for you.

Photography By John Heineman

The design of your headboard generally sets the tone, as it’s the backdrop for your bedding. The material that it’s made of, as well as the height and the style, will influence the overall look. However, you can create different effects if you don’t have a headboard – and that’s where pillows (and more pillows) can come in handy.

Photography courtesy of Revelle Home Fashions


Fitted sheets are now deeper – more voluminous – in order to accommodate thicker mattresses, pillow tops and mattress covers. Make sure that the bottom sheet is pulled taut and tucked under all of the corners. The top (flat) sheet should be placed with the pattern down. The end with the largest hem goes at the head of the bed, then when you fold it over, the pattern will be showing. I prefer solid-coloured sheets, like white or natural-toned, so that I can make a bigger statement with my top covers. I also include a thin, cotton blanket for a breathable layer of insulation. If I don’t want to use the duvet, or find that it’s too hot, I still feel cosy.

Photography By Brandon Barre


Duvets are very versatile covers, because inserts come in varying degrees of warmth ratings, as well as alternative stuffing options. I’ll share a design secret with you – for an extra fluffy looking bed, add an extra duvet inside the cover.

Unlike duvets, comforters don’t require inserts. The colours and patterns of the fabric are usually dyed, then filled with a polyester (synthetic) batting and stitched to keep the filling evenly distributed. Often a comforter is sold in a packaged set, with pillow shams and (possibly) decorative cushions to match.

Photography By Brandon Barre

Not all bedding manufacturers have caught up with the changing mattress industry, so I suggest that you purchase a duvet or comforter that is a size larger than the actual bed – a king for a queen, a queen for a double, etc. When dealing with a king-sized bed, I will often have top covers custom-made with additional fabric for better coverage.

Photography courtesy of Revelle Home Fashions


It is my penchant to expose approximately one quarter of the top sheet by folding it down from the head of the bed. Turn down the sheet, blanket and duvet together, and then smooth them down. I’ve ironed many beds into this configuration for photographs, and its very rewarding when all the linens line up. If you prefer a flat finish, bring the sheet, blankets and covers up to the head of the bed, and then smooth out each layer (one at a time) so that they lay flat.

Trend-setting bed frames now have lower sides and exposed legs. With this type of look, the bedding should be tucked in to keep it sleek and stylish. For this modern effect, you’ll need to look up how to do a proper hospital corner, unless your career background makes you an expert.

Photography By Brandon Barre


Start with two sleeping pillows, place the open ends of the pillowcases so that they meet each other in the middle of the bed. Next up are the Euro shams. Arrange up to three (on a king-sized bed) of these large, square pillows. They should complement the duvet cover, but they don’t have to match. The next set of pillows fill the matching shams of the duvet cover. As these will only be used for display, make sure that they are nice and full. Arrange complementary throw pillows in colours and textures to go with the overall ensemble.

For the pièce de résistance, add a quilt or matelassé along the bottom of the bed.

This is just a guideline to making a fabulous-looking bed. If you invest in great bedding, and then add your personal preferences and style sense, I guarantee that you’ll want to make up your bed everyday.

Photography By Brandon Barre

Jane Lockhart, B.A.A.I.D., Founder & Principal Designer of Jane Lockhart Interior Design. Lockhart is a multi-award winning designer, author and television personality, including six seasons as creative director and host of W Networks’ Colour Confidential. JaneLockhart.com


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Jo Alcorn: How to Create the Best Bedroom Retreat

Latest News

Jo Alcorn: How to Create the Best Bedroom Retreat

When the cooler weather arrives, people tend to hunker down and seek out cuddly corners in their home. Fall is an ideal time to create a cozy bedroom retreat, before the annual time change and seasonal lack of sunshine happens. Looking after this ever so important room in the house will ensure you get a good night’s rest during the cooler months ahead, and all year long!

Here are my top 5 tips to creating the most inviting and relaxing bedroom retreat out there.

Mattress Madness – This is the nuts and bolts of creating a deep and restful sleep. There are hundreds of mattress options out there, and your choice will literally make or break the quality of your sleep. I recently tested out a new mattress from Bill’s Bed, which was delivered directly to my door in a golf bag-sized box (the box spring also came in a box) – they were both so manageable I could get them up my super small staircase on my own. It’s the most innovative mattress I have seen! Not only did it pop out of a box, it has this amazing double-sided option; one side of the mattress is firm and the other plush. So, depending on your preference, you can simply flip the mattress over to get the perfect firmness for you! It also has a great 100-night sleep guaranteed – but rest assured, I’ve already tested out this mattress and it will not be going anywhere!

Attention to Ambiance – Whenever I create a bedroom space for my clients, I ensure this room feels relaxing, giving my clients a perfect space to unwind. I love to include a fireplace in a bedroom – after all, what could really be any more relaxing than a fireplace? Got a small space or don’t have access to a romantic wood burning option to help you relax? No problem! Dimplex has simple and sleek units that come out of a box and literally plug in so you can enjoy the ambiance of a fire year round. Plus, they are so realistic looking; you won’t miss the mess of a wood-burning unit for one second! They also have no-heat options which are very cool, excuse the pun! These allow you to have all the ambiance of a flaming fire without the heat, in the warmer months, too.

All Day I Dream of Darkness – Ensuring your room doesn’t have a stitch of light slipping through the curtains or blinds is key to a good night’s rest. Bouclair has super affordable blackout curtains and now they even have blinds that are light blocking. Now you can keep style front and centre in your space but also ensure not light enters your sleeping zone. Luckily, there is no need to sacrifice style for performance with all the options they have.

Sumptuous Sleep – I love to choose bedding that is lush, fun and curl-up inducing. I always top a bed with some great pillows from my Jo Alcorn collection, and my headboards create the finishing touch that makes you want to dive right in and relax. My line is now available for purchase online, delivered right to your door with white glove service. Pop on over to my site to peruse what might work in your space – Jo Alcorn Collection

Diffusing to Dream Land – Every person, young and old, can benefit from a bedtime routine. Hot baths with Epsom salts, journaling before bed about what you are grateful for, or diffusing your favourite essential oil to help you un-wind from the day are all great options to get you off to sleep easily and relaxed from the day’s stresses. I love the idea of a diffuser in your bedroom to disperse essential oils into the room at night to create a peaceful atmosphere. My fav? A great atomizing diffuser from independent distributor of Young Living, The Oil Girls.

Those are a few tips and products I love to incorporate in any bedroom I design. They are the keys to a good night’s rest, which we all need. And they help to relieve stress as soon as we enter this special place. Let’s face it – we all need, deserve in fact, a place where we want to cuddle up and feel our best. So get started now, before the weather turns cold and you wish you had a calm, relaxing spot to retreat to.



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Designer Touch – Sea-Side Dreams

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Designer Touch – Sea-Side Dreams

A masterful master bedroom and bath makeover make the most of a lakeside view.

Photography By Stephani Buchman

Nestled among the charms of downtown Oakville, this three-level townhouse boasts picture perfect lakefront views, with sailboats and swans bobbing by daily. The aquatic outdoor scenery became a natural source of interior inspiration, with each room designed to frame the vistas and invite them in. Here’s how we achieved this serene marine esthetic.

The natural place to start was with the home’s colour palette, which organically tended toward the tranquil tones of the sea. In the master bedroom, we opted for gentle cream, grey and seafoam, complementing the outdoor views and welcoming the lakeside life in.


Every room demands a focal point to anchor the eye. In this master bedroom, it’s the fireplace. To make this a true statement piece and tie it together with the home’s prevailing nautical theme, we faced it with multi-tonal mosaic tile that shimmers in the light, inspired by waves catching the sun. The bed also became a dramatic focal point for the room, with its charcoal-coloured, upholstered and tufted headboard. Positioned on the main wall opposite the fireplace, this large, king-sized headboard brings balance to the room. Underfoot, the hardwood floor was softened and warmed with an oversized custommade area rug, which brings texture and complements the cream-andseafoam colour scheme. The rug is large enough to cover most of the floor’s surface, unifying the sitting area with the sleep zone.

On either side of the fireplace, a pair of mirrored closet doors, accented with oval crystal knobs, bring a much-needed touch of sparkle. The mirrors are as pretty as they are functional, bouncing light and views around the room to make it appear larger than its actual size, while delivering stylish storage space.


On the adjacent wall, a bank of windows features a pair of French doors in the centre, flanked by two stationary windows. For privacy and light protection, we installed Hunter Douglas woven shades in a grey-green tone to complement the colour scheme when closed. But with this spectacular view, the shades are usually opened, so we framed the view with decorative pinch-pleated drapes in a soft textured fabric, echoing the prevailing creamand- seafoam colour palette.


Attached to the master bedroom, the ensuite bath follows the same airy esthetic with 12-by-24-inch marble floor tiles that lighten and brighten the space. The luxury continues with the addition of a large steamshower, complete with a rain-shower fixture and wall jets, and heated floors for pampered and toasty toes. A minimalistic custom double vanity with oversized drawers adds simplicity, sensibility and storage space. Above the vanity, we installed an oversized mirror with integrated sconces, for visual interest.


This master retreat makeover was part of a much larger home renovation and reorganization. We moved the master bedroom from the third floor to the second, which once housed the family room. We also added some space from an adjoining room and closet in order to create a large master bathroom and master closet. This provided for a more practical layout, putting the two older children on the top floor with two bedrooms and a large adjoining bathroom.


Think about where you spend your time, and invest space accordingly. Consider re-jigging your floor plan, and don’t be afraid to take some square footage from secondary rooms to create a luxury retreat that dreams are made of!

A cantilevered bench seat of quartz was added as a restful place to relax in the steam shower. A bench like this requires steel supports to ensure stability, so consider this option when planning and framing your shower—not as an afterthought.

To achieve this sophisticated seaside style, we combined varying tones of the same colour palette throughout the home. The visual interest comes via the use of contrast. Varying shades of creams, greys and greens, and their combination of light and dark, bring warmth and drama to the space.

SOURCES BATHROOM FLOOR & SHOWER TILE: Ciot; VANITY, MIRROR: custom by Kate + Co; PLUMBING FIXTURES: Watermarks; VANITY SCONCES: Restoration Hardware; BATH WALL PAINT: Lacey Pearl 2108-70 Benjamin Moore; BEDROOM MASTER BEDROOM PAINT: Sea Salt CSP-95 Benjamin Moore; KING BED, DRAPERIES: custom through Kate + Co; CUSTOM AREA RUG, ACCENT CHAIR, NIGHTSTANDS: Cocoon Furnishings; BENCH SEAT: Colette Bench by Crate & Barrel; ACCENT TABLE: Casalife; BLINDS: Hunter Douglas

Accredited designer Kate Davidson is the Principal of Kate Davidson Design Inc.—a multi-disciplinary interior design firm providing complete design, renovating and decorating services for residential and commercial clients throughout the GTA. kateandcodesign.com @KateDavidson_


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