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Bathroom Best Brands

All about your bathroom… What brands are the best?

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All about your bathroom… What brands are the best?

At Waterflo, we are proud to distribute bathroom fixtures and accessories from some of the leading brands in the world in the Greater Toronto Area. From our experience and the feedback we get from our clients, below brands are the industry leaders when it comes to the major bathroom fixtures namely bathtubs, bathroom sinks, bathroom faucets and toilets.


MAAX produces beautifully designed freestanding, alcove, corner, drop-in, undermount, and wall-mounted bathtubs. The Quebec-based company has been around since 1969 and has risen to be the third largest manufacturer of fibreglass tubs and showers in Canada.

MAAX bathtubs come in different shapes (rectangular, oval and corner), colors (white, beige, grey, black, pink/red and blue, systems (soaker/no system, whirlpool, AEROEFFECT, combined whirlpool/AEROEFFECT, and AEROFEEL), drain positions (left, right, end, centre, and with/without tiling flange, centre drain), and sizes, meaning there is something for everyone.

The bathtubs are made of durable ACRYLIC and ACRYLX APPLIED ACRYLIC. Some of the features you expect to find in a MAAX bathtub are textured floors, comfortable backrest, integrated armrest, integrated tiling flange and skirt, maximized bathing well, one-piece tubs, and adjustable levelling legs for a truly enjoyable bathing experience.

Bathroom sinks

The industry leader when it comes to bathroom sinks is Kindred. Kindred sinks are known for their high-quality and reliability, ease of maintenance, and wide selection. The company produces stainless vanity basins in two orientations – top mount and under mount. The sinks feature radiant silk finished bowls and rims, 18 gauge stainless steel, seven-inch bowl depth, and front overflow assembly.

Stainless steel is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also sanitary since it is easy to clean, it is corrosion resistant, it is affordable, and it is eco-friendly (stainless steel can be recycled).

Bathroom faucets

Riobel faucets are popular because of their unique style, guaranteed superior quality, and impressive manufacturer’s guarantee. Most people who buy these faucets praise them for their ease of installation – you don’t even need the help of a plumber. All the mechanical parts are also easily accessible.

The faucets come in different finishes (chrome, chrome/black, brushed nickel (PVD), brushed nickel (PVD)/black, polished nickel (PVD), and polished nickel (PVD)/black), mounting type (wall-mounted and deck-mounted), inlet size and type, and number of pieces, meaning there is something for every bathroom design.


TOTO has been a ceramic sanitary ware industry leader since 1912. The U.S.-based company has stayed true to its Japanese roots of rich artistic heritage in porcelain and pottery.

TOTO toilets are available in different orientations namely NEOREST, One-Piece, Two-Piece, Wall-Hung, and WASHLET. You get to choose from different collections, all with unique features. Available shapes are D-shape, square, and elongated. The Vitreous China toilets come in different flush rates from 1.0 GPF to 1.6 GPF/0.9 GPF, ADA, universal, and regular heights, classic, transitional, and modern styles, and concealed, skirted, and exposed trapway type.

Notable features in these toilets are ADA compliance, CalGreen compliance, air deodorizer, auto open/close, CEFIONTECT, dual flush, EWATER+, LED lighting, remote control, quick release, SoftClose, WaterSense, and warm air dryer, among others.


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Return of the Black Bathroom

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Return of the Black Bathroom

Tis the season to begin planning next year’s home renovation projects. If a dream bathroom renovation is on your wish list, you’re probably pouring over photos of gorgeous spaces. That means there’s a good chance you’ve noticed that black bathrooms are quietly making a return.

From walls to accents, faucets, fixtures, and sometime all of the above, black is back. Here is a look at some of the ways that you can incorporate the black bathroom trend into your next renovation.

The Ultimate Attention-Getting Toilet


Nothing makes a statement about your commitment to the black bathroom trend like adding a black commode. However, don’t add just any black toilet, when you can conserve water and enjoy a style upgrade at the same time.

Kohler’s Kathryn Comfort Height one-piece compact elongated 1.28 gpf toilet with AquaPiston® flush technology allows you to save water with every flush, while the finish in Black Black™ is a definite attention-grabber.

Show Stopping Faucet


Going black with your bathroom faucet is always a bold move, since it’s such an atypical look. However, it’s also a great medium commitment way to embrace the black bathroom trend since installing a faucet isn’t as invasive as switching out the fixtures. When you install a black faucet, it creates a striking contrast against an otherwise light-coloured bathroom.

High Profile Lighting


Whether black all over or just the hardware, black lighting fixtures make a stunning first impression in your bathroom. The look is sleek and very different.

Fabulous Flooring


Black patterned bathroom floor tiles are having a pretty big moment right now. Weère seeing them in magazines, on our favourite home design shows, and all across the internet. This is a very graphic, bold look, that shows best against a white wall, and paired with an unexpected pop of colour.

Wow Factor Walls


For the ultimate ode to this inky shade, try swathing your bathroom walls in black. You can successfully use black paint in a room without make the space feel oppressive. Try framing it with white molding, add some gorgeous statement lighting and definitely experiment with accessories.


Some of our favourite powder room looks incorporate a healthy dose of black. Here is a look at some spaces that do this trend well.


The black is very present in this space, but not overpowering.  Painting a vanity black and adding black lighting allows you to embrace this trend without a big-ticket commitment.


Think you can’t go black in a tiny space? Think again. The black hex flooring and exotic black wall paper work together to create a sensual space that feels open and spacious.


Black toilet, black hex tile, black sink …bravo. This is a truly elegant space, especially with the tile feature wall, greenery and gold accents. Very nice.

*Article courtesy of EiEiHome


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Hard as stone

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Hard as stone

By Shelanne Jennings-Augustine of Dockside Magazine

Finding the perfect fixtures for your kitchen or bath remodel can be hard to do.

“There are many options on the market that look great. But it can be hard to tell how well they’ll operate and how long they’ll last,” says Rick Cooke, manager of The Water Closet in Orillia.

That’s why, when it comes to finding beautiful, strong fixtures for your home, Rick says your best bet is to go back to the basics.

“Some of the best fixtures today feature natural elements,” says Rick. “Steel, stone and brass all look beautiful in your home, but they also pack some significant strength that will save you money in the long run.”

Start with steel

Stainless steel is no stranger to industrial and architectural industry, but bath and kitchen retailers are also using it in many of their residential fixtures.

The reason, Rick says, is clear: “They’re corrosion resistant, extremely durable and hygienic.”

What many may not realize is that stainless steel has a surface that is very difficult for bacteria to stick to, making it very easy to keep clean.

“If you’re updating your kitchen, try a stainless steel sink that’s both beautiful and practical,” says Rick. “Like the Quatrus R15 stainless steel apron front kitchen sink by Blanco. Its contemporary design has 15mm radius corners that make it very easy to clean. For a matching fixture, check out the Culina faucet by Blanco. It also made of stainless steel and has an interesting coil arch neck and maneuverable wand with push button flow selector.”

To add some texture, depth and durability to the bathroom, consider adding a sink made of stone or concrete.

“Take the Native Trails Americana Vanity,” says Rick. “It uses reclaimed wood for a rustic, textured look, and is topped with a gorgeous concrete sink.”

Although concrete is a rather unconventional material for fixtures, Native Trails has designed their concrete sinks to be sustainable, light weight, and stain, scratch and crack resistance.

“On top of that, they have a one-of-a-kind colouration that looks great with any style.”

If you’re not keen on concrete, look for vanities that feature limestone instead. Grey limestone has a low porosity, is extremely durable, and is generally low maintenance.

“Look for pieces that combine stainless steel and limestone like the UNIK Stone vanity,” says Rick. “This vanity is artisan crafted to be both strong, ecologically responsible and incredibly beautiful.”

If you’re looking to update your fixtures and add a splash of colour to your space, consider fixtures made of solid brass. Not only does brass come in a number of finishes, it’s also extremely durable.

“It’s impervious to the elements and resistant to corrosion,” says Rick.

For a modern take on a brass fixture, check out the Vero widespread lavatory faucet in champagne bronze by Delta.

“This industrial designed faucet features sharp design lines details which look great in bright brass.”

High efficiency

To complete your bathroom renovation, why not add strength to your toilet too? Although high efficiency and power aren’t often seen synonymously, the latest low-flow toilets offer more suction than ever before.

“Now you can use as little as 4.1 litres of water, without having to flush twice.”

For high quality design and a modern style, Rick suggests the American Standard Boulevard one piece Toilet.

“The dual flush feature is great for saving water and maximizing conservation.”

Before you begin your project, stop into your local plumbing fixture expert and see the products for yourself.

“At The Water Closet, we’re always here to show you the latest products and answer your questions. Our goal is to get you the best looking fixtures that will look great for years to come.”



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Can Modern be Traditional?

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Can Modern be Traditional?

Written by: Shelanne Jennings-Augustine of Dockside Magazine

Taking style concepts to a whole new level

Tranquility, simplicity and elegance: they’re three words that most of us would love to use when describing our homes. But in reality, many of us are struggling to find the right style that can transcend both time and trends.

Streamlining and simplifying your style choice while keeping some character can have a profound impact on our state of mind and ultimate look. And more and more designers are applying that wisdom to the fixtures and furnishings in our homes, rejecting singular design ideals for a more accurate reflection of our hybrid-styled lives.

“We all want to come home to a space that makes us feel at ease,” says Rick Cooke, manager of The Water Closet. “Kitchen and bath suppliers are taking note of that.”

You don’t need to live in a designer’s home to take advantage of this trend: from Delta to American Standard, the best plumbing fixture manufacturers offer modern yet traditional designs that can be used in any home, no matter its style.

Crisp lines

Whether using hard, straight edges or a concept that’s completely curved, transitional designs often rely on striking shapes, rather than patterns and loud colour schemes, to make an impact.

“When you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, these blended designs are a great way to go,” says Rick. “They simplify the space without making it boring, while fitting most design styles.”

For those leaning towards the straight-edged, hard-lined look, Rick suggests looking for fixtures like the Ara tub filler by Delta.

“The Ara Line is all about architectural simplicity,” says Rick. “They have very simple handles and open-trough spouts, and can be ordered in a number of finishes.”

For those who prefer rounded silhouettes, Rick suggests freestanding fixtures, like the Florence tub by Produits Neptune, that allow their shape to shine. “The Florence tub features luxurious lines and a lower basin that makes getting in and out an ease, while offering a modern and minimalistic look.”

A new line available at The Water Closet, DXV’s Oak Hill collection, encompasses both sharp edges and rounded silhouettes perfectly and ties in the latest must-have Satin Brass finish.

“This new DXV luxury line really answers all types of design needs with its four distinct design movements — Classical, Golden Era, Modern and Contemporary — that can be used separately or mixed together,” says Nick Nano, showroom representative with The Water Closet. “It really is a fun line that we’re proud to carry.”

Natural elements

If you’re intrigued by the simplicity of modernity but aren’t willing to give up traditional designs completely, consider one of the many modern looks that are accessorized with wooden details.

“Brizo has a beautiful modern line called LITZE that’s available in chrome and teakwood,” says Rick. “It’s an unlikely pairing but the combination of the warm teak with the cold, smooth chrome looks amazing.”

For the texture of wood without the warm tone, Rick suggests looking for products that feature muted, cool wooden tones.

“One of my favourites is the Park Central vanity by Fairmont Designs,” says Rick. It’s a white and chrome structured vanity with muted wooden drawer fronts. “The wood is almost grey, but it adds texture and depth to the unit.”


If you’re not ready to change your already traditional style, but want to add modernity to your master bath, the easiest way is to look at plumbing and bath features that make life easier.

“Take the ActiClean toilet by American Standard,” says Rick. “It has a clean, crisp design, but it also features technology that keeps it clean, so you don’t have to.”

The toilet is equipped with a cleaning cartridge that releases a powerful cleaning liquid into the bowl whenever the toilet’s cleaning system is activated.

“No one likes to clean the toilet,” says Rick. “With the ActiClean, you really don’t have to. Just press a button and it’s done. It’s a whole other level of luxury.”

thewatercloset@desco.ca  www.WaterCloset.ca


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Enhancing the Flow of Life

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Enhancing the Flow of Life


There’s something rejuvenating about a day at the spa. Whether it’s the plush robes, the warm steam or the soft scent of aromatherapy oils – the environment has a magical way of unraveling the stress of our everyday lives.

Few of us can go to the spa as much as we’d like to. But, thanks to new innovations from the leaders in bathroom plumbing and fixtures, you can bring many aspects of the spa home.


“Bath technology has come a long way in developing residential spa products,” says Rick Cooke, manager of The Water Closet in Orillia. “They now do more than ever before. It’s really incredible.”

Just like in a spa, these products relax the body by engaging many of our bodies’ senses.

“Take a product like ChromaSteam by Mr. Steam,” says Rick. “It will turn your regular shower into a steam shower that can be infused with aromatherapy oils and adjustable coloured lighting, which can be set to match your mood.”

For those that like to relax to music, Mr. Steam also has a water-resistant shower speaker system called AudioWizard. “It can be used with or without the steam shower system to wirelessly play any digital music files from a smartphone,” says Rick.

Once you’ve found the right water temperature, Mr. Steam’s iTempo Plus technology remembers the temperature digitally for your next steam shower.

“Even baths have been given an upgrade,” says Rick. “From volcanic limestone tubs from Victoria + Albert that have natural minerals, to tonic massage baths from Produits Neptune that envelope you with champagne-like bubbles. Other baths can include heated back rests to cushion and soothe your shoulders and back.  There are so many options on the market to ease your body after a busy day.”

Warm Comfort

Spa-like comforts extend past showers and baths with in-floor radiant heating and towel warmers.

“One of the best towel warmers we’ve seen is from LaLOO. This isn’t a closed box that you need to reach into for a towel. It’s literally a towel rack that will warm your towel or robe to 81 degrees in a matter of minutes,” says Rick. “These electric warmers are wonderful. When you’re not using them to warm your towel, they can warm blankets for cold days or hanging delicates to dry.”

Add luxury

The best way to complete a spa-like bathroom is with luxurious finishes, says Rick. “Rose gold finishes are very on-trend this year. They’re a great way to warm up a colour palate while adding that extra level of luxury,” says Rick.

Another classic way to add opulence is by selecting fixtures that feature crystal accents.
“The RSVP bathroom faucet by Brizo is a great example of a simple way to add some sparkle,” says Rick. “If you’re not ready to change out your faucet, you can update your cabinet and vanity hardware with crystal handles like those from Lukx.”

They’re small details, Rick says, but they make a basic bathroom feel extravagant.


Contact info:
85 Commerce Road, Orillia


Photo by: Chris Thwaites Article by:  Shelanne Jennings of Dockside Magazine


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Riobel Corporate Video

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