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When bathroom design is a wellness win

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When bathroom design is a wellness win

The idea that the bathroom should also serve as a spa-like sanctuary is reflected in a rise of luxurious finishes, high-end fixtures, and elegant accessories for that space. Now that the language of self-care has become part of the design lexicon, there’s a similar uptick in bath elements that both look good and promote wellness.

There are lots of reasons why bidet seats/toilets are emerging as leaders in the category. Integrated bidet seats can provide a better clean than paper alone, which can cause irritation, spread germs, and exacerbate certain bowel conditions. Conversely, rinsing with water after using the loo is gentle, soothing, and hygienic, and may be especially useful for, says, new moms and those with limited mobility.

Bidets can also reduce by up to 75 per cent the use of toilet paper, each roll of which takes about 140 litres of water to manufacture, and may be bleached with chemicals that release back into the water table. Use of wet wipes, which can clog drains, and may contain polypropylene that ends up in oceans as microplastic, can also be reduced.

American Standard’s Advanced Clean line www.americanstandard.ca offers several options, including the 3.0 SpaLet bidet seat. I installed one on an existing elongated American Standard toilet: it was fairly routine DIY job. I like that temperature, strength, and direction of water flow is adjustable with a small, discrete, wall-mounted unit with easy-to-understand graphics.

There’s also a deodorizing feature and a setting to clean the water nozzle. This model has a heated seat — a nice touch on a cold winter morning — and a drying function that can further reduce use of toilet paper.

The Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet shares many features with the seats, and has automatic flush settings, as well as an auto open/close lid and seat, and sells for around $5,100. The 3.0 seat goes for around $1,990.

That may sound pricey. But given the life expectancy of a toilet — and depending on your budget — either may be a worthwhile investment in comfort and well-being. That, after all, is hard to put a price on.

A soft-close seat adds convenience, especially for those with impaired mobility.

A user-friendly wall-mounted control panel makes it easy to customize preferences.

A bidet toilet saves space by eliminating the need for a conventional bidet.

Vicky Sanderson is the editor of Around the House Having written and talked about home décor/improvement, design, and lifestyle for more than two decades, she has tested almost every home-related appliance known to humankind. For more of her scathingly brilliant insights, go to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and her column in Reno & Decor.


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Decor Expert: Kimberley’s Guide To Bathroom Bliss

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Decor Expert: Kimberley’s Guide To Bathroom Bliss

Photography: Donna Griffith

The luxurious touches that transform an ordinary bathroom into a spa-like experience

It used to be that extraordinary design features were reserved for living and dining rooms; presumably because this is where they could be admired by guests. In contrast, today’s homeowner is committed to creating private rooms that pamper, with the bathroom being of prime importance. If you’re designing or redecorating a master ensuite, treat yourself to some well-deserved luxury.


Include one furniture item that is not specifically for the bathroom. Store bath towels or toiletries on a beautiful chair perched beside the tub or in a good-looking chest of drawers. Place an upholstered bench beside the shower.

Enjoy the sculptural impact of gorgeous faucets. Waterfall options turn an ordinary bathroom into a spa. A glittering chandelier or modern light fixture is also right at home in today’s bathroom.


When space permits, design-savvy homeowners are choosing the “his-and-her” ensuite combination. Side-by-side chambers provide privacy for each and allow for customization in design and function.

Thanks to modern technology, you can watch your favourite TV program right in the bathroom. Visit electronic stores to discover options such as a screen mounted into a panel behind a specialty mirror.

Keep bath products organized with dispensers for soap, shampoo, and shaving cream that install easily on tiled shower surfaces. Use a decorative tray to stylishly group a collection of utilitarian bottles such as shampoos, lotions and perfumes.


Display a generous arrangement of white towels on open shelving, inside glass-front cabinetry, or stacked in plain sight. The spa-like abundance brings a feeling of well-being to this busy room. Fill large glass cylinders or apothecary jars with necessary supplies like cotton balls and Q-tips.

Original artwork in the bathroom? Absolutely. Where there is high humidity, opt for an oil painting rather than works on paper, which are behind glass and therefore susceptible to condensation. Only the most precious paintings should be banned from the bathroom.

Kimberley Seldon


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Design: Bathroom Luxury in a Small Space

Design: Bathroom Luxury in a Small Space

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Design: Bathroom Luxury in a Small Space

by Linda Mazur

Many of us reside in what is considered a “small space.” Whether we are urbanites, condo dwellers or empty-nesters who have down-sized, we find that our square footage is at a premium.

However, just because we live in a slightly smaller footprint than perhaps our suburbanite counterparts doesn’t mean we must forgo a beautiful and luxurious aesthetic in our homes.

Bathrooms have been elevated from simply utilitarian rooms to highly stylized spaces that not only evoke personal taste but customized lavishness. Whether you desire a “spa-like” retreat or simply a classic look that is big on functionality, today’s bathrooms deliver large on luxury.

When working with a smaller footprint, design is as much about creative thinking as making good use of your space, which is enhanced by utilizing correctly sized products. With the surge in small-space dwelling we are finding that many retailers have introduced designs that cater to this population. Take, for example, Victoria + Albert, a company that is completely on trend with their extraordinary collection of freestanding tubs designed for a smaller footprint without compromising on luxury.

Photo: Victoria+Albert tub courtesy of VandaBaths.com
Photo: Victoria+Albert tub courtesy of VandaBaths.com

Add to your bathroom design with a custom-made vanity that offers maximum storage while fitting your space correctly, and enhance it with any number of beautiful, durable and low-maintenance quartz countertops from Quartex Surfaces. To complete your elevated bathroom design, look to one of my go-to bathroom boutiques, Watermark, for a great selection of faucets and fixtures in many of the wonderful warm metal finishes we have been seeing to complete the look of your beautiful new space.

Style and luxury is not determined by the size of your space, but the design. Be inspired by all that you see, but also be realistic about your space and your budget. A good bathroom design will be able to deliver all that your heart desires while creating for you a wonderfully luxurious, relaxing and inviting room that reflects your individuality and needs for years to come.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Set a realistic budget. As a designer I often find some believe that since the bathroom is a small area it will not cost a lot to renovate. On the contrary, once you start looking at all the options available to you today, whether in tile, fixtures or storage, you might be surprised at what is out there and how much it can cost. Do some investigating to see what the best options are for you, and look to working with a designer to maximize your bathroom design options.
  • When shopping for tile don’t be swayed into believing that because your room is small you must stay with a small-scaled tile. In fact, a simple large–scaled tile can produce a much simpler look in your bathroom. Also, tiles is a great way to add personality and charm to your design, so mix it up a bit and consider adding some pattern to your space.
  • Valuable dollars are often lost on incorrect purchases or poor scheduling; be wise when renovating and look for assistance from professionals to not only be efficient with your designs but your dollars.
Linda Mazur is a nationally publicized designer and Principal of Linda Mazur Design Group.

With almost two decades of experience this in demand multi-disciplinary design firm is known for creating relaxed stylish spaces and full-scale design builds within Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.




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